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This is part three of the New Job, New Challenges series you don’t need to have read the previous two chapters to enjoy Will and his colleagues sexual encounters but it will help to put this story in context.

In this episode we catch-up with Will and his two colleagues Jo and Michelle who have just been caught mutually ‘entertaining’ each other at an outside table of their local pub.


Will looked around surveying the wide eyes and open mouths, he could hear some muttering, thought he heard words like “disgusting, outrageous and Police” so thought it was time to take control.

Looking at each of the girls in turn he issued a whispered instruction.

“Ladies, with as much dignity as we can muster, we should all stand up and make for the steps out of here, on my command.”

Standing up first he looked at the crowd staring back at him, conscious his fly was undone and though hidden, his cock still stood proud in his pants.

“Ladies and gentlemen” he shouted “we hope you’ve enjoyed the performance art this evening, I hope you’ll join me in giving our very talented actresses a round of applause as they make their way to their dressing room.” With that he started clapping and to his delight a few people joined him.

“Ok girls away you go”

Jo and Michelle stood, looked at each other, grinned, bowed to the startled audience and skipped away towards the steps leading from the terrace, some admiring glances following their receding bottoms.

Will rushed swiftly behind, hoping they’d somehow got away with it and joined the two giggling women at the top of the stairs.

“Right let’s get out of here as quickly as possible” he said and watched as the women laughed and ran up the street. He followed walking quickly until they stopped out of breath, waiting for him around a corner.

They all stood looking at each other, all aware they’d been very bad in public, yet each revelling in the brazen display. In moments they all began to grin and then to chuckle before quickly loud laughter broke out. Holding each other in a group hug Jo held back her laughter.

“I just knew you were the sort to get us into trouble” she said a huge smile on her face “you are a very bad boss!” with that she planted a kiss on the side of his face before breaking into laughter again.

“I feel on top of the bloody world” announced Michelle “that was such a blast!” and she too kissed Will affectionately on his other cheek.

“Come on I need a pee” she giggled grabbing Will by the arm and starting to march him up the street “Oh, and boss you’re fly is still open!”

For the first time that evening Will blushed as he zipped himself up while staggering to keep up with Michelle’s pace. Jo grabbed him by the other arm and they practically ran down the street in high spirits.

After a couple of twists and turns Will was completely lost, he had only recently moved to the town and had definitely never made it to these back streets. They’d slowed to a comfortable walk as he asked where they were going. Jo responded happily,

“We’re off to see Sarah of course, there is soo much to tell her” and she squeezed Will’s bicep smiling at him conspiratorially as she did so.

He thought for a moment, it was getting late, the booze was wearing off and he was pretty sure he should get out of the clutches of Michelle and Jo, especially if they were on the way to see Sarah. On the other hand, he was having a lot of fun and he was acutely aware that he’d spent large parts of the day sporting frustratingly unfulfilled erections.

“How far away does she live?” he asked.

“Only five minutes” chirped Michelle, “she and I live together, and I know she’ll die when she hears what you’ve been up to boss.” She looked at him provocatively fluttering her eyes.

“Well listen I’ll walk you home and then I best be going.” Hearing the flirtatious tone in Michelle’s voice he’d decided three of them in one place would be too much. “What about you Jo, do you need a taxi?”

“I’m fine boss, but you are a sweety for asking. I’m staying with the girls tonight. Sarah has a lovely big bed she lets me curl up in sometimes.” She emphasised the word lovely, drawing it out making it sound like the sexiest bed on earth. “In any case, Jamie is off at some football match so there’s no point in going home!” She squeezed his arm again and leaned in to kiss his cheek once more.

They walked in silence for a while, enjoying each other’s warmth and the glow of the moon in the soft summer breeze. Will had decided he’d leave them at the doorstep, summon an Uber and go home for a relieving wank. He’d kept reminding himself that they were his colleagues, and all this fun wouldn’t look so smart on Monday morning.

Jo had decided something completely different; she’d had her hands on the goods now and was still feeling horny. She also found his mixture of masculinity and vulnerability very sexy and felt safe in his company, she wanted to know him better as much as she wanted him.

Michelle bahis siteleri was happy to see what happened, it was a novelty for her to feel a man’s hand in her panties and she’d been surprised at how he’d made her cum in such an aggressive way compared with the softer slower fingering her girlfriends usually employed. It was a long time since she’d felt a cock inside her pussy and she was starting to think it might be worth trying again. She was also now really desperate for a pee, so it was literally with relief that they turned the corner into a street of small, terraced houses.

“Here we are!” she announced flinging open the door of the second house and rushing inside.

“Well thanks girls, it’s been fun but I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening” Will pronounced, reaching for the phone in his pocket.

“Don’t be silly Will” Jo looked searchingly in his eyes, less flirty now “An Uber takes forever at this time of night, come and wait inside. I’ll make you a nightcap or a cup of tea.”

She disappeared through the doorway, knowing he would be too polite not to follow. Stepping into the hallway he found himself in a typical small Victorian era house. It reminded him of when he was a student living in similar, slightly shabby rented accommodation.

“Come inside Will.” He heard Jo’s voice coming from another room “Oh and shut the door will you?” He did as he was told and followed the sound of her voice into a small lounge. A TV was on in the corner, there were Ikea posters on the walls and two large sofas filling the space.

For some reason he felt out of his depth, a little embarrassed to be walking into their home. His embarrassment grew when Sarah popped up from the sofa facing the TV wearing nothing but a short T-shirt and brief pink chequered sleep shorts. Her red hair was down, flowing over her shoulders and her full breasts, her cheeks were a little flushed, her green eyes ablaze with life.

“Hello there boss,” she smiled coming over towards where he stood in the doorway “I didn’t expect to see you tonight.” She leaned into him, hugging him tightly, pressing herself into his chest. Will could feel her soft curves and the warmth emanating from her body, she smelt of apples and mint.

She kissed him very lightly on the mouth, which was enough for a familiar tingle to start in his groin.

“If I’d known you were coming, I would have dressed” She laughed, smiling at him as she broke away, “As it is, I’m just out of the bath. I’ve been thinking about you though.” And her look conveyed exactly which part of him she’d been thinking about.

“Now Sarah, put him down” chirped Jo “The poor man has had a long hard day.” She emphasised the word hard. “I’m going to get him a nightcap while Michelle tells you about the fun we’ve been having!” As she said this the taller woman was heard descending the stairs.

“You have no idea how much I needed that.” She announced looking around the room, only adding to Will’s embarrassment. “Ooh what are you watching Sar?” she asked leaping onto the sofa and dragging Sarah with her.

“Let’s leave them too it Will. What would you like beer, gin, wine, coffee? A nice cup of tea?” All of a sudden Jo seemed to be in charge of his life as she led him back across the hallway into a tiny kitchen.

“What’ll it be?” she asked again as she bent over to look to see what was in the small fridge.

Not for the first time Will was taken with the vision of her pert butt stretching the fabric of her trousers, her small round buttocks reminding him of peaches ripe for plucking and feasting on. The vision just added to the tingle in his groin; she was so close in the tiny kitchen his thighs were almost touching her perfect arse.

“Well?” she looked up at him, catching him staring but knowing full well her bent posture would be having an effect on him.

“Actually,” he had to clear his throat “actually a cup of tea would be nice.”

“Jolly good, I’ll join you.” She said standing with a carton of milk in her hand. Reaching around him she placed the milk on the work top.

“Sorry Will, the kettle’s right behind you.” She stretched her arm out, pressing her thighs and chest into his body as she did so. It seemed innocent but as she moved back with the kettle in hand she gave him a flashing smile.

“Oops, sorry boss!”

He watched her walk over to the sink, trying to control his heart rate and the growing pressure in his pants. Then as she turned the tap to fill the receptacle, water was suddenly spraying everywhere, covering them both.

“Fuck it” she squealed “every fucking time!”

She looked round at Will who was wiping water off his nose.

“I am sorry Will, it happens all the time, the water pressure is mad in this house, here” she handed him a cleanish looking tea towel, “You dry off and watch the kettle. Cups are in the cupboard and tea bags behind you. I better get out of these wet trousers” and with that she skipped from the room.

Will did as he was told, found the cups put tea bags in canlı bahis siteleri them and waited for the kettle to boil, looking around the little galley with its distressed cupboards, cheap counter top, bags of muesli and herbal teas. He hadn’t been in a kitchen this small since leaving Uni he thought. As his mind wandered, he noticed sounds coming from the lounge across the hall.

Stepping through the doorway he thought he heard the unmistakable sound of laughter, accompanied by something deeper, something that sounded like panting, the sort of panting you only make when you’re having sex.

Walking softly through the doorway he was greeted by a tangle of legs, breasts and hair fighting for control on the sofa. Sarah was lying on her back her head over the furthest arm of the sofa hair splayed behind her. She was topless and one of Michelle’s hands was squeezing a long rose coloured nipple, prominent on Sarah’s large pale breast.

Michelle was on top of the redhead, but sliding along her body, pressing her own small tits into the other girl. She’d lost her dress and was just in the pale blue panties Will had had his fingers inside only an hour or so previously. Her panty clad ass was in the air, the pale blue contrasting with her olive skin. She was breathing heavily, and he could see the damp patch in her panties even from the doorway.

If they knew he was watching they clearly didn’t care as Michelle slid up Sarah’s body, a leg now between the smaller girls spread thighs, and kissed her deeply, all the while pulling and twisting her nipples. A moan escaped Sarah’s mouth and she simultaneously wrapped one of her legs around Michelle’s back and moved a hand to reach into the taller girl’s panties.

Will watched fascinated and turned on as he could see Sarah’s fingers moving inside the thin fabric, clearly fingering Michelle’s dripping snatch. Michelle broke off the kiss, gasped and then clamped her mouth to the nipple she’d been tweaking and now it was Sarah’s turn to give a small squeal.

Suddenly there was a soft voice behind him.

“I guessed as much.” Jo was behind him, she wrapped her hands around his waist to hug his back and standing on tiptoe whispered in his ear “They’re insatiable, can’t keep their hands off each other.” She let her hands caress him, moving one up to his muscular chest and the other down to his pulsing erection. “I see you approve!” she whispered as she squeezed his cock.

Will swallowed hard, the frustrations of the day were mounting in him, he needed relief badly. But there was still a rational part of his brain that wanted to exert control, to try and do this on his terms. He’d resolved that he wouldn’t be manipulated the previous week and today had been an utter failure on that account.

He went to speak but as he did so Michelle stood, licked Sarah’s slick fingers and turned to face them. She was lithe and athletic, long legs and proud breasts boasting small brown erect nipples, her dark hair was a mess around her face, her pretty full mouth was half open. She was a vision. As she looked Will in the eye and Jo gave his hard cock another squeeze, she slipped her fingers inside the sides of her panties and slipped them down her legs, revealing a tiny triangle of dark hair and her wet puffy pussy. She winked at Will and in one graceful movement swivelled to straddle Sarah, placing her dripping cunt directly over the redhead’s willing mouth. She wriggled her backside, finding the tongue that was waiting to suck her juices, at the same time ripping Sarah’s sleep shorts down her legs to plunge her own mouth into the redheads dripping pink snatch.

“Fuck!” It came from Will in an involuntary gasp as he watched his two colleagues sixty-nine each other. He wanted to watch but was acutely aware that his other colleague was hugging him and still squeezing his rock hard cock.

“Look, Jo,” he said it quietly, for some reason thinking it would upset the girls performing in front of him if he raised his voice. “Jo I really better go, I shouldn’t see this.”

He really did intend to go too, he needed to be in control, but when he turned he saw that Jo had changed. Gone were the office trousers and buttoned blouse.

She looked up at him, eyes gleaming, her blonde hair was brushed out, her lipstick refreshed. She was just wearing a short black silk camisole through which her nipples peaked, and a tiny pair of black panties. The velvet chocker was still around her slender throat.

“Fuck” Will groaned involuntarily again at the sight of her.

Jo took one of his hands and looked into his eyes.

“Listen Will I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to forget that cup of tea.” She moved in and kissed him softly on the cheek. “Let’s leave those two to enjoy each other and forget the office for a while.” With that she turned and started to climb the stairs.

Will watched her ass wiggle up the steps, her perfect cheeks bisected by the ribbon of her black thong, and as though on automatic pilot followed behind, no control left just a powerful desire canlı bahis to fuck this beautiful young woman who so clearly wanted him.

At the top of the stairs she turned, Will a couple of steps behind was directly in line with her pussy, he could just make out the folds of her lips through the thin cotton panties and catch a hint of her musky aroma.

“Will before you ask, I know you know I have a boyfriend.” It was a statement not a question “The thing is, handsome though he is, he’s fucking useless in bed. And,” she looked down at him from hooded lids, golden hair framing her pretty face, “to be honest I need someone to satisfy me or I’ll go mad.”

She reached down to his head and pulled his face into her pussy, letting him delight in the heady dampness of her panties for a moment before pulling him up by the hair to kiss him passionately, opening to him and letting his tongue probe her mouth.

Will gave in, there was no fight left in him, just raw lust. He wrapped his arms around the slender blonde girl and kissed her hard back and while their lips and tongues moved together one of his hands found its way to her bare buttocks. As they continued to kiss at the top of the stairs his fingers strayed inside the soaked crotch of her thong and as he became harder in the confinement of his pants he slipped a finger into the slippery entrance of her hot sex.

“Oh Christ!” she gasped breaking the kiss “follow me.”

She opened the doorway to the bedroom on her left, grabbed Will and kissed him again. It was dark inside the room but Will could feel the hands releasing his belt and zipper, pulling his trousers and boxers to the floor, releasing his throbbing cock into cool air. And he knew it was a warm hand and a hot mouth that was sucking and stroking him a moment later. It had been such a day of frustration that he knew he’d last only moments.

“Keep that up and I’ll cum in seconds” he huskily whispered.

She slipped her lips off his hard-on, continuing to stroke him gently, loving the rigid warm flesh filling her small fist.

“Fuck that Will” she said looking up at him. “I know it’s been a hard day for you, but I need this” she squeezed his turgid member “in me now.”

She stood, stepped back and crawled onto the bed behind her.

Will wanted to see her properly, he knew she’d look filthily wanton. Finding the light switch he flicked it on to reveal Jo wriggling up the bed, she’d removed her top revealing beautifully proportioned tits with hard pink nipples sitting invitingly, her eyes were slightly glazed, her blonde hair fanned behind her in a halo. She was just in the black thong and the black band of velvet around her throat.

She spread her legs wide apart and reached down sliding a finger inside her panties and began to circle her clit looking him in the eye.

“You better get those clothes off and fuck me quick Will, as you can see I’ve already started.” With that she smiled and reached for one of her nipples as she watched Will’s clumsy attempts to undress.

But within moments he was on top of her, holding himself on his elbows, looking down into her eyes, his cock poised. He kissed her hard and started to move down her body to suck a nipple.

“No” she almost shouted “just fuck me.” It was a command to which he smiled in response.

“Ok Jo but I’m warning you this will probably be quicker than your boyfriend.” He reached down and simply pulled a panty leg to one side, opening her soaking pussy to the air. She removed her fingers from her clit, grabbed his cock and positioned it expertly at her entrance.

“We can make love later Will, but now fuck me as quickly as you want.”

With those words he thrust deep into her slick velvet tunnel, feeling the hot channel of her cunt envelop and stretch for his rigid cock. She was tight around his penis, her internal muscles pulsing around his member as he waited a moment to savour the exquisite pleasure of being buried deep within her accommodating flesh.

They sighed in unison. They looked each other in the eye. She squeezed her pussy around him and he slowly began to withdraw, enjoying the way her cunt wanted to hold him inside.

“Hard Will, fuck me hard” she demanded, but he had other ideas. He knew if he went hard immediately, he’d be spraying his cum in minutes and he wanted to savour their coupling right now.

He thrust back inside, kissing her as he did so, trailing a hand down to pinch a nipple and then to hold one of her peachy buttocks beneath him. He kept up his slow pace for a while and then built to a steady rhythm, not frantic but one where he knew he could control his cumming.

Jo was loving the feeling of being filled with hot rigid flesh, of every inch of cock tantalising the nerve ending inside her, of the control he had taken. She could feel the growing sensations of orgasm building in her core, and threw an arm behind her to push against the bedhead, gaining her more purchase as the steady thrusting increased in power. She wrapped her legs around his waist changing the angle, getting him deeper into her, tightening around his cock. They both grunted in appreciation, looked at each other and kissed again. Tongues filling each other’s mouths as his cock repeatedly filled her pussy.

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