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Eve clenched her legs together and dug her teeth into her fist. She fell against the wall and squeezed her eyes shut. It was hard not to be blinded by the pleasurable betrayal her body was experiencing. She unwillingly opened her eyes. She had to get out of here as soon as possible. She tried to fight it off and stumbled off the school grounds, into the dense vegetation, shutting out the rest of the world. In a patch of bright sunlight, she collapsed and breathed a sigh of relief. Her entire body dripped with salty sweat, beading along her brow and trickling down the nape of her sensitive neck. Her schoolgirl’s uniform clung to her shapely body, barely covering her taut and firm bottom.

Eve leaned against a tree and flicked her skirt up over her hips, exposing her sopping wet, white cotton panties. With two quick twists of her fingers the flimsy side strings came undone, exposing her most intimate parts, pouting and sparkling with juices. She watched, fascinated as her clit swelled and her soft labia pouted even more.

Her horny 19 year old body trembled with uninhibited lust, and losing control, she finally gave in. Eve watched as her hands moved of their own accord and forced her thighs apart. She teased herself and slid her fingers lightly up her inner thighs, meeting at the wet junction. As one hand pried apart her sticky labia, she watched in wonder as the rounded, smooth edge of a vibrating metal object edged out of her slit. Eve groaned as two of her eager fingers slipped into the slit, around the object, wriggling around, as if searching almanbahis giriş for something. At last, she found it and gave it a gentle pull. The cord slowly slithered out from her tight pussy and Eve pulled on it, slowly extracting the vibrating metal egg. Her body shuddered as she pulled it past the tight and sensitive pussy ring that encircled her entrance. Her hips bucked upwards and the shiny metal egg fell free, landing on the soft, now damp grass between her parted thighs. The egg was slightly bigger than a large real egg.

Eve switched it off and looked down between her gently parted thighs. She could see juices trickling from the slightly gaping hole of her pussy. Her eyes skimmed past the light downy fuzz covering her pubis to her sweet mons. The sight of her splayed legs and dripping pussy made her feel even more lustful and she began to feel hotter, especially since she hadn’t had any release.

Eve quickly unbuttoned her white blouse and took it off, revealing a lacy white bra which looked moulded to her fairly large breasts. Her breathing caused them to swell, making them strain against the lacy fabric, emphasizing their size and shape. Eve gasped as she unclasped the bra, the fabric rubbing against her stiff nipples. She took it off and placed it beside her. She raised her hips and yanked her damp skirt down her toned thighs and past her knees, where she pulled both legs out of the skirt. She grabbed the skirt and spread it underneath her to make herself more comfortable. Aside from her knee high white socks and almanbahis güvenilirmi her black shoes, she had nothing else on. Her nubile young body was exposed to the caressing wind and was free for her hands to explore and arouse further.

Eve’s sodden pussy ached to be fucked, but seeing no one around, she settled for the egg. Her fingers spread her thighs apart, and she watched as her labia separated slightly, her pussy oozing sweet nectar. Eve picked up the now silent and still metal egg and opened a section in the bottom of it. She pressed “slut fuck” and closed it. She quickly pushed it into her drenched pussy. It slipped in easily and she groaned as it filled her tiny cunt up. The egg was gently vibrating and she luxuriated in the gentle vibrations. She mewed as her pussy was teased. Her juices glistened and rolled out of her pussy and onto her skirt.

Slowly, the egg began to increase the intensities of the vibrations. Soon Eve was clenching her hands into fists and squeezing her eyes shut, her slender body arching as the egg assaulted her twitching pussy. Opening her eyes, she rolled over onto her stomach and leaned on her elbows. She reached over and grabbed her bra, bunching it up and shoving it under her sopping pussy. Her breasts hung, perfect upturned bells with pink hard nipples that swayed with each thrusting movement she made, rubbing her pussy against the bunched up bra, chafing her clit and eliciting electric shockwaves throughout her body. This combined with the vibrating egg made her pant and gasp.

As almanbahis yeni giriş Eve’s stuffed pussy milked and squeezed the egg, its vibrations increased in intensity yet again. She was soon howling as she rubbed her swollen clit harder and faster against her bunched up bra. Back and forth, back and forth her body moved, breasts swaying. She could feel her orgasm building bigger and higher than ever before. Her gorgeous body gleamed with sweat as she abused her hot clit. Her creamy bottom was clenched and her whole body was tense as she slid back and forth faster and faster, mashing her vibrating cunt into the rough fabric of the bra.

“Unh unh unh…” could be heard now as her exertions were becoming increasingly more frantic. “Aieee anhh annnnhhh”. Eve’s scorching hot pussy was beginning to twitch as her thighs gleamed and a very wet spot appeared underneath her. Her panting became even heavier. “Oh fuck yes, unh unh unh!!!!” She threw everything she had into that back and forth movement, forcing her sensitive clit onto that bra, coaxing her orgasm, waiting for it to explode. “Aaaaaaaiiieeeeeeeee aaaaaaaannnnhhhhhh!!” Eve threw her head back and howled as she continued to frantically grind her clit into her bra while her steamy, sodden cunt convulsed. Her orgasm exploded and seemed to burn all her nerves as it rushed through each part of her body. She collapsed in ecstasy as her pussy continued to twitch in aftershocks, while a stream of juices oozed out, puddling between her glistening thighs.

The buzzing egg slowly decreased it’s intensity to a lower level while Eve’s steaming cunt still milked it, pussy juices flowing out and trailing down to the ground. Before she could recover properly however, she felt the egg increase intensities again, and she frantically scrabbled to extract it from her tired pussy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32