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Ms. Dora got into a new SUV recently bought by her husband after a successful business deal. From downtown she had to go to the airport in the southern suburbs. She was visited by her good friends Daira and Natasha from the coastal town of M. In the public of the small and unimportant country where Mrs. Dora lived, the general opinion was that women from the town of M. were infinitely attractive and charming Mediterranean beauties. Mrs. Dora was a little wiser, though, and she knew that reality was much different. She considered the women of the town of M. primitive and unrefined savages, without style. True, these women often tried to leave the impression of being cultured and following fashion trends, but the results were generally weak, not to say tragic. Many of these babes were actresses, journalists, singers, strangling the whole public with uncultured babbling dialect of their town, bad manners and meagre education.

Daira and Natasha were rare exceptions. Mrs. Dora became close to them back in the 1980s, when they were attending university in the capital. It’s really been a long time since those 1980s, Ms. Dora thought as she drove towards the airport… Her student friendship with Daira and Natasha was really tender, they discovered so much tenderness…

From those 1980s until today, when Ms. Dora is driving her new SUV to meet her friends at the airport, everything has really changed. After graduating, Daira and Natasha returned to their hometown, got some important jobs, married some men there, gave birth to children and continued to live… But they did not break contact with Mrs. Dora. The husbands of Daira and Natasha were also, within the limits of their provincial surrounding, successful men, had power and money, but also large bellies and flabby penises.

In the large building casino siteleri of the new airport, which seemed deserted, Mrs. Dora greeted her friends tenderly. Breath of the sunny Mediterranean was beautiful, exuded by these two beautiful and smart women. Daira and Natasha smelled nice and their harmonious bodies were nicely tanned. Natasha was especially striking with her thick curly hair. She also had an enticingly beautiful neck that spilled over to the collarbones that stood out in a beautiful way. Daira was also gorgeous, with a beautiful face and short hair. They both kissed and caressed Mrs. Dora discreetly and headed for the parking lot. When they got in the car, they could be more uninhibited. As Mrs. Dora drove back to the center, Daira, who was sitting beside her, used the opportune moments to kiss Mrs. Dora in the mouth or place palms on her crotch. At the same time, Natasha relaxed in the back seat, parted her light brown leather coat, and opened the slit in her leather pants to scratch her clit. When the traffic light was red, Natasha would lean toward Mrs. Dora to suck on her earlobe or neck.

They returned to the city center, parked, and came to Mrs. Dora’s apartment. Dora’s husband, Mr. Marko, knew well when to make himself scarce. He went to the office and also, as his wife ordered him, took a long walk with their dog, Max.

So Mrs. Dora had enough time to accommodate her friends. First they had to leave their baggage in a spacious apartment. Natasha went to take a shower. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dora was tenderly kissing Daira on the couch, scratching her clitoris with her fingers. Then Natasha came out of the bathroom, in a housecoat, and sat down next to Dora, and Daira went to unpack. Mrs. Dora repeated tenderness with Natasha. She loved tickling her face on her curly hair, canlı casino while rummaging her clit with fingers…

Meanwhile, Ms. Dora ordered lunch from a bistro that delivered more or less decent healthy and natural food. She sat down with her friends to eat. Natasha and Daira ate and kissed Dora intermittently. Dora finally told them to stop, to eat, so she could tell them about Ana. Natasha and Daira calmed down, ate their sushi and salad, and listened to Mrs. Dora. She explained them everything about her dance instructor. After they finished eating Mrs. Dora showed them Ana’s pictures on her computer. Daira and Natasha were impressed with what they saw. They agreed that Ana was indeed a little beauty whose clitoris should be sucked and nipples on her small breasts squeezed and pinched. Yet Daira, sensibly and without malice, remarked that Ana, though a beauty, was nevertheless a sorry loser. Obviously incapable for a serious relation, failed as ballet dancer and now earning petty cash holding dance lessons for fat housewives…

-And for me, mind you! – exclaimed Mrs. Dora.

-Indeed, my dear, also for you! – Natasha added – but I agree with Daira that little Ana is a fuck up. She is cute, but also a miserable little cunt…

-I know you’re right – Mrs. Dora told her friends – but what do I do? Everything is boring and useless anyway, I have to bring some fun into my life!

Afternoon was long, and Mrs. Dora, Daira and Natasha spend a part of it in tribbing and sucking each other clits. Finally, Mrs. Dora brought her strap-on dildo and fucked first Daira and then Natasha in the asshole. After that Daira and Natasha went to town, to buy something in the shops and have a coffee. In the evening they all had supper, prepared by Mr. Marko, under the close supervision of his kaçak casino wife…

During night Mrs. Dora woke up, hearing the noises from her husband’s room. She knew what was up, but wanted to see it. She stood up from her bed and slowly and quietly want to her husbands’ room. Door was slightly ajar, and Mrs. Dora saw silhouette of Natasha, who was impaling herself on Mr. Marko’s penis. She was obviously enjoying it. Mrs. Dora liked what she had seen and went back to bed.

She woke up the next morning and went to bathroom and passed by her husband’s room. In it there was some more action. This time it was Daira in her husband’s bed, sucking Mr. Marko’s erect penis. Daira was obviously enjoying it, feasting on Mr. Marko’s cock. Mrs. Dora continued to the bathroom.

During breakfast Mrs. Dora proposed her friends to visit her mother, Mrs. Alessandara. She knew her mother would enjoy some tenderness from her friends. To her surprise Natasha and Daira told her that, unfortunately, they cannot visit Mrs. Alessandara, because they have a rendezvous with a state secretary Christina.

-So, you little sluts, you are meeting that bitch? – asked Mrs. Dora ironically.

-Oh, come on, don’t you be jealous now – replied Daira – why wouldn’t we meet with her?

-Indeed – replied Mrs. Dora – why wouldn’t you, you dirty harlots…

Daira and Natasha laughed. They knew her friend is open-minded enough not to be jealous about them meeting with state secretary.

After Daira and Natasha left, Mrs. Dora contemplated calling her husband back from work, to play with him, to punish him, in fact to reward him for having sex with her friends. Mrs. Dora worked so hard to make her sweet husband obedient, and also a gentleman of good health, stamina and impressive penis, able to gratify her sweet friends. He deserves to be relentlessly fucked in his asshole by Mrs. Dora’s strap-on dildo… But, this idea quickly left Mrs. Dora’s mind. It is all so boring and meaningless. She needs to have Ana, that would be something new and sweet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32