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All characters are above the age of 18.


Friday night had come finally, and both mom and I had been invited out by our various friends to unwind after the week. I would have been more than happy to stay home so we could fuck each other’s brains out, by mom had insisted that we have some fun with our friends. After I had been out with the girls for about an hour, I received a text from mom saying “When you get home, my pet, I expect you to change into the clothing that I have laid out for you on our bed. You will then wait for mommy in the position of submission on the floor of our bedroom and wait.”

My pussy immediately tingled and began to soak my panties when I read this. Damn it, now I was completely distracted and totally horny. I doubt I responded to half of my friends questions or comments for the rest of the night. When they dropped me off, I literally ran into the house and up to our room. I was greeted by seeing a leather slave girl out fit all laid out and ready for me. I almost orgasmed right there. The outfit was a one piece swim suit style and all leather. The top supported my breasts like a bra, but left most of my breasts and nipples completely exposed. The was connected to the bottom piece by leather straps that looked amazing. The bottom had two straps that ran over my ass cheeks, but kept my asshole and pussy exposed if I were to be paced doggie style. The front of the bottom piece left my clit and pussy completely exposed and had leather straps that ran from my waist along my inner thighs and connected to the straps in the back.

I stripped naked as fast as I could and began to put the outfit on. I had a little difficulty, but soon managed to get it on. I felt so sexy in this that I had to look at myself in the bathroom mirror. I posed and twirled as I gazed at the way it supported my breasts but left me totally exposed. I had curled my hair earlier, and it went along magnificently with my slave girl look. I smirked as I grabbed my phone and took a few selfies. I then got down in my submissive position on the floor on my knees, sitting back on my heals, with my hands in my lap, and my head bowed in submission. I then took another selfie and sent it to mom with a text saying, “Your pet is ready and awaiting further instructions and orders, mommy.”

I got an immediate text and picture from mom. The picture was a screen shot of her wet pussy soaking her panties and the text read, “Oh, my sweet pet, mommy is going to enjoy tonight. You look absolutely beautiful. Mommy will be home soon, my pet.”

I smiled and let out a screech of excitement, thinking about what was to come. About a half an hour later, I heard the front door open and close. I then heard mom slowly climb the stairs to our bedroom, where I waited. She walked in the room, then right passed me and into the closet without saying a word. I pouted a bit, hoping that she would say something about my position, outfit, or what she had in store for us. I heard her close the closet door behind her and saw the light turn on under the door. I listened intently as she stripped and began rummaging in the closet. A few minutes later, the closet door reopened and she walked back out. I kept my head bowed, but couldn’t resist letting my eyes travel to her.

I gasped quietly when I saw her. She had on a full body tight fitting latex outfit that had built in high heeled stilettos. Her latex outfit had a zipper at the crotch that allowed for the piece of latex that ran between her legs and covered her pussy and ass to be completely removed. The top of the outfit supported her beautiful large breasts perfectly, but left her breasts and hard nipples exposed. The latex covered all the way down her arms. The outfit was so form fitting that I guessed that it was custom made for her. She carried a black leather riding crop in her hand and looked like she knew how to use it. Her make up was done up with dark eye liner and dark red lipstick, and her hair was done up in a tight pony tail that gave her a look of pure domination. I dropped my eyes back to the floor, as she began to circle me. I felt the riding crop trail over my skin, as she admired my body.

In her most commanding voice, mommy said “Mmm…you look magnificent, my pet. I thought it was time for us to have a session, so you could show mommy what a good sex slave you can be. And from time to time, mommy has to show her pet who is really in charge. Do you know who is in charge, my pet?”

I breathed out, “You’re in charge, mommy.”

She took a great deal of pleasure from hearing me say that. She then asked, “And do you want to serve your mommy, my pet?”

I quickly answered, “Yes, I want to serve you, mommy.”

She trailed her fingernails across my back and continued to circle me, as she said “That’s my good pet.”

She then walked in front of me, placed the end of the riding crop under my chin, and forced my face to look up at her, as she said “You may look at me, pet. innovia escort I want you to see your mommy in all her glory.”

My pussy was wet, tingling, and damn near on fire as I gazed up at her. I was able to breathe out, “Thank you, mommy.”

My god, she was stunning. I knew I would gladly do anything to her and submit to anything she wanted to do to me. I roamed my eyes over every inch of her latex clad body. Mom stood there in front of me, with her hands on her hips, as she let me look at her. Unsure of what I was expected to do or say next, I breathed out “You look gorgeous, mommy. How may I serve you?”

Mom smirked down at me, as she strutted over to a chair in the corner of the room and sat down. She then looked sharply at me, pointed to the floor at her feet with the riding crop, and said “Here now, pet!”

I quickly crawled to her and knelt at her feet, as I continued to admire her body. Mommy then said, “You do look adorable in your new slave suit, my pet. And you have been such a good girl that I think you deserve a treat.”

She then leaned back in the chair, like it was a throne, and said “You may now lick my pussy, pet.”

I smiled as I leaned forward. I was starting to bring my hands up to unzip the piece that covers her pussy and ass, but then realized that she hadn’t given me permission to do that. I looked up at her confused, but she returned my silent question with a smirk as she trailed the riding crop over her latex covered pussy. I then leaned in and began licking her pussy and clit through the latex. It took me a minute to find her clit and pussy through the latex, but I succeeded and began working mommy’s treasures as best as I could under these conditions.

Mommy moaned in pleasure and satisfaction, as she said “Very good, my pet. You are right. I didn’t give you permission to undress me, yet. Mmm…my smart and sexy pet sex slave is catching on quickly. I thought I would have to give you quite a few spankings tonight for disobedience and failure to properly follow my orders. The only way to properly bring a sex slave to heal is through discipline. But if you keep this up, you may just get off without having to be disciplined. You have always been a good girl and you always did what mommy said, so why wouldn’t you make the perfect sex slave for your mommy?”

I was moaning softly, as I licked her pussy and clit and listened to mommy’s admiration for my behavior. How I wished she would allow me to bury my face in her pussy, lick and suck her clit, or tongue fuck her asshole, but I did as I was ordered. I missed the taste of mommy’s juices on my lips and tongue. I began trying to suck her clit through the latex, but I was unable to get any result from that. So I continued to lick her through the latex. I had to put a lot more pressure with my tongue than I usually did, in order for mommy to get any pleasurable feeling through the latex. But judging by her moans and the trailing riding crop over my back, mommy was enjoying this just fine.

She then began to speak again, saying “Pet, you look so sexy like that. Your cute little ass pushed out and exposed. Your hair all curled and framing your face beautifully. Your perky tits held up and exposed just for me. Mmm…I bet you are dripping wet right now. You should know that mommy is going to fuck you long and hard tonight. I am going to put you on the bed and slam that tight teen pussy of yours with my big rubber cock. A proper sex slave always takes what she is given and does exactly what she is told. She does all of this without complaint, but always offers her thanks. Remember that, my pet.”

“Mmm…pet, you are such a magnificent pussy licker. I think you should unzip me and have a proper taste of mommy’s pussy, now.”

I raised my head and answered, “Yes, mommy. Thank you.”

I then unzipped her, to reveal her glistening wet pussy. My mouth immediately fell open and began watering. I unzipped her, but did not remove the piece completely. I remembered that mommy had not said to expose her ass, so I just tucked the remainder of the flap under her ass. I then leaned in a placed a submissive kiss to her pussy lips, before licking up and down between her wet folds. Mom moaned loudly, as she felt my lips and tongue touch her pussy. I licked all of her juices from her folds, then stuck my tongue right into her pussy. My face was wedged between her wet folds, as my tongue licked deep inside of my mother’s delicious pussy. I was in heaven.

Mom continued to trail the riding crop over my back and down onto my ass cheeks, causing goose bumps to form on my skin. I then jumped and yelped, when she brought the end of the riding crop down for a swift slap to my right ass cheek. Mommy then said, “Don’t you dare stop, my pussy pet. You keep licking mommy’s pussy, while I give your cute pale ass cheeks some color.”

I then lowered my face back to her pussy and dove back inside. I continued to istanbul escort lick deep inside her, as I felt another slap to my left ass cheek. This time I was expecting it, so I didn’t make any noise and hardly moved from the sting to my ass. I concentrated on mom’s pussy, as I continued to delve into her deep reaches. I found that I could completely shut out the rest of the world, when I was pleasuring my mother. As I focused on my task, I only slightly registered the adding stings to my ass cheeks along with the audible slaps from the riding crop. I began to flick my tongue up and down, as I aimed my tongue right for mommy’s g-spot.

Mommy immediately moaned out loudly and pressed her pussy hard into my face, as she reached down and grabbed a hold of my head. She forced my face harder against her pussy, and began to gyrate her hips into me. Her pussy was being mashed hard against my face, and I had trouble keeping my tongue inside of her. I was also having trouble breathing, as her pussy began to cut off my air supply from my nose. I looked up at mommy’s face with fearful eyes, only to see her head thrown back and her mouth open as she released a long and drawn out moan of pleasure. I decided to just continue on with mommy’s wishes, realizing that I was getting enough oxygen at least for now, even if it was a gasp of breath here and there.

Mom was really bucking her hips forward with a lot of force, as she humped her pussy on my tongue. Her moans were loud and growing desperate, as I identified her growing orgasm. I kept my tongue licking and jabbing her g-spot, as she continued to grind her wet pussy against my face. My face was completely covered and wet from her juices. Mommy was really working herself up to an explosive orgasm. She had never been this domineering with me, and I was loving it. Even the first time she imposed her will upon me in the living room, she had not gotten this worked up. I absentmindedly heard the continued slaps from the riding crop to my ass cheeks, as mommy’s moans grew louder and more needy.

Mom’s hand on my head pressed my face even harder into her pussy, completely cutting off my breathing. Her pussy was quivering as it covered my mouth and nose. Her moans now grew in volume and pitch, as I felt a powerful shake run through her beautiful body. Her pussy then released a flood of her juices over my tongue and right into my open mouth. I lapped and swallowed every drop she gave me, as I continued to lick deep inside her. Her moaning was beginning to soften and she wasn’t slapping my ass with the riding crop anymore. I felt her whole body begin to relax, as she rode out her orgasm. I was able to gasp for breath, when she loosened her grip on the back of my head. I looked up and saw a beautiful smile of satisfaction and love on my mother’s face, and I knew I would let her do anything she wanted to me and I would do anything to her just to see that look on her amazing face.

Mom then pulled my face from between her legs, so she could look at me. I was still gasping and my face was rubbed red and flushed, from her hard grinding pussy. I was finally able to breathe out, “Thank you for cumming on my face, mommy.”

Mom stayed quiet, but the smirk on her face told me all I needed to know. She then leaned down and ran a finger up and down her pussy lips and into her pussy, until it was coated in a sheen of her juices. I whimpered softly as I watched her stroking herself, knowing that was my job. Mom then placed her juice coated finger to my lips and said, “Suck, my sweet pet.”

I wrapped my lips around her finger and sucked the pussy juices greedily, moaning as I ran my tongue up and down the length of her digit. I put on a little show of sucking her finger like a little cock and was rewarded by seeing her mouth drop open, her eyes close slightly, and a moan to escape her lips. Finishing cleaning her finger, I immediately said “Thank you, mommy.”

She moaned deeply again, as she stared down at me. She then stood up and turned around, presenting me with her latex covered ass. I moaned softly as I gazed longingly at her gorgeous ass. Mom then looked over her shoulder and ordered, “Show mommy how much you love her ass, my pet.”

I leaned forward and began kissing and licking her ass cheeks through the latex. I made sure to cover her entire ass with kisses and licks, until mom moaned out “Unzip me, pet. I want to feel your lips and tongue on my ass cheeks.”

I reached between her legs, took hold of the zipper, and unzipped the piece covering her ass cheeks and puckered hole. I let the latex piece fall to the floor, as I leaned in and added my kisses and licks to her skin. I moaned as I licked and kissed her ass, loving the warmth of her skin. I tasted her essence that had leaked from her pussy and licked it all up greedily. Mom leaned over the chair, presenting her lovely ass to me as I continued to kiss and lick her. I had no doubt what would come next kadıköy escort and longed to hear her orders. Every part of her that I tasted was amazing. Mom then pushed her ass back into my face, as she ordered “Lick my asshole, you dirty girl! I want to feel your little slave tongue licking all the way to my stomach.”

She then reached back and forced my face between her ass cheeks, saying “Stick your tongue inside my ass, slave! I want to cum with your dirty little tongue up mommy’s asshole!”

I shoved my tongue as deep into my mother’s asshole as I could, causing a deep moan from both of us. Her moan was deep and guttural, and bespoke her pleasure at receiving her daughter’s tongue deep inside her asshole. My moan was softer, and signified the pleasure I was getting by submitting to her will. She was grinding my face hard into her ass, as she pushed her ass back into my face. I felt my tongue being driven deep inside her asshole, and loved every second of it. I began to lick and flick my tongue up and down inside her. I had never actually made her orgasm just from rimming her, so I was unsure if I could actually do it. But mommy gave me an order and this is what she wanted, so I gave her my all.

I set a fast pace of pumping my wet tongue in and out of her puckered asshole, as I continued to lick and flick my tongue up and down. Mom was still moaning in pleasure, as her daughter went to town licking her asshole. Mommy was in total ecstasy in the knowledge that her daughter was her willing sex slave and had her tongue shoved deep inside her asshole. The sheer perversion and taboo nature of our sexual escapades gave us both so much pleasure that nothing else seemed to matter. I loved that my mother was taking so much pleasure from my submission and I was in complete slave-mode as my face was ground and smashed between her ass cheeks.

I was again breathing in gasps, as mom forced my face deeper between her ass cheeks. I loved the way her asshole and ass cheeks felt against my face. My quiet moans were drowned out, as her asshole was pressed tightly against my mouth. My tongue was shoved so deep into her ass, that I imagined that I really was trying to reach for her stomach. I remembered being somewhat hesitant the first time I rimmed her, worrying that there might be a bad smell or taste. But I had never had any bad experiences rimming her, and now was no different. My flicking and deep plunging tongue seemed to be having a positive effect on her, because her body was shaking and her moans were growing in volume and pitch.

I wondered if she might be stroking her pussy or clit, but I saw her other hand bracing herself on the arm of the chair. I smiled knowing that I really was getting her off just from rimming her luscious asshole. I thought that her domination and my submission probably had something to do with it too, but I couldn’t argue with the results. My tongue was diving deep and fast into her asshole and still licking and flicking up and down inside her, as her body began to shake harder. I felt her asshole clench around my tongue, as she suddenly let out a deep moan of pleasure. Mom mashed my face into her asshole even harder, as her body suddenly went completely still.

She then let loose a cry of pleasure, as her orgasm hit her hard. Her hand on my head fell away, as she grabbed onto the other arm of the chair in front of her. I continued to lick fast and deep inside of her ass, as her whole body erupted in shakes. Her moans grew in pitch until they sounded like little sobs of crying. Her legs shook under her and threatened to give way, as her body was completely taken over by her orgasm. She then moaned out, “Oh your sweet little pet. I have never cum from having someone lick my asshole. Sweet Jesus, that was amazing!”

I continued to tongue fuck her asshole and flick and lick deep inside her, until she order breathlessly “Go and lay down on the bed, pet. On your back.”

I withdrew my tongue from her asshole and placed a tender kiss to her spit wet hole, before saying “Yes, mommy. Thank you for letting me rim you.”

I then crawled up onto the bed and laid down as ordered. Mom took a few minutes to steady herself, then walked to the nightstand and removed a padded black leather blindfold. She then placed the blindfold on the pillow next to my head. She then knelt down and seemed to be dragging something out from under the box springs. I felt her grab my right wrist and secure me in place with a fur lined black leather wrist cuff. The cuff was attached to a nylon strap that seemed to run under the mattress, and held my arm above my head out at an angle. She then repeated the process of cuffing me with both of my ankles and my left wrist, until I was completely immobile and spread eagled on my back on the bed.

Mom then placed the blindfold over my eyes and secured the strap around the back of my head. I then felt her trailing her fingers over my body, causing more goose bumps on my exposed flesh. I then yelped in surprise when she suddenly pinched my right nipple. It wasn’t really painful, just unexpected. I felt my lips tremble in sorrow at having cried out in pain. I then bowed my head, as best as I could being that I was already laying down, and whimpered out “Sorry, mommy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32