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It all started when I was 18 senior in High School. I played trombone for the band during the football games. She played the tenor sax. I will never forget when she glanced my way on the bleachers.

She had sandy blonde hair that wrapped around her shoulders, gorgeous blue eyes, the physique of a goddess, fair skin, and the most amazing smile that you could ever imagine. She was a senior in High School as well. She had just turned 18 this last week. This all spelled for a good time, if I could ever find a way to play my cards right.

I’ve always thought of a woman’s body as quite an amazing thing created by nature. The way their hips thrust forward if you nibble on their neck in just the right place, or the way their breasts rise and fall with the pace of their racing heart beat. Truly a work of art. She was no exception.

After we had gotten done with the fight song at half time, she looked my way. Our eyes met. It should have been only a moment, but she didn’t look away. Neither did I. This little standoff was cut of by me ending with a sly wink and then returning to looking at my music for the next song.

Quite a few minutes passed and then we started playing the next song. It was just one of those songs that was supposed to make everyone jump up and start dancing, but it is a little difficult when the team is down by 44.

When I took my Trombone from my lips, I heard a soft voice from my right say, “Hey there.”

I turned and it was her. I had never expected her to have made a move this quickly. “How have you been?” I replied with a slight smirk.

She moved a little closer to me.

“Pretty good, no complaining. It is pretty cold out here though.”

I had brought a blanket that I had draping over my black and gold uniform. I brought it for the freezing temperatures that we were supposed to be enduring for the rest of the night.

“Well this is built for two,” I replied holding up a corner of the blanket

“It does look cozy in there,” She said as she wrapped herself into the blanket next to me. As she was adjusting the blankets she lightly brushed my shaft that was now beginning to come to life.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She said

“No worries, it’s all good.” I replied trying to keep my composer.

“Well, if that’s good, then could this be better.” She whispered into my ear.

It was at that point that I felt her fingertips begin to softly caress my already enlarging shaft. It sent lighting throughout my entire body. I closed my eyes to take in as much of the sensations as I possibly could.

My eyes began to open when her thumb and forefinger found my zipper.

Slowly she unzipped my pants almost to tease me. It was at that point that I finally was able to think. I slowly moved my arm around her back and around her waist. I couldn’t believe how small she really was.

I almost made it to her zipper when she released my shaft from its fabric prison. She had begun to stoke it very slow. Each movement seemed to have meaning behind it. If I had said it where heaven then it would be an understatement.

I gently touched her abdomen. It was so soft and smooth that I could barely believe it. I finally began to move down her stomach and released the top button and pulled the zipper that was keeping me from my prize. I pushed my way under her lacy thong and felt my way through her clean shaven enclosure.

I slowly began to rub her with the illegal bahis palm of my hand . I finally looked up at her when I did this. She began to bit her lip. Her eyes where closed. I supposed that she was taking in the moment the same as I was.

The soft touch of her hand around my member, made me feel compelled to go a little further. I used two fingers to feel my way inside her. Inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter her lips began to devour my fingers. It was so warm and tight. Her juices made it so easy to glide further inside of her.

I could tell that she wanted to gasp a few times. It was nothing negative, but we couldn’t cause a scene. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Let’s get out of here and finish this elsewhere.”

She gave a nod.

After the much needed sign of approval on both parts, I slipped my fingers from her. I could still feel her juices on my fingers. I wanted to continue, but the promise of a better time with this rare find was tough to pass up as well.

As we began to adjust ourselves I told her that my car was in the parking lot. She nodded and said, “Let’s go to my house. My parents are up north visiting family for the weekend. They won’t be back until Sunday night.”

My heart leaped at the idea.

“Sure, we can do that.”

We made it out of the stadium unnoticed. We found my way to my Thunderbird and got in. It was no sooner that I was about to turn over the engine when she pulled me close and our lips met. Her lips parted between mine and the next thing I knew, her tongue was swimming inside my mouth. Soon enough, out tongues were in a dance that only they could seem to understand.

She tasted amazing. She tasted just the way a woman should. I could smell her vanilla perfume in the air. It heated my blood to even higher lengths.

We finally broke our erotic embrace to begin our travel. She told me to turn left out of the parking lot and to continue for a few miles. It would take a good ten minutes. She would tell me when to pull into the drive.

As we started to make it out of the parking lot, I felt my zipper being pulled at once more. I looked down and sure enough she was back at it again.

“She wants me more than I originally thought,” I thought to myself.

She finally began to stoke my shaft once more, only this time she began to bend over. A warming sensation began to bathe my member. Using her saliva as a prime lubricant, she used her left hand in conjunction with her heavenly mouth to create sensations that made me begin to sweat.

Five minutes seemed like an eternity of pleasure. I almost had to pull over twice, but I was able to maintain control. I had to keep my eye on what needed to be done. I was going to give her the greatest night she had ever known.

To my dismay and relief, she pulled her head up to check her surroundings. It should be coming up soon.

“You have no idea,” I thought to myself.

We finally pulled into the driveway of a yellow house. It looked very well kept with a few flower gardens in the front lawn. As we stepped out of the car, the icy air felt like it was choking the life out of my lungs. I could see why she wanted to be under my blanket in the first place.

She led me inside to a well lit dinning room area. Then, she led me to a room just to the left of the living area. It was green, with a queen size bed. The sheets were white, tan, and mint green. The walls were illegal bahis siteleri lined with posters, photographs, and shelves filled with figurines and what I guessed to be mementoes.

As I turned around to face her, her uniform jacket was already removed and she was taking off her uniform pants, to reveal a white tank top and a lacy black thong.

She looked up at me and said with red cheeks, “You might as well take your clothes off and stay a while.”

I chuckled and unbuttoned my jacket and slipped it over my head. I then began to remove my uniform pants. I was stripped down until I was wearing one of my black shirts and my black boxer briefs. She seemed to get quite a lot of satisfaction from watching me disrobe. Quite frankly, I enjoyed her satisfaction.

After a few moments she took a few steps and she pushed me onto her bed. I looked up in a daze and saw her remove her white tank top to reveal two luscious breasts. She then slowly crawled onto the bed and began to slink her way up to me. She moved in almost cat-like strides. She made her way up to my chest were she pulled my shirt over my head. She was practically sitting on me when she did this. Finally, I took this chance to be the one to take control and satisfy her ever growing hunger as well as slake my own.

I slowly rolled over until I was on top of her. I gazed into those gorgeous blue eyes once more. I could feel the rising of her breasts hit my bare chest. I ran my hand along the underside of her chin and gently kissed her. She then began to wrap her arms around me and drew me even closer then before. I could feel how soft her body was. It was so alluring.

It was then that I began to kiss her neck. I closely monitored what muscles moved and when. When I would find a sensitive spot, I would begin nibble, kiss, and lightly lick that spot. When I found the first spot on her neck, she moaned into my ear. It sent and icy shiver down my spine, that made me want to give her more.

I moved further down to her collar bone. I found a spot close to the base of her neck. This time I felt her moaning into my cheek and she grasped the back of my head with her fingers.

I received the reaction I was looking for every time.

As I moved down her chest, her grip began to loosen, until I met her right nipple. It was pink and very erect. It looked rather neglected. Of course I was soon going to change that, and give it as much care as it needed.

I flicked it against my lips. I then began to rub the other with my left hand. My right was busy caressing her stomach.

From her breathing, I could tell that she was becoming moist once more. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to get up close and personal to her personal work of art.

I slowly snaked down kissing her stomach. She twitched with ever point of contact. I slowly pulled her thong straps down her thighs. She moved her legs in a conjoined revolt against the last remaining piece of fabric on her body. Soon they were off and she was there before me completely naked.

Her body was absolutely stunning. Her skin didn’t have any trace of tan lines. Her pink nipples shown like beacons in the sea of white, tan, and mint green from her soft bed sheets. Her legs were long and slender. Her cheeks were crimson from her passion.

She looked down at me for a moment and asked, “What?”

The only word that escaped my lips was, “Beautiful.”

As a small giggle canlı bahis siteleri escaping from her throat, I began to bend over to get closer to my target. It was perfectly shaved and looked so enticing. I could feel my mouth begin to water.

I began to kiss up her thighs and I was just inches from her heavenly gates. I breathed in her essence. Finally, I kissed her opening and began to dine.

She tasted sweet, but she also had a slightly sour taste to her. In other words, she was delicious. The warmth filled my lips and cheeks. I could feel her thighs begin to squeeze together on my neck and shoulders.

I used my nose to stimulate her sensitive nub as my tongue began to probe her insides; Feeling the textures inside of her. She began to moan uncontrollably. Her hips contorted every which way. She really began to wiggle when I found her G-spot with my tongue. With all the different combinations of sensations mesmerizing her nerves, I could tell that she wouldn’t be lasting too much long now.

“Please, I want you now. I want you right now. ” She moaned.

“Fuck me.” She squealed.

I looked up from my place of content and as my tongue made its way out it brushed her clit. As I began to prowl my way up her angelic body, I could feel her hands removing my boxer briefs. With a few movements of my legs, they were finally out of the way. Our eyes connected once more as I slowly began to slide my extremely hard shaft into her point of passion. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment as she accepted my gift.

There was a bit of pressure all they way around my member. She was so soft and her juices were flowing like a spring by now. After a few slow thrusts, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and her arms held onto my shoulders. With every thrust she pulled me closer and closer.

When I was close enough, she began to nibble at one of my shoulders. At the thought of these new sensations, it inspired me to give her a few new ones as well. I began to move my hips in a circular motion. She began to bite down, and it felt incredible. It was a completely balanced form of pain and passion all in one.

When she released she moved strait to my mouth and we began to kiss madly. I was changing speed and rhythm randomly. At one point she began to moan into my mouth. It was one of the most sexually gratifying experiences that I’ve had yet.

Her mouth was so dry from all the passion that possessed her body. From the way her back arched and her breasts heaved, I could tell that she was coming close. It was only a matter of time.

My entire shaft was sliding into her down to the base. When she accepted me fully, I then gently ground my pelvis into hers. Her mouth shot open and her back arched forward. She pressed against my body as hard as she could as every muscle in her body began to tense. This also included the muscles that were now housing my member. The pressure was now becoming so immense. Her nails began to dig into my back. This new combination of stimulation caused me to go over the edge. We held each other almost afraid that we both would be blown away by this typhoon of passion that we created.

As our heartbeats and breathing began to calm I slowly slid from her and laid at her side. She laid her head on my chest as she draped her right leg over my own two. I held her close.

“Wow,” We both said at the same time.

We looked at each other and began to laugh. She turned over and flicked the light switch off with her foot.

We crept under the blankets and held each other close. The sound of our heartbeats lulled the pair of us into the most relaxing sleep that either of us had ever remembered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32