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Tara turned the corner to head to the elevators that would take her up to her room. She had a terrible day after visiting a potential client. She had flown into town the night before so that she could accommodate their early seven o’clock meeting.

After getting bumped twice by the airlines, her luggage being lost, and finally arriving to her hotel room after 1:30 am, she was very annoyed when she retrieved her voice mail that informed her that the early morning meeting would be cancelled, but ‘feel free to stop by and someone would try to meet with you’. That ‘someone’ was a newly hired associate that knew nothing of her company and barely spent 45 minutes with her.

She couldn’t believed she flew all the way from Minneapolis for only 45 minutes with someone who would forget she was ever there.

Feeling very low and discouraged, she pushed the elevator button. Tara waited and listened to the country band playing in the main hotel bar nearby.

She stood five feet, eight inches tall wearing a burgundy turtleneck sweater that rested loosely around her neck, black tailored slacks, black heels that she had just bought for this trip and her blonde hair worn up loosely; held up in a clip.

On one hand, she could not wait to get her clothes off and crawl into bed and forget this waste of a trip ever happened. But on the other hand, she really enjoyed listening to the band as she waited for her elevator.

The ‘ding’ of the elevator reminded her that she had to choose now. She decided that she’d leave the elevators and sit in the bar for a glass of wine before she headed up to her room.

The bar was dimly lit, which pleased her as she really didn’t want to be noticed. She had a terrible day and just wanted to relax and have a glass of wine. There was not much of a crowd. She was able to pick a comfortable booth out of the way in the corner and immediately was taken care of by the cocktail waitress on duty. After the waitress brought her wine, Tara paid for the drink and felt that she was all set to enjoy a few songs and sip her glass of wine and just unwind from the day.

She took the clip out of her hair and let it fall to her shoulders. Then slipped off her painful shoes and leaned back in the booth and sighed.

She looked around the bar noticing the thin crowd all turned facing the band enjoying their music….except for one.

He was facing her, and no doubt watched her every move since she entered the room. When her eyes met his, he immediately gave her a smile and tipped his head as to say hello. Then looked away toward the band.

Tara was fairly attracted to him as far as she could tell with the dim lighting. He was wearing blue jeans, cowboy boots and a denim shirt that had obviously been pressed. He was clean-shaven and had all dark features .. hair, eyebrows and eyes.

Tara was not looking for a man tonight–especially after her recent separation from her husband. She was very confused about what she wanted right now in her life. She decided to finish her wine and head upstairs.

Just as she was about to get up, though, the waitress brought her another glass of wine and informed her it was compliments of the dark-haired esenyurt escort gentleman that had captured her attention.

She didn’t know what to do. Honestly, the glass of wine looked delightful and she was definitely feeling better after the first glass. She decided she would accept it and thanked the waitress.

The dark-haired gentleman got up from his chair and headed toward Tara. She realized that a slow song had just started and guessed he was about to ask her to dance.

Sure enough, he extended his hand and she looked up at him. In that moment, she could not believe her eyes. He was gorgeous! His eyes sparkled as he smiled at her and she could not resist him. She accepted by placing her hand on his and got up to follow him to the dance floor.

His hands were warm and his touch was gentle. He held her securely. Tara felt right at home in his arms immediately. It had been so long since someone held her like this on the dance floor.

It was very romantic as they swayed back and forth enjoying the closeness. Tara soon put her head on his chest. She was almost testing him to see what he would do next. He just seemed to soak up her body into his and they melted together even closer.

“Mmmmmmm”, she thought to herself and sighed outloud and smiled. She smelled the cologne on his chest and knew right away it was Gio, her favorite.

She wondered what would happen if she unbuttoned a button or two on his shirt. She imagined doing so and closed her eyes and daydreamed that she would reach in his shirt and caress his soft, furry chest.

He kissed the top of her head and immediately she thought, “Oh, what the hell…”

She slowly took her hands from his waist, still swaying with him and unbuttoned a button from his shirt; and then another. She turned to face his chest to kiss it and to deeply inhale once again the wonderful cologne scent. He mistook her intentions and took his hand and gently lifted her chin to his face and their eyes locked and they both leaned in to the other for a very wonderful and explosive kiss.

It was at that moment she had thoughts of the possibility of inviting him up to her room. But…what was she thinking? She didn’t know his name, where he lived, if he was married?! But she couldn’t help but leave those thoughts behind. She was turned on from his gentleness and the way they seemed to click and meld to each other without speaking one word. She wanted more..

They kissed passionately and their bodies were pressed together. For a moment, they both forgot they were in public until the slow music ended and a more upbeat song started.

“Damn! The song is over!”, Tara thought to herself as their lips unlocked. She feared that perhaps this was all he wanted–just a dance.

But happily, she knew from his body language, he was clearly telling her he was thinking what she was thinking.

It was a bit awkward for a moment. Then Tara led him by the hand back over to the booth she was sitting in, grabbed her shoes and purse and escorted him out of the bar toward the elevators.

She could not believe she was doing this. Her only lovers had been her avrupa yakası escort husband and one boyfriend from long ago. She had never been so turned on in her life and wanted this man standing next to her so badly.

The situation seemed perfect. She was in a strange town where nobody knew her. She was definitely not ready for a new relationship. Many thoughts entered her mind while waiting for the elevator and she finally convinced herself that she should go for it.

The elevator doors opened and the two of them entered alone. Tara reached across him for the number four button. The doors closed and he pressed her up against the elevator wall and squatted down and lifted her up by her back theighs and wrapped her legs around him. He pressed himself against her and she felt his manhood firm and hard against her. Her arms were tight around him and she could not help but let a moan escape as she felt his hardness and his face digging inside her sweater as he found her perky breasts.

The elevator reached the fourth floor and he helped her to her feet. Her face was flushed, her loins brewing with passion and her hair was a complete mess as they walked down the hall and finally entered her room.

Immediately after the door closed they were magnets to each other. They stood standing once again with tongues intertwined and he, again, lifted her up against the wall and pressed himself against her. This turned her on so much as it made her feel extremely wanted. Her legs wrapped around him and he pressed her even harder against the wall.

She unbuttoned his shirt all the way as he carried her over to the bed and dropped her on her back. She lay there in shock and watched him as he removed his shirt, unzip his jeans and removed all his clothing as their eyes were locked on each others.

Tara unbuckled her belt and unzipped her slacks and the dark-haired gentleman removed them slickly and impatiently. He climbed on top of her and slid her sweater over her head and tossed it aside.

He slid one side of her bra over and sucked her nipple with force and great suction. Tara was taken back. She had never been with someone this rough before. It was hard to explain. He was gentle on the dance floor but definitely showed strength to him. And now…he was showing his rough side. He moved over to the other nipple and pinched the one he was just nursing and began sucking the other very firm and hard nipple.

“Oh fuck yes..,” Tara called out. His passion to devour her made her feel so good. She was dripping wet and couldn’t wait for him to touch her so he could feel how much she wanted him.

Now, his hands were pressed on her wrists, making her helpless and vulnerable. He kissed her passionately again. Their tongues dancing and playing and needing each other. He continued to restrain her and headed for that first nipple again; still peeking out from her black push-up bra. He sucked it and gave it playful bites.

Tara’s hips could no longer keep still. She thrusted her hips and wet pussy up against him and he playfully lifted his hips away from her to tease her; anadolu yakası escort not letting her have his cock yet. He looked her in the eyes and shook his head and playfully bit her other nipple and sucked it.

Next he held her wrists again with only one hand. Tara did not resist. She loved the forcefullness and control about him.

With his free hand he slipped his middle finger inside her and pushed harder and harder against her and she was close to cumming even though he hadn’t touched her magical spot yet. Her hips rocked back and forth as he shoved his finger in and out.

Now he stopped and Tara’s hips continued to rock back and forth. She wanted him so badly. He looked at her and saw her face begging him to fuck her.

He locked his eyes onto hers and slowly brought his finger to his mouth and sucked it; not only once but three times as if to make sure he tasted all of her. He smiled and reached down again to get more of her sweetness and repeated the process again.

Tara was helpless as she lay on her back, pussy soaked in her own juices and her clit tingling with anticipation. He finally climbed on top of her and his hard cock slipped down her slit. He was slipping easily up and down her lips; his cock nearly swam in her wetness.

She lifted her hips to him again and again wanting him inside her. He released her wrists and held himself up using the mattress and lowered himself to devour her neck in kisses.

Tara saw the bulging muscles on his arms and decided she wanted to hang on to them. He continued kissing her neck. Tara’s legs were spread wide apart and humping him as he continued to slide up and down her lips.

Then finally, he entered her unexpectedly with a slow and deep thrust. “Oh fuck!” she yelled. And at the same time grabbed his arms and held on tightly.

Her back was arched and she instantly felt the orgasm hit her. She felt her muscles tighten around his cock as he continued to thrust in and out. Her orgasm was extremely intense and she cried out words that were jumbled and unrecognizable.

He continued thrusting her now harder and faster. And at each entrance, she she let out moans and cries. He felt himself about to cum and wanted to kiss her on the mouth as he did.

He pushed harder and faster into her and kissed her passionately. His tongue sank in her mouth and he started moaning and grunting louder as he felt his balls tighten. Tara then wrapped her legs around him and that did it…he couldn’t hold back any longer. His cock exploded and he spewed his cum all over inside her.

He stayed inside her and showered her very gently now with passionate kisses and ran his hands through her beautiful hair.

He turned soft and decided to lay on his side facing her and rolled her over onto her back. He massaged her neck, back, bottom and legs until she fell asleep.

She woke at daybreak and realized she had lived their experience over and over again in her dreams. She turned over and saw he was, no doubt, nowhere to be found.

Before getting out of bed, she took a moment and smiled at what was the best sex she had ever had. She even giggled out loud to herself that she didn’t even ask him his name! It didn’t matter. It wasn’t needed. They both got what they wanted, she thought. But then, a bit sad that she had no way of knowing who this man was and would never see him again.

She got up and went to the bathroom to shower. She saw a hand-written note on the sink that read,

“Beautiful, if you are ever in the Minneapolis area (604) 555-1212 ~ Brian”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32