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It is New Years Eve and I agreed to take you out to an elegant party.

We are taking our shower to get ready to go and I keep trying to play around with you.

You tell me to hurry up and take you on the bed, I throw you onto the bed and slide my cock deep into your pussy, pumping in and out whilst kissing and sucking your nipples, I feel your pussy tighten as you cum, moments later as you cum again my balls twitch and I deposit a load of my cum inside you.

Back in the shower we go, u on your knees, my cock lodged in your throat as you expertly suck me, my cock twitches and I cum down your throat. We get out of the shower dry off and we get dressed in our fancy clothes for a night out.

You know I know I like getting dressed up and but I only do it for you.

We get to the party and they have the champagne flowing over ice sculptures and all the waiters are wearing tuxedoes. After we have made it around the room talking to everyone we sit talking about how they have all the finest of everything at this party.

There is a balcony that overlooks the city that you have to go behind the curtains artemisbet yeni giriş to get to. We slip behind the curtains and out onto the balcony to have some time alone to talk in private. We are on the balcony and tell you that I think most of the women in that room need to be bent over the railing and taken hard from behind. I think if this was done it may take some of their better than everyone attitude out of them.

We kiss passionately as we look out over the city and you ask if I feel like you need an attitude adjustment. I tell you that you are comfortable talking to someone in a suit or blue jeans. You sit down in the chair that is there and grab me by my pants. You tell me that you were hoping for a little adjusting to your attitude as you unfasten my pants and pull my erection out. Softly you start kissing the tip of my erection and my excitement soars. I think about someone coming out on the balcony and seeing us. I try to stop you but you put your lips around my erection and slide it into your mouth. As you slide my erection in and out of your mouth I forget about the possibility artemisbet giriş of being seen as my passion climbs higher. Reaching down I grab your hair and push my erection into your mouth as you suck it gently. My excitement is spinning out of control as I push into your mouth and I erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

I lean down and kiss you passionately as I get down on my knees. As we kiss I slide my hands under your dress softly sliding them up and down your legs. My hands keep getting closer to your pussy as I slide the up and down your legs. My fingers slide over your pussy and I realize you are not wearing panties. My desires skyrocket knowing that you are not wearing panties and I push your dress up and you slide out to the edge of the chair.

Down on my knees I lean down and softly kiss your legs. Kissing them softly I kiss up to your pussy and gently slide my tongue over it. Tenderly I kiss up and down your pussy and slide my tongue over your lips. Pushing my tongue between your lips I slide it up over your clit and rub it gently. Your clit is hard and swollen and I rub it harder artemisbet güvenilirmi with my tongue. You moan lightly as I slide my finger inside you as I rub your clit harder with my tongue. Moving my fingers in and out of you faster I put my lips around your clit and suck it gently. Your moans get louder as I slide my fingers in and out of your pussy faster. Sucking your clit harder you start to tremble. Sucking your clit harder and sliding my fingers in and out of you faster you start shaking and your orgasm rocks your body.

Standing up we embrace and kiss passionately. You lean over the railing and tell me to adjust your attitude. I pull your dress up and place my erection at your opening. Slowly I push my erection inside your warm pussy. Slowly I slide it in and out of you as you moan lightly. I take your hair in my hand and pull you back against me. Pushing into you harder you moan louder as our bodies hit together. You reach back and rub your clit as I slide in and out of your pussy. Our excitement is screaming out of control as we both start to tremble. We hear everyone clapping and ringing in the New Year as we explode in a wonderful orgasm.

I lean down and grab the railing as I am exhausted. Laying my head on your back I can hear your heart pounding. We regain our composure and get our clothes straightened out. We rejoin the party and I have a smile on my face this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32