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Every story has a beginning and this one is no different. Perhaps this will provide an adequate introduction to what happened next.

When little I thought I was the only kid my age on the street. I’d been in school a couple of years and only saw much younger and much older kids but then one day I saw a girl my age and she lived six houses down from me and across the street. I had a baseball and glove and was tossing it into the air and running after it before throwing it up again. I saw her then watching me and she was smiling. She was a chunky girl and had just moved into the house but I liked her immediately.

It turned out she was a bit of a Tomboy and was good at everything we did after that. She could kick and throw at least as good as me and sometimes better. If she was wearing a dress she would go into the house and change into jeans before joining me and she was always happy it seemed.

When we entered puberty I noticed the development of her breasts and one day I laughed at her and she wanted to know why. I told her how much she bounced up front and I guess it hurt her feelings and she must have thought I didn’t like them. She stopped seeing me for at least two weeks and avoided me in school but one day she was outside doing a chore her Mom had given her in the front yard. I bit my lip and walked up and volunteered to help.

She asked if I even wanted to be seen with a girl that had breasts. I gulped and explained that I really liked them and liked to watch them when she moved around. I told her she was the only girl in class that had them yet and I thought it was neat.

She finally smiled and asked if I really liked them. I told the truth because I really did.

That summer she came out and wasn’t jiggling. She told me her Mom had bought her a training bra and it would keep her from bouncing anymore. I asked if she had to wear it at home and she said she did but that maybe sometimes she might forget to wear it when we were outside if I wanted. I felt better.

We went through school taking almost identical classes even through high school. In our junior year I thought about asking her to a school dance but after hearing some guy’s remarks about fat girls I bowed to peer pressure I guess and didn’t ask her. It became a habit of me thinking and wanting to ask her but then not doing it and then we both missed going to Senior Prom.

When we were out of public school we both attended community college and probably because my old group of guys wasn’t around anymore I finally had the nerve to ask her if she’d like to go to a movie and she accepted with that same beautiful smile.

We finished community college and went on to a four-year school and we got closer together. I was always trying to “Cop a feel” and she’d scold me but I think she must have enjoyed it or just gave up on me because eventually she let me do it and even open her bra so that I could play. Her nipples were always perfect and I enjoyed them a lot. You can guess that finally I began rubbing her tummy and working lower.

When I got to close she would scold me again. One day she was wearing a skirt and while we were kissing I quickly slipped my hand under it touched her. She jumped and tried to push me away but I resisted and in a moment I was touching her. She stopped resisting then and I could tell she enjoyed it a lot. I learned what she liked and it seemed every time we were alone I was at it again.

And then another milestone when I finally pushed her hand down onto my perpetual hardness and she didn’t pull it away.

It was months later yet it seemed before one late evening I tried to enter it into her. She giggled and pushed me away but kept her hand stroking me. I tried again each time for the next few weeks and then finally one night as I held her hands I managed to get it part way in and it was obvious that she enjoyed it.

We’d both been raised in strict homes and so we had pretty strict ideas of what was wrong and what was right.

I finally proposed to her and we were married during Christmas break from school just one semester from graduation.

We moved in together and lived in an apartment for seven years while we worked. Our Honeymoon had been a straight Missionary approach to sex and although our sex was frequent and sometimes twice a day during the week we’d up it to three times during weekend days.

After our first four years sex became less frequent and in some ways less satisfying I suppose.

We moved into a house after our tenth anniversary and it seemed we only had sex once or twice a month. I could tell she wasn’t nearly into it anymore. It seemed she was bored and just going through the motions.

We worked at different companies in opposite directions from home and so we didn’t see each other at lunch. I began eating lunch at fast-food places like McDonalds instead of carrying a lunch.

I had my own laptop computer with a wireless Internet connection .even though I could have used McDonalds free Wi-Fi if I’d tried.

I pendik escort hadn’t turned on the anti-pop-up of my browser only because at that time I didn’t know it was there and pop-ups were always bothering me. Some were simple advertisements but it seemed one day that there were more and more porn sites and I’d never visited one although I sometimes read Blogs that intrigued me.

The blogs I read regularly were based on technology and included interchanges between visitors and the owner of the blog. One guy made an interesting point on a Blog’s topic but at the bottom he’d left a personal inquiry about whether the owner had ever visited and read any of the stories at a particular site.

I went to that site because I was curious and picked a story at random.

Perhaps that day I was feeling particularly randy but when the story opened I read it completely but also found that the site was a source of interesting erotic stories. I felt a little guilty but after that I read many and those I read were all written by women. I wasn’t interested in what any of the guys wrote.

It was enlightening to me to find that women were quite explicit about sex, what they participated in and what they enjoyed most. I’d heard vague references over the years when around other guys but I’d never stay around to listen much because they’re remarks didn’t intrigue me and the points I’d heard were mostly discarded as fantasy from the guy telling the story.

I didn’t think the stories I read that day and subsequently over the next weeks were written by guys masquerading as woman writers. I’d thought they couldn’t have all been impersonators and as a result my knowledge of the female attitude and participation in sexual events expanded exponentially.

One day I’d almost finished an interesting story but had to return to work before the end. That afternoon when I got home I found it and sat in the driveway as I finished it.

When I got into the kitchen my buxom wife was standing at the sink peeling potatoes and fixing dinner. She didn’t even look my way as I walked up behind her although I heard her mutter “Hello.”

I looked at her and she was dressed in an old skirt and blouse that she’d changed into after work and before I got home. She looked good in that scooped neck blouse and the skirt was a bit shorter than she normally wore to work.

I reached around her and cupped her breasts in both hands and bounced them up and down. She giggled and asked what I was doing. I reminded her that I’d always loved to see her breasts bounce and she leaned against me with her head back as I leaned down and kissed her neck. Instantly I could tell she liked it but then she asked if I was going to change clothes before dinner.

I had an instant arousal when I felt her lean back against my thighs and as she moved her hips a bit. I don’t think she was flirting but probably only maintaining her balance but that feeling and my recognition of her pleasure as I played were enough to cause me to start something I’d never done before.

I told her that I had other ideas and she asked what they were. It was her mistake because then I began to tell her.

I said that first I was going to strip off her blouse and then her bra and I was going to nibble, lick and suck her nipples. I told her I might even twist and pull them.

It totally surprised her and she said “Oh no you’re not! I have dinner to fix.”

I assured her that I was going to do it and then I was going to strip off her skirt and anything she wore beneath it before I dropped down, licked her tummy and then her pussy.

She screamed again “You wouldn’t dare! We don’t do things like that!”

“We do now.” I said and she asked what had gotten into me.

I told her she looked good enough to eat and I was hungry to taste and eat her pussy.

She thought I was teasing until I reached over, turned off the stove and kitchen faucet then picked her up over my arms.

I’d never picked her up before in all our time together and she screamed in mock terror as I carried her into the bedroom and sat her on the bed.

She still thought I was teasing as I unbuttoned her blouse then unsnapped the catches of her bra and watched hungrily as her breasts were fully exposed. I pushed her back on the bed and then hovered over her and kissed her before dropping lower and doing exactly what I’d told her. Her breasts were full and perfect and I grew even more interested and excited.

Finally I licked my way downward across her tummy until I had to grab the hem and pull her skirt off.

She was staring curiously and incredulously at me as I pulled her panties down and then slipped to my knees. I glanced up at her then forced her legs apart and returned with my tongue. She was trembling and perhaps waiting for me to stop but I didn’t.

I’d caught her scent many times in prior years but had never searched for the source, tasted her or given her any indication that I ever might but then when my tongue maltepe escort was low enough I sat back on my ankles and stroked my tongue across her wet lips before it entered her. I’d always known since before we married where she was most sensitive although I hadn’t known what that spot was named. Now my reading had told me and I went for it. Her body shook and then trembled and when I glanced up she was staring down at me before she suddenly had a tremendous climax. I knew then that I was doing right.

I kept it up and explored her pussy again and again until finally settling and sucking her clit into my mouth as my tongue teased it. She was moaning with orgasm after orgasm and I continued for a long time. I liked her taste and decided I would do this often for her.

When finally I pulled away, I stood then lay beside her. She was still trembling and her eyes were closed. She was breathing shallowly and I waited as I watched her.

Finally I heard her say “Why did you do that?” and I answered that I’d decided I wanted to pleasure her.

“What do we do now?” she asked innocently and I answered.

“You are going to lick my cock and my balls and then kiss them before you suck them into your mouth. You are going to suck my cock until I fill your mouth with my cum and if I can I want to push it deep into your throat and feel you fuck me with it.” I said and she gaped open-mouthed at me.

She’d never heard any of those words from me before in all the time we’d known each other and now seemed uncertain what to say before finally she blurted out “I am not! We don’t do things like that!”

“Oh yes you are and we do from now on.” I told her with a broad smile then I turned her while she was still on her back and I pushed her legs to point away from my edge of the bed then I pulled her head to extend out over the edge of the bed and pushed her head backward on her shoulders before I stood.

“Pull off my pants and take it out.” I demanded and it took her at least a full minute before she decided I was serious and then she did exactly as I’d insisted.

I’m quite tall and so I dropped to my knees to get my cock on a level with her mouth and then I moved forward and teased her lips with it.

I was surprised when she reached up, took it in her hands and began stroking it. She had touched it before but I couldn’t remember her ever stroking it. “Open your mouth.” I told her.

“I’ll help you get excited but I’m not going to do that.” she said as her eyes dropped and focused on it. Several long minutes passed and suddenly she kissed the tip and then extended her tongue and circled it. I told her how good it felt even though we’d seldom ever talked during past sex. She looked into my eyes and then pulled me forward and began licking it all over as I spoke. More minutes passed and she was down to my balls and her hand lifted them and she licked them too before repeating it all back up the shaft to my tip. I think I moaned and her eyes suddenly snapped to mine as she asked “Do you like that?”

Through veiled eyes I tried to tell her how much I enjoyed it.

“Well then I’ll let it into my mouth but I don’t want you letting anything go into my mouth. If you feel like you might then I want you to tell me and pull it out.” she said but I didn’t agree to her caveat.

She opened her mouth and started to surround it before pulling back again and saying “It’s so big that I don’t know if I can get it into my tiny mouth.” but she did and in moments I felt her lips sealed around it and she began to move her head and her tongue. It felt so good that I could have let everything go but I held back as best I could and she continued to work. Her eyes would flicker open and closed and refocus on mine. I continued to try and describe what I felt as she did it and as I explained she modified her efforts to focus on what I told her felt the best. Her hands and fingers moved continuously and then I began to move with her.

I felt my tip touch the back of her throat and after another few strokes it caused her to swallow and that felt even better as I continued describing it all while also explaining how exciting I found her body, her breasts and her pussy. I tried to explain that I wanted to lie beside her and taste her pussy again. I was so involved then that my body wouldn’t interrupt what she was doing. I did manage then to fondle her breasts and tease her nipples again.

Another minute and I could barely believe that she moaned out loud and became even more eager. “Swallow it.” I said and it seemed she tried to shake her head but then suddenly she was forcing it deeper. She seemed almost to gag and then I was through and traveling into her throat.

She pulled back and then whispered the question “Do you like it? You won’t do it in my mouth will you?”

I couldn’t answer and after another few efforts in her mouth she was swallowing it again but this time it went in full depth. I paused and then began stroking it full length and heard her kartal escort moaning. My body was eager and influencing my brain and my speech and she was still working it. She seemed to be making love to it and not just following my words.

I extended one hand and touched her clit and her body rose suddenly while she drew her feet back raising her knees and she began moving her hips in time with my strokes into her throat. She began humming and it seemed it was appreciation.

Then I suddenly knew it was coming and when it began she didn’t draw away or try to stop it but instead sucked harder and her lips and tongue came urgently alive. When I began to approach the end I slipped back but she stopped it in her mouth by gripping my shaft hard and holding it in place as my last shot or two filled her mouth.

She was breathing hard through her nostrils but still not releasing me and I felt her tongue tracing my tip as she sucked even harder. She had climaxed too and after long minutes she released her hold and let me slip from her mouth.

Eventually her eyes opened and she looked at me before asking “Is that what you wanted?”

It was a whispered question and she seemed concerned as she studied me.

“Was it okay with you? Did you like it?” I asked while ignoring her question.

She seemed to think a moment and then said “It wasn’t at all like I’d expected. In a way it was quite nice and I liked that you seemed to enjoy it so much. If we do it again sometime I might even begin to like it.” and she giggled.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it and it is possibly one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done, or at least I think so. It was almost perfect.” I told her honestly before I finally had to sit down. I found a spot next to her and hugged her tightly while her hand fondled me again then she slowly turned around and pulled me down beside her before spooning her body tightly against me.

We talked and I mentioned how we’d never done anything like it before but that I think it was an awakening to me. I told her how much I’d missed having sex regularly and how much I’d missed by never tasting her sweetness the way I just had then I asked her “Was it okay with you? I mean I like your taste and how excited you get. I could have continued as long as you wanted and enjoyed every moment. You’re even more exciting now than you’ve always been to me.”

She seemed lost in concentration before she finally said that she loved sucking my cock and was so excited when she’d made me fill her throat and mouth. She said she hadn’t seen me so excited since shortly after our honeymoon and she wanted more if I was ever willing again.

I hugged her tightly and asked if she was willing to continue now. “Do you mean you want to lick me again or me to suck you more?” she asked with a smile.

“Both, but later.” I said. “Right now I was thinking of something else new.”

“Like what?” she asked.

“Like this.” I said and sat up before rolling her onto her tummy and lifting her by the hips onto all fours. We had never done more than Missionary in all the years we’d been married but after reading what women liked I knew what I wanted to do and they called it “Doggie.”

“What are you doing?” she asked and I told her to stay like that but to open her knees.

When she did I got onto my own knees but found she was too low so I grabbed and stacked both pillows before lifting her by the hips and slipping them under her knees. Her shoulders were now lower than her cute ass but she was at the perfect height.

“You aren’t going to do what I think you are?” she asked.

“Oh yes I am.” I told her and slipped my cock back and forth while pressing it up separating her lips as I stroked.

She was very quiet until I finally positioned and slipped it in. There was a pause and then she began to move as she replied “You’ve grown longer or something.” and I drove it full depth. She came alive and couldn’t seem to get enough as I leaned over her and grabbed both breasts and squeezed the nipples with my thumbs.

“Talk to me. I want to hear the words. I want to hear you say cock and pussy and tell me you like to fuck me.” I ordered as my own interest rose urgently.

Her body began to slam back into me and was something I’d never known before. “I can’t.” she said “I don’t do things like that.”

“Yes you can and I want to hear them.” I told her and somehow I must have convinced her because in moments we were exchanging a barrage of X-rated phrases and she was more alive than I’d ever known her. She climaxed again and again after she’d thought she wouldn’t be able to and I followed every movement.

“Touch yourself.” I demanded and again she managed to somehow gasp out the words “I don’t do those things.”

“Come on Honey. Use your fingers.” and then she managed to shift her weight onto one arm as she raised the other then reached back.

‘Alive’ isn’t the word as she began she was crying and growing frantic. “I want you to also.” she managed and I reached around and placed my hand on hers and worked it as my cock seemed to take a life of its own and seize control of me. My body was on fire and I too experienced something I’d never before known as I emptied deep into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32