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Hello all, this is the second instalment of Marblehead Max. If you haven’t read the first, I urge you to do so. Also I’d welcome feedback of any kind, positive/negative or indifferent. Please don’t forget to vote, but above all ENJOY.

* * * * *

Max had a face full of blonde muff and he was ecstatic. He had waited so long for this he thought his dick would fall off through lack of usage. The Blonde in question was tanned to within an inch of her life, but her pussy remained the same pink colour that makes men turn all funny. It was moist and his tongue had the freedom of cuntsville to move around. He regularly found her clit and stabbed at it viciously to get a reaction from the heady blonde. She loved it and her head moved forward and back in pleasure. Jo couldn’t believe she was being eaten out. Although attractive she was always seen as the shyer of the two sisters. Max lifted one of her legs so that it rested on his shoulder. Her black panties had been wrapped around this one leg and she felt weak at the knees. Every once in a while she would look down and see the 10-inch, vein-popping monster between Max’s legs. She was worried but excited at the prospect of it spreading her lower lips to beyond stretching point. Max’s fingers searched in the undergrowth for the shithole. As he approached, guidance came in the form of Jo’s shapely hand leading in to second prize.

‘Damn it, she’s having too much fun!’ Max was furious. He bit down on her clit and she winced in pain, as he pushed her hands aside. Summoning some unknown strength he stood up, with both her legs wrapped around his face. Her head banged the ceiling and he continued tonguing for all his worth. As the sun set her juices flowed freely down his chin. Finally he found her asshole and that made his mind work overtime. He dropped the athletic blonde to the floor and made sure she was face down. Held in place by firm hands around the neck. Within reaching distance was an 18-inch long cold steel weight-lifting bar. Jo could see the plan formulating in his mind and her worst fears were soon to be realised. He whacked her hard on her butt cheeks with the bar. It hurt, almost as much as when he slapped his own pipe on her pert rear end. She knew what would come next and held her breath in anticipation. A sharp pain ran across body as the first two inches of cold steel were forced inside. She rolled in agony reaching her arms out to grab the nearest thing. Her soaking wet panties was all she could find, and she placed them in her mouth to have something to bite down on. Max smiled as another few inches jerked in her body. Her initial pain was now mixed with a delighted expression. She gritted her teeth and invited more. Max supported her as she squatted on the bar, legs spread and toes curled inside the sweaty white trainers. Blood from her anus was now lubricating the shaft and Max lifted her on and off. She masturbated herself furiously and cum mixed with her own blood. The sight and sound was tremendous. Jo fell to the floor, in exhaustion, Dumbbell sticking out of her ass. Max was leaking precum but not near ejaculation point, however Jo had had enough. He peeled off his jeans and dipped his cock in the mixture of cum and blood on the floor.

‘Time to fuck the other one’ he said leaving Jo squirming on the floor.

Max walked forcefully down to the pool, dick first. He shed the remaining clothes he had and saw that only Tina was in the cool water. sakarya escort It was night and she was beginning to feel cold in her yellow bikini. She came out to meet him and saw the 10-inch bloodstained prick close up. Her nipples turned hard and peeked through her top. Without a word said, she got on her knees and sucked for her life. Max realised she enjoyed the taste of her sisters various fluids and wondered if she had tasted them before. As the 20-year-old model munched at the side of the pool Max pulled her off. He led her to the pool and they both stepped in. Max looked at her in the eye and pulled her to him by the flimsy bikini top, it unravelled revealing her pert tips. Max moved forward and made his latest judgement.

‘Your gonna go down and suck me off. One of two things are gonna happen, I’m gonna cum, or you’re gonna drown trying’ with that he grabbed a handful of blonde hair and let Tina get to work. She quickly got onto the underwater missile and worked those cheek muscles. She massaged his balls as well but he wasn’t coming. Up and down she went, being held in the water by two firm hands that had moments earlier climaxed her sibling. Now struggling for air her arms thrashed in the water try to break free. Her mouth still sealed to his dick. The thrashing intensified as Max coldly stared on. It wasn’t happening for him, and just in time I arrived. Tina was turning blue as I lifted her out. I looked on at what had happened as she coughed back to life on the side. I was so relieved but Tina was distraught. Obviously there was no point explaining so I just handed her the bikini top as I dripped from head to toe in water, completely naked. I walked back up stairs and left Tina pondering on the side. I looked up and saw my previous blood stain on the wall, I was outside Becky’s window again. Naked, and rock hard.

Red or dead

Max likes to fuck. I like making love, guess which one of has more success with the ladies? I hate the guy but you have to give it to him, if fucking was an Olympic sport he’d be harassed by rumours of drug abuse, he’s that damn good. Max is going to be the death of me one day, but not today. Today I had managed to hurt myself, my hand was beginning to hurt again and I was aware of the fact that I was stark bollock naked. ‘Max what are you doing to me?’ I asked aloud. I couldn’t go back to my room, my cousin was fast asleep and Max might return, for the moment I was stuck outside. I really needed a cigarette and looked around until I remembered I didn’t smoke, but he did. I was going to die of cancer before Max died of any STD. He was the kind of guy who would die with a 6ft blonde on the end of his dick. He’d make sure she was buried with him, so he could keep on fucking. I looked down, man my dick hurt real bad. It was at busting point and I found it hard to stand up let alone walk. Suddenly I thought I heard a noise from inside the redhead’s room, my heart missed a beat, as a cold sweat ran over my body, oh no not again.

Max didn’t bother knocking on the door he just forced it open, and headed for the teenage teases room. His dick entered the room long before he did, she was asleep. Her 5ft body barely covered by the small white panties and bra she had on. She sighed gently and licked her lips whilst still in a slumber.

‘Wake up, I’m gonna make you cum out of your nose’ Max spoke forcefully in her ear. She jumped up and was too petrified to move, what did samsun escort he want this time. She looked at his huge member and for the first time felt a slight tingling. She had felt it before in the kitchen, but now in full view she was as horny as hell. She had fucked cock before, but never this size. She teased her bra off and instinctively moved her panties to one side. Her fingers dipped into her moistness and she looked ready for it. Her red pubes were on end and her pink lips were too enticing to resist to any other man. But not to Max, not tonight. He held his cock in his hand and moved forward. He wiped the end on her pink nipples and turned her face down on her bed. He moved the panties off again and looked upon her virgin pink butthole. There was his satisfaction. From behind he teased her pussy to get some moisture on his head. Then forcefully he jabbed at her ass. She yelled into her pillow and gripped the sheets. Only two inches in and it hurt so much. As hard as Max tried he couldn’t get more than 4-inches in total in. Becky was in agony and pleaded that she could not take anymore of his shaft in there. Bullshit, he would let gravity do all the work. He reached down and bear hugged her around the slender lithe waist. He lifted he up, whilst still standing and forced her legs wide apart. Tears of anguish ran down her face as she felt pussy juice and her own ass blood soak his hardened staff. Bit by bit her tightest hole gave way, and a few sharp jerks later almost 8-inches were in. She flung her head back in a daze and drifted in and out of an erotic consciousness. Max caught a glimpse of the sight of this Teen redhead temptress impaled on his penis and he smirked in the mirror. But noone else could see it, who could he show what he had done?

‘Time to show mommy what kind of girl you are’ he said as he stumbled out of her room and towards Lisa’s room across the landing.

Becky entered her moms room first, her eyes rolling back into her head as she moaned in pleasure and pain. Her feet weren’t touching the ground and mom wondered how she was able to move. Before she got a chance to say anything she saw Max stumble in behind, hardened pole, hoisting her baby high in the air. She immediately dropped the dildo in her hand on the bed leaving her stocking clad legs wide open. Her furry patch soaking from the insertion fest she had just had. Lisa looked at Max square in the eyes as he stared back. Her massive mammories flopped about and her hardened to points at the ends. Becky’s moans were the only sounds in the room as Max felt superhardened. Lisa beckoned him to join him in her bed, she hadn’t felt cock leather for such a long time. Max lifted the semi-conscious Becky off and let her fall to the floor. He led with his prick into the inviting maternal love nest of the flame-haired nurse. Without hesitation she clamped onto his knob and licked away. The blood, sweat and tears of her little girl still freshly flavouring the 10-inch pole she hungrily licked at. Max had been sucked by plenty but this was the greatest, and he closed his eyes as if in heaven. Each time she came off, her saliva mixed with precum and made silver lines down her chin. She would repeatedly wipe his cock between her massive breasts to maintain his full sensations. Eventually she turned around and presented her pussy for a doggy style abusing, the words ‘fuck me now’ ringing out loud. Max didn’t need a second invite, and jumped on her ankara sarışın escort ass.

Each thrust seemed to hit the well-hit target of the experienced sex machine. She jerked in all the right ways and was tight and loose at the same time. Her lips where a little brown but her clit still gave her as much pleasure as ever. As the yelps of delight grew louder Max was intoxicated by the smell of her crapper. It was brown and slick and had a strong smell. Not recently fucked, but used as an exit. He couldn’t help it and thrust two fingers in and moved in time with his dick, Lisa loved it and begged for more. It was at this point that Becky slowly pulled herself up to bed and cried ‘Mom’ in an exhausted voice at this odd sight.

STOP. Imagine what she saw. The man who had just taken her anal cherry was using the same dick to fuck her mother, with two fingers up her rear. She couldn’t believe it and looked on in horror. Mommy had pussy juice running down her leg and staining the now ripped stockings she had on. The third finger went in and was tight as could be. When he pulled them out Max realised that they smelt of crap and were slightly tainted. This turned him on so much he removed his dick and rubbed his hand over it. He then slowly forced in all his fingers and thumbs of his right hand in her ass again. Her ass was up and knees tucked in to her ample chest, she screamed in ecstasy and gripped the headboard. ‘Mommy no, no get off her’ Becky insisted. The horny fisting couple continued regardless. ‘Mom your ass will tear open, get off her!’ she continued. Mommy had had enough and through gritted teeth Lisa urged Max to shut her up. Looking at the young read head he pulled her closer and removed his hand from the bruised aged anus. He then pushed his filthy hand into her small mouth, Becky gagged upon tasting her moms ass. It shut her up but left a gapping hole that needed to be filled. Looking around he swapped his fist in Becky’s mouth with his shit covered dick. He forced it in touching the back of her throat. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Becky’s small, pink sock-covered foot. He teased the sock off and placed it on his leaking shaft, and then licked to the point saturation Becky’s tender foot. He then sat down firmly on Lisa’s back and brought her foot with him. To Becky’s disgust he began forcing her dainty little toes into mommy’s enticing hole.

STOP. Picture the seen. A man with a ten-inch shit covered dick, forcing in a nineteen-year-olds foot into her mothers’ gaping asshole. Lisa screamed for the first time in real pain, and a trickle of blood escaped along her crack down to her pussy. Becky struggled to free herself but secretly loved her mothers’ warm arsehole. And this was the image I came in on, Becky’s slender ankle disappearing up the brown hole. ‘What the hell?!?’ I thought. It was definitely time to leave when Becky tried to kiss me and I smelt shit on her breath. With only a small pink sock for modesty I ran out and headed for my room.

Run away!

‘If you let me fuck her I’ll leave you for good’ Max said looking at the sleeping green-eyed girl of my dreams in her bed. What a choice, live with this maniac or let him take advantage of the prettiest girl on the planet. No choice, I ran down and got in the car, if I was going to do one decent thing it would be this. I found the spare set of keys, turned the ignition and drove away as fast as possible. I looked back at the wreckage he had already created tonight, four fucked up lives and unimaginable grief and pain.

‘They all came, hard’ he said, ‘You still got a raging hard-on. Who’s gonna sleep well tonight?’

Coming next, Hollywood opens up!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32