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My very hot Boss Shirley is a total knockout 5’5″ Blond. Her hair is really Black but she colors it blond. Her boobs are perfect natural 36-C with large nipples. Her legs are nice but her ass is wonderful. She has left her pubic area more natural until recently, now it’s nicely trimmed – making it more suitable for me to lick her clit.

Shirley and I have worked together for years managing a luxury high rise condo building in Texas. For years we had only a professional relationship but that all changed recently. She started dressing and acting more flirty towards me and we began an office affair, fucking in my office. This was extremely risky which made it more exciting for both of us.

One morning she asked me to come to her office to see something on her computer. The way her office is set up, to view her screen – I have to stand right behind her chair which gives me a view of her top and her legs by looking down. I went to her office and she smiled and says come look, I think you will enjoy what I have to show you this morning . I approach and notice she is wearing a very low cut scoop top. She smells wonderful! She is wearing Mark Jacobs’s perfume. I look down and she is leaning a little to give maximum exposure of her tits. She types on her computer “enjoy the view!” Her bra is white and super shear so I can clearly see her dark hard nipples in her bra.

My cock goes immediately to rock hard as I enjoy marvel at her magnificent perfect 36-C tits.

Next she actually pulls her top out to show me more and slips her other hand down to pull up her short skirt more to allow her to touch her pussy. She slips her finger along her wet clit, no panties but matching garter belt and hose. She leans into my hard cock with her arm. I accidentally let my bahis firmaları hand brush against her now very hard nipple.

She asks if I have a problem that needs help, referring to my tremendous hard cock. I answer with “I need lots of help.”

Shirley asks for me to accompany her to a vacant unit to make sure all is ok in the unit.

!2-C is a vacant unit but furnished as a demo unit. Shirley and I get on an elevator alone. As soon as the doors close we are all over each other kissing deeply with lots of tongue as my hands go to her beautiful tits and her hand goes to my throbbing cock. We arrive on the 12th floor and walk to the unit. I unlock the door and we enter. We close and lock the door and walk around to make certain no one is there but us.

I pull her to me and cram my tongue down her throat as she moans with deep passion. First my right hand goes up under her top to her bra. I slip my fingers inside her sheer bra and reach her large hard nipples which I lightly pinch. She goes wild with lust. Then I slide my hand down her skirt and find a very wet cunt. In go my fingers. She explodes almost immediately for her first orgasm.

I continue to finger her cunt adding more fingers and eventually I have four fingers in her soaking cunt.

She unzips my pants and pulls them off. She obediently gets on her knees and pulls my cock into her hot mouth sucking my hard cock. In between sucking she tells me she wants me to cum inside her.

I walk her to the bed room where I remove her blouse and skirt. Her bra is so sheer it’s like she isn’t wearing one. I lay her on the bed; get on my knees between her legs and start licking and sucking her clit while my fingers are inside her cunt. I work ever so slowly and get my entire fist inside her kaçak iddaa now drenched hot cunt. Shirley lets out a little scream of “Oh my God!!” She is moaning over and over ‘oh yes!” She cums several more times with my tongue on her hard clit and my fist pumping her cunt.

Next I turn her over and unhook her bra letting her tits free so I can play with them. She is on all fours and my cock finds its way easily inside her cunt where I start slowly fucking her cunt with her encouraging me to “fuck my cunt and cum in me!” I go harder and faster as her 36-C tits bounce! At last I fill her cunt with a huge load of my cum as she screams “oh God Yes!”

We are spent and happy. We lay in bed for several minutes kissing and feeling. Shirley tells me she wants more cock as soon as possible. I tell her she is the hottest woman I have known and to keep teasing me. She says she loves to see me get a hard on when she teases and shows me her tits or brushes her tits on my arm as she passes.

We have a Board of directors meeting tomorrow morning. I ask her to wear something special for me.

The next morning we both arrive at the building about 7:30 am. Shirley looks stunning. She is wearing a short black skirt, a white cotton button front blouse unbuttoned as much as allowable, a white sheer lace bra is visible under her blouse, and open toed heels. Her nipples are showing. We get coffee and I “accidentally” brush my hand across her tits making her moan slightly.

We move to the Solarium for the meeting. All of the Board Members comment about how nice Shirley looks. Of course the men are looking at her tits wishing they could feel them I am sure.

The meeting proceeds as I sit to the left of Shirley which allows me a pretty good view down her blouse and kaçak bahis a nice side view where the buttons gape open showing her lace bra. As we sit listening Shirley moves her foot to touch mine and we play footsy. She reaches across me to get her pen and her tit brushes my arm.

I have a huge boner and she looks down at my crotch and smiles knowing she has turned me on.

I drop my pen on the floor between us and as I reach down for it I slip my hand quickly up her thigh.

The meeting adjourns and Shirley asks if we can meet in private in my office. Of course I agree. Shirley comes into my office and closes and locks my door. She crosses her legs but allows her skirt to slide up showing a lot of her legs. She knows I am checking her out. She plays with her hair and then moves her hand to her blouse and unbuttons another button all the while she is talking and flirting. I watch and she switches her legs and crosses the other direction showing me a little of her white sheer panties. She then unbuttons another button. My cock is about to explode and she loves teasing me! She asks me how I like her bra and I reply very much. She unbuttons another button and pulls her skirt higher giving me a perfect view of her pussy in her thong panties. She asks me to come kiss her. I jump up and walk to her allowing her to see the bulge in my pants.

I lean over and kiss her deeply with lots of tongue as my hands wander to her tits. I slip my hand inside of her bra and pinch her big very hard nipples. Shirley reaches for my pants and unzips them. Next she pulls down my pants and boxers and pulls my throbbing cock into her mouth. She starts sucking my cock and licking my balls like a sex starved woman. I am going crazy as she sucks and sucks. Shirley does not swallow but this time I shoot my giant load of cum in her mouth and she takes it all and swallows. Some shot on her 36-C tits and her bra. She has just swallowed my cum and will wear my cum on her bra the rest of the day!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32