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Chapter 1.

My twin sister was 8, mum was 26 when Dad left. It was a huge relief for my sister Beth and I, the arguments had been non-stop for as long as I could remember. The next day mum sat us both down and explained that Dad had gone and wouldn’t be back. Continuing, she explained that she had some saving’s, but money would be very tight as she wasn’t expecting Dad to help.

A few weeks later, Mum excitedly told us that she had got a job at a coffee shop. She was going to be working the afternoon shift, so would be able to take us to school in the morning. Her 1st shift was on a Monday, as she took us to school, she carefully explained that our Gran would be picking us up and staying until Mum came home around 7.30.

Gran was a lovely lady, she was content to sit in front of the TV, allowing us the run of the house and garden to play in. We soon learnt that provided we were quiet, but not too quiet, she would soon fall asleep in the chair.

The small derelict green house and vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden, soon became our summer playground. Beth was a tomboy and loved to play rough and tumble games. She was a big fan of WWE wrestling and giggled loudly, ignoring my protests as she practised various holds copying Hulk Hogan, Roddy piper etc.

One day, during an energetic game of tag she said she had to pee and walked back to the house. I didn’t really understand why she didn’t just pee up against the fence as Dad and I had done. Waiting for her to come back I felt the need to pee, so walked to the hedge and started to pee. Eeeeewww boys are disgusting exclaimed Beth, making me jump, as she came around the old green house. Flushing with embarrassment I quickly put my dick back in my shorts.

The latter half of that summer was very wet, it seemed to rain every day, making the garden a sea of mud. Confined to the house we resorted to various board games as wrestling in Beth’s bedroom had brought a sharp rebuke from Gran.

Beth had told Mum that she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. So, for her 9th birthday Mum bought her a nurse’s outfit and our aunt bought her a little nurse’s set, stethoscope, thermometer, make pretend blood pressure device, plastic scissors and some bandages. So, despite my and our dog’s protest’s, she used her stethoscope and bandages at every opportunity.

As the months passed Mum worked more and more hours, eventually going to work after she dropped us off and not coming home until after we were in bed. As Xmas approached Mum said that she had been given a bonus at work and promoted to shift manager.

As the years went by, Beth and I both did well at school and Mum progressed to an area manager position and before long a regional director. When Beth was fifteen, she had a serious bout of Glandular fever, was in hospital for several weeks and off school for months. By now we were considered old enough to look after ourselves, I went home every dinner time and spent most days chatting to her after school as she was feeling low and lonely.

When she returned to school in September, we were placed in the same class. Beth was a popular student and soon had a large circle of friends as girls found her enthusiasm for life infectious and boys lusted for her pretty face and lithe body. Beth dated a few of my friends over the coming months, locker room conversations seemed to indicate that they had all “lucked out.”

Our A levels were complete in May, talk turned to University and our 18th birthday. Mum had been away all week as she had been conducting assessments on her regional and branch managers, so we decided to cook a nice meal for her return.

Our Mother, Julie, looked absolutely shattered as she dropped her bags in the kitchen. Brightening considerably when dinner was put in front of her, we chatted happily as we ate. As we started to clear away Mum asked us to “leave that till later” as she needed to talk to us. Looking tired mum explained that she was going to leave her job, as the company planned to shut the shop that she had started in. She continued that she had bought the shop and planned to refurbish, rebrand and open in early August. Finishing her wine, she thanked us for dinner and went off to bed.

Chapter 2.

The coffee shop refurb was delayed due to some structural problems I had asked Beth several times what she wanted for her birthday, eventually agreeing that we wouldn’t get presents to save money for our trip. On the day of our 18th, Mum asked if we could delay our celebrations as the delays with the coffee shop şirinevler türbanlı escort were really stressing her out.

One morning, a few days after our birthday, we were sunbathing in the relatively private rear garden, down by the old green house. Beth seemed restless and continually fidgeted, waking me from my slumber.

“What’s up Beth?”

“Oh sorry, I just can’t get comfy feel restless and…” her voice trailed off.

Looking across at her, lowering my sunglasses I could see she was blushing.

“You want to talk about it? Whatever’s bothering you, maybe I can help”

Getting up from her lounger Beth paced up and down, now it was my turn to blush as my dick started to swell as she bent to pick up her towel. I hadn’t really noticed her new bikini before, it was a lot briefer than her usual one. The panties were 2 pieces of material held together by a piece of string, as she bent over, I could clearly see the outline of her pussy, her tits were straining the material of the top to its limit!

Sitting down on her lounger she chewed her lip as she looked at me.

“Can I ask a personal question, please answer honestly.” Beth asked.

“Of course, ask away, I will answer best I can.”

“It’s just that I am so worried that I am not normal. Do you masturbate.” she asked.

“Yes of course,” I replied without hesitation.

Looking relieved and more than a little embarrassed she relaxed and continued.

“How often can boys cum?”

“I don’t really know, I like to cum twice a day, but probably not every day.”

Looking thoughtful she leaned back and was quiet for a few minutes, after a while curiosity got the better of me. As I started to ask if she was ok, she hushed me her finger to her lips.

“Please let me finish, have you had full sex, seen a girl naked?”

Deciding honesty was best, I shook my head feeling myself start to blush.

“What the.”

Hushing me again she stood in front of me.

“Do you think I am attractive? I know I am a little chubby, do you think I have a nice face?”

Unable to help myself I slowly looked her up and down, aware of her obvious discomfort at my scrutiny. As my eyes moved up her long legs, she, perhaps involuntarily, parted her legs slightly. Tearing my gaze away from the swell of her mons I continued to her flat stomach, over her breasts, finally our eyes met. She looked genuinely concerned, frightened even.

“Sis you are absolutely stunning, I know lots of my friends that, well would love to change places with me right now.”

Seeming pleased with my assessment of her she sat on her lounger but still looked troubled.

“Can I tell you something in confidence?” she asked.

“Of course, whatever’s the matter Beth?”

“Oh, I am such a slut.” She sobbed.

Getting up from my lounger, I didn’t get chance to ask her what the hell she was on about as she flung herself into my arms, sobbing her heart out. As her sobs subsided, she snuggled further into me. Conversation didn’t seem to be necessary and I started to enjoy the feeling of her soft skin and the delicious smell of her hair. Eventually she straightened a little.

“I masturbate at least 5 times a day, more if I have been teasing your friends.” She said quietly.

“Lucky you,” was all I could think to say.

“Wish I could orgasm 5 or more times a day” I quickly added.

Beth said nothing, her blue eyes still watery from her tears looked at me, obviously deep in thought. As we continued to cuddle, I could feel my cock becoming uncomfortably hard, Beth seemed to notice at the same time.

Sitting up she eyed the bulge in my trunks, slowly running her finger along the outline of my cock.

“Can I see please, I will show you me, if you like.”

Feeling deeply embarrassed I eased my trunks down until my cock sprung free.

“May I touch it, I can’t let you touch me yet,” she quickly added.

Looking into her eyes, I shrugged in agreement, I was quite proud of my cock. I had measured it recently; about 6.5″ long and seemed thick, my bollocks are large and heavy.

Running her small hand along my length I heard her breath catch in her throat as she watched some pre cum seep from its eye. Exploring further, she moved to get a closer look at the veiny surface of the shaft and the dark pink of my bell end. I was in absolute heaven as she gently moved her hand up and down my now rock-hard cock. Moving her hand down she cradled my ball sac, like she şirinevler ucuz escort was weighing them. As she gently fondled my balls, her other hand started to grip my cock a little harder and move a little faster.

As I felt myself starting to cum, I breathed,” Watch out sis, I am going to cum.”

Beth looked absolutely fascinated as my cock jerked in her hand. I think the ropes of cum that erupted from it, genuinely surprised her. As I came down, I noticed that she had a large blob of spunk on the back of her hand. Looking at me she seemed to be asking for my permission, I just smiled and nodded. Delicately dipping her tongue into the blob, she smiled at the taste and licked her hand clean.

Standing up Beth, looked around the old green house to make sure we were alone. After another quick look around, she took a deep breath as she pulled her bikini bottoms off. I was stunned, as I looked at my 1st pussy. It didn’t seem to matter that I was looking at my sister. Sitting down opposite me, Beth spread her legs to show me her pussy. It was lightly covered with very fine light brown, almost blonde hair.

“You can look closer if you want to, but don’t touch, OK?

Nodding in agreement I knelt between her knees. Beth has quite long pussy lips, as she started to finger herself, they parted slightly, and I deeply inhaled the sweet scent of pussy for the 1st time. I watched intently as she swirled her finger around near the top of her pussy, assuming that must be where her clit was. Beth was incredibly turned on and within a few moments she was cumming. It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen, her lips seemed to fill out, changed from a light pink to a darker red hue. Clear juice flowed from her hole, just below her lips and the temptation to touch was unbearable. Remembering my promise to not touch I just enjoyed the spectacle before me.

“Did you like that, was I Ok.” Beth anxiously asked.

“That was absolutely incredible, did you enjoy making me cum?”

“Yes, I did, seems I didn’t do a very good job though.” She giggled.

My cock was raging hard again, sheepishly tucking it into my trunks, I gazed at her pussy as she pulled her bikini back on.

“Thankyou, I have to go clean up.”

As Beth walked up to the house, I pulled my cock out and within seconds sprayed a large load into the grass. At dinner that night Beth smiled sweetly at me, put her finger to her lips and casually chatted to Mum. I understood the message, she needn’t have worried, I most definitely wasn’t going to tell anyone.

Mums coffee shop finally opened on the 2nd September, Beth and I worked as many shifts as Mum would let us. The shop was incredibly busy, during the next few weeks. Beth and I looked forward to our delayed 18th birthday celebrations and made plans to take a year off to travel a little and help at the shop before Uni next year.

I had asked Beth several times what she wanted for her birthday. Our final week at work was exhausting, the constant stream of customers seemed never ending.

I woke late on Saturday morning to a quiet and empty house. Assuming Mum was at work and Beth had gone to meet friend’s, I headed for the shower. As the hot water streamed over me, I thought about our upcoming trip, we had booked the Euro star for the next day to Brussels.

Going back to my bedroom I heard the front door open, pulling on a pair of sweatpants I headed downstairs. Nearly tripping over the bags dumped in the hall I entered the kitchen. Beth looked stunning, she had, had her hair done, her long light brown hair tumbled over her shoulders and her eyes sparkled. Switching the coffee machine on, we chatted excitedly about our trip.

As we drunk our coffee Beth told me about her shopping trip, her favourite shop had a sale on, and she had bought a few new clothes.

“Can I go and try them on? I would appreciate your opinion.”

It took around 30 minutes, for her to try on and pose for me in her new outfits, all but one of them, a heavy maxi dress got the nod of approval from me.

“I have some more to try on, if you don’t mind.” She asked as she disappeared up the stairs.

After a few minutes she called me upstairs, wondering why she hadn’t come down I walked upstairs to her bedroom.

“What do you think.”

My expression as I took in the view of her standing in a skimpy panties and bra set, told her all she needed to know.

“I have a few more, would you like to see?”

Nodding dumbly, I sat on her bed şişli escort as she went into the bathroom. After several equally sexy outfits she came out of the bathroom wearing a sheer, short nightdress. Turning to face me I could just about make her form out, although it was cloudy.

“Holy shit, Sis that is sexy, who’s the lucky guy?”

Turning slightly Beth grabbed the hem of the nightdress and pulled it over her head.

“Its part of our delayed 18th birthday present,” she said, looking serious. Seeing my expression as I drank in her nudity, she smiled broadly.

Chapter 3.

Moving across the room towards me she continued.

“You remember I said that I couldn’t let you touch me? Well I am now on the pill and would like you to be my lover as well as my friend and brother.”

“But Beth, that is incest, how, I mean…. Oh fuck, I don’t know what I mean.”

“Yes, I know its morally wrong, but I don’t care. I am unlikely to meet anyone I love as much as you, you are caring, gentle and kind. And besides you make me so horny, every time I play with myself, I wish it was you bringing me to orgasm!”

I had to agree, I loved Beth too, she was much more than just my sister. Reaching up I put my hands on her breasts feeling her nipples stiffen in my palms. Falling on top of me she kissed me, the kiss was sensational and left us both panting with desire. Beth literally tore my sweatpants off, we kissed again as she gently stroked my cock.

Starting to lose control I gently moved her hand and laid her on the bed, as I wanted to take it slow. I had read some where that a woman’s first time was likely to be painful and that she might bleed. Reaching down I grabbed my old sweatpants and placed them underneath her. Moving back between her legs I spread her pussy lips apart and gently ran my tongue around the area that I had seen her fingering herself. All these years later I can still remember that 1st taste of pussy. With some probing my tongue found a little nub that seemed to be quite hard, as I licked it Beth murmured,

“Oh god yes.”

A few seconds later she squealed and shook as her orgasm racked her body. As I explored her further, I tried to push a finger inside her, this caused her to tense up as I felt resistance.

“Not with your finger, need your cock to take my cherry.”

Urging me up her body we kissed again, I felt her guide my cock to her entrance. Pushing forwards I felt resistance. Looking down at her she smiled and nodded, encouraging me to push harder.

Moving my hips back slightly I pushed forward, slowly I started to enter her, with a little cry Beth bucked her hips and finally I was buried deep in my sister. Intently watching her face, I started to slowly move, it obviously hurt her as I thrust back into her. Unsure of what to do I stopped, her immediate reaction was to wrap her legs around me and push me deep into her velvety softness. I lasted less than a minute before I blasted several thick ropes of cum deep inside her. We stayed locked together kissing and luxuriating in the intense intimacy and afterglow we now shared.

Beth went to the bathroom to clean up, laying on the bed I felt a very damp lump in my back. Removing my old sweatpants, I was relieved to note that there wasn’t much blood on them, just some spunk and a lot of pussy juice. As the scent of her wafted up to me I could feel my cock hardening again, by the time Beth returned from the Bathroom, I was raging hard again.

Pushing me back on the bed, Beth straddled me, grabbing my cock she forced herself down until she had my entire length inside her.

“Wow that hurt a little, but love the feeling of being so full, lay still let me ride you.”

After a few minutes of slow long strokes, I could feel her pussy starting to grip my cock and knew she was close. Trying to think of anything else but the way her pussy gripped and rippled around my cock I managed to last until her orgasm crested and she slammed herself down onto me. Grinning, Beth lifted herself off my cock, spun around, grabbing my cock, she aimed it at her sopping hole and slowly took my length. Now I understood what she had done, she was trying to show me everything. I watched fascinated as she continued to move up and down on my cock, it didn’t take long before I shot another load deep inside her.

“Hope you enjoyed your 18th present as much as I did,” she gasped as she laid beside me.

“Absolutely fantastic, best present ever,” I replied as I drifted off to sleep.

“Come on sleepy head, time to get up, Mum will be home soon.”

Opening my eyes, Beth was wrapped in a large towel dripping water from her hair onto my face. Kissing her deeply, I squeezed her arse as I headed back to my room to shower and get ready for the family meal to celebrate our 18th.

Comments welcome, let me know if you would like to read more.

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