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Another story I did for my wife. Short, sweet, bit of a quickie.

It’s my beautiful wife that inspires these stories and I enjoy acting them out with her. I know some of the details may not make sense to some, but to the one that matters, she knows what I’m talking about.

All comments are appreciated, seeing as how I’m a new author.

I’m laying in bed watching tv when you come in the bedroom. You’re wearing your hot, red top, (the one that you wore after the wedding) and your black skirt.

You ask me what I’m watching. I say “nothing”. You walk over to the tv and bend over at the waist to turn it off, looking back over your shoulder at me to see if I notice.

I do.

I notice how sexy your ass looks in your skirt.

I notice that I can see that you’re wearing a thong. I see it’s one of the ones that I bought you at freds. You stand up and walk to the door and close it. As you turn back around, you catch me adjusting myself. I’m visibility turned on. You can see my hard cock straining against güvenilir bahis my shorts.

You give me a super sexy, “did I do that” look. You can see the hunger in my eyes as I get up off the bed.

I walk quickly over to you my hard cock leading the way. As I grab you and press my body against yours, I kiss you deeply.

You can feel the heat coming off of me. My hard body presses against you. You start moving us towards the bed, kissing me all over, nibbling on my neck. The back of my legs bump into the bed, and I pause for a split second.

It is then that I pounce.

With almost cat like speed, I spin around behind you, pressing myself into you, running my hands down your body. I lightly nibble on your neck, move your hair and nibble and lick the back of your neck. You can feel me pressing into your ass.

I grab on to your waist and bend you over the bed, grinding myself into you. You feel me knell down down behind you.

Before you can turn around and see what I’m doing, you feel me pushing güvenilir bahis siteleri your skirt up around your waist, and my hot breath beating down on your ass. I pause, taking in the sight of your gorgeous ass, split perfectly by the fabric of your thong. I can see your arousal by how soaked the crotch of your panties are. Your aroma is over powering.

My mouth is watering just from the smell. I move my face closer, almost being able to taste you just from the sweet smell coming off your hot pussy. Just before I drive you insane from anticipation, I drag my tongue along the outside of your thong, finally tasting your juices.

Not satisfied with just a taste, I pull aside the thin string of your thong, and plunge my tongue into your waiting pussy. Your juices cover my face. I dive in like a man starving. I switch between fucking you with my tongue and lapping at your clit.

I keep at you, licking, nibbling, sucking. Faster, harder, I keep at it till I feel you start to quiver. Finally, you can no longer iddaa siteleri contain yourself, you moan into the pillow. Cumming, you flood my mouth with your sweet juices. I lap up all that you offer, and I continue licking, helping you prolong your orgasm.

As you start to come down, I quickly stand up and slam my now pulsating cock into your still quivering pussy. You gasp as I plunge deep inside of you. I’m pulling your thong aside as I hammer into you. You can feel my balls slapping against your body. The orgasm that was winding down earlier is now quickly building again. I can feel your pussy start to pulse and grip my hard cock. I feel my own orgasm building, As my orgasm races up my body, I feel your pussy clamp like a vice on my cock as my cum blasts out coating the walls of your pulsating pussy. I can feel your juices gushing out around my cock as I thrust deep into you.

I slump forward on your back, coming down, slowly running my tongue up your spine, licking the sweet sweat off your body. As I slowly pull out, I feel your pussy clamping down on me, not wanting to let me escape. As I slip out, I slip your thong back into place. You roll over with a big grin on your face and kiss me softly, whispering “I love you” before drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32