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Looking herself over in the mirror Rachael liked what she saw. She wore a black bra with just a hint of squeeze that gave her an unashamed boost of cleavage with matching panties. Together they formed a stark contrast to her Irish white skin. The thigh-high black stockings, perfect for her long legs lay draped over the bed next to a tight black skirt and the silver blouse she had picked out for this evening. She had natural red hair and knew from experience it would look great against the shimmering reflection of the satin blouse. Add the low spiked heels and yes, she thought, a nice sexy look.

She hustled to get dressed knowing Steven was downstairs moping around about not seeing what she was wearing. She had successfully pushed him out of the bedroom an hour ago but knew that would not last forever.

He had tried to engage her in a conversation about wanting to help her get dressed but she put him off… “Please, I don’t want to do this tonight. It’s my girl’s Christmas party and I don’t want to be late or argue with you over this. Go away and leave me alone, besides, you’ll see me before I leave, I promise.”

“Whatever,” he said, walking away, feigning disappointment…


When she finally came out of the bedroom, she found Steven watching the tube, “Well? What do you think?” Rachael asked as she twirled to show herself off.

For the slightest of moments, Steven found himself speechless. “Damn baby! Let me show you what I think,” he finally spoke, rising from his chair.

“No you don’t mister!” She mockingly barked at him, reaching for her coat. “I’m leaving. Look, Jessica is pulling up the driveway now. I’ll see you when I return and if you behave yourself, you can see all of this on the floor when I get back.”

Steven plopped back down into his favorite chair in silence, fake pouting as Rachael walked out the door. He could see her out the window from his seat as she jumped into Jessica’s SUV and they drove away. She was dressed damn hot for a girls Christmas party he thought. He found himself slightly frustrated but knew it would pass and besides, he smiled to himself, I have something to take care of myself tonight…


“How is Steven?” Jessica asked as Rachael settled in for the drive.

Rachael laughed, “Frustrated I think. He did comment about my outfit, but he didn’t ask anything about the party, thankfully. What about Jeff?”

“The same,” Jessica responded. “I don’t think Jeff really gives a crap. He asked me if we ever play poker at the party. I told him yes.” They looked at each other, and then Jessica spoke again, “Poker. We will be playing poke-her,” she stretched out the word into two separate syllables as a joke and both girls broke out in fits of laughter before Jessica, struggling to get the words out spoke again, “You know, if they knew about this-“

“-They would have a fit!” Rachael cut her off, as the laughter started up again.

They spent the remaining drive time sharing the small talk two longtime friends share when they are together…


The party this year was at a private club and both were hoping it would be as exciting as last year. Rachael wondered who the Santas would be this time. Last year they were quite the hit, going well into the night. Gosh, she reflected… if the guys really did know about this…

They arrived just as the party was getting underway. Rachael tried to gage numbers but found herself unable to get a good count with everyone walking around. She figured the crowd to be about fifteen strong this year. Up some over the six years she had been a part of this. Drinks flowed and guests mingled until finally, the hostess rang her little Christmas bell and everyone’s attention turned toward her…

“Welcome everyone,” she began, “I hope you’re having fun. Tonight we have thirteen people participating and as always we will draw our instruction cards for this evening’s opportunity to sit with one of our Santas.”

The women, including Rachael cheered wildly.

“The movie will start in just a few minutes and then anyone that wishes to sit with Santa may do so by pulling their card and following your instructions. Remember, we have a small change in the house rules- if you don’t follow them, you will not be returning next year.” She looked around to ensure she made her point, pausing briefly on Rachael, who blushed and lowered her head. “So if you don’t want to participate, speak up now because you know you’re free to just watch.”

When no one responded, she moved over to the center of the room and as promised, a screen lowered and the movie began to play. Rachael watched intently, anticipating her and Santa from last year. Finally, the movie caught up to her… Oh, yes, there they were… her with her Italian Santa- lousy English, great tongue. He had a square jaw line and a dark ruddy Mediterranean complexion. She had so wanted to see his face that she asked him to take off his mask – only to get them both in trouble when last year’s hostess caught them that way.

“Ahh yes,” Jessica halkalı escort whispered, leaning in close pointing toward the screen. “The mask-less Santa, you are such a rebel.”

“Shh!” Rachael whispered, “I’m already in trouble for that.”

Jessica laughed, “So I noticed. Double secret probation for you girlfriend, better be careful tonight.”

Rachael shushed her away, watching in fascination as the camera panned over her from last year. She was on her back, her Santa still in jacket and hat fucking her as if she was a virgin. She tingled at the memory and wondered about tonight’s gift givers.

She did not have to wait long. As the movie ended the lights came up to full power, music began to play and there, for all to see marched Santa, times twelve, all dressed in red.

Crap, Rachael thought, only twelve of them. With thirteen of us, that means one Santa will have two girls tonight. Lucky for him, not so lucky for us she feared.

The Santas paraded around the room, teasing the women and passing out candy canes. After a few minutes of revelry, and some not so secret groping from both sides, they made their way to a small stage and as a group, began to dance to the music. As the women cheered and chanted the red suits began to come off.

Soon enough they were in various stages of missing attire. A woman that Rachael remembered from last year as an obnoxious drunk charged the group and tried to molest one of the lucky guys. Santa played along and allowed her a mouth full before three of the other women wrestled her away.

Rachael found herself cheering as loud as anyone in the room did – her own lusts now starting to burn within her. She had actually given thought to charging the stage herself. One particular Santa had indeed caught her attention…

Every Santa was granted a moment on stage alone and then took a seat among the high backed chairs. Soon there were twelve Santa’s, looking hot as hell, Rachael thought, gazing out over a group of 13 lusty women.

Rachael was tingling. She knew where she wanted to go, but the drawing would determine her fate. She just did not want to be one of the ones sharing tonight.

Appearing again with a small bag and a stack of colored plastic cards the hostess held them up for all to see and began to speak to the cheering, slightly inebriated women…

“Ok ladies, here we go. First, the green card, if you draw the green card you must strip for us and then go from Santa to Santa sucking each of them for one minute. Afterward, you get your choice of any one Santa and can go off to the only private room allowed tonight. Free of our eyes and the eyes of the camera.”

Everyone cheered and the drunk woman shouted out, “Just give me the damn green card, I’ll suck them all!”

The girls cheered again and Rachael felt a rush of excitement hoping she might be the one to capture the green this year.

“Calm down ladies, everyone will get a chance tonight!” She shouted over the cheers as she continued with the rules.

“Ok, the red card,” she held it up as everyone looked on excitedly. “Anal. If you draw the red card, you must allow Santa to do you from the derriere girls! You all know you are free to do as you will, but the red card must do anal. However, you do get to choose second so you can go smaller. Or bigger if you so desire.” She continued between the interruptions of more cheers and comments.

“Next, we have the yellow cards, two of them. That means you are sharing tonight. That is two girls for one Santa, the lucky bastard! The yellow card with the black stripe picks, the other yellow card goes along for what should be a wild ride.”

She waited once more for the cheering to quiet down before continuing. “That leaves just these numbered white cards. You will pick a Santa in the order of your number. You are free to do anything or nothing as you wish. Each Santa knows the rules and will play your way, but remember, other than the yellow pair, one woman per Santa, no exceptions ladies!”

“You want to pair up?” Jessica asked.

Rachael looked at her, caught off guard by the question.

Jessica seeing the shock laughed and went back to her drink.

The hostess was still going over the rules… “Also remember, except for the green card, we’re filming, so anyone not wanting to be a movie star, you need to speak up now.” She paused for a moment before continuing, “No? Good, then let’s get started, our hunky Santas look lonely.”

Rachael looked them over again. A couple of nice specimens she thought. Some still wore a shirt, one a jacket, and as always, they still had on those silly red masks covering much of their faces, but house rules and all, and after last year… She was hoping for the green card, to play privately. She did not mind the oral sex part, but wanted to do this at least once without the camera watching her every move. A few years back she had a Santa that seemed intimidated by the camera, and that caused him issues…

Rachael taksim escort listened for her name during the drawing, next to last, damn. Rachael watched as the girls drew for the cards. Two whites and then the shy cute little Asian girl drew the green card.

The group cheered and began chanting, “Swallow-Swallow!” as she walked toward the waiting Santas.

Blushing she tried to hush them but to no avail. The women all watched in anticipation as she mounted the stage and began to move to the music. She doffed her clothing rather quickly and as ordered, went from one Santa to another for her minute of oral sex. On number four, she lingered more than her allotted time. The chanting began again in earnest, causing her to stand and face the crowd. She made a sign with her hands indicating his size and the group cheered anew. Rachael felt that tinge of excitement again. Quickly finishing her oral task on the other Santas, the Asian woman grabbed her hunky Santa, the one she bragged about, and headed off to their private sanctuary.

All attentions turned back to the drawing as the women continued to cheer. The actual selection of Santa’s was a major ritual that the women loved to watch as much as participate. Jessica was the next to draw and she pulled the plain yellow card. Looking Rachael’s way she showed it off, almost daring her to accept the offer.

Rachael felt her heart race, not quite sure how to respond. Back in college Jessica had been her one and only bi-experience. It had started with heavy drinking, lousy dates, and ended in a onetime romp in Jessica’s dorm room.

Rachael’s tension was relieved when the next selection was the other yellow card. She smiled inwardly at the escape, coupled with the relief knowing she would not have to share. It wasn’t about being bi, she just did not want to be the one sharing, even if it was with Jessica…

Next came the red card, the anal card and the cheering began again. The tall black woman had pulled it. Rachael considered her sultry and she had gorgeous eyes. She smiled and walked up to the stage followed by the hostess with the camera. She looked over the men like a butcher at a meat market. Finally, she took the one right in the middle. Rachael grinned, the one she wanted was still in play.

The black girl, Rachael did not know her name, and her Santa paired up and went off toward a corner of the room. Everyone erupted in laughter as the woman guided her Santa away by pulling on his hard dick.

“Remember your charge,” the hostess spoke to them. “Anal is a must! Santa, take her and make her moan so we will all know and turn to watch.”

Rachael almost gagged on her drink as Santa gave a thumbs up to the hostess’s commands.

When Rachael’s turn arrived, only two cards remained. One would allow her to pick immediately after the pairs picked the other meant she got the leftover.

She drew, and as feared, leftover it was. She sat disappointed as she watched the other women select their Santa lovers for the evening. Finally, only one remained and Rachael paired up with him. He was shorter than she was, but nicely built.

As they made their way to one corner of the room Rachael spoke to him in French, asking him if he wanted to lick her body all over. She was speechless when he answered her in the same language with a simple, “But of course.”

And so it began… Rachael was once again with a total stranger, masked to a great degree, having sex, with a bunch of other women around her doing the same. The hostess walked around with the camera filming for next year’s party.

Once Rachael and Santa were off to the side, they embraced and to her great enjoyment, he spoke only in French during their time together. He was exceptionally gentle with her. He removed her clothing and kissed all of her skin as it became exposed. Finally, she stood before him wearing only her bra, stockings, and the heels that he insisted she wear. She looked at him. He was certainly ready and she wished again that she could see his face.

He began to kiss the upper curves of her breasts, highlighted by her bra. Continuing his attentions he moved down to her thighs and then to her sweetest of spots. Rachael was wound up and needed only moments before exploding in orgasm. What she hoped would be the first among many. He was good with his tongue, exactly what she expected from a Frenchman.

After her climax, he continued working his tongue over her in a manner that never quite brought her back to orgasm, but never let the sensitive tingling drift away. When she could not take it anymore, she pushed him away, she sat up on her knees and took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his head and working up and down his shaft. She considered getting him off this way but she really wanted to fuck. He sensed it, withdrew from her warm mouth, and laid her down on the pillows, lifter her legs up and proceeded to enter into her other warmth.

They made love slowly, like long time lovers. He was gentle but firm. şişli escort He took command and moved them around through a variety of positions. Rachael was enjoying his attentions and let herself go, savoring where he took her. He was a good lover she admitted. She liked his gentle touch. So different from some of the wild times and the younger lovers she occasionally shared with Steven.

Suddenly a sharp grunt and a low squeal pierced the other sounds and caught everyone’s attention.

Rachael and her Santa looked over and saw that the black woman and her Santa were indeed doing it in the derriere. Bent over the back of a sofa, her Santa was taking advantage of her positioning just fine thank you… The room erupted into cheers as the camera closed in and the couple continued on their merry way. Judging by her facial expression, and the speed that Santa appeared to be doing her, Rachael was convinced this was not her first time and that she was enjoying herself. She blushed when she realized she was slightly jealous.

After a few more moments, they switched positions and the black woman ended up on her back but based upon where she reached to guide Santa in, he was still enjoying the same opening…

Another minute and Rachael and her Santa soon went back to their own exploits when another interruption broke their efforts…

It seemed that the Santa with the pair of girls had had a small accident and one of the women had spilled an entire bottle of massage oil over him.

Rachael was on her belly, her Santa supporting himself over her but still inside of her as they both stopped to watch.

Rachael grinned with amusement seeing Jessica, remembering she was one of the paired up women. She was attempting to rub the oil over him. That activity soon changed into heavy arousal and she watched as the two women began sucking Santa at the same time. Soon Jessica moved upward and began kissing him while the other continued to suck him. After a few minutes of that, she dropped back down and once again, he had two mouths over his manhood. Rachael watched in fascination as the women kissed each other with his cock between their mouths. The other woman was a blonde, and that offered a striking contrast between her and the black of Jessica’s hair as their long, flowing locks intertwined as mouths came together over Santa’s cock. Soon the two women moved off him and rose up, where the three of them began kissing together. Finally, the blonde woman pushed Santa down on his back and mounted him, facing away from him, but towards Rachael.

As the blonde settled in and began to ride, Jessica moved up and began to kiss and suck on her breasts. After a few minutes, she moved down and passed across her belly button before moving to her hips. Once there she seemed to tease the blonde by licking her inner thighs before moving her mouth until she arrived between her outstretched legs where she began licking her clit and Santa’s shaft at the point of their union.

Rachael had always known Jessica was attractive, but she did not fully appreciate that she had maintained her curves until seeing her naked now as she moved around on the petite blonde. Rachael thought she had great looking breasts, perhaps too good-looking to be real she thought to herself, but Santa seemed to enjoy playing with them as she rode him. Watching, Rachael felt that too familiar pang of jealousy again that oftentimes toyed with her when she watched others having sex.

Rachael’s partner was feeling the excitement as well and he began slowly moving inside of her again. Rachael tried to keep an eye on Jessica but her French Santa was making it hard to focus. He was moving agonizingly slow but hitting all the right places and as he reached his full depth, he flexed himself causing sensations to race through her body. She smiled and dropped her head down into the pillow as she began to move her hips to his rhythm.

In the middle of the room, the hostess with the camera had also caught the threesome action and was filming a close up of Jessica’s mouth working over the union of Santa and the Blonde. Rachael looked again, enjoying the physical sensations she was receiving as well as the visual stimulus of the other group as Jessica was eating the woman while Santa was fucking her. The blonde began to pant and toss her head back and forth, her hair flying, as she bounced up and down on his dick. Rachael, still struggling to watch was shocked when she concluded that Jessica seemed to know exactly how to push her along. Why would that be a surprise? Rachael asked herself, we’re all women and we know what we like… She giggled aloud at her minds wonderings and her Santa, reading the giggle wrong, responded correctly anyway, and began to fuck her harder.

Rachael sneaked a peek toward Jessica again and saw that the blonde appeared as if she might explode at any moment…

She was struggling to keep up with her own Santa but she wanted desperately to watch Jessica. She realized she wasn’t moving at all when she felt him push her butt cheeks apart to gain a better entry into her wetness. She smiled inwardly and lifted her hips just a touch, all that she could with his weight pressing down on her anyway, and pushed back to meet his inward thrusts. He had picked up his pace and Rachael wanted to get into a position that would allow her to reach another orgasm.

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