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The early morning sunlight drifted lazily through the window and streamed across my face, dragging me from my slumber. As I woke, the events of the night before came flooding back to me and my eyes snapped open.

What had started as a fun evening out with the girl of my dreams had developed into something far different. I had been seduced, manipulated and controlled completely, ending up tied and fucked like a pig for her enjoyment.

The scariest thing was that I actually enjoyed it! It had been without doubt the greatest night of my life; being under the spell of such a dominant, beautiful woman had aroused me like nothing I had experienced before.

I lay there feeling a mixture of fear and excitement. I had no idea where this was going but I knew that I wanted to be with her more than anything.

I turned my head to face her and again couldn’t believe that I was lying in bed with this woman. Lola was a vision of beauty, with her bright red hair and smooth feminine face she looked almost angelic; a far cry from the strong, powerful woman who had ravaged me just last night.

As if she could feel my gaze her eyes flickered open and a smile spread slowly across her face.

‘Hey baby,’ she said stretching back and yawning.

‘Good morning.’ I started, struggling to find the words for the feelings I wanted to get across ‘Look Lola, last night… It was amazing. I’ve never felt so… so…’

‘It’s ok,’ she laughed, placing her hand reassuringly on my arm ‘I had a great time too. You did really well; I knew you would make a good piggy. I can always tell.’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked ‘How can you tell?’

‘You’re just seemed like the type that’s all. Your nervous eyes and innocent look, I could tell you liked me months ago but we’re too scared to say anything. That’s why I sat next to you last week. To give you the push you needed.’

‘Oh I see,’ I replied ‘well I’m so glad you did.’

‘Me too,’ she grinned ‘you really seem like a natural submissive. When I was fucking you, it really seemed like you belonged there. Don’t you think?’

‘I guess…’ I said uneasily.

Lola raised her eyebrow in surprise.

‘You guess? Did you feel very in control last night?’

‘No,’ I admitted

‘Well you certainly seemed to enjoy not being in control!’

‘Yeah I know; you’re right. I loved it. It’s just… I’ve never done anything like that before and at some points it got really scary.’

‘That’s OK, it’s completely normal to be scared, that’s what makes it so fun,’ she said with a wink.

I thought about what she said and realised that she had hit the nail on the head. I got off on the thrill that she was doing whatever she wanted to me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was just lucky that she was a nice person and not some lunatic or God knows what could have happened to me.

We spent the rest of the morning just lying there, enjoying each other’s company. Despite our intimacy last night we didn’t really know each other at all and I was pleased to see we had chemistry on a personal level as well as just physically.

As we chatted and laughed away, telling each other about our lives and plans for the future, I found myself really falling for this girl. On top of the fact she was the best looking woman I had ever laid eyes on, she was charismatic, funny and seemed to genuinely care for me.

We shared a connection that I had never experienced with anyone before and I couldn’t help but dream of the future. Of asking her out, leaving the house with her on my arm and who knew maybe even marriage!

‘Hey, are you listening?’ Lola shot at me, snapping me back to reality.

‘Huh? Sorry I kind of zoned out. What were you saying?’ I replied sheepishly.

‘I said I wanted to ask you something,’ she chuckled ‘but first I have something for you. Come down here.’

She lifted the bedcovers and inclined below with her eyes.

Bemused and more than a little excited I rolled myself over and ducked my head underneath.

I felt myself engulfed by the warm, stuffy air beneath but my attention was drawn immediately to the naked, supple body and firm breasts in front of me. I had been allowed intimate access to most of her last night but her tits had so far eluded me.

I think Lola could tell what I was thinking because at that moment she began to stroke and caress them, keeping tantalisingly out of my reach.

‘Nice aren’t they baby?’ she whispered almost hypnotically ‘I bet you want to play with them don’t you?’

‘Ohhh yes, so much, please…’ I begged.

‘Go on then, give them a kiss.’

Slowly I leant over towards her perfect, round tits. When my lips met her skin I started to shower her with light, loving kisses; working my way to her nipple which I took eagerly in my mouth. I tenderly began to suck and lick as her breasts filled my mouth, soon I felt her nipple grow hard against my tongue.

I could feel Lola breathing deeply and quivering in arousal. She took my head in her hands and pulled bahçelievler escort my mouth across to her other nipple which I enthusiastically opened my mouth to receive.

‘Now then, I was hoping we could have a little chat,’ she said.

‘Mmph’ I grunted, completely preoccupied by the heavenly body I was being allowed to worship.

‘You see I really enjoyed last night,’ she continued ‘having you under my control, it turned me on so much. More than anything has for a long time.’

Again I only murmured in response as I pawed at her eagerly. She pushed my head further into her, smothering me between her breasts.

‘You stuck there tied up and completely at my mercy, just thinking about it makes me want to get myself off right now.’

Getting her off certainly seemed like a good idea to me! I tried to pull my head out and suggest it but her hands held me fast against her chest.

‘It makes me want to do things to you, things you wouldn’t believe,’

I could feel my already excited cock starting to harden at her words. My lungs began to ache for air but her hands held me firmly in place.

‘You putting your life in my hands, letting me do anything I want to you. It just drives me wild!’

Lola got more and more animated with each word, digging her sharp nails into my head. I was now in real need of air but her breasts formed a seal over my face allowing none in. I sucked desperately at her chest but to no avail.

Just as I began to feel light headed and the panic started to set in, she finally pulled me out and allowed me some respite. I greedily gulped down some air while I had the chance but that wasn’t to last. After just a brief moment I was pushed back down, my face pressed back between her tits.

‘Now I know you enjoyed it too, the puddle of cum I cleaned up last night can attest to that!’ she laughed ‘and since we both had such a good time, I was hoping that you would agree to be my piggy again, for the rest of the weekend?’

It took a second for her words to register but as soon as they did I stopped what I was doing and looked up. Cautiously I raised my head back above the covers and tried to gather my thoughts.

The thought of submitting again so soon after last night definitely worried me but it wasn’t just that. I wanted to be in a relationship with Lola, not just be her bitch. Though I could see myself getting kinky again from time to time, if I wanted her to take me seriously then this might not be the best way to go about this.

I really was torn, but looking into her deep green eyes I knew I couldn’t disappoint her. She was so perfect and I couldn’t risk losing my chance with her because I was too scared to take a risk. So without giving myself time to back out I reluctantly smiled and said ‘Yeah, I’d like that.’

Her face broke into a joyful grin and she virtually pounced on me, kissing my lips.

‘Oh baby I’m so glad you want to do this with me. Come on, let’s get going. We’ve got so much to do!’

‘What now?’ I asked in surprise ‘I was hoping we could hang out or something today…’

‘Yes of course now, there’s no time like the present. I am way too excited to wait.’

She slipped out of bed and offered her hand to me, staring impatiently.

Feeling as though I didn’t have much choice, I hesitantly emerged from the warmth of the covers and took her hand.

Still naked she led me out of the bedroom, across the landing and into her bathroom.

‘Right get in the bath for me piggy.’ she commanded.

Knowing better than to argue I instantly complied and jumped into the tub, my skin feeling the chill of the cold surface. Lola opened a small cupboard under the sink and pulled out an ominous looking bottle of liquid.

‘Ok the first thing we’re going to have to do is get rid of that unsightly body hair. I like my piggies to be nice and smooth.’

Alarm bells rang in my head at this, I considered telling her this was already too much but I had learned to trust her so put my doubts to one side.

Lola covered her hands in the liquid and rubbed them together until they were coated in thick foam. She then proceeded to rub it across every inch of my body below my neck. From my arms to my asshole and right down to my toes, nothing remained untouched by her nimble fingers. She seemed to take great pleasure in paying extra attention to my stiff cock, fondling me just enough to excite me without giving me any relief.

Moments later I was covered in the sticky, white substance which quickly began to itch and tingle.

‘There we go,’ she said, satisfied with her work, ‘now you stay there, I’m going to get some breakfast.’

Without giving me a chance to argue she turned on her heels and walked out the door; leaving me crouched and shivering in the bare white tub.

As the minutes ticked by the cream began to soak in and burn fiercely. It took all of my willpower not to rub it off but my fear of Lola’s reaction stopped me from trying. Instead I bala escort shuffled and squirmed impatiently, doing my best to put the blanket of pain searing my skin to the back of my mind.

Twenty minutes later I heard footsteps approaching and Lola reappeared at the door, gazing at me with what looked like triumph in her eyes. She had now dressed in blue denim jeans and a tight fitting black t-shirt; not quite the sexy outfit I was hoping for but I had to admit, she pulled the girl next door look off to perfection

‘So sorry darling, I got completely side-tracked. I hope you haven’t been too uncomfortable?’ she said, leaning over my crouched form and taking the shower nozzle in hand.

‘No it’s fine,’ I lied ‘it stings a bit but not too badly.’

‘Well don’t worry; I’ll get that off for you.’

She hit the switch on the above me and the shower burst into life. I gasped as I was hit by the icy water; partly in shock at the cold but also through the relief it brought to my burning skin.

As the foamy layer that covered my body was washed away it took with it every inch of hair from below my neck. I watched it flow across the base of the bath and down the plughole with a strange fascination. This whole affair seemed to be spiralling out of control and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it.

Once I had been completely rinsed, the water was shut off and I crouched there shivering for a moment. Lola took a towel from the rail and draped it softly around my shoulders.

‘There we go; silky smooth now. Just how I like it,’ she said rubbing my back affectionately ‘Now you get nice and dry while I go downstairs and get ready. Meet me in the kitchen when you’re done.’

She again left me naked and shivering as she left and headed back downstairs.

Keen to get dry as quickly as possible I didn’t hesitate to take the towel and rub myself down. Before long I was ready so I hopped out of the bath tub and tentatively made my way to the top of the stairs.

As I descended I couldn’t help but note how strange it was to be completely free of body hair. I felt somehow more naked and vulnerable than I ever had before; but I had to admit at the same time there was a certain thrill to it. Running my hands over my smooth cock and balls really did feel good!

As promised Lola was waiting for me in the kitchen, arranging some items on the worktop. As I timidly approached she turned and greeted me with a smile.

‘My my, you’re keen,’ she observed.

‘Haha yeah, sure am,’ I laughed, feeling more relaxed now I was back in her presence. My eyes strained to see what she had in store for me on the surface behind her. ‘What’s all this?’ I asked.

‘Hush now remember the rule about piggies and talking?’ she said with a hint of menace ‘it sounds like you’ve forgotten. But don’t you worry; I have something to help you with that.’

Turning around she scooped up an odd looking device and held it up for me to see. It resembled a pig’s snout but had some kind of hollow plastic tubing and strips of latex attached to it.

‘This here is your new gag,’ she explained proudly ‘it will really make you look the part and sound almost exactly like real little piggy!’

There was genuine passion in her voice as she explained to me the features of my new mouthpiece.

‘The centre section is obviously your super realistic snout, it’s actually part made of real pig skin so you can hardly tell it from the real thing!’ she exclaimed excitedly, as though this was something I should be grateful for.

‘And this,’ she said moving her finger down to the plastic section ‘is what will actually gag you. This special plastic will mould to fit the shape of your mouth and then harden in place. We’ll still have access to that greedy little tongue of yours, but the only sounds you will be able to make will be the kind of grunts and squeals that I would expect from one of my piggies.’

Staring at this strange device in front me I was absolutely lost for words. This was no ordinary gag that might be used for a bit of kinky fun; this was specialist and must have cost a fortune. While I couldn’t quite put my finger on why; the fact that she had put this much effort into a weekend of domination somewhat unnerved me.

‘But my favourite part’ she went on ‘are these little latex sheets. I have here a solution I can paint on to them which will bind them to your face so you won’t even need a strap. Plus they blend in perfectly so you can barely even tell you have a gag on at all.’

She looked at me expectantly ‘So what do you think?’

‘Well I mean… they look really…’ I stuttered, grasping for a way out.

‘It’s ok’ she said reassuringly ‘just trust me.’

‘Alright,’ I nodded determinedly.

‘Good,’ she beamed ‘open wide then.’

Accepting my fate I lowered my jaw and allowed Lola to push the plastic between my lips. Instantly I could feel that it was bigger than the gag she used last night. This one stretched my mouth to its very limit, balgat escort and then just as she said, it hardened in place and kept it there. My tongue lay in the tubes hollow centre but it was clear I would never be able to speak with this monster filling my mouth.

‘Now hold still,’ she ordered ‘I need to get this secured on.’

Lola produced a vial filled with a thick, glossy substance and a small paint brush. Carefully she spooned the liquid onto the brush and generously applied it to the latex sheets against my face. As she went I felt it sticking fast to my skin and a strong, acidic smell filled my nostrils; I twisted away in revulsion.

‘Stop that!’ she shouted, delivering a harsh slap to the back of my legs. I reluctantly turned my head back and allowed her to finish.

Once she was done Lola paused to admire her handiwork. ‘Perfect,’ she grinned ‘want to take a look?’

She held a mirror up to my face and I gasped, or more accurately squealed, aloud at the sight that confronted me. The gags qualities hadn’t been exaggerated, the snout looked like it genuinely belonged on my face. You couldn’t even tell I was gagged; the animalistic grunts which I made seemed almost natural for me.

‘Do you like it baby?’ she whispered sensually ‘You really are my little piggy now.’

She fondled my stiffening cock, lightly rolling the head between her fingers.

‘I can see that part of you likes it anyway!’

After a few seconds of teasing Lola released my cock and returned to her work surface from which she took a thick, sturdy looking metal bar with curved edges and a small hole at the centre.

‘On your knees piggy,’ she demanded.

I obediently lowered myself down onto all fours, poking my ass into the air and presenting myself to her as I had last night.

Smiling in satisfaction Lola walked around to my legs and reached between them from behind, grabbing hold of my balls and pulling them tightly towards her. It wasn’t tight enough to cause real pain but it definitely was not comfortable.

With a click she unhinged the metal bar in the centre and placed it up against the back of my legs. She worked my balls backwards between the gap she had made and snapped it shut around the top of my sack, locking the bar around them. Once she let go my balls held the bar firmly in place while the curved metal edges hugged my thighs snugly.

‘Now I bet you’ve never seen one of these before have you?’ she asked me.

I shook my head and looked at her in anticipation; I was desperate to know what I had got myself into.

‘This lovely little device is called a humbler,’ she said, the excitement palpable in her voice.

‘I tend to find them very useful in making naughty little pets behave. Not only does it give me complete control of these,’ she said tracing a finger around my locked up balls ‘but it’ll make sure that you stay down on your four little legs like a pig should.’

It struck me that she was right, with my balls trapped in the humbler it would be impossible for me to even try to stand up with ripping them off! I was trapped on the floor like an animal, just as she had planned.

‘Oh my, what a start!’ she exclaimed ‘we are making great progress so far. You look so hot little piggy.’

Shaved, gagged and humiliated I certainly didn’t feel hot. But as she transformed and used me for her own pleasure I couldn’t suppress the arousal and felt an erection building beneath me.

Lola seemed to delight at this and bent down to get a better view.

‘Wow you really are having fun aren’t you?’ she grinned ‘but we can’t have you getting too excited, we’ll have to do something about that thing between your legs.’

She stood up and headed back to the worktop, returning a moment later with some more latex strips and a roll of tape labelled ‘Industrial Strength’.

‘Right, let’s get me something to work with,’ she said mischievously, taking my semi-erect penis in her hand then caressing gently up and down the shaft until it grew hard in her palm.

Just as the blissful feeling began to build she stopped, tore off a strip of the industrial strength tape and used it to stick my cock up onto the underside of my torso.

Smoothing the latex sheet over the taped up mound beneath me, she then painted on more of the acidic solution so that the latex seemingly fused with the skin below and became part of me. As I peered down my chest it was almost impossible to see that I had anything down there at all.

I heard Lola again back away to get more supplies. As I apprehensively turned to see what was in store for me next, I was shocked to see she had armed herself with one of the razor sharp kitchen knives!

Lola rolled her eyes at me as I recoiled in terror.

‘Come on now,’ she sighed ‘you know I would never hurt you… much!’ she added with a smirk.

My body trembled as she hovered the knife below my stomach, but to my relief she merely flicked it up and cut a small hole in the latex which covered the head of my cock.

‘There we go, now I don’t even have to let you out to go to the toilet.’ she announced joyfully.

Each new thing she added just made my humiliation worse and worse. I looked up at her hoping for a little sympathy, or at least for a sign that she might be satisfied by my transformation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32