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Her right hand dropped over his belt buckle and brushed at his package as it roamed down to his thigh, her hand then came up the inside of his thigh. The top of her thumb pressed up firmly against the underside of his balls, then curled over the bulge. As her fingers cupped his balls from below. Her thumb slid up over the ridge his dick made in the new designer jeans so she was clutching at his whole package through his pants. He felt blood pump into his joint and fatten with a throb in her hand.

“What you got there?” he asked her.

“Do you mind?” she asked back.

“No, not at all.”

He felt her press her face against his back, her lips, her tongue. Her left hand was kneading at his belly, ribs, and chest. Her right hand was working more blood into his cock as she squeezed it through his pants. He heard her take a shuddering breath and exhale the warm air against his back. He wanted to turn around, kiss her, get her out of her clothes, but she seemed to want to take this at her pace.

“You are a beautiful man. I have wanted to do this since last week when I came into your shop. I told myself I would only allow myself to do this if there was more to you than beauty. I think there is. I think the more to you is dark, and dangerous, but it’s also honest, and sweet. Whatever it is, I am ready to do this now and let the rest work itself out later. Is that okay?”

“Yup,” he said and nodded. That would be just fine.

He felt her right hand let go of his unit and stay in constant contact with the ridges and crevices of his body as it slid up his belly, then around to his back, then up over his shoulder, to grasp his ponytail. She pulled gently on his hair, then pulled the hair tie down the length of it and off. His hair fell around his face and shoulders and she tangled her fingers in it at the top of his head and used it to turn him to his left. He felt her breasts heave, and press harder against his back and side as he turned to face her. He could feel her nipples harden through the black tank top and dig into his flesh as he allowed himself to be turned.

Before they were completely facing one another he dropped his lips down onto hers. His thicker lips covered her thinner lips completely. Her tongue darted out and into his mouth. He met it with his own and their tongues danced. As they kissed she clutched at the muscles of his back with both hands. It was almost frantic, indicative of a desperate need within her, and he looked forward to meeting that need.

His hands, previously at his sides while he worked out what her intentions were, now came up behind her. He pressed her to him even harder, their open mouths still pressed firmly together, and felt her breasts flatten against his belly and chest. She was about five inches shorter than him and the ratio felt perfect. His right hand slid down her back to her ass. He let his finger slide through the crevice between her firm ass cheeks, guided by the center seam in her jeans, then cupped her muscular left buttock and lifted her by it to press her mouth more firmly against his.

She whimpered into his mouth, and brought her right arm up over his shoulder to wrap around the back of his neck, as he held her up off the ground with his right hand under her ass. With his left he pulled and tugged at the tight black tank top where it was tucked into her jeans. He tugged at her right side and he felt her tugging her top free of her jeans on her left. They broke the kiss momentarily for her her to quickly snatch the top up over her head and off her arms. They quickly resumed the kiss and her now only strapless bra clad breasts pressed back up against his chest.

He pinched the hooks at the back of her bra until they released then tugged the cups from between them and dropped it. Now her breasts, generous, firm, hard little nippled, and bare pressed against his chest. He felt her the sides of her breast balloon out as the weight of their embrace pressed in on the front of them. He curled his right arm up to lift her so her breasts were level with göztepe escort his mouth. She groaned and clutched at the back of his head with both arms as he closed his mouth over her left nipple. It was about the size of a quarter, crinkled, poking like a pencil eraser, and she squealed as he sucked it gently into his mouth and nibbled. He tilted her to her left and swiped his tongue across her right nipple, then lowered her body back down so her lips came down on his.

He wanted to get her pants off. He turned around with her held aloft in his arms, so her back was toward the queen size bed of his RV. He lowered her gently, his lips not leaving hers, until she was laying on the bed. When he straightened he brought her left leg up with him. He let his hands slide up her thigh, squeeze her muscular calf, then her ankles, then the Chuck Taylor on her foot. He pulled the the string to untie the knot, loosened the laces, then pulled the high top around her ankle and off her foot. He slid the sock off too and dropped it with the shoe. He pressed her bare foot up against his chest as he reached down for her other leg.

The look on her face as she looked up at him from his bed. It spoke to her abandoning herself to her immediate needs. She took him in, her eyes roaming, and her need increased. Her bare left foot clutched at his flesh with little painted toe squeezes and her right leg twitched with impatience as he took off her other shoe and sock. Before he had it completely off her hands went to her waist and tore at the button on her jeans, then wrenched the zipper open by pulling her jeans apart. She braced her bare feet against his chest and lifter her ass off the bed to tug the tight jeans over and off her rounded ass cheeks. The tightness of her jeans dragged her thong underwear up and off her legs with them.

Now she was completely naked before him, on her back on his bed, her large breasts standing proud on the outer edges of her rib cage. They were not implants as he originally suspected. They were very firm and full natural breasts. It was now his turn to let his eyes roam over her body and take it all in. She was too impatient to allow him much time and she dropped her legs to either side of him and sat up. He watched her abdominal muscles crunch up into definition as she did the sit up and he saw six of them.

Sitting up on the edge of his bed she was now facing his crotch and the hard ridge of his cock pressing out against the fabric of his jeans. She grabbed it with her left hand and slid her grip down the length of it and gasped. Her right hand clutched at the top of the waist and tugged there until his jeans button popped free. She pulled his zipper open and her hands went into his jeans and clutched at his cock through his underwear. She let it go and tugged at his jeans until they were at mid thigh. His dick, hard, arced out forcefully against the fabric of his underwear and she clutched at it, then leaned forward and put her mouth over the throbbing edge and blew hot breath through the fabric to warm his cock and balls.

He stood before her and let her get to it on her own terms. Right now she was playing with him through his underwear. It felt good to him, but he suspected she was doing it more for her. Everything she did, from her caressing him, to kissing him, to kneading at his cock through his underwear felt like she was doing it to satisfy some intense need within her more than as foreplay designed to arouse him, or bring him pleasure. She seemed fully consumed in this moment and any pleasure he derived from it would be a byproduct of her desperation to achieve hers.

Her left hand reached up and grabbed at the front of the waist of his underwear. The tops of her fingers curled inside and she pulled them down so the tips of her fingers caressed the base of his cock. She inhaled deeply and made a slurping sound like she was vacuuming excess moisture from her mouth. He wanted to pull his cock out and slide it into her wet mouth but he sensed this was her moment and he needed to let kurtköy escort it unfold at her pace or he might ruin it for her. He let his hands ease behind him to keep them from grabbing himself, or her, and doing what came natural.

She lowered his underwear a bit further so the base of his cock, wreathed in shortly trimmed black hairs, as a previous girlfriend years ago recommended he keep it, was fully revealed. Her eyes widened at the sight of him. She continued to lower his underwear down the length of his rigid penis. When her hand, clutching his underwear, reached the tip his cock it sprang free and up, to stand straight at about a forty-five degree angle to his body. She gasped again like she was looking at some marvelous sight as she stared at the underside of his dick. Maybe she was, he knew he was larger than average, and maybe it was the biggest one she ever saw.

“Sweet Jesus,” she whispered and she brought her arm up to measure his dick against it.

Other girls did this in the past and he already knew that his cock reached from the average girl’s elbow to her wrist. It was as thick as her elbow but about twice as thick as her wrist. She cupped her palm over the head like she was preparing to shoot a basketball. She then gripped it around the shaft, just under his glans, and tried to get her finger all the way around it. She couldn’t. She tugged his foreskin over the hard ridge of his cock head, then pulled it all the way back and off it so the skin of his dick was tight against the shaft.

She leaned forward she put the head in her mouth. Drool leaked from the corners of her mouth as she pushed her lips further down the shaft. Marko let his head fall back and hissed at the sensation of her mouth, the warm wetness, enveloping him. About halfway down he felt the tip of his dick jut up against the narrow entrance to her throat. She tried to press it in further but it was not physically possible. She pulled back and dragged her mouth off the tip and a bridge of spit extended from his cock to her mouth. She sucked it into her mouth as she leaned forward again and took him back into the recesses of her mouth. She felt her tongue wriggle in the cramped space against the sensitive underside of his knob.

She masterfully applied her mouth, tongue, and hands to every inch of his cock the best she could. Then her right hand dropped and curled under to scoop up his hefty balls. She put one, then the other, into her mouth and sucked on them gently. She held his sack tightly so his come filled orbs pressed tightly against his sack and ran her tongue over them in long slow licks. He looked down at her and his shiny dick and balls as she lovingly attended to them with her mouth. She looked up at him and her expression was blissful as she slid her mouth back over the end of him and tried again to force him into her throat.

“This is a fantastic cock,” she said after giving up and leaning back on her elbows on the bed.

“Thanks, it like you too. Can I return the favor?”

“Yeah, about that, I am a mess down there. You have an effect on me like few, like no, other man ever has. As soon as you touch me down there, with any part of your body, I am going to come hard, fast, and a lot. I’m so fucking close I could come without either of us touching me if I focused on it. Here’s the thing, my next orgasm, no matter how it happens, is going to be extremely intense. I can come with your mouth on my clit, or your dick in my pussy. The mouth on my clit always works for me and most of my previous lovers have been able to make me come that way. Very few of my previous lovers, for a variety of reasons, have been able to make me come with their dicks in my pussy. So I prefer you do it that way and save the cunnilingus for another time. That being said, I feel like I have been driving this exchange between us and have not really taken your preferences into consideration much. So please, do with me as you will.”

“Roger that,” Marko said and walked up between her spreading thighs on his knees.

He pendik escort placed his fat cock at the entrance to her tiny shaved pussy and it looked like it would be impossible to stuff it all in there. He understood what she said about coming as soon as he touched her down there and he wanted her to feel full when she did. He was going to slam his cock into her as quickly as he could. She was wet enough as her labia were soaked with her juices. He lined his cock up, made sure the angle was right, and bucked his hips forward while lunging into her with his thighs.

Sure enough she wailed on contact and her arms flew up to clutch at his shoulder muscles and he felt her short nails dig into the skin there. His cock was engulfed in the white hot wet heat of her pussy. He felt his fat dick head slam into the bottom of her pussy, his balls into her ass, and his shaft flexed into a curve to accommodate as he continued to drive more of himself into her. Her head flung back, then right, and left, as her facial expression contorted into her O-face. Her breasts shuddered firmly on her ribs with the impact of his thrust. Her ass slid backwards on the bed, pushed by the tip of his dick against the bottom of her pussy, she was loud and he felt the muscles in her pussy clamp down on his girth in spasms and warm wetness drooled out of her pussy to coat his balls.

He then drew back and looked down to watch her pink pussy flesh distend to clutch at his dick as he dragged it out of her. He pulled about three quarters of his dick out of her then slammed it all back into her. She wailed again, this time she bucked her own hips up to meet his thrust, and he felt his cock head hit and careen off something spongy hard and pointed at the bottom of her vagina. He wasn’t sure what that part of the pussy was called but his dick careened off many of them in the past. He dragged his cock out and slammed it back into her repeatedly. She grunted and wailed every time he slammed into her. He felt her pussy clutching at him as she came, as she said, hard, fast, and a lot.

Her tan skin was coated in a thin sheen of sweat. She came over and over as he thrust in and out of her. He felt his orgasm approaching as the inside of her pussy, the muscles contracting around him as she came repeatedly, the wetness, the heat, all conspired against his discipline and resolve to let her keep coming for as long as he could. He felt the burning tingle in his core. They didn’t discuss it beforehand, and they were having unsafe sex, so he wasn’t sure where exactly she wanted him to drop his load. This was not the time to ask and so he jammed his expanding cock even harder into her as his burning come rushed up his shaft and blasted her with a deluge.

If it was possible her wails got louder, her pussy convulsed around his cock more intensely, her muscles gripped him harder, and her pussy got hotter. He groaned as more come jetted out of his cock and filled her. He felt the excess draining out and his balls splashed against the sticky wetness on each thrust. His upper body collapsed over her and he caught himself on his elbows so he didn’t crush her. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his weight down onto her as she leaned up and pressed her lips over his. They were breathing heavily, gasping, kissing, he leaned his head down and licked the sweet sweat at the crook of her neck. His cock was still drooling come inside her, she was bucking her hips up weakly, and tears ran down her cheeks.

After a few minutes of coming down from their orgasms he gently rolled to the left of her and onto his back. She rolled onto her side and rested her head on his chest. His chest was heaving up and down, his cock was still half hard but bending over on itself as it twitched. His cock and balls were shiny with their combined juices. Her right hand slid up across his torso to clutch at his right shoulder and he felt her shuddering sobs as her hot tears landed on his chest.

After a few minutes her sobs calmed down and morphed to steady breathing. After a few more minutes he realized she was asleep and his own eyelids felt pretty heavy. He felt himself drifting into slumber. They didn’t eat, ride, go to a movie, or any dive bars, but it was still a pretty great night. He wondered what she would be like when they woke up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32