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A borrowed and edited to my liking, short story.


My name is Paul, my wife is Carole and for the past 3 days my elderly mother in law, Rita has stayed with us visiting us and her sister who conveniently lives nearby. She is 76 years old, she has a nice, comfy body, no movie star, just a plain figure but she is not a barrel or a bubble either. Rather straight legs, no ankles, and chubby knees. Having always been a tit man and Rita’s are a full-on size, I’ve often tried to see down her top or in her blouse to catch a glimpse of cleavage, however on the odd occasion she has caught me and given me a little cheeky look.

At every opportunity, Carole and I are committed nudists, I walk around naked and often of course my mother in law has seen me, when I forget she’s visiting, Carole suggested that – nudist – but a bit prudish as far as family are concerned. I have seen her look down at my cock as we brushed past each other as I dash, in a panic to the bedroom at the sound of her voice at the front door. Knowing that she has seen me makes me quite horny when I’m in there. Wanking, I muse about leaving the door open, maybe she would see me and watch me cum all over myself, but I don’t.

One morning, Carole is a nurse and works night shifts alternately and was out, I got up and headed to the shower, naked, thinking Rita was still asleep, she usually gets up and has a shower after Carole, when normally she hears a call – bathroom’s free.

On this particular morning I had taken a little longer than usual in the shower, while I was standing at the sink cleaning my teeth I was feeling extra horny, so when finished and rinsed bizimkent escort my mouth out, I put some of Rita’s hand cream my hands and slowly started stroking my cock while looking in the mirror, dreaming about Rita doing that for me. It would be great to feel an attractive, blue rinse, cultured woman roaming her mature soft hands over my body and slowly rubbing my cock. I was starting to get really horny by now, I reached out with my right hand and grabbed the soap over my fingers so they were really slick.

I must have been hung over after a few extra drinks last night and a bit hazy, not hearing movement outside. Turning to lean against the sink, I carried on stroking my cock with my now very slippery hand, noticing some items of underwear poking out of the dirty linen basket. Were they hers? I was getting really hot, thinking I should investigate and if hers, or even Carole’s, sniff the dirty odours on the gussets.

Shit! In my stupid booze stained brain, I hadn’t locked the door and there was Rita looking at me.

‘Sorry,’ she said, ‘Caught a bit short, age thing you know, I’ll pop down to the utility room,’ but as she was saying this I could she was watching and smirking at my hand sliding up and down my now slick cock.

Before she could turn around I said, ‘Its OK I’m finished here, you don’t have to go all that way downstairs’.

She hesitated. ‘You like being watched don’t you?’ she asked,

‘Well yes Rita I do,’ I replied letting my stiffy droop a little,

‘I thought so,’ she said with a slight smile, ‘And you want me to watch you wank off don’t you? I mean bostancı escort at Carole’s work, she doesn’t need to know and we’re both ahem responsible adults.’

‘Oh shit yes,’ I gasped, actually hoping for more involvement from my mother-in-law.

While I was jerking off I noticed her right hand rise up and brush her left tit, her nipples stout under her flimsy night dress, a pretty pale blue patterned one, as she put her hand up to her mouth.

‘And I suppose you have thought about me doing that for you to haven’t you?’

‘Oh yes,’ I yelled unable to contain myself, ‘I’m cumming,’ I panted.

‘Go one then Paul, let me see you cum,’ she gasped.

‘Jeeez!’ I almost shouted. I shuddered as I came, the first spurt was quite strong and landed on her ropey bare foot, the next landed on the tiles as my erection diminished, and so did the remaining spurts till it was running down my hand.

Rita smiled and asked, ‘Was that nice, was it what you expected?’

‘Fuck yes,’ I replied panting, knowing she was quite used to swear words. ‘And more,’ I smiled.

She handed me a bunch of paper towels to clean, myself and I did the floor too. Rita leaned against the sink watching, then I took a gamble, not knowing how far this chance encounter would go and reached out to clean the cum off her foot. She’s a size 3 for shoes, yes – I’ve plundered all of her clothing, smelling her Coco Chanel perfume and reading labels on all garments. 42 D brassieres, size 14 dresses and skirts – the same size knickers, panties and some daring briefs.

Rita is a stylish mature woman, who spends a lot büyükçekmece escort of time volunteering at charity shops and functions, her deceased husband Desmond left her a stack of money and two properties. When I first rifled through her luggage, a few years back, I did wonder about the racy undies but never asked and she never told Carole if there were men in her life.

She lifted her dainty veined foot as if a princess and I rested it on my hands, then lifted it to brush away a small knot of dust off her sole, before wiping it. In the flash moment I glimpsed her upper thighs, bit flabby and wrinkled of course, but no pubes.

‘I know you two are nudists you know,’ she chuckled. ‘My partner and I are toying with the idea, I mean you and Carole always look so damn healthy, it must be all that Vitamin C.’

Partner?? so there is a chap on the scene I pondered as she completely shook me by hoisting up her night dress, sat heavily on the toilet and a furious splashing rattled the bowl. Rita grinned up at me and fuck she looked ravishing. I mean a geriatric female, related by marriage, cleavage exposed as she leaned forward, elbows on robust knees – hope she doesn’t shit – but no, and pissing freely in front of a 42 year old male who had just shot his load- some on her – it was unreal and so fucking hot.

‘Not a word of this to Carole,’ she warned me severely. ‘Now leave me to finish my ablutions Paul. Carole will be home soon and this goes no further. I will tell you this however, I am now a lesbian and will soon announce that to the world and I’ve not told this to anyone but you, Georgie and I aim to get married next year. I’ve enjoyed and so have you this little private,’ she emphasised that word, ‘episode, but that’s as far as it goes OK?’

Gobsmacked, I sauntered to my bedroom. What a fucking teaser. However many thoughts and many surprises to look forward to if she and Georgie do join us being bare naked.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32