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Big Tits

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


In spite of the black clothes she always wore when Hugh’s band was playing, it was still pretty obvious that Sandy was a nerd. Maybe it was the glasses or the hairstyle or maybe it was just that, since I was definitely a nerd too, I could identify other nerds. As birds of a feather, we hit it off immediately. Of course, I was flirting like crazy but I think initially she was trying to make a move on PJ, the drummer in the band. I was used to not being the first choice, though, so I just hung in there until the time was right. For a nerd, I did all right with the ladies basically because I knew my limitations and didn’t put too much effort into pursuing somebody who was obviously out of my league. Sandy definitely was in my league and the nice thing was that she was actually very cute behind her big, not-so-fashionable glasses and her body was quite nice.

I watched how PJ reacted around her and got the sense that he was torn about wanting to hit that body but not wanting to get any more involved than that. Very shallow, yes, but we nerds were accustomed to that. To Sandy’s credit, she wasn’t trying to use her body to win him over. While her black jeans were snug enough to show off her sweet ass, she wasn’t wearing anything that was revealing. She was really just trying to engage him with her personality, which instead was winning me over the more time I spent around her.

Sandy knew Hugh from work but, by coming to see his shows, she got to know the rest of us, who mostly knew each other going back to high school. Hugh wasn’t the only one who had a band and, when Les’ band started playing more gigs, we’d go to see them, too. We started encouraging Sandy to show up for Les’ shows, too, since she knew him as well as she knew the rest of us, except maybe for Hugh. One Saturday night when they were playing at The Exchange she finally showed up. Of course I was stoked for another opportunity to flirt with her but, while she was as friendly with me as usual, she seemed a little distracted. I overheard a conversation between her and Linda later that night that explained it.

“So, what’s going on with you and PJ?” Linda asked.

“Nothing, unfortunately,” Sandy replied, “I’m getting all kinds of mixed signals and I’m ready to just give up.”

“Well, you’ve got a lot to offer,” Linda said, “if he can’t see it, he doesn’t deserve you.”

“Thanks,” Sandy replied, “He said he was going to be here tonight but I’m starting to wonder. If he doesn’t show up after telling me he would, I’m done with him.”

“As well you should be,” Linda said, “Don’t waste your time with him if he can’t appreciate you and he can’t show you some respect.”

Of course I was immediately hoping that PJ had no intention of showing up, not because I wanted Sandy to be hurt but because I knew it would work in my favor. I didn’t flirt any more than usual but really made an effort to keep a smile on her face. I hoped at some point that a light bulb might go on over her head and she’d realize that I was a better fit for her than PJ was. He never did end up showing up, which was too bad because Les and his band put on a great show. This probably helped Sandy a bit because at least it distracted her for a while. There weren’t many people who weren’t on their feet during their sets, including me, so when they finally closed out their final set, I plopped down at a table with a cold beer in front of me. I was definitely pleased when Sandy joined me and she had a big smile on her face.

“Those guys killed it,” Sandy said, “Can I have a sip of your beer? I’m dying.”

“Help yourself,” I said, “You’re not drinking?”

“Not anymore,” she replied, “I’ve got a long drive home ahead of me.”

“Speaking of which,” I said, fully aware of an opportunity opening up for me, “I need to make sure I’ve got a ride home.”

“You didn’t drive?” she asked.

“No, I bummed a ride,” I told her, “I just have to make sure I’ve still got a ride home.”

“Oh, I can give you a ride,” she said, “I’ve got plenty of room since it is just me.”

“Sweet,” I replied, “I appreciate it.”

Linda and Chris joined us at the table right about that time so there was no further discussion at that moment. We hung out for a while longer with Les and his bandmates joining us for a while before they needed to start packing up their equipment. When Sandy asked me if I was istanbul escort ready to go, I had been for a while but knew I needed to be patient. We said good-bye and no one seemed surprised that we were leaving together but no one asked for more details, either. We jumped in her car and I navigated her from the bar to my place, which was about a 10-15 minute trip. I was thinking that I might have a good shot at the very least of getting a good-night kiss but was definitely hoping for more and I thought I knew how to make it happen.

“Perfect, a free spot right out front,” I said as we pulled down my street. She pulled up to the curb in front of the two-family home where Rob and I rented the upstairs apartment.

“This is pretty cool,” she said, “Do you own it?”

“No,” I replied, “Rob and I just rent the upstairs. You want to come up and see it?”

“I’ve actually got a pretty long drive ahead of me still,” she said, though she did seem disappointed. I knew that it was now or never.

“Well…you know…Rob’s out of town for the weekend,” I said, treading very carefully, “but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you crashed in his room. It is late and it has been a long night.”

She thought about it for a minute or two and I forced myself not to try to convince her to stay so she didn’t question my motives. I didn’t know if she was internally debating driving home versus staying or whether it was more about the potential of what could happen with the two of us alone in my apartment. Whatever her subconscious was telling her, I had no complaints about her final decision.

“You know what?” she said, “You’re right. I can drive home tomorrow when it’s light and I’m more awake. You’re sure you don’t mind?”

I couldn’t possibly have minded less but I couldn’t let her know that.

“Well, unless you snore,” I replied, “then you can just drive your ass on home.”

“Fuck you,” she said, laughing and giving me a shove. I sure hoped so. She shut off her car and we headed inside, then I locked the front door behind us and led her upstairs. I gave her the quick, twenty-five cent tour, showing her where Rob’s room was and the bathroom, followed by the kitchen and our small living room at the front of the house.

“So, what’s back there?” she asked as we stood in the hallway outside Rob’s bedroom.

“My room and a spare room,” I replied, “You want to see?”

“Of course,” she said, “I want the full tour.”

Heading down the hall past the head of the stairs, of course I showed her the spare room first.

“There’s a futon there if you think that would be more comfortable,” I said.

“That doesn’t even look remotely comfortable,” she replied, “but thanks.”

Finally, I led her into my room, which was an odd L-shape. Right inside the door was my desk and weight bench and, around the corner, my bed, dresser, bookshelf and a chair.

“This is a pretty cool set-up,” she said, “Maybe I could just stay in here with you.”

Before I had a chance to reply with a hearty “Hell yes!” she was in my arms and we were kissing. The kissing quickly progressed to passionately making out as my hands dropped to her ass, squeezing it as I pulled her against me. Since she had essentially just said she was interested in going to bed with me, and since it was quite late, it seemed like this was the kind of situation where taking things slowly was not really the appropriate course. I ended up bringing my hands up between us to start opening her jeans, figuring I’d like to get them off and eat her pussy. This way, I knew she’d get at least one orgasm if I ended up blowing my load as soon as I slipped my cock into her. She didn’t resist and we separated slightly while continuing to make out passionately. Rather than immediately starting to slide her jeans down, I slipped a hand into them once they were open, running a fingertip along her pussy through her panties. She moaned into my mouth and I could feel the heat and moisture emanating through her panties so I went ahead and slipped my hand into them.

Her bush seemed well-groomed as my fingers passed through it but, as my fingers passed over her clit, she pulled her mouth from mine to let out a moan. We went back to making out for the moment as I slipped a finger between her lips and found her about overflowing with lubrication. Still standing, I started alternating between fingering her pussy, which was not all that easy inside her jeans and panties, and lightly caressing her clit, which was much easier and seemed to have more of an effect on her. By the time I decided to focus strictly on her clit, she’d pulled her mouth from mine and was pressing her face into my neck, moaning nearly continuously. I didn’t know whether I had made her so horny or if she was just so frustrated by PJ or if she was just typically horny, but I was certainly happy for the opportunity to provide her some relief and satisfaction. Not only did I have no doubt that I would be able to get her there, but I still planned to take her jeans avcılar escort and panties down after she’d cum and eat her to at least another orgasm.

Her hips were rocking toward my hand as I continued stroking her clit while her breathing rate picked up along with the intensity of her moaning. Meanwhile, my cock was rock hard within the constraints of my own jeans and, though I was certain she’d be assisting me in achieving my own orgasm, I was definitely completely focused on her for the moment. I could feel her starting to tense up as she was gripping me tighter but, when the tension suddenly left her body, she let out a cry and I could feel her trembling against me. I continued to stroke her clit as she was cumming, only slipping my hand from her panties once I was certain that she’d finished.

“Thank you, that was incredible,” she said before kissing me hard again. I turned her so that her back was to my bed then pulled my lips from hers and dropped to my knees. I was glad that she didn’t try to stop me or suggest that it wasn’t necessary as I started to slide her jeans down. I had to help her out of her boots but I was actually looking at her black bikini panties as I did, thinking that she couldn’t have picked out a better pair in my opinion, even if she’d known I’d be seeing them. With her boots off, her jeans quickly followed and I ran my hands along her thighs toward her panties before reaching around to squeeze her ass. When I started sliding her panties down, my hands went over her bare ass but my gaze was on her brown bush as it was revealed. It was quite well-groomed and my cock throbbed as I stared at it while sliding her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them and I dropped them unceremoniously to the floor as she sat on the edge of my bed and spread her legs.

My attention was on her trim bush as I started to kiss my way toward it along her soft, smooth inner thighs and she reclined, supporting herself on her elbows. When I reached her pussy, I kissed my way around it before running my tongue up along her slit, tasting all of the pungent juices that were flowing. She moaned and flopped completely backwards, reaching for my head and holding it in place, as though I might change my mind and decide to go for a walk. I slurped up her juices, making her moan even louder, then slipped a finger into her snug, slippery pussy while directing my tonguing toward her clit. She continued moaning and started rocking her hips toward my face and, as I considered how wet and snug her pussy was around my finger, I wondered if a second orgasm would be even easier for her to achieve than the first one had been. I didn’t necessarily want to give her a quick orgasm and, in fact, would have been quite content to spend as much time as necessary or even more with my face between her thighs. It just crossed my mind that, since I’d just managed to get her to cum, she could still be on a high and have a shorter trip to the next orgasm.

I could feel her already snug pussy feeling even more so as it became more engorged and, when I started to suck her clit as well as licking it, she was moaning even louder. I glanced up but I couldn’t really get a look at her face since she was fully reclined. I did note that, as she was reaching down to hold onto my head, she was squeezing her tits together making them look bigger. I was anxious to get her fully naked, to see and fondle her tits and, of course, to fuck her but, as much as I intended to savor all of that, I was also savoring the opportunity to have my face between her thighs, tasting her pussy. At the same point, I was not trying to draw out her pleasure while denying her a climax just so that I could spend more time down there pleasuring her. Consequently, as she started tensing up again while approaching the verge of another orgasm, I was definitely pleased to be able to have that effect on her.

She had a tight grip on my head as her entire body was nearly rigid right before she let out a cry and all of the tension suddenly left her body. She started shaking as she was cumming, letting out the occasional gasp, and clearly experiencing a high degree of pleasure. I continued licking, sucking and fingering her as she was cumming, raising my head only once I was certain that she’d finished. As she let out a long, content-sounding sigh, I slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth.

“I can’t remember the last time I came that hard,” she finally confessed, “if I ever actually have at all. I’m so glad you invited me up but I feel like you’ve been completely neglected.”

She sat up and started to pull my shirt over my head as I reached for the buttons on her blouse and got it opened. Her bra was black, too, and I ran my hands over the cups, feeling her hard nipples pressing outward. Because I was still on my knees, she couldn’t reach my jeans so she slipped out of her blouse then reached back to unfasten her bra. I slipped it down her arms while watching as her bare tits were revealed. Her areolas were larger than I was expecting for the size şirinevler escort of her tits and her nipples looked hard enough to cut glass. I caressed them then leaned in to briefly lick and suck her nipples before standing so I could finally get out of my jeans. She unfastened my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans then started to work them down. My briefs were tented out so she caressed the bulge before sliding them down as well.

When my cock sprung out, she took it in her hand, pumped it a couple of times then licked it. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, at least not yet, so I was trying to get my jeans the rest of the way down so that I could join her on the bed. She finally helped me out and, as I kicked my jeans and underwear aside, I was reaching for the drawer in my nightstand where I kept condoms. I grabbed a strip and tore one off, handing it to her as she reached for it, then crawled onto the bed with her and lay on my back. She rolled the condom onto my throbbing cock then got up onto her knees and straddled me, reaching for my cock to guide it to her pussy. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto it and, as she sat there for a moment, I reached for her tits and started fondling them again. She started to move slowly up and down on my cock, breathing heavily as she did and I could understand why if it felt as good for her as it did for me. Even through the condom her pussy felt incredibly hot and incredibly slippery. The fact that she was quite snug certainly didn’t hurt, either.

As I played with Sandy’s tits, my eyes were roaming all over her naked body since I’d been eager for an opportunity to see it for quite a while. I was pretty certain that this wasn’t going to be my only opportunity so it was more about being in awe that the opportunity had finally arrived. I was aware that I had yet to gaze upon her naked ass but I suspected that it was now just a matter of time. When she went from sitting straight up and humping my cock to leaning forward, with a hand on each side of my head, and rocking forward and back on it, her tits ended up almost right in my face. I went from caressing her hard nipples to licking and sucking them while running my hands around to caress her bare ass. The question about whether she would cum more easily after having cum already came to mind again as she started riding me harder, causing her titties to swing. I started pushing up to meet her each time she pushed herself backwards onto my cock, giving her the maximum penetration that I could.

As she continued riding me hard, not only were her moans getting louder, but my bed was beginning to make some noise as well. I knew it was assembled solidly so I wasn’t worried about it breaking on us but I was glad that we were over the downstairs neighbors’ kitchen, not their bedroom. Although I was certainly feeling a considerable level of pleasure despite wearing the condom, I did suspect that it allowed me to last longer than I normally would have expected to. This was beneficial to Sandy in that she was able to reach another orgasm, which I felt was also beneficial to me because, the more she came, the more likely it was that I’d end up naked with her again. I was feeling my orgasm building and was certainly relishing the pleasure when she slammed backwards on my cock and just sat there. Her body started trembling as she let out a cry and, though I was happy that I’d made her cum again, I was ready to cum myself by that point.

“You’re amazing,” she gasped when she’d finally finished cumming, “but I still feel a little selfish, so I am going to make you cum now.”

She started moving backwards, my cock slipping out of her, and positioned herself between my legs. She slipped the condom off and tossed it aside then briefly pumped my cock before wrapping her lips around it. I grabbed my pillows and wedged them under my head so that I could watch her sucking my cock and it just occurred to me at that moment that she was still wearing her glasses. I moaned as she slid her mouth up and down my tool while pumping the base, which felt incredible, but the fact that she was still wearing her glasses was for some reason additionally arousing to me. She clearly had some talent when it came to cocksucking because she had my orgasm building very quickly from the moment she’d engulfed my cock within her mouth. I was savoring both the building pleasure and the visual of my cock disappearing repeatedly into her mouth and knew that it was not going to take very long before I was blowing my load.

I tried to remain completely relaxed and leave her in total control since she was doing such an outstanding job of sucking my cock. There were times I had to will the tension to leave my body as I got closer to cumming but the pleasure I was feeling was pretty amazing and heightened by the fact that it was actually Sandy. The only time she paused briefly, she continued to pump my cock in her hand as she licked my balls. When she took my cock into her mouth again, I was about done. I felt it swell even more as the pleasure reached unprecedented levels then I started spurting into her mouth with a grunt. She not only didn’t hesitate, she swallowed my load while continuing to skillfully suck my cock. It was only after I was fully spent and starting to soften that she let my cock fall from her mouth and crawled up beside me. She snuggled her naked body up against me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32