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By the time Melanie had chosen an outfit, dried her hair, cleaned up a little bit around the house, and put on make-up, there was no time left to finish what we had started in the shower. Shaving her pussy was probably the most erotic thing I’d ever done in my life, and I was as turned on as I’d ever been. Sadly, that had to wait while we got ready to meet Sarah for lunch.

We took the T to Back Way and walked through the windy streets together, not quite holding hands, but bumping and leaning into each other in a casually intimate way. When we stopped at a crosswalk, Melanie turned to me, rosy-cheeked and bright eyed under her fuzzy hat, and leaned in to kiss me. I returned the kiss avidly, but in the back of my mind, alarm bells were going off. We had to keep this under control!

“Hey…” I said, breaking the kiss. “I don’t want things to be weird between us, or between you and Sarah, or between me and her, ya know?”

Her face grew serious, and she nodded. “True,” she answered. “I hate to keep secrets from her, but I’m pretty sure us hooking up would flip her completely out!”

“Yeah…I agree. So let’s just be cool until we’re through with lunch and see what the story is.”

“Good plan. I’ve gotta say, though, I feel like I owe you one!”

“We can talk about that some other time,” I said with a wicked smile.

More briskly now, we walked down the tree-lined brick path of Carleton Street. Hundred-year old brick row houses receded into the distance. Turning a corner, we walked back toward Columbus Street and rejoined the modern world again.

When we got to Charlie’s, we were 15 minutes early, so we grabbed 3 stools, keeping one between us as we ordered drinks and gazed at the menu hungrily. Sarah joined us right at one o’clock-she looked much more relaxed, and she squeezed in between us happily and grabbed a menu as well.

An hour later, stuffed with a classic BLT, a portobello panini, and a perfect reuben sandwich, Sarah, Melanie, and I walked slowly back toward the Public Gardens. It turned into an afternoon of old times, but without romantic entanglements. We stopped for coffee, we looked in vain for ducks, and ambled through the last remnants of the luxurious gardens.

Finally, cold and happy, cebeci escort we ended up back at their North End apartment. There, peaceful harmony, we made a spaghetti dinner with fresh Italian sausage and crusty bread. Not wanting to go back out, we lolled around the living room afterward, finishing another bottle of barolo and watching a forgettable movie on TV.

When my yawning got to be contagious, both women accused me of being a party-pooper. I grinned sheepishly, admitting only to a late night. Melanie knew exactly why I was so tired, though, and Sarah assumed it was a night of drinking and a full day’s walking and eating. I just smiled and kicked them off the couch so I could make up my bed again. Somewhere close to 11:00, they drifted off to their rooms. For a while, I heard the rustle of clothes and the buzz of electric toothbrushes, and Sarah passed through wearing her typical sweats to get a glass of water. Nice as always, she filled one for me and dropped it off on the side table with a smile.

“I’ll try not to wake you up in the morning again,” she said apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it-I was glad to make that plan!”

“Well, I’m not getting up early tomorrow, so sleep as late as you can. Melanie might go to Mass if she’s up, but she’s pretty quiet.”

“Mass?” I asked, somewhat startled.

“I think she has a lot to atone for!” she smirked.

“More than most,” I agreed.


“G’night. See you in the AM.”

A few short minutes later, and I was asleep.

The next morning, the rattle of coffee cups woke me up again. When I sat up, the couch creaked underneath me. Melanie’s head poked around the corner of the kitchen, and she looked genuinely apologetic.

“Damn,” she whispered. “I didn’t want to wake you up!”

“That’s OK,” I told her. “I’ll call it even if you pour me a cup.”

As quietly as I could, I walked to the kitchen. I was wearing flannel pajama pants and a thick sweatshirt. Melanie was in there, her hair still damp from the shower, wrapped in a long, fuzzy bathrobe. The linoleum was cold under my feet, and the wind rattled the furniture out on the balcony. She handed me a steaming cup, and I couldn’t resist teasing cebeci escort bayan her a little bit.

“So…Sarah tells me you’re probably going to Mass. Is that a new thing?”

“Yeah, it kind of is. I promised my mom I’d go, and now I’ve gotten used to it.”

“And confession?”

She knew I was making fun of her, and she had an answer ready: “Oh, hell yes! I like to give the priest something to work with, and I’m pretty sure they get off on the things I tell them.”

“Well, this week should be worth at least 1000 Hail Mary’s, right?”

“I’m not sure what the exchange rate is, but it’s totally worth it!” she said with a smile.

“Well, it’s a good thing we had to go to lunch yesterday-you might have dug yourself too deep a hole to get out of easily!”

“That’s right,” she said thoughtfully. “We were about to commit some more sins, weren’t we?”


“And I’m pretty sure I did all the sinning and you didn’t get a chance to, right?”


“So…do you want to stop while your conscience is clean, or do you want to even up the score?”

I stepped forward and grabbed the belt of her robe.

“I don’t think it’s fair if you get ALL the blame,” I said, pulling the knot loose and allowing the belt to fall. The lapels fell apart a few inches, held in place by the fullness of Melanie’s breasts. A line of shadowy olive skin was visible, though, from her neck to the silken curve of her mound. I reached inside with both hands and grabbed her waist, bringing her close to me once more.

“I only have a little while before I have to go,” Melanie warned me.

“Don’t worry-I’ll be quick!” I said with a smirk.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard, her tongue dancing along my lips. I reached down and grabbed her ass, kneading her firm flesh and pulling her against my growing erection. She pushed back against me deliciously, swirling her hips to increase my stimulation.

Melanie pulled away from me and turned us around so that her back was to the butcher block moveable island under the window. It was just below waist height, and she stood on tiptoes to boost herself onto it a few inches, then pulled me close again.

“Fuck escort cebeci me right now!” she demanded, reaching into my pajama pants and fishing out my cock.

She rubbed my swollen glans up and down her slit a few times, spreading her lubrication across both of us. Then she aimed me into her opening and wrapped her arms around my neck again.

“Oh, fuck…” she hissed as I began pumping into her an inch at a time.

After several short strokes, I was bathed in her juices and could move freely. Stepping close, I grabbed her ass with one hand and her thigh with the other, pulling her leg up and slamming myself all the way inside her. Her eyes closed, and a soft groan escaped her lips.

“Fuck, Melanie,” I whispered. “I’m gonna fuck you and cum inside you right here!”

My hips took on a life of their own, thrusting into her with short strokes and swiveling each time to rub my buried cock against her tight channel walls. Very quickly, I could feel my level of excitement rising to a critical point.

“Melanie…” I warned her.

“Fuck, yes!” she urged me quietly. “Pump your cum into me right now!”

A few more thrusts, and I was ready to comply. When my balls tightened up in preparation, I let go of her thigh and grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling her up onto my cock completely and kissing her savagely. Seconds later, I felt the first contraction deep in my groin and I froze, rigid with pleasure while jet after jet of sperm burst inside her.

My legs began to tremble from the strain of our position after 30 seconds or so, and I let Melanie’s weight down onto the butcher block again. Glowing with the satisfaction of a good, fast fuck, I smiled into her eyes and kissed her several times more softly than before.

“I think we’re even now,” she said smugly. Then she pushed me back a little bit and my cock slipped out of her. She hopped off the butcher block and knelt quickly, taking my deflating hardness into her mouth and licking it rapidly clean. The stimulation was almost unbearable after my orgasm, but she finished quickly and tucked me back into my pajamas. Then she stood up and grabbed a paper towel, giving herself a quick wipe before tossing it into the trash can.

Turning back toward me, she belted her robe, kissed me briefly on the lips, and then grinned.

“Now I definitely need to go to confession!” she said happily. With that, she disappeared around the corner to get dressed.

I picked up my coffee cup, grabbed my cigarettes, and went out onto the balcony.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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