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Cum Throat

Naughty Sister Buys My Silence 06 — Slutty Sister makes her brother fuck her Girlfriend.

Submitted: April 1, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: incest, sister, prostitution, big tits, blowjob, domination


Hey there!

Thanks for checking out this story! This series is written like a novel, so be sure to start at the first chapter “Naughty Sister Buys My Silence,” if you want to avoid major spoilers or confusion. Also, if you’re enjoying this story, or just like incest stories, you may also really like my “Innocent Devil’s Harem” series likewise available on Lit.


– CHAPTER 06 –

– SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19: Early Evening –

Sarah only ended up crying for about ten minutes before she finally collected herself, beginning to apologize repeatedly when she finally pulled away. My sister was now sitting next to her on the middle bar stool, wearing faded jeans and a purple spaghetti-strap camisole that revealed an exorbitant amount of her cleavage, beginning to gently rub the short chick’s upper back over her poofy coat once I was no longer holding her.

My sister and I were both pretty tall, so between us Sarah almost felt like a young teenager due to her five-foot stature, even though she was four years older than my sister and a whopping six years older than me.

Of course, I reassured Sarah that I didn’t mind the mess, but all she could do was repeatedly stare at the snotty offense she’d made on my black shirt, looking like she felt just miserable about everything.

I finally decided to excuse myself to throw on a different T-shirt, only to then end up staying upstairs for a little bit when I realized Sarah was finally sharing with my sister everything that was going on. Because the last thing I wanted to happen was for me to come downstairs, only for Sarah to revert back to apologizing instead of getting everything off her chest.

It wasn’t until about an hour had passed that I decided to head back down and begin working on an early dinner, suspecting that our guest wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon. After all, I doubted my sister would kick her out in her current predicament, especially given how much Amber seemed to sincerely care, and I likewise suspected that Sarah wasn’t interested in going back to her empty home anytime soon.

Honestly, it was pretty obvious that Amber considered this short chick a sincere friend, despite my sister’s earlier semi-ambiguous comment, because I was well aware that she’d be a bit less sympathetic toward someone she was more casually acquainted with.

Because in my sister’s perception, she had enough of her own shit to deal with to have the time to play therapist to every chick who was having an arbitrary crisis. And often Amber might be much less accommodating even for an acquaintance who was truly having a semi-serious melodramatic meltdown.

But my sister wasn’t giving off her usual, ‘I’ve got enough drama to deal with, I don’t need yours too,’ vibe. Instead, she seemed sincerely invested and concerned as she continued to occasionally give Sarah a reassuring rub on the back, listening intently while the girl poured her heart out.

Thankfully, my reappearance didn’t stop the conversation completely, even though Sarah paused briefly when she realized I was back downstairs, but they were pretty much done talking about her husband anyway, now socializing more about less important things.

My sister had just finished mentioning our parents delayed return home when I made my appearance.

Going straight for the freezer, I grabbed out a pack of frozen sizzle steaks and placed them in the sink under hot water to begin thawing, before returning to the fridge to figure out what else I wanted to make for dinner.

Amber took the opportunity to finally get Sarah more comfortable.

“Here,” she said gently, standing up out of her seat. “Let me take your coat and hang it up.”

“Umm, okay,” Sarah replied quietly, finally unzipping her jacket and shrugging out of it.

I glanced in their direction to see that the short brunette was wearing a thin dark-gray sweater underneath that was fitted enough to reveal her curves, noticing how she immediately pulled her sleeves down over her small palms after handing over her jacket.

Fuck, she was actually pretty hot, her chest definitely small but looking much plumper thanks to her overwise tiny frame. Of course, she was very attractive in the face, but I wasn’t expecting her proportions to look so sexy.

At the very least, her waist tapered in so much that her small hips looked proportionally wider than my sister’s, even though my sister was objectively bigger than this chick in every way.

When Sarah unexpectedly focused on me, and I realized I’d been caught checking her out, I cleared my throat as if I was about to talk to her anyway.

“Have any preference for vegetables?” I wondered casually, sahabet güvenilirmi assuming she ate healthy given how thin she was.

She frowned as she considered that. “Umm, I’m fine with whatever.”

I opened up the freezer and pulled out a bag of frozen broccoli, holding it up for her to see. “This fine?” I wondered.

Her blue eyes brightened. “Yeah, that sounds good.”

“Cheese or no cheese?” I wondered.

She laughed at that. “What is it with your family and cheese?” she asked playfully, seeming to loosen up again.

I grinned as well. “I mean, it’s yummy, and goes well with just about everything.”

She shook her head with a grin on her face, taking a deep breath. “Yeah, I’m fine either way.”

“Cool,” I replied, moving over to the microwave to toss the whole thing in, since it was designed to be cooked in the bag. Then, once that was going, I turned my attention back to the sizzle steaks, grabbing some hamburger seasoning and then turning on the oven, followed by pulling out a cookie sheet to start prepping the meat.

The nice thing about sizzle steaks was that they were so thin, they’d easily cook in under ten minutes, which meant the whole meal would be ready by then.

My sister came back around the corner a second later, in the middle of typing on her phone.

“What’s up?” I wondered, having glanced back at her.

She shook her head as she stuck her phone in the back of her jean’s pocket. “Nothing wrong. Mom just sent me a message to ask how things were going.” She shrugged. “Told her we were fine, and that Sarah was over visiting.” She then gave the person in question her attention. “So Sarah, do you want to hang out in my room for a little bit while he gets dinner ready?”

Unexpectedly, Sarah’s face flushed intensely, looking embarrassed as hell for no reason. “Umm…m-maybe after dinner?” she stammered, seeming uncertain.

Amber shrugged nonchalantly. “Sure,” she agreed, casually having a seat next to her again. “Hey bro, can you grab me a hard lemonade too?” she wondered, resuming her princess act, and asking me when she could easily get up to get it herself.

But I didn’t mind, since I was more than happy to wait on her. Problem was, I was working with raw meat at the moment.

“Just a sec,” I replied. “My hands are messy.”

Unexpectedly, Sarah slipped out of her seat. “I’ll grab it for you,” she commented, her tone almost sounding affectionate and very ‘willing to please’ as she headed for the fridge.

Which left me confused as hell.

I glanced at her over my shoulder as she opened the fridge door, only to look at my sister, who immediately winked at me while Sarah’s back was turned. Amber then proceeded to smirk when the short chick returned in a hurry and handed the drink over.

“Here you go,” Sarah replied, her tone a bit more intense than I felt like the situation merited.

Instantly, I turned back toward what I was doing, suddenly frozen solid in place.

Holy fuck.

Like, seriously, holy fuck.

What in the hell was going on right now?

I quickly had to try to clear my mind before it began wandering too much, but I absolutely couldn’t understand what had just transpired. Was Sarah just that desperate for friends right now, after finding out that her closest companion was cheating on her? Or was the warmth in my cock telling me something that I couldn’t bring myself to even seriously consider.

No, I must just be imagining it.

I had to be misinterpreting the situation.

It was just my own perverted mind seeing things that weren’t there, likely influenced by the fact that we’d just fucked to lesbian porn barely a couple of hours ago, prior to taking our little nap together naked on the couch.

Sighing, I gave all my attention back to the meat in front of me, finally washing my hands and then getting the steaks in the oven.

Sarah and my sister were socializing again, seeming much more relaxed as they talked quietly, with Amber currently complaining about how much of a bitch one of her teachers was this last semester, and how she was glad she’d never have to deal with the ‘old hag’ again.

I suspected Amber’s real problem was that the woman wasn’t a guy that could be seduced, even though I was well aware my sister probably fucked a few of the male students to do the busywork for her. Still, it seemed as if this professor sincerely pissed my sister off by the sound of it.

Not that pissing her off was overly hard to do in the first place.

It wasn’t until Sarah unexpectedly glanced up at me when I leaned against the counter, only for her cheeks to flush, that my sister stopped midsentence to focus on me too. She then grinned and looked back at her friend.

“My brother’s pretty cute, isn’t he?” she boldly commented.

“Fuck, sis!” I exclaimed in sincere shock. “Way to be awkward!”

Sarah shook her head, averting her gaze now. “N-No, she’s right.”

Amber continued, practically smiling ear-to-ear sahabet yeni giriş now. “And you think Sarah’s pretty cute too, don’t you, baby brother?”

I glared at her, wondering what in the hell she was doing right now. My tone came out a bit harsher than I was intending, even though what I was saying wasn’t anything bad. “Yeah, she’s cute, sis. Really cute. What’s your point?”

She laughed. “No point, I guess,” she said cheerfully, abruptly wrapping her arms around Sarah’s thin shoulders. “Just wanted to point out you’re both hot as fuck.”

I frowned at that, suddenly uncomfortable when it felt like my sister was treading way too close to the line of disclosing our taboo relationship, only to quickly realize that probably wasn’t how Sarah was perceiving it at all.

No, I could tell from the chick’s expression that she probably assumed my sister was only trying to hook us up, with the idea that Amber might be specifically implying that she personally thought I was hot not being a thought that was crossing her mind.

But then, how was I supposed to handle this situation?

Because it kind of did seem like Amber was trying to hook me up with Sarah, and at the same time I knew my sister had made it clear she didn’t want me to get into anything serious with anyone. Which meant, my sister was trying to get me to fuck her friend, just to fuck, and yet I had zero idea how to even get to that point even if I wanted to.

Was I supposed to ask this girl if she wanted to go out with me sometime?

Or should I ask if I could come over tomorrow to hang out?

Or something else?

Certainly, it wasn’t like I could just suggest she come up to my room right now so we could fuck before dinner. I mean, that would just be weird on so many levels, especially with my sister in the house, assuming that we wanted to keep our taboo relationship a secret.


I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

Amber grinned widely as she watched me visibly struggle with the position that she’d suddenly put me in, seeming to enjoy that I had zero idea how to handle this awkward situation.

“Anyway,” Amber finally continued, letting go of Sarah’s shoulders as she spoke to her. “Let’s have dinner and then hang out in my room for a little bit afterward. Sound good?”

Sarah visibly swallowed, before nodding. “S-Sure,” she agreed simply.

I used the prompt to focus on getting out plates and silverware, thankful the broccoli was already finished in the microwave so I could put it in a bowl, add cheese, and then get it cooking for another minute. I then gave the steaks my attention, knowing they were close to done, turning on the oven light to check on them.

In the meantime, I tried to process more of the situation, realizing that the biggest issue was that I had zero idea how to even approach a chick for casual sex. I mean, shit, I felt like just walking up to someone and asking to fuck would only get me slapped in the face, and I certainly didn’t want to make Sarah feel like a whore by somehow getting her to fuck when I had zero plans on actually having a relationship with her.

But then again, maybe that’s all she was interested in.

Maybe she didn’t want a relationship.

I mean, she was married after all, and even though her husband was cheating on her, she’d given no indication that she wanted a divorce. No, in fact, now that I thought about it, she hadn’t even given any indication she was going to approach him about it.

Did that mean she planned on ignoring his adultery and continuing to remain with him, even despite the cheating?

Maybe being financially secure was really important to her, and the idea of abandoning her huge house, nice car, and otherwise comfy life wasn’t worth it. Maybe she was willing to put up with the adultery to have those things, even though it meant rarely seeing her husband and having to put up with him sleeping with other women.

Which meant, maybe she truly didn’t want another relationship.

Maybe she just needed a hot guy to fuck every once in a while.

But I still had zero idea how to even get to a point where that kind of stuff was out in the open. Because there was absolutely no way Sarah would ever take the initiative to start something with me. On the contrary, I’d have to make all the moves, with my only source of information coming from her nonverbal body language, since I highly doubted she’d flat out tell me what she wanted.

Shit, why did this have to be so complicated?

Then again, I supposed that was the whole reason why my sister forced us both to admit we found the other attractive. Because, unlike me, she could pick up on the subtle cues Sarah was giving, and had taken the time to make me realize something I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed on my own.

And I also realized that my sister might be doing this because she actually needed this from me.

After all, she’d made it pretty clear she might try to hook me up if I didn’t sahabet giriş fuck around on my own, and I was concerned that completely refusing to get more experience myself might actually push Amber away, since she could be really stubborn in certain situations. It was the reason why I was trying so hard to walk that line with her, trying to avoid being too intense, or doing anything that might make her backpedal and pull away from our budding relationship.

Which meant, I really needed to accept the bait my sister had offered and take some initiative here.

And hey, maybe I’d get lucky and make my sister jealous in the process.

Granted, I had no idea how Amber would react to sincere jealousy, but I felt like it could be a good thing long-term.

Sighing, I filled a plate with some cheesy broccoli and a sizzle steak, only to set it in front of Sarah, keeping my hand on the plate as I paused to speak.

“Hey,” I said gently, giving her all my attention, causing her to look up at me with wide eyes, looking like that deer in headlights again. “Not to put you on the spot, but if you ever want to hang out sometime, I’d be happy to keep you company.”

Holy fuck, Sarah’s face immediately flushed, and my sister grinned ear-to-ear like she couldn’t be more proud.

“S-Sure,” the chick stammered, forcing herself to continue holding my gaze, even though her face was turning even brighter red. “I’d really like that,” she admitted.

“Sounds good,” I agreed, letting go of her plate and turning around to fix one for my sister too.

I could hear Amber whisper to her short friend behind my back. “I’ll give you his number later, so you can chat whenever.” She then raised her voice, so it was more obvious that I was meant to hear too. “He’s actually going to move back closer to home and go to school someplace around here.”

“Oh, really?” Sarah said, sounding like she was directing her words toward me. “Was something wrong with the other school?”

I glanced over my shoulder, seeing my sister’s emerald gaze on me, expecting me to take over the conversation. “Umm, it was fine,” I admitted, giving Sarah my attention, her bright blue eyes looking sincerely concerned. “Just don’t think it’s worth the expense. I could get the same education for much less if I just went somewhere In-State.”

Sarah nodded in understanding. “Yeah, I actually regret getting my degree Out-of-State,” she admitted, taking a deep breath. “Now I have a ton of student loan debt, and almost no way to pay for it.”

“Oh?” I replied, setting a plate down for my sister. “What did you major in?”

She frowned. “History,” she said with a grimace. “Which means the best job I could probably get is a curator at a museum.” She paused to shake her head. “And you know how much those people make when they have a degree, versus when they don’t?”

“No idea,” I replied.

“Fifty cents,” she stated flatly. “A whole half dollar for having a four-year education. Biggest waste of money of my life.”

I nodded as I got myself a plate. “Yeah, when I was looking through the degree options, I kind of felt like most of them were useless,” I commented, only to glance over my shoulder at her, afraid she’d take offense, since I was kind of indirectly calling her dumb for majoring in history.

Instead, she gave me a small smile. “Yeah, wish I’d realized that when I was first starting,” she agreed. “But everyone was just saying that it didn’t matter and that the only important thing was getting the four year education.” She then scoffed, glancing at my sister as she held up a piece of cheesy broccoli on her fork. “You know, when we got my car, the guy selling to us was talking about how he had a bachelor’s in architecture and a master’s in leadership, or some shit like that. Now he works as a car’s salesman, since everyone wants experience, and he can’t even get hired for an entry-level position, never mind the fact that his master’s degree is too vague and architecture stuff is too competitive.” She paused to take a bite of her food.

I decided to grab the stool next to my sister and pull it around to the other side so I could face them as we ate, prompting another wink from Amber for some reason.

“Yeah,” my sister agreed, focusing on Sarah. “I was actually only going to get the graphic design degree initially, but our dad was kind of like ‘What are you going to do with that?’ and I realized there weren’t exactly a ton of jobs that it led to.” She shrugged. “So I’m doing business too, since I kind of want to have the skills from both.”

I frowned at that, recalling what my sister admitted earlier about studying and passing her exams, even though she was sucking and fucking for most of her assignments. It caused me to suspect that her interest in the material meant she was sincerely learning, especially since it sort of applied directly to her online porn business, whereas she was very much not interested in doing all the pointless assignments most teachers gave out as busywork.

But it seemed obvious that when my sister graduated, she’d probably be just as knowledgeable as the students standing next to her, if not even more so compared to those who only did the assignments and never actually took the time to really understand the material.

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