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My room is small, but comfortably furnished. A small desk and chair in the corner, a large wardrobe opposite. Its mirrored doors reflect our image as we sit side-by-side on the black sheets of my large double bed.

I hold you, my right arm on your shoulder as we rest our heads together. Behind us, sunlight streams between the trees outside and through my window. The gentle heat caresses our backs and for a moment, we enjoy the sensation as warmth spreads through us.

I turn and look into your eyes. I kiss your lips, gently, I kiss again and you return it hesitantly. The third time you return it with confidence. I lift my left hand and gently caress your cheek, your hand reaches up to hold the back of my head.

We sigh together and your lips part. My tongue meets yours and my hand strokes your cheek one last time before I begin to move it slowly down your body.

I take my time, using two of my fingers to brush your neck and chest. I cup your breast and run my hand down your side, over your hip and along your leg. I reach your knee and bring my hand back up, enjoying the feel of your soft, irresistible contours.

You lean backwards, gently allowing your weight to pull me with bakırköy escort you. For a moment, I let you pull me down with you as I slide my right hand from your shoulder and along your back. My other finds your leg again.

I look up into your eyes and my thumb presses firmly into your inner thigh. The shock of pleasure which runs through your body makes you gasp. Your legs instinctively lock together, trapping my hand.

Your body rises off the bed, but I intercept you, my mouth finding your neck. My lips move across your throat, my tongue gently tapping your sweet, soft flesh with each wam kiss.

Your legs still clutch my hand and I move it between your thighs towards your knees. Your grip is very strong and it’s an effort to move my hand. You moan with the sensation and as I reach your knee. You relax and your legs part.

I gently lower you back down to the bed. My right hand slips out from under your back and joins my left. I place my palms on your legs and I begin to massage. One after the other, my thumbs press firmly, deep into your yielding flesh.

I work my way up your thigh, bringing your skirt with me. The pleasure heightens beşiktaş escort as I my hands move higher, higher and higher, taking your dress with it. I reach the top of your leg and you can keep still anymore. You grab at my shirt and try to pull me on top of you.

I resist and push you back to the bed. But you don’t, won’t, can’t stop as you rip at my shirt. I roll on top of you for balance. You pull the bottom of my shirt over my face, but then let it go. I feel heat envelope my head and the taste of cotton as you wrap your body round me. Your legs hook the backs of my thighs and I grunt with pleasure as you grind against me.

My feet find the floor and I pull myself away. Your hands grab my shirt as I move backwards and you pull it over my head., tossing it back against the window.

I try to stand but your legs have me. I struggle with my belt, my right hand braced against the bed, my left hand clumsy with desire. As I finally release myself, you relax for a moment. I stand, the rest of my clothes fall to the floor. I feel your legs grip me once more and you pull me fiercely forward.

I fall towards you, putting out my hands at the beylikdüzü escort last moment. My head is an inch above your chest, our bodies pressed firmly together. We begin to move slowly, rhythmically. My hands grab your waist and my teeth clench your blouse.

I lift my head back and begin moving it from side to side, trying to tear the shirt from your body. You laugh and grasp my head, pulling it close. The sensation is intense as we squirm and struggle together.

We begin to move faster and you stop fighting. Your hands reach down and I release your blouse as you take it off. I bury my head in your breasts, nipping and gnawing at your nipples.

I slide my hands from your hips and place them either side of you, lifting my stomach from yours. I keep my head down, licking, kissing and nibbling as I move.

You slip your arms under mine and your hands clutch my sides as we move even faster now. I’m panting heavily with the effort and need air. I lift my head and see you close your eyes.

There’s nothing but the pleasure now as the urgency of our passion drives me harder. I grit my teeth and my thighs strain with the effort. The bed leaps sideways with each thrust as I move, deeper and deeper.

The intensity grows too much and your nails scratch at my back as the pressure suddenly releases waves of pleasure which shudder through our bodies. You cry out with pleasure and I reply with a growl of relief.

My body sinks onto yours and our eyes meet. I kiss you, long, slow and sweet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32