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Sultry July heat radiated into our apartment via the open patio door. Gigi and I were soaking up the heat during a “no clothes” Saturday. She was curled in the leather recliner, texting with a new fellow she had connected with online earlier in the week. She was quiet, except for little laughs, and I could tell she was having fun and getting turned on. The text-flirting going on beside me had my cock at half-mast.

Whenever we talked about “sharing” Gigi was a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I did my best to reassure her that the idea of other men turning her on – or even joining us – was an incredible turn-on for me. So it was a good step that she was happily texting away and making the occasional comment on the effect it was having on my bobbing cock. Catching my attention, she read a few of the messages aloud. Very suggestive – the guy on the other end was obviously thoughtful and respectful – and he was making her laugh. She glanced at me, biting her lip, and held-up her phone saying “seriously, how great is this” as I got a look at a rather impressive “fresh from the shower” cock shot her playmate had sent.

“I presume he didn’t send that at random?” She blushed. “He was a total gentleman and waited until I asked to see the goods – and what goods they are.” She grinned and squirmed when I chuckled.

“And has he seen any of you?” She blushed even more. “Maybe a couple…or ten” and looked smiley and embarrassed at the same time. I stood up, cock bobbing. “I think this would be a good time to demonstrate how fucking hot this gets me. Would milady care for some cock?” Giggling, she hopped up, her double Ds bouncing, adiosbet yeni giriş and flounced to the bedroom with me smacking her ass the entire way. As she settled on her back I dove into her already molten pussy.

Feasting on pussy is always a treat, but horny-for-hours liquid pussy is the greatest thing on earth.

As I tongued, and smooched, and nibbled – tasting just how horny she was – her phone buzzed on the nightstand. I licked my dripping lips and said “tell him what we’re up to.” She hesitated. “Really? You’re totally ok with this?” My “mmm-hmmmm” vibrating around her clit triggered her first orgasm. She was so turned on she was dripping. Me lapping-up her goodness was producing many happy moans. When I eased-up for a moment she took a deep-breath. “I’ll tell him we’re nekkid in bed and I’ll get back to him later – I can’t concentrate to text.” She tapped away while I roamed up her body, attempting to distract her.

While sucking her pierced nipples, I pushed the head of my cock into her frictionless pussy, and fucked her slowly, teasing, never going deep, clicking her nipple piercings between tongue and teeth to make her squirm. She still had the phone in hand when her next orgasm landed. I had bounced back down to suck her clit, and extend the orgasm, when the phone buzzed. Again she ignored it.

As she was coming down another buzz. Also ignored.

I worked two fingers into her liquid pussy and began lazily waking up her g-spot. Watching her belly rise and shiver with the sensations was pure X-rated joy. Then her phone rang instead of buzzed. Her moans stopped as she caught a breath. adiosbet giriş She looked at the screen. “He’s calling!” she said, wide-eyed. Curling my fingers in time with my syllables I said “Tell. Him. What. We’re. Do-ing.” and then leaned-in to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. Body twitching, she answered the call with a gasp.

“Hello you. Ohhhhmmmm…yes we’re really in bed. I think Patrick wants me to give you play-by-play. What? Yes really, he’s going down on me right now…” she arched, moaning into the phone. On cue, I attacked her g-spot with my fingertips, making her gush.

She tried again.

“Fuck I just soaked us both. What? Yes I squirt, I guess we hadn’t covered that had we?” and she laughed her deep-throated happy/horny laugh. “No you’re not interrupting, this is so hot.” I leaned back, slid forward on my knees, and slowly, slowly, slid my cock into her hungry pussy until our hips met. Her voice wavered but she continued. “Pardon? I’m sorry – when he slid his cock into me I missed what you said.”

I fucked her slowly at first, finding this situation incredibly hot. “Oh we always have towels down, I soak everything…and I cum so easily.” I lifted her legs to vertical over my shoulders and fucked her hard to ensure that our bodies slapping together would be audible. She was listening more than talking now. “Uh, huh. Yes. Ohhhh…” Her moaning and breathing must have sounded hot to her playmate too. “Ohhhhhh…are you really? Are you close? Will you cum with me – I’m close again, I told you I cum a lot. How? Oral, fingers, fucking, even just playing with my nipples.” She gasped as my thumb adiosbet güvenilirmi found her clit as I fucked her. “Oh god…I wish my mouth was on your cock while Patrick fucks me…” her body clenched as she came again. I dove back to get my tongue on her clit and my fingers brought about more overflowing juices. I kept that up until she began swatting me with her free hand. I relented by slamming my cock home again, wrapping her in my arms, and fucking her hard and fast.

As I smooched her neck I could now hear the low tones from her phone.

“What? Fuck yes. I want to know what you sound like. Imagine my hands on your balls as I deepthroat you. Fucking my mouth until you pull out and coat me. What? Fuck yes, I love it on my face, my tits, everywhere. But I love to swallow too.” Hands behind her knees, I leaned onto her legs, and she groaned as I thrust balls-deep then stopped moving. Making my cock throb inside her while barely rolling my hips. Then her low, sexy voice as she met my eyes: “I’m going to make Patrick cum now…you’re both going to cum for me. I want to make two men cum at the same time.” She knew full well this talk would push me to the edge – then she made me gasp by squeezing those magical core muscles until I exploded. As I filled her with cum I heard another groan like an echo from the phone. I was making the same sound while having one of those forever orgasms. As she bore down, her cock-massaging kegels fully engaged, she set herself off again. I moaned, clenching, wrapped around her, as her orgasm tortured my still-twitching cockhead. She finally went limp and we both caught our breath.

She was giddy. “I got to hear men coming in stereo!” and again that deep-throated laugh.

While I have experienced the real-thing since, at that point, this pseudo-threesome was the closest I’d been to an MFM experience. It still turns me on just thinking about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32