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The neighborhood hasn’t been the same since the Knockers moved in a few weeks ago. My life also changed after meeting this fabulous trio of a mother and her two teenage daughters. Their last name Knockers isn’t just an average last name. All three of the women possess a huge pair of knockers, meaning they had some very big tits.

Sandra, age 39, though she didn’t look it, was the mother of the two teenage daughters. She possessed the body of a slightly heavy 20-year-old. She was a bit thick especially in all the right places such as her 32GG cup breasts. She had long, brown hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could light up the night sky.

Her daughters were just as extravagant as she was. Megan, her oldest daughter at the ripe age of 19, possessed an impressive 38EE cup chest. She stood around 5’9, weighted 121, and had green eyes and long blond hair with dark streaks at the end of each tip. Her skin color was a little bit paler then her mother and sister’s. Her sister Colleen at the age of 18 had a golden tan, many freckles on her face, and brunette locks that went to her shoulders. She stood at 5‘8, weighted 110 and possessed enormous 42DD’s.

Everyone on my block made it an event to wake up earlier then usual to watch Sandra going to work and her daughters heading off to school. No man in the neighborhood could resist the temptations of spying on the women at night or even trying to score a date with them. Only a few have been successful and lived to tell about it.

The mother, from what I heard, wasn’t as afraid to give it up on the first night. Megan was considered the tease of the family, while Colleen was more of the brainy and saving herself for marriage type.

My college friends and I made a bet that I couldn’t score with all three of the Knocker women in less then 2 months. The reason we agreed to two months was because I would have to work Colleen to the point of finally giving up her virginity. I figured I would score with the mother first, then move on to Megan, and finally conquer brainy Colleen.

I set my plans into action by asking out Sandra first. I had to disguise myself so that I would be able to seduce all three of the busty neighbors. I was a guy without facial hair so I added a fake thick mustache and sideburns to my new look. I dyed my blond hair brown so that I wouldn’t look anything like their next door neighbor who I happened to be.

My plans began by just flirting with Sandra. Every morning before she went off to work, I would jog up to sincan escort her and we would engage in a quick conversation. I told her my name was Dan, and I lived a block from her. My real name is Troy, but she knew who Troy was since I lived next door.

I would follow Ms. Knockers to the store and surprise her. Sandra was quite flattered by my presence every time. I finally got enough courage to ask her out after completely stalking her for three days. Tonight would be our first and last date.

8:00 PM was the time I was suppose to pick her up, and I arrived on time. I knocked on the door and the oldest daughter Megan answered, wearing just her large white bra and some poke-a-dot panties. My eyes were glued to the swells of her big breasts. I just wanted to rip her bra off and suffocate myself in her cleavage. She gave me a warm smile and I smiled back until finally she started to talk.

“So handsome, you’ve got a date with my mom tonight?” Megan asked curiously.

I hesitated a little bit and pulled my eyes up from her breasts, to make contact with her eyes.

“Yes,” I answered shyly.

“Well, if you’re not into the mature, older women type, why don’t you give me a call and I’ll make it worth your while,” Megan suggested in a sexy voice.

I myself was surprised at her offer and planned on taking her up on it after I was done with her mother.

“Megan, is that for me?” shouted Sandra.

“Yes, mother!” Megan answered back.

Megan continued to smile at me and look my bulky build up and down.

“You’re cute,” Megan said, still flirting with me.

My cock was unbelievably hard and bulging through my pants. I didn’t want Sandra catching me getting hard off her busty daughter. I took off my sports jacket and held it in front of my hardened dick. Sandra came up to the door with a huge smile. My face lit up as well by the sexy outfit she was wearing, a spanking gold dress with a V-neckline, which showed off a massive amount of cleavage that reminded me of the Grand Canyon. The dress came to a stop halfway down her thick thighs, showing off her sexy legs. Her beautifully painted toenails were displayed with open-toe shoes.

“Are you ready to go?” Sandra asked me.

I nodded my head, excited about what was going to happen in the next few hours.

We had dinner at a very expansive restaurant called Perry’s. The inside was beautiful with a large water fountain, gushing out spring water in the middle of the place. sincan escort bayan Sandra and I sat right next to it, enjoying the view. It was also a way to block tons of people from seeing what Sandra was doing to me. The busty mother had slipped off one of her shoes and moved her foot slowly up my right leg. I could feel her toes pressing against my leg. Her foot went a little bit further and found its way between my thighs, greeted by my already hardened cock.

“Mmmmm. Looks like someone is happy to see me,” Sandra teased.

I sat back and let Sandra’s foot work its magic on my cock.

After we ate dinner and drunk a few glasses of wine, Sandra didn’t want to go back to her place, which was a good idea since proving that I had sex with her would have had to happen back at my place. Once we got to my place, a drunken Sandra tossed herself on to my couch and spread her legs. I got a good look at her bare, hairy, drenching snatch.

“Eat me, Dan,” Sandra requested.

It was shocking to hear her say that, but it was music to my ears. I leaned over the couch and buried my face, deep into her soaking womb, probing her juicy cunt with my tongue. Sandra held my head tightly between her legs, like she was trying to suffocate me in her drenching jungle.

I rapidly licked at her swollen clit and then captured it between my teeth and used the tip of my tongue to caress and massage it. That brought Sandra to a massive orgasm.

“OOHHHH GOD!” Sandra moaned out.

Her sweet juice was flowing down my chin as I drank her cum. I gave her pussy one final lap before setting my sights on her enormous titties.

I kissed my way up to her chest and pulled the dress down over her giant jugs. They spilled out and spreadacross her chest like pancakes. I cupped them as best as I could with my hands and started sucking on them. I made sure when I took her fat, hard nipple into my mouth that I took in a good amount of her tit flesh. I spent ten minutes feasting and devouring her mammoth breasts. I even left them with a few hickies at the bottoms.

Sandra brought me up to her face and probed my mouth with her tongue. I suckled her tongue and probed her mouth with mine. After swapping split, I immediately started to unfasten my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles along with my boxers. My thick and long 7-inch cock rested right in her dripping pussy.

Sandra wrapped her legs around me while I held my cock in my hands and inserted it between her escort sincan swollen cunt lips.

“Mmmmm. I haven’t felt a cock in a year, and yours feel so good,” Sandra whispered to me.

I immediately started thrusting my dick inside her pussy, rocking her body up and down against mine. My balls started flapping against her ass while my cock plunged in her pussy. I gave Sandra a few kisses before moving my lips to her neck and chest. Her massive 32GGs were bouncing against my chest as I rammed her harder and faster.

Her loud moans and screams filled the house as well as the sounds of my balls, beating her ass and my cock pounding her pussy.

After I pounded Sandra good and hard, I pulled my glistening cock out of her pussy and climbed up to her face. I dunked my cock between her full, crimson lips and watched her bobbing on my cock, giving my dick a good saliva bath after being in her sticky snatch.

I started thrusting my cock in Sandra’s mouth, making sure my dick was reaching the back of her throat. My sweaty balls were smacking around Sandra’s lower face as saliva poured from her lips and down her glistening chest. I pulled my slobbery cock from her lips and laid it between her huge breasts.

I cupped her giant G’s and wrapped them around my dick. The warmth of her cleavage was enough to make me explode right then and there, but I wanted to at least get a decent tit fuck in.

I started rocking my hips up and down her chest, thrusting my wet meat between her big, soft tits. Sandra took hold of her breasts while I was given the opportunity to play with her thick nipples. I twisted and pulled on them, stretching her massive, wobbling melons by her nipples as I thrusted merciless between them.

“Cum for me, Dan! Please cum!” moaned a sweaty Sandra.

She didn’t have to tell me twice as I pulled my cock from between her big titties and started jerking over her flushed face. My cock was like a fountain, pouring my cum out non-stop all over her face. Her forehead, nose, eyes, lips, and cheeks were drenching in hot, thick layers of my semen.

Sandra engulfed my cock between her gooey lips and sucked what was left of the cum out of my cock. I rested my cock on her mouth and started smearing my cum all over her face with it. She was smiling as cum dripped from her lips and my cock slapped her sticky cheeks.

Both Sandra and I cleaned up before I took her back home. Once I dropped her off, I jetted back home and uncovered my hidden camera from behind a picture on my wall. I took the videotape out and played it in the VCR. My eyes lit up and my lips grew a smile. I had caught the entire sex session on video and now it was time to put my second plan into action, seducing Sandra’s oldest daughter, the flirtatious and teasing Megan Knockers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32