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Sergeant Jim

My name Is Jim. I’m married to Meagan and have been for a few years now. We have been lucky in that I pull a hardship tour (Unaccompanied by dependents) only every few years. They are interspersed with stateside assignments; almost always at the Fort closest to my permanent residence. I’ve had some accompanied tours in usually nice places, the last one being a two-year assignment in Japan. We liked it in Japan and it was hard for us to come home. My work isn’t easy but I am not out slogging through the boonies or trying to defend some mud brick and cow shit facility that some real assholes are willing to die for… I’ve seen a few of those places and by my estimation, anyone losing a battle should be required to live in them.

I am currently living at the BEQ.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) are a lot like a military Hotel (big Bases) and a Motel (on smaller bases). As a Sergeant First Class (E-7) I rated a reasonably sized private room. Importantly, the room would have the following provided:

oComfortable single bed


oNight Table

oCouch and chair set

oMedium sized flat screen TV with a DVR that can record 4 shows at the same time

oA console that accepts game input

oWi-Fi Service–but the soldier must supply a PC/Laptop

oAn email address

oLaundry service (Quartermaster Laundry–I pay for that!)

oMaid room cleaning service (I pay for that, too)

oA kitchenette with

oa small fridge, 2 ice trays

otwo burner stove,

o1100 watt microwave and an

oEight cup coffee maker.

oKitchen table with two chairs and a sliding glass door which opens into an enclosed grassy area where there are a few picnic tables and two charcoal outdoor cooking pits.

And a guaranteed lease of about one year. The modest cost for all this is automatically deducted from my monthly salary. You could live, essentially for free, in the barracks as a squad leader or in the case of an E-7 as a Platoon Sergeant. You get a small room with no extras other than an overhead light; you get to eat in the mess hall, and you have to deal with all the problems that about 48 enlisted men and women can come up with at any single time. Some guys like to be the boss, I like the BEQ life, You can, however, get Wi-Fi in the barracks too, Ooh-Rah!

So anyway, I will be working a rotating shift for the duration of my stay here so I will have some days off and some evenings off but mostly working a 50 hour week with a lot of time off. Off time is usually the most difficult to fill. Stay away from the booze. Too many guys get caught up in that crap and wind up sitting in the cheap seats on the economy flight home. Cashiered out and unable to get a security clearance for a job that is the only thing that you already know how to do is not a good way to re-enter civilian life.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have been back to specialty schools at Fort Devens and Fort Huachuca. With any luck, I should make E-8 before I retire. Retiring with E-8 pay and maybe double dipping at the local fort would make for a comfortable life. I just need to get through this tour and then maybe I can stay stateside for the remaining years. No, I am not interested in pushing to E-9. I want to retire at 22 years and not feel the need to go to 30. I have been really lucky so far, no combat wounds, no assignments to the Pentagon, and only a few bumps and bruises that were mostly my fault.

I do miss being at home with Meagan. We have a nice house, good neighbors and a lot of fun. One of my prize possessions is my ‘Hot Tub’. I have it on the back deck, inside a screened-in enclosure that has a roof. We can go out there directly through the sliding door in the family room, without going ‘outside’. I have ‘reconnoitered’ the back yard, and unless someone turns on the light inside the screen house, you are invisible in there. There are no street lights or any of the neighbor’s yard lighting that illuminates that area and Meg and I frequently slip out there for a ‘skinny dip’. All we need to do is to remember to turn out the lights in the family room so that we are not ‘back lit’ while we go out and come back in.

On the night before I left for this tour, Meagan and I observed her ritual. We have been doing this twice a year since we were married, except for those times that Meagan was pregnant and once when we thought that bursa escort she was pregnant. We have only missed the ritual twice while I was on tours where I could not get leave or R&R to be with her on the special dates. This time, she ‘creatively interpreted’ the rules and we completed all the requirements on the night before it was due. The ritual is based on the Equinox–those two days a year when the day and the night are of equal length. Anyway, this year, the exact (and I mean British exact) time of the Equinox occurred during the day-time, so Meagan ‘was sure’ that it was alright to perform it on the ‘eve’ rather than on the ‘night-of’. I wonder if she will confirm this interpretation with her mother (she calls her Mum). Oh, BTW, Meagan was born and spent the first ten years of her life in England. She, her sisters and her mother are a little spooky with all their observances and rituals. But, some of them I like. Let me explain.

On the occurrence of the Equinox, as I understand it, all “Good Wives” are required to perform the ‘Cleansing and Penance’ ritual. The cleansing is a thorough body washing. And thorough means on the inside and the outside! The penance is to perform an act of pain and shame. This means an ass fucking! (I should say arse to use her words properly) I don’t know where this ritual came from, I can’t imagine that the entire British Isles breaks out into ritualized sodomy twice a year without it being in the news. But wherever it came from, I’m an enthusiastic supporter. Count me in, every time.

We all went out to dinner at the local Steak House. I like the place and Meagan likes the food and the ‘nothing to clean up’ aspect, also. The boys ‘wolfed down’ the meat and fries, as expected. We said our goodbyes during the dinner. The boys promised to be good for their mother and to do their best in school. They knew that their mother and I would be leaving very early in the morning and that they would get up for school on their own. The next door neighbor promised to check on them and see that they got onto the bus on time.

As usual, after dinner we headed home at around 9 O-clock. Once we got home, her ‘ritual imposed’ period of silence began. No talking allowed. I’m beginning to like this ritual more and more. We drove home and parked in the garage. Meg went on into the house while the boys and I loaded my duffel bag and ‘carry on’ into the trunk of the car. We then went into the house to find Meg standing in the kitchen holding two glasses of wine. The boys gave me their last hugs and handshakes before heading to bed. They were in for the night.

We took the wine into the family room and drank them sitting on the couch, in silence. When the wine was done, Meg got up and turned off the table lamp putting the room into almost complete darkness. There was a little faint light coming down the hall from the half-bathroom light. The door was open and the overhead light provided just enough light to keep us from walking into walls and furniture.

Megan stood in the middle of the room, right in front of me and stripped off completely. She piled her clothes on the end of the couch and then stood there for a few moments. Let me tell you, she is still one beautiful woman. Almost forty years old, two children and lots of hard work have had almost no effect on her. If the lights were on, it would be obvious that she is not a natural blond, but you would have to look closely because she keeps her bush closely trimmed. Not shaved, but closely trimmed; just the way that I like it.

She comes close to me and says: “I am dirty and need to be cleansed.” This is in Welsh, which she learned from her mother. I am required, at this point to wash her. So, to be faithful to the ritual, I strip off all my clothes and escort her out to the hot tub in the screen room. Carefully, because of the dark, I remove the cover and put it against the outside wall. Meg turns the pump aerator thingy on. Then, Meg and I slowly enter the hot tub. It’s really warm and the flowing water and bubbles feel so good. We sit there for just a few moments and then I start the ritual washing. I don’t use any soap but there is usually a small terry cloth wash cloth on the shelf. Using the cloth, I wash over Megs beautiful body starting at her neck and working my way down to her feet. I am supposed to do this twice so, I repeat the process. I have been cautioned, on a few occasions, to try not to wet her hair. I don’t bursa escort bayan really understand why, but it’s easy enough to comply. After the second washing, we just sit there for a few moments enjoying the water.

Meg gets up first, grabbing a towel as she climbs down from the hot tub. She dries herself quickly and heads back into the house. I follow, grabbing my own towel and doing a quick dry. We leave the towels in the screen room, we will be using them again a little later.

When I get into the house, I dutifully go to our bedroom and get two pillows off the bed and bring them back to the family room. I put them onto the coffee table, one on top of the other. Then I go down the hall to the half-bathroom where Megan is waiting for me.

Megan has filled the sink with warm water and a little olive oil. There are some other herbs and things in there and I can smell the aroma of the Lavender. On the counter, next to the sink, there is an old fashioned bulb enema and a tube ok J-Y jelly. There is a candle sitting on the side of the sink, it is burning and shedding a little light. When I am aware of where everything is, Meg reaches up and shuts off the light leaving just the candle for illumination. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust and by this time, Meg has moved to face me, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. No doubt, she can feel my now fully erect cock pressing against her stomach just above her beautiful bush. She gives me a long lingering kiss and then turns around and bends at the waist putting her upper body onto a towel which has been spread out on the counter next to the sink. Reaching back with both hands, she spreads her butt cheeks and holds them open. Now, without speaking a word, I take the tube of J-Y and apply a generous gob to her ass (arse?) hole. I squeeze the air out of the enema bulb and dip it into the sink to suck up a generous load of the special water mix. I apply a goodly coating of J-Y to the nozzle and move it to the outside of her anus. As soon as she feels it there, Meg nods her head and I push the nozzle slowly into her. The nozzle is about four inches long and it goes all the way in. I begin to squeeze the bulb and empty the water into Megs bowel. It takes about a minute because I go very slowly. I like the view.

When the bulb is empty, I put a hand on her lower back and slowly withdraw the nozzle from her ass. When it is out, Meg relaxes the grip on her butt cheeks and I return the enema bulb to the sink for a refill. Following the same process I expel the air and suck up another load of her special mix. Meg reopens her butt cheeks with her hands and I reinsert the nozzle into her amply lubricated butt. This time, when I finish squeezing the bulb, I remove it as before but I don’t repeat the process. “Two is enough” I have been told on more than one occasion. So, I lay the apparatus onto the counter next to the sink and help Meg to stand up. Another quick kiss and I get the message that it is time for me to get out of the bathroom.

Remembering to take the J-Y with me, I exit the bathroom closing the door behind me. I put the tube of J-Y onto the coffee table, next to the pillows as I go through the family room. Going back out to the screen room, I re-enter the hot tub and await my bride. I am still sporting a hefty hard-on and the warm water seems to help delay the onset of a likely case of blue balls if something doesn’t happen soon.

After about five minutes or so, Meagan reappears and enters the hot tub to sit next to me. We caress each other and eventually Meg is sitting with her back to me, between my spread legs. My raging hard-on is now up against her back and she reaches around to give it a couple of friendly strokes. This feels good but is not the business that is supposed to happen now. Eventually Meg brings her arms back to her sides and leans back against me. At first I spend a little time with both hands on her boobs. Megs tits are generous without seeming too big. By that I mean, C-cups with no discernible sag. I tease her nipples and run small rings around her areola. Meg usually likes this type of attention, but tonight she has an agenda so I had better get moving.

Dropping my hands to her crotch, I begin my own form of magic. I gently part her beautiful lips and rub a finger along her womanly crease. This usually elicits a low moan from her and tonight is no different. I make sure to pay attention to escort bursa all the parts but eventually find the little nub of her clit and begin my steady but slow march of smaller finger circles around it. Finally reaching my objective, I can take the erect clit and rub it between my thumb and first finger. Gently, ever so gently, until her breathing is noticeably changing and a little more pressure is indicated. I keep going with the clit rubbing until Meg suddenly arches her back and begins a total body tremble. Her hips rock back and forth for a few moments and I believe that the water temperature in the hot tub goes up a couple of degrees. It takes her a couple of moments to come down and we sit there for maybe another five minutes while I continue to run my hands all over her torso, especially her tits.

Meg turns her head and gives me another long sensuous kiss. She gets up and climbs out of the hot tub grabbing one of the towels to dry herself off again. I wait for her to go into the family room before I get out of the tub. Like her, I re-use the towel and pat myself almost dry. When I go into the family room, I can see by the dim light from the bathroom, that Meg has knelt down on one of the pillows and, bending at the waist, put her upper body onto the other pillow which is on the coffee table. The tube of J-Y is on the table next to her and the cap has already been opened.

Taking the tube of J-Y, I apply a generous glob to my even harder than normal cock. I don’t dare to rub it too much because it would be all over, for me, before I got it into her. I kneel down behind her and put my hands on her hips. Meagan reaches back and puts both of her hands on top of mine. She moves our hands to pull her butt cheeks apart and I move forward until the tip of my cock touches her. I’m a little off target and Meg releases my right hand so that I can correct the aim. She puts her hand onto the vacated butt cheek and pulls them apart again. Knowing that Meagan has already applied an ample glob of J-Y to her anus, I find the aiming point and push forward slightly, about half of the head goes in. Meg pushes herself back onto me and the rest of the head is buried in her ass-hole.

I give a little push and, finding little resistance, I push the rest of the way in, very slowly. At about the half-way point, Meg returns her arms to the coffee table pillow. Having her cheeks back in place only adds to the good feeling that me and my cock are now enjoying. Once I reach the end objective, all the way in, I like to just rest there for a few moments before continuing my assault.

Now for the vigorous “Rogering” as she calls it. Using long strokes, I pull back until almost out then push all the way back in again. After a few of these, my little soldiers are looking for their ‘Liberty Cards”. I can feel my balls tightening even more than before and on the final deep push I let go a torrent into her lower bowels. Meg, when she senses that the end is near, pushes back against me. She pushes hard and it feels like we are locked together while i spasm and spurt into her innards.

Things eventually calm down again and we soon separate. A little of me usually drips out onto the pillow case below her. I stagger to my feet and when steady, I help her up. Again a long passionate kiss and full body hug. We go back to the hot tub and just sit there and soak for a while. The hot water soon removes all traces of the lubricant from my cock and her ass. I know that some remains on the inside along with a big wad of my cum, and that knowledge makes me happy. When we notice drowsiness setting in, it’s time for bed. Using fresh towels we exit the hot tub. Meg goes inside and I turn off the machinery and replace the cover.

When I get into the house, I notice that Meagan has removed the pillows and the tube of J-Y from the family room. All our clothes are gone from the couch. The light in the bathroom is still on and I use it as a guide to get back to the stairs to our bedroom. The bathroom sink has been drained and all evidence of the rooms recent use have been removed. Wow, she works quickly.

Meagan awaits me in the bed. Everything looks as normal. She has even changed the pillowcase! We can talk now and I ask her if she is OK? She tells me that everything is wonderful and that she has done her duty for the Earth Mother. We curl up, kiss and go to sleep.

In the morning, there was just time for a last minute quickie. We had a little breakfast and then left for the base. Meagan was doing her best not to notice the looks I was giving her. I will try to arrange an R but in the meanwhile, I have to go to Turkey and do my duty. I will certainly miss her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32