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Michael and Joann, Early Years

Chapter 1

Tina and Lillian

Sometimes you get the best fuck from where you would least expect.

Mike meets Jo’s family and discovers her older sisters don’t like him.


I am Michael, 21, 6′ 160 pounds of well proportioned muscle, topped off with sandy blonde hair parted on the left, and a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow. While going to college I had girlfriends who enjoyed being fucked by my thick, 8 inch cock. College life mandated fucking all willing females and drinking.

Then I met Joann.

Joann Ciccone is 21 years old, 5’7″ tall, and 135 pounds with curly black hair extending five inches below her shoulders. Her brown eyes are large and expressive, and dark red lipstick displays sexy lips. She has perky 36C breasts and large pink areolas, with dark nipples that stand out ¾ of an inch. Her waist is narrow accentuating her peach bottom ass. Her legs are long and well proportioned.

She turns men’s heads easily, and draws looks from women. She never lacked for companions for a girl’s night out. She loves to dance. She would sway seductively, letting her hands move freely up and down from her breasts to her luscious thighs. She loved to do the shimmy and sway her breasts. Her movements were erotic. To look in her eyes while she danced was hypnotic. She was pouty and spoiled, and was used to getting her way.

Jo had a strong Catholic background reinforced by the sisters of St Joseph’s School and her Aunt Gina, a nun. Jo had been saving her virginity for a future husband, until she met me.

We met at the home of a mutual friend the day after Christmas and by Valentine’s Day we were fucking like rabbits whenever we were together. Jo was dazzled by my “Joe College” demeanor, and finally gave in to my persistent demand for sex.

Jo lived in a large house in Montclair with two older sisters, Lillian 26, and Tina 24, a younger brother Ralph 13, and her parents, Maria 44, and Tony 48.

When I met her family I was shocked at the similar appearance of the daughters to their mother. The women were nearly the same height. Marie had an amazing chest that must have been a 40C, and was a natural blonde.

Lil, the eldest child, had at least a 38C rack and blonde hair.

Tina’s tits were a solid 36B and she had auburn red hair.

I am a breast man in case you didn’t notice.

I realized that all the women wore similar blouses; faintly see through, showing large nipples. When they turned to lead me to the living room I realized their asses were identical too, very Kardashian, covered by form fitting black stretch pants. Their asses wiggled in step with their mother.

I walked behind with her dad, Tony, who shook my hand firmly and whispered, “Like what you see?” with a broad smile nodding his head at the women. I could only reply “Yes, very much so.” We both had a hard on entering the living room.

I was introduced to an Italian meal that Marie made that was delicious. It was heavy; meal pasta followed by Ham an antipasto salad, Medaglia D’Oro espresso and café American. ataşehir escort bayan We were joined by her aunt Gina and two of Marie’s bingo girlfriends. Sunday dinner was a big thing in the Ciccone household.

Table talk had me telling Marie and Tony about myself and my plans after college. At that time I had none. Tony was a building contractor and Marie was a part-time model for a local lingerie designer. Her pictures would appear in local advertisements with the Sunday paper.

The insert for the Sunday I visited had Marie in a red lacy bustier and bikini panties. Her hip was cocked to the side with a gap between her thighs. Her head was cocked to the opposite side with her long, blonde hair hanging down, and one hand up to her ear. It was a stunning picture and my cock responded to it. Jo’s hand was in my lap and she squeezed my cock and gave me a look that said, “Hey! That’s my mother!”

I looked at Mr. Ciccone and said the only Italian word that came to my mind: “Bellissimo.” That got a round of applause from everyone and a pinch on my cheek from Marie Ciccone.

Sunday dinners were the best and afterwards everyone played cards with the favorite games being five card stud and pinochle.

Lil and Tina did not seem to like me, and I felt a cool response in my conversations with them. Jo tried to convince me they were just being ‘big sisters’.

Jo worked in a plumbing supply business a few blocks from home in Montclair New Jersey. She was the Gal Friday to the owner and his son, and the salesmen who periodically came into the office to urge a rush delivery to a client.

Jo was the secretary and dressed the part. Her work outfit was a button down blouse, pencil skirt and high heels.

Jo was a closet exhibitionist who loved walking the office mail two blocks to the local post office rather than put it in the closer mailbox at the street. On her daily trips her ass wiggled just right resulting in loud cat calls, and beeping horns.

She beamed and said her pussy was always wet from the attention she received. She told me that one man showed her a $100 bill and asked for a date. To my disbelief she turned down the money.

I was then a junior attending Seton Hall University as a history major. My parents footed my college tuition leaving me to work part time for gas, car insurance and spending money.

Jo’s father liked me a lot and pulled strings to get me part time jobs locally. This allowed me to come to their house for dinner just about every night after class; a distance of 7 miles. I then went to work until 11:00 PM or so. I would come back to their house and fuck Jo while Tony and Marie and her siblings slept.

Jo wore skirts with no underwear and would bend over in the alcove off the living room and tell me to fuck her brains out. Jo loved getting her cunt fucked, but wanted no part of anal, or blow jobs. This irritated me a lot as I wanted to fuck all her holes. Jo put her foot down and refused. I was crushed feeling my cock wasn’t getting its proper nourishment.

One late July night, I had just kissed escort kadıköy and fucked Jo and was on my way out of her house to my car when I met Lil and Tina. I was startled to see them outside. They were wearing housecoats and had slippered feet. Lil asked me if I had a moment to chat with them. I followed them through the back door and up the rear staircase into a bedroom; Lil’s bedroom I found out.

“Sit down on the bed, Michael” intoned Lil as she and Tina stood expressionless in front of me with folded arms.

Tina handed me a cell phone asking, “Does this look familiar?”

I could feel the blood drain from my face as I watched a video that showed me, quite clearly, fucking Jo from behind with her skirt bunched around her waist.

“Caught!” I thought.

All I could do was look them in the eye and say, “Jo has a sexy body, and is a great fuck.”

Lillian grabbed the phone from my hand, made another selection and showed me the screen again. It was me pounding Jo on another occasion with her ass in the air and her forearm on the steps leading to the second floor.

“I just knew there was something about you the first time I saw you. We didn’t say anything fearing we’d hurt Joanie’s feelings. Is it safe to say there were other nights when you fucked our sister that we may have missed?”

I said: “I have fucked her every night, at least once, since Valentine’s Day. If we walked together down the hall she would pull her skirt up around her waist and whisper, “Fuck me.”

“Are you calling our sister a slut?” continued Tina.

“Why are there no videos of you fucking her ass, or getting a blowjob?”

“Jo doesn’t do anal, or blowjobs. She does like me eating her out.”

They look at each other and smiled, then turned back to me and Lil said: “If Jo won’t let you fuck her ass, or suck your cock, she’s a fucking idiot!”

I was stunned by the response. Then they both stepped out of their housecoats wearing red quarter shelf bras with exposed pierced nipples, and lacy red thigh-high stockings. They both had shaved pussies.

I didn’t move. I couldn’t move! They pulled me to my feet and kissed me with open mouths and tongues as they stripped me.

Tina pulled me over to the bed and lay down with her ass in the air and her head on a pillow. She reached behind with both hands and inserted two fingers with very long curved nails in her ass pulling her sphincter apart. I was on my knees behind her with the most painful erection watching as the entrance to her rear pleasure grotto grew wider. I felt the bed move as Lil knelt behind me and grabbed my cock, whispering, “It’s time to fuck your new slut, Michael.”

Lil reached to her own sopping cunt inserting fingers with two inch nails and lubricated my cock. She did this several times and held her fingers to my lips and said, “Taste me.”

I sucked and she started finger fucking my mouth. She then grabbed my cock and pushed me forward guiding me into Tina’s rear pink hole.

As I entered her ass Tina removed her fingers and reached back to fondle my balls. bostancı escort Lil changed position and pulled my hind cheeks apart sticking her tongue in my ass which made my cock grow another inch.

I entered Tina easily as she shook her ass saying, “Fuck my hole with your cheating cock.”

“Oh, God! I’m cuming already!” Her body trembled like an earthquake as I kept slamming my cock into that tight hole.

I loved to feel my ball sac hit her dripping pussy. I don’t know if I fucked her for five minutes or ten minutes, but I was prepared to do it all night. Tina moaned and urged me to fuck her harder. I increased the tempo of my strokes and Tina pushed back as fast as I was humping her. Lil had one of my testicles in her mouth, and two fingers in my ass. Tina was moaning and I could feel her shaking again with orgasmic delight.

“Michael, I’m coming again!” shouted Tina as Lil’s fingernails massaged my prostate causing me to climax immediately. I’ll never forget the feeling of the gobs of semen discharging from my balls into Tina’s sweet ass.

I was spent and my cock softened and fell from her ass. As I lay on my back Lil lay beside me.

Tina sat on her sister’s face and let my semen drip down the crack of her ass into Lil’s mouth. I watched for almost five minutes until there was no more flow as Tina lowered her ass onto Lil’s pulsating tongue.

I briefly fell asleep at that point only to be awakened in what only seemed like moments later as Lil was deep throating my fast hardening cock.

Lillian has a marvelous mouth and she rammed my cock deeper in her throat than I’ve ever experienced. My vision of Lil going down on me was blocked by a cunt in my face as Tina said, “Eat me, Michael.”

I enjoy eating pussy and was delighted that Tina’s tasted like honey. I messaged her ass cheeks as I swirled my tongue in her pussy all the while aware of the awesome blowjob by Lil. When I knew I was cuming I pulled Tina off my face, wrapped my legs around Lil’s head, and pushed her head down harder with my hand as I erupted into her throat.

Lil kept swallowing and sucked my balls into her mouth as well. After what seemed like a very long time Lil stopped sucking and dug her nails into my ass cheeks as I released her from my grip.

Lil kept my cock in her mouth as she breathed in gasps and my cum ran out through her nose. She didn’t release my cock and was tapping her fingers and thumb together, which was strange.

“Pictures!” blurted out Tina who grabbed her iPhone and snapped several pictures of my cock and balls in Lil’s mouth. Finally she let my jewels plop out and sat down cross-legged between my legs with a beaming smile.

“Michael! You have a lot of cum in your balls. I couldn’t believe the number of ejaculations you had. What was it? Six? We have to video you cuming somehow.”

We then went into a group hug on the bed with lot of kissing and squeezing boobs, cocks and asses.

I got my desserts from Jo’s older sisters. Tina was all too happy to provide me with her luscious ass, while Lil loved to deep throat my cock and swallow my sperm. I think the sisters fucked me more out of sibling rivalry than a desire to hurt Jo. Amongst the sisters my always available cock was fair game.

Jo was completely oblivious of her sisters’ wantonness, or my betrayal.

More to come…

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