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Tara had texted me the day after Saskia and I ended our fledgling relationship. As I had joined her on the long list of Saskia’s ex-girlfriends, she invited me to join her on a Friday night out. I had accepted, mostly out of curiosity.

What was I curious about? Me!

My sadly brief relationship with the beautiful artist Saskia had been my first lesbian relationship, but it had been fantastic while it had lasted. From the moment we’d met, when I posed for an art class she was enrolled on, there had been a spark between us. Now I wondered if it was just something special about Saskia herself or had she been the key to unlock the door to this other me that had been hidden before?

I’d met Tara a couple of times when I was with Saskia. She was very nice with a sense of humour like my own, but I hadn’t felt anything special between us. Now we were going on a night out. Was it an actual date? Tara had been a bit vague when I’d asked her.

“It’s a night out to help you get over Saskia; what happens, happens” had been her reply.

I arrived at the pub where we were meeting and scanned the crowd for her. She was at the bar and as I weaved my way through the crowd. She was taller than me, less curvy with short hair that looked almost elfin. As I got closer her blue eyes and pretty face became clearer. She was wearing a snug fittimg strap top and a short skirt, from which her long sun-tanned legs extended. She was very attractive from an objective viewpoint, but I wasn’t attracted to her yet.

I joined her at the bar. We exchanged greetings, and launched into small talk, asking about each others days. So far so pleasant, but it was nothing special.

Then the conversation took a twist.

“Saskia told me you’re a bit of an exhibitionist,” said Tara casually. “She told me how turned on you got posing with your kit off for those pictures.”

Cursing Saskia mentally and adding indiscrete to my list of words to describe her, I replied, “Well, yes a bit, but I’ve never deliberately done anything like that, apart from that one time.”

“Why not, if it turns you on?”

“I might get caught!” I blurted the first thing that came into my head.

“It’s not fun if it’s totally safe!”

“Do you like it too then?”

“Oh my, like doesn’t do it justice, Miranda,” Tara sighed, “I’m already wet at the thought of what fun we could have!”

Then she reached up under her dress, pulled her knickers down, stepped out of them and casually picked them up from the floor. She handed them to me. At a nearby table two guys nearly choked on their beer at the sight!

“Feel!” she said simply.

I took the bunched up knickers. Intrigued I did feel them; they were still warm and the crotch was rather damp. My tummy somersaulted; maybe this would be a fun evening after all.

“Do you want them back?”

“No, bahis firmaları I want yours.”


“You heard, Miranda, but I’ll spell it out for you. I want you to take your panties off here in the middle of this pub. You decide; do you want to have fun or shall I just finish my drink and piss off, leaving you with my panties as a memory of what might have been?”

I thought for a moment. Her little speech wasn’t really needed; I was up for it, but I was at a disadvantage. I was wearing a skirt which was quite figure hugging and I couldn’t easily reach up under it like she had; Tara knew this and was smirking at me.

“Tell me you’re not getting wet thinking about it,” she teased. I smiled back and nodded.

I decided quick and decisive was my only option. Without hesitating, I reached down, grabbed the hem-line of my skirt and hitched it up round my hips, exposing my stocking tops, dragged my knickers down, briefly and exhilaratingly exposing my pussy and bum, before tugging my skirt back down. My knickers lay bunched round my ankles. Trying to match her for casualness, I stepped out of them, picked them up and passed them over.

To my embarrassment she not only felt them to check for dampness, but smelt them too.

“Tara, people are staring,” I said pleadingly, my cheeks beginning to redden.

“Good!” she replied, adding just loud enough for the two guys sitting nearest to hear, “these smell fantastic, I can’t wait to taste you…”

Again she was rewarded with a spluttering sound as the guys had chosen the wrong moment to take a drink.

“Come on Miranda, let’s go and have fun!”

Tara turned, theatrically dropped my panties onto the table where the two guys were sitting and strode out of the pub. Flustered, I tried to copy her but lacked her coolness. Too far from the table to drop them, unwilling to let Tara leave without me, I froze. In the end I had to throw her panties onto the table, but I managed to drape them over one of the pint glasses on the table. Muttering an apology I scurried after Tara, my face red with embarrassment and my pussy wet with excitement!

She was leaning by the driver’s door of a car, just down the street.

“Wasn’t that great!” she exclaimed.

I nodded, adding, “It was a bit more daring than I’m used to.”

We got into the car and she drove off, heading, as I soon discovered, for a multiplex cinema. Inwardly I groaned, the choice available was a bit poor considering there were so many screens. Tara told me to buy drinks while she got the tickets. She chose the latest adventure blockbuster that was still showing in a number of the screens nearly a month after its release.

“I wouldn’t have guessed you’d choose this,” I commented.

“The film… oh its crap, but its noisy and the cinema won’t be totally packed. It’ll be ideal for us!”

Curious kaçak iddaa I followed her into the cool, air conditioned cinema..

“How brave are you feeling?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“If you’re up for maximum exposure we’ll sit near the front in the centre. If you want something a little less racy, we’ll sit in the back corner.”

I opted for the least brave option, which Tara said was the back corner. We took our seats. By the time the film started there were about thirty people in a cinema built for about 100. No-one was near us but the was a couple in the same row as us, near the middle

Within seconds of the film starting Tara had tugged the shoulder straps of her top down. She nudged me.

I turned to look. She pulled her top right down, completely exposing her breasts.

With a grin, she said, “wanna play?”

This was tricky because to reach over in front was awkward, but to put my arm round her shoulders was a little obvious., then I realised no-one could see unless the looked away from the screen. Moving closer I slipped my left arm round her shoulders and reached down to her left breast. I could just squeeze her boob and tweak her nipple. A little sigh of contentment suggested that she was happy with my choice. I could have left it there. Instead, leaning over, I put my right hand on her thigh and slowly, but deliberately slid it further and further up, raising her skirt as I did. I continued my exploration and soon my fingers were running along her moist pussy lips, easing them apart.

“That feels good” she murmured, shifting in her seat to give me easier access.

Almost unable to believe what I was doing, I slipped a finger inside her cunt and then pulled my hand away. Raising my finger to my mouth I sucked it clean; it left me feeling very dirty and very sexy and very turned on! Tara watched intently a big smile on her face. I reached over again and resumed my fingering of her pussy, sliding my fingers between her moist lips, easing them apart and sliding up to her exposed clit and down to her open cunt over and over again. Simultaneously I continued my pinching of her nipple which she seemed to be enjoying.

I was so turned on I was almost ready to beg her to return the favour and do something, anything to me in return. I squirmed in my seat, squeezing my thighs together, hoping to create some friction on my pussy. Thankfully Tara noticed. She reached over and stroked my leg.

“Miranda, honey, your skirt is in the way,” she announced after a few moments fumbling.

I started to struggle with the tight skirt, trying to get it high enough to allow her access.

She leant close and said “I bet you wouldn’t dare take it right off.” As I tried to contemplate this she added, “I’ll make it worth your while!”

Dare I? Could I?

Could I resist more kaçak bahis like!

I reached behind me and managed to undo my zip, in spite of my hands trembling with excitement. Raising myself off the seat a little, with Tara’s help my skirt was soon round my knees. Tara reached down and removed it completely. To my horror she tossed it carelessly aside onto the seat the other side of her. I swapped hands, fingering her with my left hand. With her right hand she began to stroke my tummy and thighs, circling closer and closer to my pussy with every stroke. I found myself raising my bum off the seat, straining to get my pussy closer to her hand. The combination of her touch and the extreme naughtiness of the situation left me desperate for release. I tried to resume my stroking, but Tara gently but firmly pushed my hand away.

“You first!” she said.

Tara knew exactly what I needed. She stopped her gentle teasing and positioned her hand so her thumb could rub my clit, while also sliding two, then three fingers up and down my pussy, inside my swollen lips.

I was breathing heavily and noisily, surely someone would notice, but I didn’t care. I squirmed in my seat, pushing forward onto her fingers, forcing them deeper inside me. Tara responded by thrusting even harder, virtually ramming her three fingers deep into me and pumping them in and out.. My hips were really pushing up now and she moved her thumb out of the way, instead grinding the palm of her hand against my clit.. That did the trick and climaxed, only just aware of where I was to stop me crying out, as wave after wave of pleasure swept across and through me. I shuddered and trembled.

“People are looking,” Tara announced gleefully, “I’ll see you in the foyer.”

She stood up and, picking my skirt up, set off down the stairs to the exit.

I quickly regained my senses from the sexual pleasure that had enveloped me. I was sitting in a cinema, I had no skirt on, no knickers, just stockings and shoes below the waist. My legs were spread wide; anyone who looked would see my pussy, dripping and open. Tara was right; some of the cinema-goers were turning to look at me.

A strange feeling overcame me. Even now, looking back on the moment, it is hard to describe exactly. I was turned on; I was embarrassed, humiliated even; yet, as I walked unsteadily down the steps I was strangely calm. The stares, both disapproving and disbelieving in equal measure, were not unwelcome. I couldn’t hear what they were saying; the movie was too loud. I exited the cinema into the corridor to the foyer.

Tara was waiting, holding out my skirt and smiling broadly. I ignored the skirt and planted a passionate, greedy kiss on her lips. For a moment our lips parted and our tongues tickled. Then the bubble of calmness burst, I grabbed my skirt, hurriedly put it on and we hurried out, not stopping until we reached the sanctuary of her car.

“How much fun was that?” she asked as we drove off.

“Amazing, I have to admit.” I confessed, before adding daringly “What’s next?”

To be continued…

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