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Friden had been on my list of “maybe date” for a long time — if he could ever be serious enough to not tease me for two minutes! He was attractive, though his nose was slightly too big, but if that was his worst fault then surely one could overlook his nose. We’d probably bump noses when we kissed though.

“Hey, Ameline!” he called as he arrived at the fancy party hosted by our boss. “You were supposed to dress up!”

“What, like the clown that you are?” I retorted.

“I just mean not in work clothes!”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I asked.

“Nothing… except that you will turn every head in the room!”

“You mean they’re going to puke? That’s not very nice.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it!” he drew closer picking up an abandoned drink. “But maybe I’ll have to make you change.” He pretended to spill the drink down my black top.

“This is black, you know… It’s not going to stain.”

“Maybe not… and I don’t really want everyone to see your wet shirt clinging to your every delicious curve.”

“Have you been drinking?” I asked, wondering about the change in tone of his teasing. Normally, he restricted his teasing to my work tasks or something relatively innocuous, but tonight, he was hinting at something much deeper.

“Only enough to make me stupid around you.”

“Like normal?” I jabbed back, unable to resist the chance to one-up him.

He stepped closer. Placing his hands on my cheeks, he suddenly kissed me, a full-on, possessive kiss! Then he stepped back and wandered off as if he’d done nothing more significant than shaking my hand!

“Whoa, Ameline!” our coworker Avis said as she joined me. “I already knew Friden had a massive crush on you, but…”

“What?! He teases everyone all the time, not just me!”

“But he teases you most of all. He undresses you with his eyes, have you never noticed?”

“That’s güvenilir bahis ridiculous! He doesn’t want me.”

“He wants you all right… in bed!” Avis insisted. “He’s a good catch, really, so maybe you should give in… it will make office politics so much more interesting!”

“Bad reason!” I replied, still thinking about the kiss and feeling the tingles going down my body at the very thought of him now. Damn, but I wanted more!

“Hey, Ameline!” another coworker called. It was Tank, one of Friden’s friends. “Come here!”

I wondered what he wanted, but politely joined him.

“You should hear what Friden’s been saying!” he explained secretively.


“I think you should ask him!” Tank excused.


“Don’t shoot the messenger!” Tank pleaded. Then he pointed.

I followed his finger and saw Friden, his face jovial and teasing, flirting, yet mocking. I was tired of the games! This was not how you treated someone you supposedly loved! I stomped towards him, the threat clear in my expression — I hoped. Yet, his face was unchanged, laughing, even as he watched me approach him. He backed into another room as I pursued him. “What were you saying about me this time?!” I demanded.

His face continued to annoy me with his mirth. He continued to back up. I didn’t even notice which room it was, just concentrating on making him suffer for his teasing, still unsure what I was going to say to get my revenge.

I didn’t notice that he had stopped moving, and continued advancing, only to hit his foot and fall against him, knocking him over backwards onto a bed. Still, he laughed! I tried to recover my dignity and assumed a kneeling position over him. “What did you say about me?!” I demanded.

“Nothing much,” he replied. “Someone saw me kiss you and I said I’d do it again.”

“That’s all you said?” I asked again, feeling somewhat relieved.



He güvenilir bahis siteleri pulled me down against him and captured my mouth with his. I stopped resisting him and kissed him back, his taste addictive. I felt him stirring beneath my body, straddled across him, the bulge pressing against my femininity delightfully. I was suddenly awakened to desire for him. How could I have never realized before?!

He rolled us to the side and slid his hands into my top, quickly reaching the soft sensitive flesh of my chest, fingering my hardening nipples as he did. I should have told him to stop, I really should have! But I didn’t want to. I had never realized how much he wanted me — I thought I was just the victim of his verbal torture at work.

“Someone could come in!” I hissed, with the only excuse I could muster.

“The door is locked,” he assured, then lifted my shirt and reached his mouth to cover a revealed flesh pillow, toying with the firm embellishment with his tongue.

I cried out with a soft gasp of desire.

“Ameline!” he breathed, then returned his attention to the other breast, pulling at the hard peak with his lips, then suckling as though he were an infant. I cried out with need.

He slid his hand down my stomach and into my tight pants until his fingers grazed the soft curls. One finger brushed between the lips and stroked my increasing wetness. I gasped with newfound longing — for him! I shouldn’t let him, but I wanted him so much. Maybe it was just hormones, but were they always wrong?

He inserted a finger into my body, bringing another gasp from my lips. I was putty in his hands by now, quivering beneath his touch, unable to resist him now, even as my pants were eased off my hips.

Friden, rolled me onto my back again and removed his clothing as quickly as he could, but rather than simply taking me, he lowered his iddaa siteleri mouth to my sensitive flower and pushed his tongue into my crevice. I cried out in desperate need. “Friden!”

“Every day,” he murmured coming up my body, kissing as he moved. “I see you… I want you… But I can’t have you, so I tease you… as a way to keep my body from making a fool out of me. But I go home every night wishing I had you in my bed.”

I didn’t have time to contemplate his words as he suddenly entered my body powerfully. I cried out, my need for him overwhelming everything else. I put my legs around his back and arched to meet every thrust with my own hunger.

“I’m not going to last long this way!” he grumbled hungrily, pounding into my body.

I couldn’t help smiling as I gazed up into his eyes, even as I cried out with pleasure — my needs being fulfilled. He pounded more urgently, his grunts joining with my moans and whimpers. Then, I felt him push deeper and harder, then hold as he groaned out his twitching release. I felt satisfaction in feeling him lower himself back onto me. He captured my mouth and tongue as I ran my hands through his hair, wondering what the future would hold for us. This wasn’t the time to dwell on possible repercussions, especially within my body.

“Work could be awkward,” I voiced.

“Especially lunchtime,” he murmured.

I giggled.

“Of course, everyone out there knows we’re in here together. If I was a betting man, I’d wager there was at least one coworker listening to your every moan — and heard me as well.”

“Are you still going to tease me?”

“Probably even more! But we can duck into the boiler room to let off some steam together. What do you think?”

I nodded, wondering whether I should confess to not being on anything.

“We just made a mess of the boss’s guest bed!” he chuckled. “Maybe we should leave for the night.”

“Maybe,” I agreed.

“My place or yours?” he asked.

I grinned, thinking about the fact he still wanted me. “Whichever is closer, I think,” I answered practically.

“Mine then,” Friden decided. “Let’s go.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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