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Female Ejaculation

It’s a hot summer day and you and Tammy have been walking around town doing some window shopping, but it has now gotten too hot, it’s time to find somewhere to hide from the heat. As you decide this you notice a furniture store, and you think it would be a good place to spend some time.

The two of you wander around the store, nicely air conditioned, playing around on furniture until you end up in the mattress department where you both end up throwing yourselves onto a bed and relaxing, talking, shooting the breeze, losing track of the time and reality. The heat has taken hold of the two of you and now the air conditioning is sooo relaxing that the two of you find yourselves curled up together softly stroking each other and eventually making out, hotly kissing as your tongues begin to explore each other’s mouths and your hands begin to wander across each other’s bodies. Tammy slowly slyly eases her hand up your leg, past your knee to your thigh, caressing your oh so supple thigh, slowly working her way up your thigh to that sweet junction formed by your legs, rubbing your pussy through the soft fabric of your panties, she immediately feels your wetness on her fingers through your panties and a moan escapes your lips as your hands have found Tammy’s ass and have begun to massage and knead her sweet cheeks.

Tammy breaks your kiss and slowly kisses her way down from your lips, to your neck, bahis siteleri then she eases your shirt down and begins to kiss and nibble your beautiful nipples until they begin to poke straight out, until they are erect to the point of pleasure and pain, making yet another moan escape your lips. She then slowly works your panties to the side and begins to rub your bare pussy with her fingers, teasingly running her fingers along the opening of your slit, but not penetrating, your hips are undulating as your whole body is dying to be penetrated, you can feel your whole pussy is aflame and your clit fully erect though it has been ignored, purposely.

You can feel your pussy juices running down the crack of your ass as you beg Tammy to finger you, but she won’t oblige, she instead slowly kisses her way down from your nipples to your navel, where she tongues your belly ring, flipping it up and down with her tongue, she then works her way to your luscious pussy, kissing alongside your slit, first on one side then the other. She then suddenly thrusts her mouth and lips into your pussy hole and begins sucking as she uses her right hand to rub your swollen and under stimulated clit and swiftly presses two fingers from her left hand into your pussy.

All the sudden stimulation after all the teasing sends you over the edge as wave after TIDAL wave of orgasm crashes over you, you feel very lightheaded canlı bahis siteleri and close your eyes, you feel Tammy begin to kiss her way back up to your lips, mouth and face and the tow of you begin to kiss passionately as you begin to think that you owe her a terrific orgasm.

Suddenly you here a male voice say “excuse me ladies but the store is closed” you look up to see me standing there, naked and utter the words I was hoping for “then I guess you are off duty, so join in.” With that I slowly get up on the bed behind Tammy, as she is on all fours straddling you, pull her skirt up, push her panties aside and bury my face in her beautiful ass and pussy, running my tongue from the top of her slit to her asshole, slathering her whole nether regions in my saliva, slowly working a finger from my right hand into her sweet pussy while working my tongue into her asshole.

You spin around on the bed under Tammy and find my swollen pole, hard and stiff and you take it in your mouth, swallowing the length of me easily as you are very hott and ready for this. This places your snatch right under Tammy’s face, which she is quick to take advantage of as she begins to snack on your pussy and finger bang your pussy in time with my fingers working her pussy over and licking your bunghole in time with me working over her bunghole.

As you attempt to expertly work over my hard cock you lose canlı bahis concentration as Tammy is driving you crazy, so I slip out of your mouth as the moans escape at a fever pitch now, so I slowly remove my tongue from Tammy’s ass and replace it with my dick, slowly incing into her tight ass, as I do this you cum yet again on Tammy’s face, almost drowning her this time, as again the love juice runs down the crack of your ass. As you see what is going on above you, you begin to ply your ministrations on Tammy’s pussy as I fuck her ass, now into a good pace and giving her full strokes. Between my cock and your tongue she doesn’t last long and collapses on the bed, falling away from me.

You quickly come up with an answer to that, smile sweetly to me and say, “my turn”. You then quickly get up on all fours with your ass to me, I quickly place the head of my cock against your pussy lips and thrust inside of you for three quick thrusts, I then withdraw and push my hard cock into your tight hot hole, you are so tight I have to stop when I am fully inside of you momentarily, then I begin to fuck you hard as my balls slap against your pussy, Tammy has now regained herself and is under you licking on your snatch and my balls, massaging your clit. As I feel my orgasm building inside of me, Tammy slides a finger into my ass and I explode into your ass as you cum yet again, and I cum so much that as I withdraw I am still cumming and Tammy doesn’t let it go to waste as she wraps her mouth around my dick and swallows the remains.

As we come back to earth, kissing and exploring each other I ask, “so, are you gonna buy the bed?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32