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Chapter 2 – Dreamcatcher
“…look into the fire, into the sky, into the theater of their own minds and ride upon the wings of their imaginations to far away lands in their dreams . . . remember a song or a story . . . people who lived in these far away lands . . . were the dreamcatchers.” – Craig Chaquico
* * * * *

Rachel walked along the tree-lined beach, stopping to pull on her dress and panties before heading back onto the road. The saltwater had left its gritty traces everywhere, but she loved the stickiness she felt between her thighs.

“Need a shower,” talking to her self, entering her house.

Heading to the kitchen, she poured a glass of wine before heading upstairs to her relaxing shower.

The water was hot and steamy as she let it flow over her head. The hot liquid tracing her soft flesh where Derek’s kisses had just been. Lathering her sponge, Rachel sponged over her breasts, her nipples becoming hard again, thinking of Derek’s lips and fingertips touching her. The flat of her soapy palm caressed her body as she moved her hand lower. Rachel’s clit aching for his touch, but she had to be satisfied rolling it between her fingers and nails. Her vaginal juices and traces of his semen mixed with the soapy water. Rachel leaned against the wall of the shower, her mind wandering back to the beach.

She thought of his cock thrusting deep. Her own fingers pushed deeper-“his fingers.” Rachel pulled at her nipples with her other hand, her body quivering remembering how his mouth drew her nipples between his lips and teeth. Oh, I want more of him, she thought, her vagina pulsing around her fingers, quickening their masturbating pace. Her body began to shake as a quick orgasm cascaded, leaving her feeling half sated, aching for more.

Steadying her back against the wall, Rachel let the water wash off the last traces of Derek. Finished with her shower, she grabbed the fluffy towel from the hook and briskly dried off. Her hair tossed about was no longer dripping as she walked naked around her bedroom, lighting candles. She opened the sliding door to the upper deck and enjoyed the scent of the ocean that mingled with the scent of the candles. Rachel picked up her glass of wine before she went out onto the deck to sit and enjoy the quietness and gentle ocean breeze on her skin.

Quietly sipping a bit of wine, she leaned back on the pillowed-lounge chair and deeply inhaled the crisp scent of the ocean air. “Oh yesss, this is nice,” thinking aloud to herself. The only sounds were the waves gently crashing on the shore and the beach party in the distance. Taking one last sip of wine, Rachel put down her goblet and snuggled back onto her lounge chair. She dozed off into a light sleep.

A short time later, her dreamy silence was broken by low voices below her. “Oh, baby, I’m more than ready for you tonight,” the deep sound of Derek’s voice followed by Theo’s giggles as they walked up to the door below her.

Rachel eyes flew open, seething. She wanted more of Derek, but Theo was going to get to enjoy his caresses. Jealous, Rachel rose, grabbed her glass of wine, and went bounding back to her room, turned on the stereo, and cranked up the volume to some hot Latin tunes. Rachel tossed her head back, drained her glass and grabbed her robe. She popped the stereo off then headed down to the kitchen for a refill.

Bouncing down the stairs, Rachel’s robe opened up with each step. Theo met her at the landing and gave her a surprised look before getting nasty.

“I didn’t think you were up until that crap you listen to came blaring down the stairs. And maybe you should consider closing up!” Theo squeaked, pointing to Rachel’s open attire.

“What, no more studs to play with on the dance floor?” Rachel’s tone dripped venom as she pulled her robe and belt back in place. She was not in the mood for Theo, no longer caring if Derek heard the bitching at his girlfriend.

“You’re just jealous because no one asked you to dance,” Theo shot back, sarcasm oozing in her voice.

“Hey, hey, ladies. Why don’t we all just calm down? We’ll have a little smoke and join Rachel in a glass of wine” Derek tried sooth, suddenly stepping between them to defuse the brewing catfight. Pulling Theo closer, he whispered, “Let’s not ruin the mood, sweetheart. Now, why don’t you go change like you were going too while I roll one,” sending Theo off in the direction of her bedroom with an encouraging pat on her ass.

“Whatever,” Rachel quipped, waving them off, heading into the kitchen for more wine. She grabbed a bottle, thinking, this isn’t over by a long shot, Theo. Rachel’s thoughts were getting devious. Gathering more glasses, she headed back into the living room. Theo was already back, snuggling next to Derek.

Well, what do you know? Miss Stingy Bitch is actually going to share, Rachel thought, flopping down into the chair near Derek to watch him finish rolling a fat joint.

Derek lit the weed, passed it to Theo and turned on the TV. Smoking, sipping the wine, güvenilir bahis and watching a comedy movie Derek found channel surfing helped ease the tension that was too thick for his liking. Theo snuggled closer to him, stretching out on the sofa. It seems that the tension between the two women had finally disappeared. The three of them shared the last of the bottle of wine and a smoke. Theo felt sleepy and lay her head in Derek’s lap, enjoying the warmth radiating from his legs. Taking a last toke, Theo put the remains of the joint into the ashtray.

Rachel curled herself into a chair, her feet tucked under her robe. She spied glances at Derek and Theo, thinking it wouldn’t be long before Theo crashed in his lap. She is such a light weight, Rachel smiled to herself, feeling catty. She waited patiently, watching for signs that Theo was asleep. Ah, that’s right. Curl up, my chance will come, Rachel watched silently. Theo stirred slightly and sighed, her breathing became slow and deep.

Waiting a little longer and a new movie starting, Rachel signaled Derek to share the remnants of the last joint. Passing the clip between them, Rachel pulled in a long, deep toke. She rose and leaned over to Derek, motioning that she was going to share the smoke with him before she handed him the clip. Rachel’s lips covered his as she exhaled deeply into his mouth, her lips lingering longer then necessary.

When Rachel pulled away, Derek looked back at her, a little surprised at her daring, especially with Theo in his lap, and then exhaled quietly not wanting to wake her.

Derek offered the final toke to Rachel who waved at him to light it again. He drew in the last of the smoke. Holding it deep, Derek motioned for Rachel to come close so he could return the favor. He kept very still, his cock beginning to grow, anticipating the touch of Rachel’s soft lips. Theo’s head, pressing closer, just added pressure to his dare.

Stretching toward him, Rachel’s robe opened slightly exposing her breasts to Derek’s gaze. Her lips covered his as Derek reached around her head holding her there. He exhaled deeply, Rachel’s soft, moist lips kissing him, her tongue teasingly danced around his. A tingle zipped down to his balls as Derek felt his erection jump. How he wanted to pull Rachel onto his lap, but he couldn’t with Theo there. So he held her head close to his, drawing the smoke deep into his lungs as she exhaled back into his mouth. He held it for a moment before exhaling back into hers. They continued their passionate kiss until the smoke was gone. Again, their tongues danced and teased, and Rachel played with his hair before she broke away from their embrace.

Her wanton gaze and smile said it all as Derek watched as Rachel lifted her glass and strolled off to her bedroom. Hips swaying, Rachel turned back, blowing him the same teasing kiss and the same naughty wink that greeted him when he first arrived that evening. She ascended the stairs after her signature exit. Rachel felt a sense of satisfaction, knowing he was horny as hell, and unable to come after her. It brought a smile to her lips, but it also left her wanting him more.

Frustrated with the situation, Derek’s erection needed adjustment-and he needed release. Damn her and her teasing, Derek thought, feeling a bit aggravated with Rachel. He gently woke Theo. She sleepily looked up at a smiling Derek.

“Come on lover,” she cooed, “let’s go to bed.” She traced her hand along the hard bulge of his cock trapped in his jeans.

Anxious, Rachel dropped her robe, pushing on the stereo, flipping the music to some mellow tunes. She flopped on her waterbed, feeling its coolness beneath her. The taste of Derek’s tongue and lips was still fresh in her mouth. As her palm slowly caressed her body, Rachel thought of his lips, again, tasting her skin. The fingertips of her other hand traced her mouth and lips; she sucked on them gently. Damn, I want him in my mouth, she thought as she curled up under the sheet and drifted into a restless sleep.

A few hours later, amid the sounds of the neighbors drunkenly trying to get into their house Rachel awoke from her sleep for a second time. Peering at her clock, it was only 4 AM.

Damn, I want to sleep, she thought, finding nothing left in her stash. Grabbing her robe and tying it loosely, Rachel crept down the stairs carefully trying not to let them creak. “Damn it!” she whispered. Reaching the living room, she discovered Theo had taken her stuff back to her bedroom.

Looking at Theo’s bedroom door, contemplating for only a second if she should enter, Rachel quietly opened it and peaked in. The moonlight in the room was bright enough to see where everything was. Rachel could hear the ocean waves through the open window. The gauzy drapes lightly rustled in the breeze. The low humming of the ceiling fan was blowing the warm, night-air throughout the room.

Maybe they left part of a joint in the ashtray, she thought, tiptoeing from Theo’s side of the bed to Derek’s. Spying the half-smoked türkçe bahis roach near Derek, she moved quietly toward the side table.

Derek, unable to sleep, had been tossing around himself. Theo was willing and receptive but not with the passion that Rachel had shown earlier that evening. He heard the door open but pretended to sleep, spying on Rachel sneaking around the bed. His arm was hanging over the edge. Rachel tried to lean over to snatch the joint, but Derek’s fingers caught the opening in her robe. She froze as she felt his fingertips graze the inside of her thigh.

Enjoying this little game, Derek snorted and moved slightly, turning his hand up to cup her warm dampness. Looking down at him thinking he was still asleep, Rachel smiled turning to face him. Gingerly she pulled back the sheet that barely covered him. Theo had rolled into most of it, leaving very little for Derek.

Stretching her fingertips to touch him, she gingerly traced feather-like strokes along his semi-hard shaft as she wondered, Maybe, he’ll think I’m Theo.

Derek peered at her in his feigned sleep. Still playing, he snorted again and stretched out his legs. Rachel stood very still. Slowly, Derek began to stroke her wet pubic curls with his thumb. A little surprised, Rachel turned back looking down at his face. Derek opened his eyes smiling up at her.

Rachel spread her legs, allowing him full access to her treasure as she continued to gently stroke his erection to life. She quietly dropped to her knees and took Derek’s cock slowly between her moist lips. Her right breast cradled softly in his hand.

Her soft lips gently teased the head as she nibbled just below the mushroom crown, feeling Derek’s cock jump as she pulled him into her mouth, his breath caught in his throat. Rachel’s tongue and mouth wrapped around his shaft, sucking and pulling him in and out of the hot moistness of her mouth. Her lips brought him exquisite torture as Derek was forced to lay still as to not to wake the sleeping Theo.

Rachel gently teased his balls, feeling them contract, her nails dragging gently over his scrotum and inner thigh. Sucking harder, Rachel wanted more of him, nibbling gently over the full length of his cock, sucking him deeper into her mouth.

Derek curled himself over to the edge of the bed for easier access to Rachel. She opened her thighs to his probing, her wetness coating his fingers as he stroked her slit. But the sound of Theo stirring made them both freeze. Rachel kept her eyes on Theo as she slowly continued sucking Derek’s erection. Usually very vocal during sex, Rachel was aroused and tantalized to the brink, staying mentally in control of her body and struggling to keep silent. Smiling, she thought, And Derek has to do the same.

She traced her tongue along Derek’s rigid cock until she reached his balls, planting feather kisses on his sac. She licked and sucked one precious marble into her mouth at a time, rolling them gently in her mouth. Rachel’s tongue danced around his sac as it tightened.

Derek’s heart nearly leapt from his chest when Theo moved, he wanted to taste the full pleasure that Rachel had to offer, NOW! He moved to the edge of the mattress, gently pushing Rachel down onto her back, and then slid off the bed onto his knees, straddling her. He pressed her thighs open exposing her wet pussy, glistening in the moonlight. His fingers massaged her swollen lips, parting them as he enjoyed the beauty of her small blonde curls tightly forming a small stripe up above her swollen clit. Rachel’s soft sigh broke the silence as Derek’s tongue licked the succulent petals of her vagina.

The more Derek’s tongue flicked and licked her clit, she stroked and sucked him deeper into her mouth. His luscious cock dangled just above her so that she could still move her head. Rachel’s hands roamed freely over his body as she pulled his hips onto her, engulfing his cock deeper into her mouth. Derek felt her quiver as his tongue trailed from her swollen pussy lips to the depths of her warm, wet womanhood. His tongue and lips lapped and sucked her clit, repeatedly, urgently. Rachel’s lips wrapped tightly around his cock, slowly sliding up and down, with warm, wet, full strokes.

Derek’s fingers pushed deeper inside her pussy, dancing in and out. Her hips rose up to meet them. His tongue circled her hard clit as she fought to be quiet. He lapped at her slick, sweet nectar from his fingers as he drew them in and out of her velvety tunnel. His face was covered in her wetness. His tongue plunged deeply into her pussy, his fingers rubbing her hard, budding clit causing uncontrollable spasms in her hips.

As Rachel’s pelvis heaved, Derek wrapped his arms around her, shifting his weight to one side. Rachel moved with him as they rolled onto their sides, holding his hardness in her hand, her tongue continued dancing around his engorged mushroom crown, her knee resting on his upper arm. Spreading the soft petals of her vulva, Derek continued to suck and pull at their fleshy softness. His güvenilir bahis siteleri fingers pushed deeper inside Rachel’s wetness, and his tongue continued to tease her clit.

Derek wanted her on top of him; to have her open and suckle the richness she was offering him, to have more of her wetness cover his face.

In the softest of whispers, he beckoned, “Get on top, babe.”

Releasing his cock, she needed no other encouragement. Rachel positioned herself over him; his hard, straight cock waiting for her. She felt his warm breath tantalizingly close to her pussy. She sucked down on his cock taking the full length of him into her mouth until the tip brushed the back of her throat. A pleasure pulse bolted up the length of Derek’s cock, the pressure in his balls building.

Trying to concentrate, his fingers pushed inside her, circling the deep inner walls of Rachel’s pretty pussy faster and faster as she held the cheeks of his ass in her trembling hands. She guided him up and down into her mouth. Her lips felt the contour of his cock’s vein as it grew larger, wider, thicker. Her tongue swirled around it hungrily, remembering how the ocean waves had crashed against their bodies earlier in the evening. She imagined how Derek’s load of warm cum would soon pound the back of her throat.

With that thought alone, Rachel’s orgasm burst forth. Her hips jerked as she tried to stifle a moan, sucking harder as her quivering body hovered over him. Derek’s hand quickly reached out and squeezed her breasts in an effort to signal her to remain quiet. Rachel obeyed his command but it was not easy. The palm of his hand was electric as it pressed against her eager nipples, so hard and sensitive, Rachel’s orgasm surged into another wave.

Slowly withdrawing his fingers, he buried his tongue deep within her. Derek’s face was covered with Rachel’s wetness as he sucked and lapped her sweet juices. He replaced his fingers for just a moment, adding to the warmth building at the base of his cock. He fought to hold back the rising force growing inside him.

His mind flashed back to a few hours earlier when he and Theo had gone to bed. It was Theo who had received his hard spurts of cum, but in Derek’s stoned imagination, it was Rachel who had shared her bed and body with him. He remembered shooting his load of passion into Theo’s pussy within a minute after penetrating her. Yes, Derek had lusted for Rachel all evening, and now he was with her. He wanted this moment to last, to savor the sensation of Rachel’s mouth licking and sucking his cock.

His tongue slid up and down the hot, moist slit of her vulva, sliding his face over to take one of her pussy lips in his mouth and suck on it as he pressed his fingers deep into her passion hole. Rachel, unable to concentrate on his shaft, removed her mouth from him. Almost gasping and moaning with the pleasure she felt, she knew she had to control her outbursts. Derek’s hand gently squeezed her thigh as a reminder again to remain quiet.

His heart skipped a beat when he heard the rustling of sheets as Theo turned over to her other side. He heard Theo softly sigh.

Good. Let her dream away, Derek thought.

The reality of the moment came back quickly to Derek as he felt Rachel’s fingernails delicately massage his hard dick. The warmth he felt growing inside mounted rapidly. His hands moved from Rachel’s sweaty breast to the back of her head. He felt her silky hair cascade over the back of his hand. Her head turned slightly to the side as she nibbled and sucked along the side of his cock. Derek felt her breath as she took him back into her mouth. The warmth he was feeling had turned to fire. He was ready and lightly squeezed Rachel’s head. Rachel nodded; she was ready to receive his load.

Derek engulfed Rachel’s clit with his sucking lips and licking tongue, working her in fast, hard circles to the point of no return.

He smiled when he realized Rachel would take his eruption in her mouth. Theo gave great fellatio, but she never let him cum in her mouth. Derek felt the pressure mounting at the base of his cock and held his breath for a moment. He felt the vein of his cock expand. He remembered Rachel’s ocean of delight. He remembered her tongue dancing with his tongue when she shared the magic smoke earlier that evening. Kissing and licking her wetness, the pressure in the pit of his groin grew stronger.

She sucked down hard on him, pulling the luscious length of him into her mouth. Her nails dug into the cheeks of his ass, holding him tight. Rachel was seized by another orgasm, cumming the hardest yet from it. No longer holding back, his hips thrusting upward, Derek finally surrendered to the waves of pleasure, his cock rushing past her lips, repeatedly jetting warm semen into Rachel’s waiting mouth.

Rachel was stunned at the volume and force of his ejaculation. She had given oral refuge to many a man’s cherished gift, but she had never felt it as warm and as strong as Derek was offering up to her. She wanted all he had to give and more. The stinging shots of semen hit her mouth and throat in hard, rapid triumphs. She pushed and ground her pussy into his face, knowing he was drenched with her juices as the final spasms rocked through both of them.

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