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This is my first work of fiction. It is fully fiction and any reference to real people and places are just coincidences. And everyone in the story is over 18.


Back to the Story

The last segment finished with a tangent, thanks for following along with it. I am getting ready for Maria, my best friend from High School to visit and stay in my dorm room for the weekend. Let me further describe us to you. We didn’t get this popular in High School by being homely. We are both hot. However our looks are as different as our party styles.

I am pretty tall, around 5′ 9″. Olive complexion on my thin frame. Although I am thin, I have a pretty round ass, and nicely proportioned and perky B cup breasts.

Maria is pretty short. 5″ 2″. Very curvy. The guys always loved her ass, and her very prominent double D Breasts. She had shorter brown hair, and slightly pudgy cheeks – more on that later.

Maria goes to a community college and still lives at home. I have tempered my sex life since I started College. Maria also seems to have slowed down a bit. But it is hard to go to parties where you previously dished out BJ’s, without giving one or two…

This weekend my roommate is away, So Maria and I have the room to ourselves. We are going to celebrate her 21st birthday. I have a few surprises for her. I will both get back at her for pushing me into fucking that random guy in his hotel room, and let her realize her fantasy of multiple guys. I hope she enjoys this.

The Party

Maria finally made it to the dorm, and we had a quick meal and a few cocktails. We caught up on all of the gossip from home. She confirmed that she was not seeing anyone seriously, and neither was I. But I had my eye on this guy Dave.

Maria wanted to hit a club, but I said we had to stop by at my dorm first. Shortly after we got back to my dorm, there was a knock on the door. Just as I planned, three guys came over. Dave, Joe, and Pete. I asked them to stop by to help celebrate Maria’s birthday. All three guys were very good looking jocks from the school. Each one was just better looking and better built than the next.

Personally I think the 6′ 2″ blond bundle of muscles named Dave was the best looking, but I may be biased.

I introduced Maria, we gave the guys beers, someone lit a joint, and we started hanging out. There was a strange dynamic, since there were three guys and two of us, so no one actually knew where this was going, except me.

After forty five minutes we were all loosened up, and I started telling stories about Maria from High School. She was expecting BJ stories, but I didn’t get to them right away. All I was saying was that how popular Maria was in high school. And the guys wanted details.

I took Maria by the hands and had her stand in the middle of the room. I had her spin around a couple of times and asked the guys to answer the question about bahis firmaları what physical attribute would make her popular with high school guys.

Pete was the first to chime in. He said “It has to be those massive tits.”

I said “Not sure, let’s see them. Maria, let’s show those famous tits to the guys.”

Maria was shocked, but high enough that she was in a playful mode. Still I had to help by lifting the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head. Maria stood there in her bra for about thirty seconds. I tossed the shirt onto the bed, and then I gave her a big hug. But the reason for the hug was to take her bra off and unleash her big tits.

She turned beet red and tried to cover up, but I didn’t let her. I pointed out that her uncovered tits were fabulous. They stood straight out with no sag. Her nipples were quickly hardening.

“Go ahead, Maria, let the guys appreciate them personally”. Maria when to sit on Pete’s lap. His hands quickly covered her. Pete quickly went in for a motorboat with his face buried deep in Maria’s cleavage. After a minute or so I had her go to Joe’s lap. They actually made out a bit while he mauled her massive melons.

Finally she got to Dave. She knew I was into Dave, so she just presented her tits to him, and rubbed them in his face a bit. For his part Dave mostly kept his hands to himself and just hugged her a bit so she would press further into his face.

The guys were very appreciative, but I broke this up quickly and had Maria come back into the middle of the room. I told them that while she has great tits, they weren’t here most admired feature. “Guess again.”

This time Dave chimed in, and said “It must be her ass then.”

I said “I don’t know, let’s see!”

Maria spun around and gave me an “are you kidding me look?”

I reached out and started undoing her jeans. She protested, but didn’t prevent me from stripping her the rest of the way.

Once again I had Maria make the rounds to give the guys a firsthand view of her ass. (Of course her shaved pussy was also on display).

She went to Dave first and briefly sat on his lap while he squeezed her ass. Joe was next and he was a little more aggressive. One hand on the ass, and one on her tit. Mild kissing. Pete went all out. It was like he had multiple hands. They were all over her while he had one tit in his mouth. By the time I broke them up, he had one of her hands feeling his hard on through his jeans.

I got Maria back in the middle of the room and informed them again that they were wrong. Maria looked almost as surprised as they did. Immediately they all looked directly at her pussy, as if it was their next guess. Maria comically covered it with her right hand.

I quickly pointed out I was looking for a visible feature, and girls pussys aren’t visible when you have clothes on. Now I had everyone confused and curious. I had kaçak iddaa Maria do another nude spin and allowed them to take in her full body. At this point Joe, the quiet one, said “well then it must be her blowjob mouth.” I did mention her slightly chubby cheeks before, didn’t I? Her mouth was practically built for blowjobs.

“Ding Ding Ding we have a winner. If you would have guessed that earlier we wouldn’t have had to strip her.” But I don’t think the guys minded stripping her.

While Maria stood before these guys I gave a few highlights of her notorious BJ parties. I then said I wanted to recreate one of these parties here. With two differences. As far as I knew she never got nude for BJ’s. Also there was no bedroom to take the guys to individually, so she had to do them here with all of us watching.

The guys looked very interested, but a little uneasy. I had to prod things along. I had Maria kneel down on a pillow in the middle of the room, and I had all the guys stand up. They all looked like they had hard on’s, but weren’t quick on dropping their pants in front of each other.

I went directly to Dave, and snuggled up close. I reached down and started undoing his belt, while I had Maria do this to the other two guys. Pretty quickly all three guys had their pants down at their ankles. However they also had shirt tails that mostly covered their cocks. This wouldn’t do.

I then started to lay out the rules, while I started taking Dave’s shirt off. “This is a contest. Maria is going to blow each of you and whoever lasts the longest wins. She will use her mouth on one of you and her hands on the other two. Every thirty seconds I will yell switch. At this time everyone takes one step left. The guy at the left hand switches to the right end. And the process goes around in a circle.”

“Ready? By the way, whoever lasts the longest gets a prize. No coming in her mouth, you have to prove you come, by going on her face or tits. Ready – Go.”

Maria went to town on them. One cock in each hand, and one in her mouth. Pretty quickly I noticed a few flaws here. When I said time, the guys had a hard time shuffling with their pants around their ankles, and Maria had a hard time with three cocks. She had a hard time getting a rhythm without using her hand, on the cock in her mouth, and Pete and Joe still had their shirts hanging in her way.

OK, I can adapt. I knelt in front of Dave who was standing on the left and quickly stripped his pants the rest of the way off. Wow did he have great body and pecks. I then looked up and took in his full body. His cock was over eight inches and pretty thick. It was only inches from my mouth, but Maria was jerking him off. I quickly went to Joe and Pete and stripped them completely.

This helped the process but I wanted to give some more help. Dave was on the right end of the line and I knelt before him and took Maria’s hand off his kaçak bahis cock. I told her to handle two at a time and I would do the third.

I reached up and started giving Dave a hand job. He looked like he was in heaven. He stood as a gentleman and let me stroke. At this point I see Pete and Joe getting a little more aggressive. They were either mauling Maria’s tits, or practically face fucking her, by clamping on to the back of her head. For her part, Maria seemed to be enjoying this.

I called for a switch and reluctantly let go of Dave’s cock and watched it slip into Maria’s mouth. I was then presented with Joe’s member right before me. He was trying to line it up with my mouth, but I dodged it and started giving him a hand job. He reached down once to feel me up, but I deftly blocked him without being too obvious.

Switch. I let go of Joe’s dick and watched Dave’s cock slip from Maria’s mouth. I was envious, I wanted that cock. I must have been a little slack jawed, because when I turned to Pete, he was able to slip his dick all the way in to my mouth. One hand went behind my head, and one reached for a tit.

He pulled my shirt up to my chin before I got his dick out of my mouth. I began to worry that I was losing control of the situation. I had to walk a fine line here. I only really wanted to interact with Dave, but I couldn’t be a hypocrite. I got everyone else naked and had three cocks taking their turn with Maria’s mouth. I let Pete take off my shirt and as it slipped past my mouth I used it as a reason to get Pete’s dick out of my mouth.

I went back to the HJ. Switch. When Dave came back to me he was sweating a bit. Maria was taking her toll on them. I looked up at Dave, and took my bra off. I then would clamp my tits around his dick and let him titty fuck me. At the end of each stroke the head of his dick would go in my mouth. My pussy was on fire, I wanted him fucking me. I was about to yell switch when Pete started groaning. He was out. And Maria had a load dripping down her face.

Dave switched to Maria and Joe came to me. I was looking for Dave to win, however he looked like he was about to blow.

I had to go into high gear and started deep throating Joe. I also took each of his hands and put them on my tits, and my free hand on his balls. I start tasting his salty pre-cum and feel the pressure building. I yelled switch just in time and just after Maria took him in her mouth he pulled out and came on her tits.

Dave was the winner, but he had to finish the game. Maria grabbed his cock with abandon. She reached around with her hands and grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way in. After 30 seconds he started to come and Maria extracted his dick and pointed it at her forehead. I honestly never knew she liked loads t the face. I assumed she swallowed.

Dave was crowned the winner, and we helped Maria to stand up. She stood, but couldn’t see with all the cum flowing into her eyes.

I gave Dave two towels to clean up. He went to wipe her down and I said “not that easy, that’s gross.” You have to bring her to the showers.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32