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For The Bad Boy . . .

Breathless, Laura Garrison put her eight inch, ribbed vibrator back into it’s black velvet pouch and slid it between the mattress and box spring. The battery-operated creation had become her best friend. It had been a very long time since she had brought herself to such a powerful orgasm alone. What else could she do? Laura hadn’t had sex with a partner in over two months. Her own hands had been touching the places where another should touch; feeling what another man should have been feeling. If she didn’t get laid soon, Laura felt that she was going to go out of her mind. She stared out the large casement window into her front yard. The Ornamental Chinese Cherry Tree secluded the view from the road into her bedroom in the front of the Ranch-Style home. No one could see what she had been doing to herself every morning for the past six months, no one could see her lie on the bad, naked, in different positions, getting herself off faithfully before she went to work. Even if they did, Laura thought, who cares.

After lying on the cool sheets for a few minutes more, Laura decided that it was time to get up and to get ready for work. It was already 8:15 a.m., and she had to be at the office by 9:00 a.m.

Sitting on the black leather ottoman, she ran a brush through her shoulder-length milk chocolate-colored hair and stared at her face in the dressing table mirror. It was amazing in her mind how flush a person could get from manual stimulation.

“No need for blush today.” Laura said into thin air.

She reached for her favorite “whore red” lipstick and applied it to her ample, pouty lips. The color had always driven the men she worked with crazy. She had seen the looks they had given her lips and watched them lick their own in return, as if to say ‘come to me, Baby’. Since she was on the prowl today, with it being Friday, she was going to go all out tantalizing for the office today. After carefully applying earth-tone eye shadows and several coats of jet black mascara, Laura rose from the dressing table and walked over to her oversized dresser.

“Hmm. Shall I wear underwear or not today?”

Rummaging through the various pairs of cotton, silk and satin creations, she decided to go without.

Closing the first drawer and opening the one right below it, Laura pushed through the various vibrators, nipple clamps, restraints, cock rings, potions, lotions, lubes and plugs until she found what she was looking for.

“There you are! You’ll do just fine.”

She pulled from her personal treasures a pair of egg-shaped weights, connected together be a strong nylon cord, the same color red as her lipstick. Putting one leg up on the dresser, toe pointed like a Prima Ballerina, Laura inserted the first egg inside of herself. She shivered as her fingernails lightly scratched her clit. Slowly, she adjusted her position and distributed her weight to slide the other egg in between her buttocks and into place with a jaunty little tap. An evil grin crept across her mouth as she tugged gently on the safety ring used to remove the ‘love eggs’. She put her leg down and began to dress. As she pulled up her black thigh-high stockings, Laura again smiled as the weights inside of the eggs shifted silently from side to side inside of her. She pulled on the black ankle-length black skirt, followed by the black ankle-high vinyl boots with about a Two inch heel. She selected a Lime green sweater from the closet. After putting in the small gold hoop earrings, and with one last glance in the mirror which was directly across from her bed, Laura applied several spritzes of her favorite Ginger-based perfume, put on her Black leather jacket , grabbed her keys and purse, and exited her home.

Around 2:00 p.m., sitting in her small office, Laura stared out the rectangular window, casually running a ball point pen over the still crimson-stained lips while swiveling the chair back and forth so that the eggs moved inside of her. She was so lost in an erotic daydream that she did not hear him knock on the door frame.

“Earth to Laura!”

It was him, the one she so powerfully desired, but she knew that she could not have. He had never responded to her little ‘signs’ of interest before, so she had given up.

“Joe, what’s up?”

“I am sorry if I disturbed your daydream, but I was wondering if you have the final figures for the Tower Mart deal yet?”

Laura smiled slightly and after rearranging a few neat piles of paper on her desk, she pulled out two standard pieces of white paper with black ink and handed them over her desk to Joe. He grinned as he glanced over them briefly.

“Good work Laura. I was worried you might not have them done for today.”

“Why, thank you for your faith in me good Sir, and also for your utter lack of faith in my timeliness in getting work done.”

“Please, Laura, flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Oh, will it now Mr. Wagner?”

Laura bit into her tongue, not believing that the last comment actually came out kaçak iddaa of her mouth. All of the times she has fantasized about fucking him right there on her desk, him panting hard and sweating, but she had never, besides the little flirts, let him know how she had wanted him. Now, she thought, she should have just taken out space on a billboard. It would have sounded less awkward. She smiled nervously back at Joe, who was staring at her intently.

“Anything else Joe?”

“No. Well, actually, yes Laura. There are a bunch of us going out after work tonight and I wanted to know if you wanted to meet us there.”

“Where at?”

“Scarlett’s, on Fifth.”

“Sure. I have never been there and I heard that it is a really nice place. What time?”


“I will be there with bells on.”

“Good, it will be nice to see you outside of the office again. I think that we’ll, you’ll have fun.”

“I hope you will personally see to it Mr. Wagner.” Damn! She had slipped again!

“That, Miss Garrison, I will do.”

Laura could feel how red her face was as Joe walked out of her office. The last time she had went out with the people from work was a night about a year and a half previous when she had wildly fucked Rob Benson, a Manager at one of the company’s other offices. Joe had been there that night, but he had brought his wife to the gathering, much to Laura’s detriment. She had set it into her mind that that would have been the night she would have shown him what she was all about, but when she saw him with his wife, she figured she had no chance in Hell. He had seemed too devoted to his other half, so, she had settled for Rob, Six Foot, One inch tall, blonde-haired, brown eyed, hung like a horse Rob. It was good, but Laura had wanted Joe, who she instinctually knew was better.

“Damn it!” She said as she got up from her desk and slammed her office door shut.

Joe Wagner grinned as he sat down behind his desk when he heard Laura’s door slam. He ran his hand back through his dark brown, nearly black hair and propped his Chino-clad legs onto his desk. He knew she wanted him. He had known that she was hot to trot since he had started there. His thoughts were validated when Rob Benson called him one Monday morning to give him all of the X-rated low down of how Laura and himself had went back to his office after their gathering last year and how they had fucked on the sofa bed, the floor, standing up, sitting down with her straddling him, and taking her from behind while she leaned over a table. As good as it had been for him, Rob had told Joe he was pissed off because when Laura had came, she had shouted out “Joe” instead of “Rob”. It was truly at that moment that he knew he would have her. He also knew that this particular night would be that night.

Laura arrived at Scarlett’s at 7:30 p.m., sharp. She was surprised to find how crowded it had already become, and even more surprised to find Joe sitting alone at the bar, nursing a beer. She walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Where is everyone else?” She questioned.

Joe spun himself around on the bar stool to face her. His lips bore a sinister grin. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other, causing the eggs to shift in her ever so gently, enough to send a thrill up into her thighs.

“You want the truth Laura?”

“Let me guess, no one else is coming, right?”

“I felt that you and I needed to indulge in a few celebratory drinks by ourselves for closing the Tower Mart deal. I didn’t know if you would have came if it would have just been me, so I lied. Besides, no need in making it more crowded with anyone else from the office.”

“And what if someone else from the office should happen to see up here together, on a Friday night, after hours?”

“Correct me if I am wrong, but are we not two grown adults?”

“You are wrong. We are one single adult and one married adult.”

“A-ha. The old married adult thing. Well relax Laura. We are also two coworkers who are just having a few drinks together.” Joe took this particular moment to throw in the little tidbit of information that he wanted to share with her. “Besides, my wife is out of town visiting her parents for the next week and I so hate being alone on a Friday night.”

“That could be taken the wrong way Mr. Wagner.”

“Take it any way you wish Laura, but sit down and have a drink with me.”

Looking around, Laura suddenly caught the scent of Joe’s cologne in her nostril, and earthy oriental, her favorite. Almost instantly, she felt herself moistening up. Why had she been so suddenly nervous now that she was alone with him, outside of the office? She had wanted this for about three years and the moment might finally be here, and she was hesitating.

“I guess you are right. We worked our asses off on that deal and we deserve a little fiesta for it.”

“My sentiments exactly” he replied as he rose out of his seat to help her remove her coat and offered her his seat at the bar. kaçak bahis She politely thanked him as she smoothed her skirt over her as and hoped onto the stool, being extra careful not to let the slit up the side of her leg reveal too much, especially the top of her thigh-highs.

“What can I get for you Ma’am?” Questioned the young whippersnapper of a bartender.

“Vodka and Blueberry Schnapps over ice please.”

“Yes Ma’am” the young man responded as he retreated to the other end of the bar to fix her drink. Laura turned to face Joe, who was standing less than a foot away from her.

“A slightly strong drink for a woman, don’t you think?”

“Are you my baby-sitter? Do not judge a book by it’s cover Joe.” “Judge a book by it’s cover? Why? Are you a man Laura?”

“No, in every possible sense of the word” Laura snickered. “What I meant is that I can handle the drink Joe. I can handle a lot of things.”

“I am quite sure that you can.”

Laura and Joe stared into each others eyes the way kids would do to see who would look away first. Joe felt himself getting hard looking at her perfectly shaped lips. Laura flinched and looked away.

“This is a really nice place Joe. You come here often?”

“Actually, yes, quite a bit. Scarlett, the owner, is an ex-girlfriend of mine. We have stayed close over the years.”

“And your wife doesn’t mind?”

“What she doesn’t know won’t kill her. She does not know that Scarlett and I ever had a thing. Besides, when Scarlett is here, I never have to pay for my drinks.”

“An ex who owns a bar and that you are on good terms with? I would stay close to her indeed” she casually mentioned as she turned back to the bar to find the studly bartender setting her drink down. She reached for her purse to grab her wallet.

“No need for that Miss Garrison. All of your drinks are on Mr. Wagner tonight.”

“Thank you, um . . .”


“Thank you Bradley.” She retorted as the bartender tended to a customer three people down from her, but not before glancing back at her and casting a bewitching beam back at her, clearly and invitation to all he had to offer, if she so desired. Laura again spun the stool back around to Joe, who was now even closer to her than he had been before. Now was her ultimate opportunity to see where he was coming from.

“Why Mr. Wagner, are you trying to get me drunk?”

“That depends on where it will get me Miss Garrison.”

Laura peered deeply into his eyes again, this time not flinching. She could have sworn she saw a glint of lightning shoot through them. As much as she had wanted this moment to come, she felt a knot of tension growing in her stomach. She had opened the door, and he had walked through it willingly.

“Let me ask you and honest question Joe.”

“Go right ahead.”

“Do you cheat on your wife?”

“What if I said no?”

“Well, if you said no, I would have to ask you another question.”

“And that question would be?”

“Do you want to start?”

“And I would have to truthfully answer with a question of my own Laura.”

“Which would be?”

“When and where Laura?”

Laura felt herself blushing. He would have never imagined that seducing Joe could be this easy. She felt like standing up and kicking herself in the ass for not opening her mouth sooner.

“I would have to respond to that particular query by saying I would like to have a few more drinks first Mr. Wagner.”

“And I would in turn say that we can drop this polite talk shit, phrasing things in the hypothetical and get down to business. If you are asking me if I would fuck you Laura, I would say yes, in a heartbeat. I would only hope that you would want to fuck me, too, and that I am not making a complete ass out of myself here.”

Silently, Joe stood next to Laura for about 20 minutes as she ordered two additional drinks and drank them in nearly world-record time. She ordered her fourth.

“Before you get any more booze in you, let’s dance.”

“I never thought you would ask Joe.”

Hoping off of the bar stool and quickly cutting her way through the crowd, Laura cleared a spot on the dance floor for the two of them. Just then, the music changed if on cue, and Laura could have swore she had seen Joe signal the DJ as she had turned around to face him. It seemed as if everyone in the place swarmed onto the floor at the same time to shake their proverbial booty’s to “Confusion” by New Order, one of Laura’s favorite songs, being that it was an erotic techno groove that one could not help but want to get it on to.

“I love this song!” Laura shouted to Joe.

“Really? Well then, why don’t you show me what you have for me?” He shouted back.

With the rainbow array of spot and strobe lights reflecting off of the smoky-colored one way glass that made up the walls of Scarlett’s, Laura rose her arms above her head, intertwined her fingers and began to gyrate her hips side to side in almost a belly dancer-like fashion. Joe felt himself start to illegal bahis throb. He watched as she let her right leg finally show itself from the slit in her skirt, revealing a tattoo on her calf her had never before noticed. ‘More intrigue’ he thought.

Staring at her voluptuous body in motion, Joe concentrated his sights next on her chest. He admired the designer of the sweater, the way that it fit loosely fit, except over top of her breasts, where it was way more formfitting. Even in the multicolored atmosphere of Scarlett’s, the nearly fluorescent green of the sweater made her blue eyes look as if they were glowing. He lifted his hand and unbuttoned the tope two buttons of his shirt, bringing an even bigger smile to her perfectly fuckable mouth.

Joe could barely get the thought through his mind about how good those lips would feel around his cock when Laura suddenly pressed up against him, chest to chest. He could feel her nipples taut against him as she ground into him. Laura put one hand around the back of his neck and leaned backwards, bringing their groins into even closer contact, if it were really possible. As she straightened up, she slid the other hand down his back to his ass where she produced a hearty seizure of the flesh through the cotton twill pants he donned.

“Don’t play a game if you are not a master of it, Joe” she whispered into his ear.

“Oh Laura” he laughed, “you have no clue of the games I am a Master at” he replied as he swiftly spun he around and pulled her back into him. His manliness pressed sharply into her behind. Joe wrapped his arms over top of her tits and let on hand drift down to the slit in her skirt as they swayed slowly to the fast tempo of the song. She let her head rest back onto his shoulder as he slid his hand under the fabric and found her womanhood under the fabric, sans underwear and sans hair.

“Laura, you are a saucy tramp, aren’t you?” He murmured into her ear as he let his tongue lick her earlobe.

“I like to feel everything, and fur on the cat just gets in the way.”

While tending to her goods private from the rest of the people around them, Joe found her clit and pinched it between his fingers. Laura gasped as he slowly leaned her slightly forward and began to simulate fucking her from behind on the middle of the dance floor.

“You like it, don’t you?”

Laura snapped out of her temporary horny trance long enough to turn back around to face him.

“If we don’t get out of here soon Joe, I am going to come right here, right now.”

“Maybe I want you to come right here and right now for me Laura”

Joe again slid his hand through the slit of the skirt, this time bypassing the love button and attempting to slide two fingers directly into her.

“What is this?”

“Something to fill me up since I can’t have you inside of me.”

Laura closed her eyes and whimpered and Joe managed to maneuver the fingers around the egg and into her pussy. Her mouth opened along with her eyes as the whimper turned into a low guttural moan. Several people on the dance floor heard this over the music and looked at Laura, noticed the tops of her thigh-highs and Joe’s hand inside of her skirt, and continued about their business of dancing. Joe held Laura tight against him with his other hand as he removed his fingers from her and slowly raised his hand to her lips. Without hesitation, Laura took hold of his hand and ran the damp fingers back and forth over her lips while holding his deep brown eyes with hers. She let one finger slip between her lips and sucked it as a baby would.

“Do you like the way you taste Laura?”

“MMM-MMMM. And I like the way you say my name Joe” she replied as she let the individual finger out of her mouth and slowly ran it over her top lip again. This time, Joe was the one who closed his eyes and whimpered.

“I think you are right, it is time for us to get out of here. My place of yours?”

“Mine, it is closer, less than ten minutes from here.”

After separating so that Joe could retrieve their coats and her purse, he arrived back to find Laura standing in the same place on the dance floor, watching everyone around her.

“Let’s go Baby.”

“Lead the way Joe.”

Once outside of Scarlett’s, they found themselves stopping twice before getting to his SUV to kiss, so carnally that they nearly made their lips bleed. She nearly pulled out a handful of his hair as she wrapped her leg around his waist in the doorway of an apartment building near the parking garage as he began to run his tongue up and down over her throat. She came again, shouting loudly enough to evoke a reaction from an apartment tenant. He yelled for them to get a room as he slammed his window shut. They laughed as they began to run to the garage to retrieve his vehicle and get down to business.

Arriving at Laura’s home in timing similar to that of a World Class Indy car driver, Laura fumbled with her keys to get the front door unlocked. Joe lifted the back of her skirt to reveal her bare ass. He ran his hands over it, feeling the goose bumps form as he did so. She dropped her keys.

“C’mon Joe, wait for one more minute so I can get the key in the door! My ass is getting cold!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32