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“It’s tiny!” exclaimed Violet as we all reached the open door of the shower block.

“There’s barely enough room for five of us, let alone thirty!” she continued as girls poked their heads through the door and then muttered, agreeing with her.

I also took a look and she wasn’t exaggerating. The dark tiled room was only a couple of meters long and not particularly wide. Hot water blasted from just four metal shower heads bolted on the walls. There was no switch or valve I could see so presumed it was on a timer.

“Move out of de way sisters, I’m not missing my chance to wash for nobody” Cesar boomed in her Haitian accent as she pushed her big naked black body through the group and into the shower block.

We hadn’t showered since we arrived two nights ago and along with no change of clothes we’d all done multiple squats, practised yoga and ran in the tropical heat. The majority of the girls obviously shared Cesar’s opinion and started to pile in. I was determined not to miss out so grabbed Nikita by the hand and dove in with them.

With all thirty naked girls in the small shower block I’d ended up right in the middle. With the shower heads pouring hot water into the tiny room it was unbearably noisy and my vision was impaired by the build-up of steam. l was still holding Nik’s hand behind me so yanked her close until she fell into me, both her arms wrapping around my waist to steady herself.

“Hey!” she spoke directly into my ear from behind. I could feel the hot air of her breath as her soft boobs pressed into my back.

Trapped in the middle I had girls in every direction who kept twisting and turning until I found my arms wedged into my side and unable to move. The girl in front of me stumbled backwards, causing my bum to push closer into Nik’s lap, so close that I could feel the scratch of her wiry pubic hair against my bum crack. Nik and I had truly melted into each other.

I was receiving bursa escort bayan some splashes of water on my skin, but not enough to get a substantial wash. I was struggling to see anything other than a lot of hair in my line of sight and it was both too noisy and my position too awkward to get a message to Nik for help.

“FIFTEEN MINUTES” I heard Madam Oona’s voice bellow through the shower. I then started to notice small bottles of shampoo and shower gel being passed around a few of the girls. With my arms still pinned to my side I started to panic, thinking I was going to miss my opportunity of a decent wash.

“Want this?” Nik leant into my ear again and asked, wrapping her arm out in front of me and presenting one of the bottles.

“Yes” I shouted, but she couldn’t hear me over the noise and I couldn’t twist my head enough for her to read my lips. I simply nodded hoping she’d notice why I couldn’t take it from her.

“Are you stuck?” she asked me.

I nodded.

“Would you like help?”

I nodded again, thinking she would see who was pinning my arms and try pushing them out of the way to free me.

I then watched as Nik’s other arm wrapped around my body and felt her chin rest on my shoulder so she could see what she was doing. She squeezed a dollop of gel into her hands and passed the bottle along to someone else. Nik then placed both hands on my stomach and started moving them in circular motions, wrapping around my sides and across my back.

I wasn’t sure what to think. On one hand I hadn’t expected her to bathe me and I wasn’t a lesbian, but on the other hand this was probably the only way for me to wash and I was finding myself enjoying the softness of her skin on mine.

Her hands reached my breasts and lathered them in soap. She continued to massage me and as her fingers caught my hardening nipples and she pulled on them softly. I moaned under my breath in response to the sensation. görükle escort She then brought her hands down to my bum and circled each cheek, her little finger very gently brushing the inside of my crack. Bringing her hands round to the front again she rested them on my pubic region.

“Should I?” she asked in my ear.

Since arriving at Luanica I’d had my bare bottom spanked by three girls, my pussy slapped by another, and I’d licked the sex of both my female classmate and teacher. Despite the sexual nature of all of that I considered it forced upon me and therefore not linked to my sexuality. I had gotten very wet whilst being naked in front of others, but again I thought of this more as my body’s natural response to both the humiliation and the thrill of going against society’s rules.

Allowing Nikita to wash my intimate area was a significant line to cross. I’d always thought of myself as straight, having had a few boyfriends in the past. I found Nik gorgeous and the sight of her naked body in the yoga class had my stomach filled with butterflies, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be with her.

“TEN MINUTES” Madam Oona yelled through the room.

Having gushed on so many occasions the past few days my pussy felt sticky and disgusting. There was no way I could manage another evening feeling so dirty. I couldn’t foresee any other way I was going to get a full wash in time without Nik’s help, especially since the shampoo hadn’t reached us yet.

I nodded in response to Nik’s question.

Touching her thumbs and index fingers together she formed a triangle with her hands and pressed her palms into my pelvis. Her fingers disappeared to the inside of my thighs as her thumbs brushed over my thin runway of pubic hair. With the mixture of water, soap and my pussy juices her hands effortlessly slipped under me. Pinching my pussy lips she massaged me slowly, up and down, placing increasing pressure bursa escort bayan on my clit.

Nik had told me in a passing comment one morning at breakfast that she had a boyfriend back home, so although I found her flirty sometimes I assumed that was just her personality and didn’t believe she was actually into me. However, even if she hadn’t intended to masturbate me the stimulation was certainly getting me off. I started to pant as I let out a deep moan. My eyes rolled as electric sensations started zapping through me.

I felt Nik breathing hot air into my ear as she rubbed me faster. Just as I couldn’t take it anymore the girl to my right moved and my arm broke free. I instantly placed my hand on top of Nik’s and pushed her fingers deep inside me. With her sudden penetration fireworks exploded in my mind and my whole body sparkled.

The girl behind Nik who’d kept her wedged into me also moved and with me leaning into her so much we both stumbled backwards. Nik’s back hit against the tiled wall and she managed to catch me. After regaining her footing she spun me around so I was looking directly into her captivating blue eyes. We were centimetres apart, our rock hard nipples poking into each other. The energy was over-powering and I instinctively leant into kiss her.

Just before our lips managed to touch we were both violently poked by a bottle of shampoo. I broke from the moment and saw that the girl offering it to us wasn’t even looking.

“FIVE MINUTES” we heard Madam Oona call.

The moment was gone and I needed to refocus on the task at hand. As we were now against the tiled wall we had much better access to the stream of water. We both thoroughly wetted our hair before I poured out some shampoo into my hands and ran my fingers through Nik’s blonde locks, scratching her head as I watched her smile in response. She then washed the shampoo out before doing the same to me.

“TIME’S UP, EVERYONE OUT!” Madam Oona shouted as the water suddenly turned itself off. The crowd of girls waddled out of the room like penguins, dripping water everywhere. We all walked down the hall and towards the dormitory where we’d hoped to find a towel and fresh clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32