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My Gap Year

My name is Shona Macbeth, I have straight jet black hair that’s been neatly cut into a helmet style which I suit very well, have blue eyes like my brother although he has red hair, five foot ten in height, my weight is just about right for my build and body size, good boob size too, I also do a lot of dancing and gymnastics although not muscular I am well toned. Unlike my brother I am very outward going and know what I want and would like to do.

I completed my degree at Glasgow University just over a year ago, a year ahead of my brother in graphic art but I took a year out and toured Europe. He is now doing a Masters in engineering physics of materials, must admit he is a bit of a geek, but that’s my baby brother. My latest, of quite a few boyfriends, dumped me for someone in his office; no worries there onward and upwards.

I start my first proper job at Porton Down near Salisbury next week. I watched what they did on the television during the Novickok poisoning, well it sort of attracted me to doing something important and useful. I applied and got a job as a mature graduate trainee, after getting my security clearances which took a few weeks to arrange because I had an unaccountable year out in security terms.

They arranged affordable B&B accommodation for me in nearby Salisbury, a nice Cathedral city. It comprised of a single bedded room, with a small free standing wardrobe, desk and arm chair, it had a very nice view over the hills from its window. It also had a railway main line at the bottom of its garden which was rather noisy at times, you also had to be careful getting undressed or in the bath, shortage of curtains. You could become the floor show for the commuters, when a train went by or stopped waiting to go into the station. My plan was to get my own place in time, but this would do for the moment.

I drove down the 450 miles in my little red Aygo that my father had given me, his old car, took me almost eight hours, bit of a marathon on that Saturday. I started at the site the following Monday morning, got my security pass and completed all the new start paperwork. In the afternoon attended a security and safety talk then had the grand tour of the facility, which was actually quite eye opening and interesting.

I joined the graduate new start association which helped trainees and new starts to settle in. In their clubs section I noticed some dance classes held in the town and an athletics and sports club on the site. I joined them both. I went to the sports club on my first Wednesday, met quite a few new starts, some from nearby Boscombe Down and Middle Wallop.

We had a series of introductory talks about what was on offer, one that attracted me was self defence classes given by an Army instructor, which I signed up for. I think it was the demonstration that sold it for me. The instructor, she was about my build, her demonstration partner was a sergeant PTI over six feet tall and the build of a bear. He made a simulated move to attack her, in three moves she had him on his face on the floor. To be honest I think it was my last boyfriend who was the motivator, he forcibly tried it on one night, he stopped when I screamed but it gave me quite a fright.

The dance class was in town, it was actually a pole dance class, don’t know why but I always wanted to try it. Their first class was on the following Saturday morning, it was held in a hall at the back of a night club called the Black Pig. Eight of us turned up that morning including the army instructor from the self defence class. She recognised me and before the class started came over and introduced herself, her name was Gill Clarke and was a lieutenant in the army Military Police based at Middle Wallop. Must admit I was quite impressed.

The class ran for an hour, I only fell off the pole twice, Gill more than that, we had a great time though, if not somewhat bruised. As we left Gill pointed out the logo for the next class, Dare To Bare, explaining it was a school for striptease dancing, mainly for bored but adventurist house wife’s and for the Black Pig striptease club next door. She always wanted to try it but never had the courage, even after two tours of Afghanistan, I think I was trying to impress her. When I said want to give it a try, she hesitated but said yes.

On the spur of the moment we went in to the class and asked any vacancies; yes. We joined in for a complimentary dance introductory class. As the music started two dance instructors, dressed in erotic outfits, came in and gave us a demonstration of a dance routine, encapsulating all the dance routines into one of evocative and then erotic dance leading onto pole dancing. All the students were engrossed with it as we were.

The lead dance instructor Carole said we have left this routine to the end; which is for the more adventurists of you and it also builds self-confidence. As the music restarted the two dancers, in their evocative and colorful dance outfits started their routine.

This started with them on the balgat escort pole carrying out very athletic routines, returning to the floor and started a very evocative and sexually stimulating, embracing and striptease routine. By the time they got down to scanty fig leaf G strings and tassels, returned to the pole to give an even more athletic routine.

All the students, including us, by this time were aroused by it, some unwilling or unable to hide it. The lead dance instructor said how many of you would like to try this. I said entheausticly me, as did two others. Gill looked on in amazement. We were invited to join the two dancers to get briefed on the routine and redressed. About ten minutes later we returned, dressed as were the dance instructors who would accompany us as mentors and instructors.

We went through the routine, with a less athletic pole dance routine, until we were all stripped down to our G strings and tassels. The students all applauded in admiration. We were then invited to remove what we were left wearing. The music restarted and we each in turn completed the striptease routine, until we all stood their naked, where we all did the finally of the dance of the nymphs. All the students applauded and to say they were aroused would have been an understatement, the air was one of ecstatic and electrifying enthusiasm.

The dance instructor then invited the other students to have a go, all volunteered including Gill this time, who all did the routine enthusiastically. It was not long before all the students and the dance instructors all stood their naked together. Comfortable and confident in their own bodily appearance, we were then all given an individual assessment as to how their bodies could be sculptured and toned. The instructor then invited us to join the Dare To Bare Dance Club. Gill and I did.

By the time we left we were both on adrenalin and erotically induced high, we were speed talking to each other as we walked along to a medieval themed coffer house near the Cathedral. When we went in we had to calm ourselves talking otherwise everyone in Salisbury would know what we had just done. I think Gill and I bonded with each other that Saturday morning. Gill asked me if I wanted to go to the Chapel night club, in town with her that night as she had never been to it, I said ok neither have I.

Although Gill had rented a house just out of town in the Hampton Park area, wouldn’t move in until next weekend. She was temporally billeted at the officers’ quarters at Middle Wallop and got the bus in. I lived within walking distance.

We met outside Chas Bakers as agreed to go for a meal first, both dressed to kill. As we met David came out of the store and said hello to Gill, her Army mess had an account there which she was responsible for. She saw me looking and said you are wasting your time there, as he walked away and met up with his partner I could see what she meant.

The club was actually very good but as its clientele that night was mainly army personnel and Gill was an army military police officer. We got plenty of drinks bought for us, but no takers, she apologised to me for that. No worries; my stock reply.

By three in the morning both of us were the worse for wear, courtesy of our free alcohol. Gill had now missed the last bus back to the base, we decided to go back to my B&B and she could crash out on my armchair. As we staggered back together, got an offer from four squaddies to go to a private party with them, on recognizing Gill, they apologised and buggered off. Gill said to me that’s called a tactical withdrawal.

I didn’t remember much after that but I woke up in the morning, with a thumping headache, sharing a single bed with Gill. Both of us naked not even a pair of nickers on between us. Gill said god we didn’t did we, it was one of those moments who would look under the covers first. Gill looked.

We went down to the shower room together, I had my clingy almost see through wrap on, Gill borrowed my light weight house coat. We showered together, after what we did yesterday modesty was out of the window. We were like school girls again as we washed and dried each other. We put our wrap and coat on and started to go back upstairs, when my landlady came out and said you two certainly know how to have fun. Neither of us could remember but didn’t ask. She had made our breakfast when she heard us showering.

We sat there me in my see through wrap, Gill in my white house coat that kept opening exposing her breasts as she ate her breakfast. My landlady had left, shopping or something, eventually Gill gave up trying to eat with the coat on and took it off and sat there naked. In moral support I took off my wrap and sat there naked too. To be honest it wasn’t much more of a dress down but I liked wearing it as it clinged and rubbed seductively on your skin.

As we sat their naked chatting about last nights escapades a train from London started to pass then it stopped what seemed like just outside batıkent escort the window, we were both in full view of any passengers who were looking in our direction. Gill said bugger, grabbed her breakfast plate and slipped down below the window ledge, I followed. We finished our breakfast sitting on our bare bums on the floor eating our breakfast. Gill put it down to army training kicking in.

We went back up to my room with a mug of coffee each, didn’t bother putting on our wraps back on. We sat there chatting, shared our disastrous boyfriend encounters and we certainly had somethings in common. Gill told me about her military service from the army cadets in a Dorset private girls only school, law degree then to Sandhurst then on to military police training, I asked why military police, simple she fancied one of the instructors. They certainly had some good times together but the army being the army they were posted to other ends of the country then overseas.

We got dressed before my landlady came back. I gave Gill a lift back to the Middle Wallop officers quarters, to be honest it was a bit better than my B&B but not a lot. We had a meal in the mess that night, although very polite the other officers kept us at arms length in their conversations with us. A military police thing no doubt, I remembered back home that a policeman who stayed a few houses up from us, we all seemed to avoid socialising with them and their children.

We agreed to meet up on Wednesday after her self defence class, which I really enjoyed and seemed to be quite good at it. We went for a run round the periphery of the site which was a few miles long, what they called the security road, this time we were offered lifts, Gill was their boss after all. The rain came on suddenly; no lifts allowed this time girl honor was at stake, defiantly a sexist thing on our part.

By the time we arrived back we were caked in mud including being matted in Gills long blond hair, when she slipped and fell in a tyre rut, and we were both absolutely soaked through too. We headed to the showers, which were empty, dropped our wet track suits, sports bra and pants on the floor and padded our way into the shower’s together, naked again. Which was beginning to seem normal to us, we picked a commune shower and washed each other as the mud ran off. Again we dried each other and walked into the dressing area still naked, our towels by now were wet through, particularly from Gill’s long blond hair.

I ran Gill back to her mess where we had a coffee before I headed back to my B&B. I agreed to help Gill move into her rented house at the weekend after our Pole and Dare To Bare dance classes.

We met as planned and went in to our pole dance class, then after a break on to our more erotic dance, striptease, class well that’s what it is. This time they were about three times as many dancers, a few beginner groups had joined and was to involve more personal contact. I pared off with Gill as my dance partner, this time we were erotically rubbing and touching each other. Even through our bikini type gymnastics pants it was quite arousing, as we went through our routine at one point I felt myself start to squirt, from the look on Gills face I think she had too.

We were quite tired by the time we finished our two classes. After pulling on our track suits, picking up the keys from the landlord, we drove up to collect her things. All her worldly possessions were in two suitcases, rucksack, two large cardboard boxes and a briefcase. Closeouts check by the accommodation officer, a signature and she was released from responsibility. We drove down to her new rented house, unpacked the car. I have never seen anyone unpack cases so quickly, must be an army thing.

Afternoon we went to the supermarket to get provisions, alcohol, several bottles and a box of wine. Gill said she would cook us a meal tonight, I thought army rations, chips and beer. After the dance classes and house move I really needed a shower, which I really enjoyed, had to also wash out all my dance gear, what can I say.

Rain had started so I drove to Gill’s, could always leave the car if necessary. Army rations, no, her hobby was fine dining, she explained later after deployments you needed some refinements to bring you back to sanity. After two bottles of wine we were truly relaxed, she also had an excellent collection of music CD’s, one of the two big boxes. I woke up the next morning on her couch with a headache and a large throw over me, again I was naked, no sign of my clothes anywhere. This was becoming a habit.

I heard Gill in the kitchen, rather her coffee machine doing its thing. Then she came through, naked too, she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. We sat at her kitchen table, but left the blinds closed this time. She asked me what happened last night she couldn’t remember, I had to admit neither could I. That was a get out of jail embarrassment card for us. As the kitchen table was small both our legs were touching underneath beşevler escort it, I think we both though it was comforting as we sat there.

I picked up my courage and asked did you see where I left my clothes, she said yes they are on my bedroom chair. It was at that point I felt one of those sexual twinges that made you unsure of yourself. I didn’t know what to do or say, I could feel myself start to get wet, you know that feeling when you want to cum or close your legs. I had to do something so I said I have to go. Made it in time no dripping on the carpet.

As I was sitting there Gill came in, I realised there was no door on the bathroom, Gill said the joiner is coming over tomorrow to fit a new door. I will run you a bath upstairs, the shower needs replacing too. I said ok. I went upstairs the bath was filling up and Gill dropped one of those scented soap bubble bath bombs in. Quickly the soapy bubbles formed and Gill stepped in, sat down reached up and took my hand and inviting me to join her. I felt good about doing it and did.

We sat there about a half hour with Gill holding me as I lay back on her, she slowly washed and caressed me with her hands. It was electrifyingly erotic, last time this happened to me was with my college study girlfriend. I was enjoying it but didn’t know if I should respond to it or not. Gill broke both our spells, I think, when she said we better get dressed. We dried ourselves and went into her bed room where we had left our clothes last night and got dressed.

The sun had come out so we decided to drive down to Weymouth beach for the afternoon. After a stop at my B&B, we were both changed into bikinis under our shorts and tops. Enroute Gill said why do we not go to the Studland beach near Poole, I hear is a great beach to get a tan. She punched it into my satnav and it directed us there. Bit of a problem getting a parking place, but we found one.

We followed the crowd onto the beach, it was busy but we could see further up it was not so busy. Rounded a headland and a sand dune we found the perfect spot, isolated and quite. Down went out towels off came our shorts and tops. We put sun block on each other, more fun that way, as Gill was rubbing it on my shoulders she undid my bikini top and pulled it off. I tried to grab it back but she pulled hers off too. We were both topless. Nobody about, we rubbed the block on each other’s breasts. It was quite an endearing and alluring thing to do to each other.

We lay back enjoying the sun then we could hear people approaching, we rolled over to hide our modesty. As we had on our dark sunglasses and not looking directly at them, they were almost directly on top of us when we realised they were all naked. Gill said innocently, I think we may have wandered on to a naturalist beach, I turned with my O’sure you did look as she smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders. She pulled her bottoms off then grabbed mine and pulled them down. She then ran down to the water’s edge with them, inviting me to come and retrieve them from her. Nobody about I ran down just as she ran into the water. I am not a great water person but I went in after her only to fall over.

As we frolicked in the water as I tried to retrieve my now very wet pants, a family of naturalists walked by and smiled at us, we smiled back. After they passed us I headed back up to our towels by the reed grass, I wasn’t so conscious of being naked now, maybe the dance classes gave me a confidence I didn’t know I had.

I sat naked on my towel with my arms wrapped round my knees, as Gill came out of the water and walked, more danced up to me. I hadn’t noticed before but she had slender long toned legs that looked really good, her torso was also very toned but not muscular, just that nice balance. As she walked up to me with her blond hair waiving in the wind she looked quite alluring, I could see what guys saw in her. I think I envied her build.

We sat on for the rest of the afternoon naked enjoying the sun, applying more block from time to time. Time to go we wandered back along the shore line to where we had left the car. Where we got dressed back into our now near see through shorts and tops, by this time there were quite a lot of people around us, in various stages of undress, packing up to go home too. Must admit I felt quite comfortable being naked amongst them, I suppose I always did but it wasn’t the thing to do in a city.

On the drive back Gill lay back relaxing on the seat, from time to time she would caress my leg in an affectionate way, I didn’t say anything but I was really enjoying it. Suddenly I had to take a bend so fast, the tyres squealed, I think so did I. I hadn’t realised how fast I was driving so slowed down, I think Gills caressing was giving me a rush. Gill sat upright in the seat as I slowed down.

We arrived back at her terrace house, just as her phone rang, something had happened at the base and one of her two Rapid Response Team’s had been deployed. She said they are sending a car for me I will have to get changed, she would phone me tomorrow. As I left a car arrived with her sergeant PTI driving and two very serious looking individuals in the back, all were dressed in black coveralls. Gill came out in her black coveralls, jumped into the car and it shot off, I sort off started to follow them.

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