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We lay on the bed for a while, stroking each others’ bodies, kissing and exchanging small talk. Alice then sat up and declared, “Well there’s a bottle of wine to finish and we’d best get something to eat. After all we need to keep our strength up! I’ll see what I can find in the fridge while you take a shower if you like.”

My face must have showed my disappointment at the idea of rising from our little love nest, as she added, “Don’t worry, we have plenty of time to indulge ourselves, the whole house is ours until the morning!”

We rose from the bed, Alice slipping on her dress (I noticed that she didn’t bother putting on her bra or knickers), and me picking up my clothes to make my way to the bathroom. I had no trouble finding where everything was as I’d crashed here many times before after hanging out with Chas for a night, although everything seemed a little different now after effectively losing my virginity to his mother.

It was about this time that what had happened began to sink in. I had never felt such a confused mix of feelings in my life. On the one hand I was in a state of euphoria at finally having “wet my willie” as Chas and I phrased it. On the other I had fleeting bouts of panic that it had happened with my best mates Mum! He’d go fucking ape-shit if, or more likely when, he found out, and that would be the end of our friendship. Then I’d think, well maybe he’d be OK with it, then ponder on the scenario of him shagging my Mum. I know I’d go berserk if I was in his position. But then my parents were still together, so it was different. Or was it?

My mind was seething with all these thoughts as I showered, dried off and slipped on my clothes to make my way downstairs. All doubts were immediately banished however when I entered the kitchen to be greeted by the sight of Alice bent over, reaching for something at the bottom of the fridge. I suspect it as a deliberate act, as she bent at the waist, legs straight, her skirt ridding up to the top of her thighs allowing a tantalising glimpse of just the bottom of her curvy bum with the merest hint of her labia showing between her thighs.

I quietly approached and ran a hand up the back of her thigh, to leave it resting on one beautifully rounded bum cheek. She jumped slightly and let out one of her sexy giggles, but stayed bent over rummaging in the fridge. I then ran my middle finger down between her buttocks, continuing lower until I was gently massaging her semi exposed sex. Her pussy felt a little sticky from our previous love making, but soon it was slick and wet, and I slipped my middle finger in to her, eliciting a low moan. Obviously I was stiff as a board again, and was dying to take her right there in the kitchen.

But she stood up, turning to face me and, as she grabbed my erection through my jeans, said,”Ready to go again already? Well you’ll have to wait a little while we get some food. As I said, we need to keep our strength up. There’s bread, cheese and lots of other stuff. You get it together on a plate and we’ll sit out on the veranda to eat. I’m going to take a shower.” We kissed and she let me have another feel of her pussy before she left the kitchen to go upstairs.

I readied the food and made myself comfortable on the veranda. Before too long she came to the veranda, fresh from the shower and wrapped in a cotton robe. It was a warm night so no further clothing was necessary and we ate and chatted almost as though we had not just been upstairs locked in the most passionate of embraces. eryaman escort Almost, because I couldn’t help glancing at her cleavage and her exposed thigh where the robe had fallen away and imagining what we might be about to get up to for the rest of the night.

Food finished, Alice said, “Would you clear these away please Dave? I just need to pop upstairs. I’ll be back down in a couple of minutes.” Again she sidled past me to the door. This time I could not resist copping another feel of her smooth thigh as she passed.

I cleared the plates, washed up the few that we had used and was getting a beer from the fridge when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, along the hallway. Alice appeared in the doorway of the kitchen.

It was all I could do to prevent my eyes popping from their sockets. She was wearing a black silk blouse, quite obviously neglecting to put on a bra underneath, as her hard nipples were poking against the thin material. The blouse was tucked in to a black leather skirt, stretched tight around her hips, and short enough to expose just the tops of the sheer black stockings. On her feet was a pair of strappy high heeled sandals, accentuating the curve of her shapely legs. “I haven’t worn this get up in ages,” she said. “Do I look OK Dave?” she asked, a little nervously I thought.

“I…God, Mrs B you look fantastic! Very sexy! ” I gushed. And indeed she did, as she moved toward me with a sexy swagger and breathed, “Good. Right answer young man.”

We kissed, deeply and passionately, with her moving me back until my bum was against the edge of the table. I soon had one hand on her breast, squeezing and fondling, marvelling at the feel of it beneath the thin silk. The other hand moved up between her nylon clad legs, until I reached her naked thigh. Stroking and squeezing I moved up further to meet her knickerless pussy beneath her skirt. All this time she had her hand on my throbbing erection through my jeans, until eventually she managed to undo my flies and let it spring free. She lowered herself to her knees, pushed my jeans to the floor and grasped the shaft of my cock in her hand. She gently stoked it for a few moments, staring at it as if hypnotised, then looked up at me as she licked just the very tip with her tongue. I was feeling hypnotised myself as she opened her lips, moved her head forward and engulfed the tip of my cock in her mouth.

I had never felt anything so amazing in my life. Her mouth, wet and warm, was bobbing on my cock as her hand stroked the shaft, her tongue making slurping noises as it ran circles around the swollen head. Occasionally she would stop sucking and wank my hardness, slick with her saliva. Then she would take me back into her mouth and repeat the process. I just wanted it to go on forever, so good did it feel, but I knew by the tightening of my balls that I would not be able to hold back for much longer.

“Oh, Mrs B, I’m going to come if you carry on like that,” I groaned.

She took me out of her mouth and looked up at me, “Good,” she said with a grin, “that is the point of the exercise you know.”

With that she took me even deeper into mouth and started wanking me even faster. Well as you can imagine, that was all I could take and with my knees trembling and my head spinning my cock spasmed for the second time today as I released spurt after spurt of my sperm into Alice’s willing mouth. It was all I could do to mutter “Oh God, yes, oh God! Oh my God!” as she kept her lips esat escort clamped over my throbbing manhood, not releasing her heavenly grip for a moment. She took every drop, except for a small dribble running from the corner of her mouth.

She let my still hard cock slip from her mouth and, wiping my spunk from her chin with her index finger and licking it off the tip, looked up at me and uttered, “I think you enjoyed that didn’t you?”

“Jeez Mrs B, that was amazing. I can’t believe you swallowed all of it!”

“Good,” she said. And there was that naughty, sexy smile again, which I was recognising as a sign that she was about to come up with another little something for us to do.

She stood up and we exchanged places. With a little hop she was sitting on the kitchen table, her short skirt riding up, exposing the blonde curls of her pubes.

“Have you ever gone down on a woman before, Dave?” She asked.

“Er, no, not as such, Mrs B.”

I’m not sure what ‘not as such’ was supposed to mean’, as a straight ‘no’ would have been accurate. Although with the confidence of youth, and from reading the stories in my Dad’s girlie mags, I reckoned I would make a pretty good job of it and had been yearning to try for ages.

Alice lifted her legs until her feet were on the edge of the table, parting her knees as she did so, giving me a magnificent view and clear access to her noticeably moist vagina. I knelt before her and planted a couple of light kisses on her bare thigh between her stocking top and her sex. I slowly worked my way up, softly brushing her protruding labia with my lips, eliciting a small shudder of pleasure. Placing a hand on the inside each thigh I parted her legs wide to reveal her pussy glistening with her juices, her clit just poking out from its hood.

With just the tip of my tongue I gave it a long, slow lick from just above her bum to the small nub at the top. After a couple more of these Alice’s breathing became quicker, and she moaned softly, “Oh, that’s it Dave, God that feels so good…” At this I picked up the tempo a little and increased the pressure with my tongue.

Alice seemed to be enjoying my first attempts at cunnilingus, breathing heavily and letting out small grunts and groans of pleasure. I too was thoroughly enjoying myself, revelling in the scent and taste of her excitement, a heady mixture of musk and saltiness. Before long her pussy was soaking wet and open, enabling me to probe her inner folds as she started grinding her crotch against my face. Moving up slightly I started paying attention to her clit. Surprised at how hard it was, I began circling my tongue around it in small circles, interspersed with the odd gentle nibble.

“Oh yes, like that!” Alice gasped, taking hold of the back of my head and pushing my mouth even firmer against her. “Just there, lick my clit Dave, just there! Oh God that’s so good!” She was now lost to her pleasure, forcing my eager mouth against her soaking pussy, grinding her clit against my tongue to the extent that I was struggling to breath. But there was no way I was coming up for air now, as I sucked hard on her hard little button, flicking my tongue rapidly over the tip.

I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting as she whispered hoarsely, “Oh my God yes, like that! Don’t stop Dave, just there, I’m coming, oh God I’m coming!” Her voice trailed away into a low, guttural moan as her body shook and she let loose a flood of delicious juice into my mouth etimesgut escort and over my chin and face. Her breath came in small gasps as she rode out her orgasm, her body eventually relaxing as I continued to kiss and nuzzle at the soaking wet folds of her pussy. Finally she gave one last shudder and pulled my face away from her.

“Well you seem to know what you’re doing down there!” she said pulling me to my feet and kissing me deeply, my face and chin still slick with her juices. While we were locked on our embrace her hand moved down to grasp my now once again fully erect prick in her hand and started wanking it slowly.

She let herself down off the table without breaking our kiss and placed the tip between her legs, rubbing it against her clit. She was so slippery and wet down there but I knew what I wanted this time, still having the image of her bending over in front of the fridge in my mind. Taking her shoulders in my hands I turned her around. She sensed what I was wanting and lay her body face down on the table, her beautiful round bum in the air, her still swollen pussy framed invitingly between her stocking tops and the hem of her skirt.

“Mmm, I like that idea, take me from behind Dave, let me feel that lovely big cock inside me again…” she purred.

Obviously that was exactly what I had in mind, so I lined up my cock at the entrance to Alice’s pussy, and with a single push slipped it in until its full length was engulfed by her beautifully tight vagina. Wasting no time I started thrusting, fucking her with long firm strokes. She was letting out a small grunt with each thrust, her hands gripping the edge of the table. Picking up the pace I grabbed a buttock in each hand and parted her cheeks to allow an uninterrupted view of my rigid member as, coated with her juices, it disappeared and reappeared between her labia.

Soon I was fucking her hard and fast and her grunts turned into a long, low moan and I knew she was coming again as her muscles tightened around me and pussy became even wetter. She was muttering under her breath “Oh god yes, fuck me Dave, fuckmefuckmefuckme…” The room was filled with the sounds of our passion; Alice’s moans, my grunts and my thighs slapping against her backside.

I felt like I was on the verge of releasing my load, but I was determined to last longer than the first time, so gritted my teeth and continued banging away at Alice’s pussy. Her voice was merely a whimper now, her whole body shaking, her knuckles white as she clung tightly to the edge of the table. Suddenly she let out a loud, almost animal like groan, startling me into pausing in my thrusting.

“Don’t fucking stop now!” she growled, “I’m gonna come again, oh God I’m gonna come again…” I resumed my thrusting, causing her to emit another animalistic groan. Well that was it for me, and I felt my spunk moving up through my shaft. My orgasm seemed to last for ages as I rammed my swollen cock in and out of Alice’s pussy until it became so sensitive I had to stop, holding it deep inside her as the last waves of her climax subsided.

We stayed like that for quite a while. My head was spinning and my knees were weak, while Alice lay on the table breathing heavily, not moving. Eventually my erection subsided, and my softening cock slipped from her pussy, allowing a trickle of my spunk mixed with her juices to run down her thighs.

I stroked and squeezed her buttocks, at which she sighed and murmured, “Give me a couple of minutes. I don’t think I can quite move just yet.”

Well that was just fine by me. It meant I could continue fondling her and take in the magnificent sight of her buttocks and thighs, and her swollen, wet freshly fucked pussy.

I must say I was feeling rather pleased with myself.

Part 3 to come…maybe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32