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“Hello, Nicole. What can I do for you?”

“Hi, Mr. Jones. I’m taking Carol’s place today. Here’s last week’s report.”

The pretty, twenty five year old brunette handed a thin stack of papers to the corporate vice president. She appreciated his smile, but would have valued a look in the eyes even more. As usual, Kevin Jones was only aware that the top of her blouse gave him a fleeting glance at her abundant breasts.

Nicole hated Kevin. Sort of. Yes, he was an egotistical, sexist, maybe even perverted, forty five year old man. But, God, he was handsome and broad-shouldered and, well, hung like a horse.

Nicole had worked for the company for eleven months. She’d fucked Kevin Jones nine times; no, make that ten. There was the incident in the parking garage when he asked her to work late.

Had she ever received anything in the form of compensation other than his substantial cock time and again drilling her until she came so hard she was turned inside out? Not once.

And she was getting annoyed.

“Thanks, Nicole. You look especially fine today.”

She grinned. “Thank you. I’m glad you approve. Hey, while I’m here, I wondered if we could talk about something.”

Kevin’s stomach tightened. “Sure. What?”

“Next month is my one year anniversary here,” she said. “I’m ready for a new challenge. A promotion, if you know of anything that’s open.”

A rush of relief burst through the VP’s muscular frame, as well as a multitude of possibilities. “There might be. I’d have to think about it,” he said. “Why don’t you come back at noon, after Helen is gone, and we can talk.”

Nicole despised his mole-like secretary as much as Kevin did. Helen was a meddlesome, vindictive old woman who only had her job because she was the president’s sister-in-law. You could set your watch by Helen leaving her desk at noon and not a second later.

“OK,” Nicole replied, already suspicious of Kevin’s timing. “Should I bring anything?”

His eyes were locked hard on her ass as she walked towards the door. “Uh, no.”

Nicole always debated with herself as to what persona she should exhibit at work. She had a college degree. She was not stupid. But her physical assets were not to be discarded, either. To that end, she was known for wearing clothes considered totally inappropriate by Helen, but only mildly out of place by others. On this day, knowing she might meet with Kevin, she chose a sheer blouse and short, tight skirt. So the debate raged on: depend on her education and wait forever, or use her body and risk the wrath of other women in the company while she advanced.

Nicole didn’t need much in the way of a hair stylist or makeup artist. Her brunette hair was short, naturally wavy, and extremely sexy with the simplest cut. Her tan complexion and fascinating eyes didn’t need much help. Her hourglass figure required minimum maintenance.

Thus, she entered Kevin’s office at one minute past noon…and locked the door behind her.

“I know this will be hard for you Kevin, but I’d like this to be a serious discussion,” Nicole said as she sauntered toward a chair.

“Then why did you lock the door?”

“Because I know you.”

She sat down and Kevin took in every inch of her exposed thighs. Nicole leisurely crossed her legs and tugged on her little skirt.

“So you want a promotion,” he said, leaning back in his massive chair and putting his hands behind his head. “Justify it, Nicole.”

“Well, I’ve completed every single assignment given to me on time, or early,” she said. “I’ve volunteered for…”

And Nicole went on for two or three minutes listing significant accomplishments during the past year. Kevin listened intently, or at least he appeared to.

When she was finished, he hesitated, sighed deeply, and slid off his chair. He walked around his desk to where Nicole sat. She watched him vanish briefly behind her. Then his hands were on her shoulders.

“Nicole. Nicole. Nicole,” he said, starting a tender massage. “All those things are in your job description. You’ve proven to be a competent employee who meets all expectations.”

She could feel her blood pressure rising. “Competent? You fuck me while tossing me around like a rag doll and I’m just ‘competent’? Apparently I’m a little more ‘competent’ than that teenager you call a girlfriend.”

“She’s twenty three, Nicole. And I’m not sure maligning your boss’ girlfriend is good for career advancement,” Kevin said calmly.

“What more do I have to do!?”

Kevin slid his hands down Nicole’s neck and inside the collar of her blouse. Her angst mixed with stimulation and her pulse rate soared. She felt his fingers slide along the straps of her bra towards her breast.

Nicole nearly jumped out of her chair, with Kevin removing his hands just in time.

“Quit it, Kevin. You’re a pig!”

She spun to face him and attempted a slap. He caught it easily and pushed her backwards. Nicole stumbled sideways and used one hand to prop herself against his desk. Kevin was upon her before she could react.

Kevin turned istanbul escort her so she faced the desk and he wrapped his arms around her body. His fingers clutched at the buttons of her blouse and popped them open in no particular order. Nicole struggled with louder and louder whimpers as her bra-covered tits were exposed. Kevin yanked the blouse out of her skirt and hurriedly unhooked her bra, applying enough pressure with his lower body to keep her from turning around.

His hands were back on her tits, pushing the bra aside and kneading the skin roughly. He pulled on the nipples and Nicole whined.

“Stop it, Kevin!”

“I’m going to give you your usual choice, Nicole,” he said, panting. “Take off your panties or let me rip them off.”

“Not this time, you asshole!”

Kevin rolled the nipples between his fingers and pressed his rigid cock against her ass. She felt the familiar shudders flow down to her pussy. She felt the thick cock in her crack.

“Do it!” he demanded.

One of his hands moved between her legs and pulled on her silk panties, seeking out her pussy at the same time. A couple fingers slid under the fabric and tried to invade her cunt.

Then Nicole did it. Like clockwork, she pulled on the panties. Kevin backed away and watched her slide them off before tossing them aside. He pushed her against the desk once more and lifted the skirt. Her beautiful bare ass was staring back at him.

As he pulled out his cock, he said to her, “THIS will get you more promotions than anything else you do, Nicole. Don’t ever forget that.”

He spread her legs with his hands and pulled back on her hips. He didn’t need to wonder what it would feel like. He already knew she had the tightest cunt he’d ever felt. She would be wet and warm. Her muscles would envelop his cock and work on it the entire time they fucked. He was never disappointed.

“At least give me an office,” she said.

Before answering, he thrust into her and exhaled a deep groan. Nicole muffled her cries the best she could, but she, too, knew what to expect. He was huge. He was wonderful. And they would cum in torrents.

“Which one?” Kevin puffed.

He pulled on her bra and blouse until her tits were easily accessible. Their bodies smacked together in a constant rhythm and their moans combined into one steady stream of noise. Nicole leaned on the desk, shoving her ass back at Kevin. He pounded her harder and faster.

“The one Wilson is scheduled to move into,” Nicole gasped.

It rarely took very long for them to cum. They’d never really made love. They fucked. And their orgasms were long and loud. Nicole’s feet were nearly off the ground by the time they were done. She rested on the desk and heard Kevin’s zipper. Nicole pushed her skirt down.

“I don’t think I can do that,” Kevin said nonchalantly.

“Then I will,” she muttered, reaching down for her panties.


Mark Wilson could have been a cartoon character. He was an accountant; in his late forties, early fifties; thick glasses. At some time in the not-too-distant past he had finally removed his pocket protector. Introverted to an extreme, Mark had nobody in the office he could call a real friend. He spent most of his eight hours at work hunched over his paperwork or squinting at the computer screen.

Most people believed he was married, but nobody had ever seen the lucky woman. The only time Nicole was forced to talk to him, Mark had not once looked up at her.

Now she was faced with the task of single-handedly convincing him she was better suited for his new office than he was. Perhaps, she thought, it would take both hands.

Mark was well known for getting to work early. Nicole wasn’t. But she made an exception one day and, as luck had it, she found him inside the empty office he was to occupy. She knew right away destiny was on her side.

“Hi, Mark,” Nicole said while leaning on the doorframe.

Mark jumped at the unexpected sound of her voice. “Oh, hi…uh…Nicole.”

“Checking out the new pad?”

He grinned shyly. “Kind of.”

“I love the window. Great view,” she said.


She purposely had worn her v-neck sweater without a bra for the occasion. Her dress slacks were the tightest she owned. Nicole stood with her arms crossed under her tits, pushing them up against the soft material of the sweater. For the first time, Mark seemed to notice.

“So when do you move in?”

“Next week, I think,” Mark answered.

Nicole took a quick peek down the hallway and slid inside the office, closing the door behind her. The befuddled look on Mark’s face grew more pronounced.

“A lot of us sure would like to work in here,” she said, swaying her hips the best she could on the short walk over to him. “What would it take to let me have it instead, Mark?

The tone of her voice and the smile on her face were intentionally tempting. Nicole arched her back slightly and pushed out her chest. Mark’s discomfort was palpable.

“I don’t avcılar escort think…I mean, I don’t know that I can.”

Nicole put her hand on his arm, very lightly. “Oh, c’mon, Mark. You can do anything if you really want it bad enough.”

She could feel him try to escape her touch without showing it. She wouldn’t let him.

She nearly whispered, “Do you really want it, Mark?”

He had no clue how to answer her. He wanted to get away from her…fast. Mark took a step back. Nicole took one forward.

“I need to get to work, Nicole.”

“You haven’t heard my proposition yet,” she said.

“I really don’t…”

Her hand moved from his arm to his crotch. The look on his face nearly made Nicole break out in hysterical laughter.

“I’ll make a down payment today,” she said, grasping at his cock. “And if you agree to let me have the office, the balance will be due.”

She didn’t wait for an answer, and it’s a good thing. One wasn’t coming. Nicole found Mark’s zipper and pulled it down. He tried to move and she put both hands on his legs. Once Mark was still, she reached inside his pants, muddled through his boxers, and found his cock.

Nicole leaned forward and threatened to kiss him.

“Touch me, Mark,” she murmured. “Touch my tits.”

He shook his head and mumbled ‘No.’ Nicole stroked his cock with more authority.

“Touch them.”

He looked down at the firmest, fullest pair of tits he’d ever seen in person. His cock hardened. His heart raced. Then one hand moved and brushed along the bottom of one tit. Nicole smiled her approval and the hand moved up the side of the tit. Soon, he was cupping it with the sweater acting as a buffer.

“Touch it, Mark. Inside the sweater. I want to feel your hand on my nipple.”

She pulled the cock out of his pants while she spoke. It was semi-erect and getting harder by the second. Mark felt her skin and pushed the sweater down with his hand while slowly exposing more and more of the breast. Finally, his fingers were inside, touching all around the nipple.

“Right there,” Nicole whispered.

Mark touched it. Two fingers slid back and forth across the erect nub of skin. He clutched at her entire breast with his hand, a little more urgency in his actions as his erection grew.

“Lick it, Mark.”

He was beyond refusing her demands no matter how wicked she got. The opportunity before him overruled any and all common sense he fought to use. It wasn’t a matter of how long it had been since he had sucked on tits like Nicole’s. It had NEVER happened. And this might be his only shot at it.

He tugged on the sweater until her nipple came into view. He tilted his head down and began sucking on the end of the tit with surprising vigor. Nicole had to moan, despite her belief the little twerp couldn’t make her. Soon, he had most of it in his mouth.

Nicole let him play for a moment, and then kneeled down in front of him. Mark watched in astonishment as the gorgeous, young woman, one tit hanging out of her sweater, opened her mouth and slid the tip of his cock inside. Her lips closed and clung to him tightly as she slid down the entire length of his shaft.

Mark didn’t know it, but he was getting the best Nicole had. This was important to her; it meant getting the office if she did this right, and God did she do it right. Her mouth and tongue were magical the way they coaxed every inch out of Mark’s little-used cock. Her hands worked over his balls and the base of the cock. Her lips tried to rip the head right off.

Soon, Mark had a hand on the top of Nicole’s head; half as a means of staying upright on his wobbly legs and half to encourage her not to stop. She didn’t intend to stop until every single drop of cum was drained from his penis.

That came a minute later. With a dramatic grunt, his orgasm started. It ended soon enough, with only a small drip of cum escaping onto Nicole’s chin. Mark’s head was still spinning when he watched her wipe it off with the back of her hand.

She stood up, put her tit back inside her sweater, and said, “That’s the deposit. Let me have the office, Mark, and we’ll close the deal.”

She took his hand and ran it over her pussy. She thought he would collapse.

He nodded weakly. “It’s yours.”

Nicole kissed him. “We’ll talk again after I’m settled in.”


Three days later, much to the surprise of almost everybody in the company, Nicole had a new office. She was rearranging pictures on the top of the bookshelf that afternoon when her phone rang.

She punched the speaker button and said, “This is Nicole.”

“Pick up, Nicole. This is Kevin.”

Nicole whined as she circled the desk, plopped into the large chair, and picked up the receiver.


“I’ve got an assignment for you,” he said.

“Do you know you have not come down to visit me in my office yet? Does it piss you off so much that…”

“Listen to me Nicole. This is important.”

“So’s my office. You have to come see it,” she insisted.

“If I promise şirinevler escort to, will you listen to me?”

“Go ahead, Mr. Vice President.”

“I’m going to be walking a prospective client around tomorrow. This guy is BIG,” Kevin said.

“I don’t do fat dudes.”

“Shut up, Nicole, for just one minute. Please,” Kevin pleaded.

“Alright. Alright.”

“If we get this guy’s business, we’ll be set for a decade. This is huge for us, understand?”

“Huh huh,” she acknowledged, exerting more interest inspecting her fingernails than listening to Kevin.

“Not that it probably matters to you, but he’s not some old fart. I’d guess he’s younger than me and…”

“Who isn’t?” Nicole interrupted.

“And not bad looking,” Kevin finished without comment. “And single. I want him to meet you. He’ll be here a couple days. You might want to offer to show him some places for lunch.”

After a short pause, Kevin said, “There might be a promotion in this for you, Nicole.”

“Let me get this straight,” she said, resting her feet on the desk. “Fucking you doesn’t get me a promotion. Fucking a prospective client does.”

“Depends on the client,” Kevin replied. “And I didn’t say anything about fucking him.”

“You implied it.”

“If you take him to lunch, maybe he’ll take you to dinner. Who knows what’ll happen,” Kevin said. “Worst case scenario for you, Nicole—two meals with a good looking guy. What harm was done?”

“Worst case scenario for me—he’s gay.”

She heard Kevin trying to conceal his chuckle. “We don’t discriminate at this company, Nicole.”

“I do,” she retorted quickly. “I need your word on this one, Kevin. No fucking around. If I do this and we get the deal, I want the paperwork signed on my promotion the next day. If not, I’ll rip your scrawny little balls right out of your body. Understood?”

“Will you use your teeth?”

“Fuck you!”

Kevin heard the dial tone, but knew he had a deal.

Michael Teal was Australian. He owned a distribution firm that could get the product Kevin and Nicole’s company produced into the entire southeast Asia and Malaysia markets cheaper than anybody. Profits would soar overnight.

Michael needed more North American made goods to expand. Tons of them existed, with each manufacturer more anxious than the next to get their goods overseas. Michael was in the driver’s seat when it came to bargaining.

He was offered kickbacks, bribes, incentives, and other illegal gifts by almost everybody he talked to. He accepted some; refused others.

Michael was thirty nine. His light brown hair, deep tan, and sturdy features made him the target of many fortune-seeking females back home. But Michael didn’t have time for a wife. He got his sex from an on-again, off-again girlfriend in Brisbane or an occasional acquaintance on the road.

He was about to meet his biggest challenge yet.

Nicole lightly rapped on the door to Kevin’s office.

“Come in,” she heard him say.

Michael was sitting on the couch, an iPad resting on his knees. He looked up and stared fixedly at the young woman who entered. Nicole smiled back and looked at Kevin.

“Hi, Nicole,” he said. “I’d like you to meet Michael Teal. He’s visiting us from Australia and I was hoping you’d be willing to take him to lunch. Maybe show him what’s in the neighborhood of the Hyatt where he’s staying.”

Michael had risen from the couch and she offered him her hand. His grip was gentle and lingering.

“Sure. Love to,” she replied while she and Michael gazed at each other. He motioned for her to join him on the couch.

“Thank you,” Michael said. “I trust your taste.”

“I’m not a connoisseur,” she said. “I hope you like greasy American.”

“Love it,” he said, knowing she didn’t believe him. “Although it looks like you don’t indulge in much of it.”

She wore a simple top tucked into another pair of form hugging pants. As always, she looked good enough to eat.


Kevin was encouraged by Michael’s apparent approval of the arranged date. He’d find out soon enough if Nicole endorsed it. But in the end, her opinion really didn’t matter that much to him.

They chatted informally for another fifteen minutes and then the time was arranged for Nicole to come back and accompany Michael to lunch. She left the office with four eyes on her ass. She could feel them.

Nicole was glad she wasn’t instantly repulsed by Michael, but only time together would tell if he was truly the leech she thought he was. It alarmed her that the fact he might be excited her. She loved challenges. She loved guys in charge that she could wrap around her little finger. Life was a game for Nicole and she hated to lose.

Nicole and Michael headed out into the city streets at the appointed time. It was already extremely warm for the time of year and Nicole recommended one of the first places they came to, just to get back into air conditioning. Michael agreed, as he would have done to any recommendation, and they were soon seated and served.

She found him surprisingly refreshing with his great accent and quick, dry wit. Sure, his eyes wandered…like all men. But if she was going to win this game, it was a necessity that they do. Nicole went out of her way to ask about his private life and flirt even a little more than she normally would with a new guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32