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Let me tell you how it all started…

There was a time when my parents were separated. I shared an apartment with my older sister and mom. The apartment was cramped, one bed, questionable air conditioning. Frankly the time my parents were separated was miserable. Having one bed I had to sleep with my sister who was a few years older than me. In my family we weren’t allowed to date until 18, so at the age of 18 I didn’t have much experience with girls. That would change.

I greatly adored my older sister; I was attracted to her in a way that I haven’t known since; let me describe her. She was a brunette, 5’8 and an athlete, and for the purposes of this story I will name her Ally. Ally had very large breasts, great legs and as any volleyball player, she had a great butt. At 18, I knew that I was an ass man and I loved staring at hers. Ally also had very nice feet and loved to tease me with them. She would always tease me with different looks, innuendos and more.

One night I woke up and I was spooning my older sister. I was wrapped around her tightly. As I came to wake up, I vividly remember the smell of her hair against my face, the way she felt against my body and how tightly my arm wrapped around her athletic stomach. Continuing to feel how she felt up against me, I noticed how hard my cock was and that it was pressed against her tight ass. This was the first time I had experienced a woman like this; I was going out of my hormonal mind. Laying there filled with lust, I began to grind my hips against her. I was filled with desire and fear – what if she woke up? How would I lie to her and tell her that I was not enjoying her body? I stopped to see if she was awake. I noticed that her breathing had not changed so I began to grind again.

At first my hips moved slowly so I would not wake my sleeping sister. After a few minutes, I started to move faster against her. While moving I noticed that the sensations my cock was feeling changed. At first, I felt the feeling of a great butt pushing against my rock hard cock but now it felt like the sensation was starting to envelope my dick. While I was sliding along her ass, my cock slipped into her crack. That thought drove me nearly over the edge. I stopped gyrating or else I knew I would cum and it would splash against her.

As my hips stopped and we lay there I realized my hands were free and pressed up against a woman I desired. I moved my right hand against her stomach, it was covered by her shirt. Feeling bolder that if she didn’t feel ankara escort me dry humping her, she probably wouldn’t feel her shirt move, I began lifting her shirt. It started out inches at a time until my hand rested against her flesh. This wasn’t the first night I felt her stomach…but that is a story for another time. Holding her stomach, her ass pressed up against my cock I was in heaven. I had to cum bad. I decided to not push the envelope and rolled over away from her. My cock yearning for attention. I took it out and jerked off right next to her, staring at her volleyball short covered butt. I shot rope after rope, getting some release.

I woke up the next morning scared. I was terrified, what if she knew? As they day went on, she did not seem to know, or even better, she didn’t care.

The next night:

As usual we went to bed around 10:00pm. But this night was different. As fate would have it the air conditioning broke. I cannot sleep well in heat, the feeling of being sweaty keeps me awake. After a couple of hours, I woke up and remembered the night before. Could I get away with it again?

I checked Ally’s breathing. She appeared to be out. Tonight, she was on her back; her face was toward me, sweaty and shining in the moonlight. She looked sexy. I moved my body closer to hers, my mind wondering what I could experience tonight…

I placed my hand on her stomach; I loved how it felt. Due to the heat, she had on a smaller shirt than the previous night. I moved my hand under her shirt and felt her soft stomach. My cock was harder than it had ever been. I took my hand off her stomach and got bolder, I moved it down to her bare leg. I spent much time just savoring her skin and slowly began sliding my hand upward. I felt the outline of her pussy through her shorts. The heat from it was radiating into my fingers. I had to know more so I put my hand back on Ally’s stomach and painstakingly moved it lower. I placed my fingertips under the waistband of her panties and felt soft fuzz. I was ready to cum when she grabbed my hand. Terrified I had been caught I held my breathe. Ally then turned over facing her ass towards me and she placed it against my straining cock. I couldn’t believe it! I was spooning my sister like the night before. Again, I smelled her hair, felt her warmth, the crack of her ass against my erection. I didn’t move for a second; then I wondered – was this an invitation? After several minutes, I began to grind against Ally’s athletic ass. I pulled away for a escort ankara minute, adjusted my cock so it was pointing down instead of up and began grinding even more. I clearly remember thinking “it’s like were fucking, doggy style”. I was wrapped up in the moment.

After several minutes of humping Ally in her sleep, or so I thought, she bent forward a little. The sensation against my cock had changed. It felt tighter and warmer. No, I was not lucky enough to slide into her pussy but I realized I was up against it and my cock was sliding against her pussy and between her thighs. I put my hand on her hip and came hard.

A few nights later:

Ally had to go out of town on a collegiate volleyball meet. She returned after a few days and both my cock and I missed her very much.

I was sitting on the couch with my legs crossed watching television when she came into the living room. We had the apartment to ourselves this afternoon, and she shared with me that she was disappointed because her meet had not gone well. Ally said to me, “I could use a hug” and, as any little brother I responded “But I’m watching TV.”

Ally sighed, pushed my leg so both feet were on the floor and sat on my lap. The ass that I have been desiring, grinding against, was now on my lap as I was awake and she put it there. Ally sat for what seemed like eternity on my lap and all I could see was the outline of her bra through her shirt, while getting turned on. In reality, she probably sat for a few seconds but long enough to make me appreciate her before she turned on my lap, putting her head on my shoulder and hugged me. All her weight was pressed against my growing erection. I was lost in lust and frozen, not sure how to respond. My left arm wrapped around her waist, my right hand rested on her leg and we cuddled.

Just as soon as my erection was full, Ally suddenly got off my lap and went into the bathroom. She left my inexperienced, shocked self on the couch. I was dumbfounded and horny as hell. While she was in the bathroom, I wrapped my hand around my cock and came in my underwear. God, I loved her.

I went to bed first that night and I’m not sure at what time she joined me. I woke up during the night because my cock was straining. Even now I still wake up rock hard for no apparent reason and cannot get back to sleep without release. I was already horny and figured Ally had sort of given me permission to explore more, which is why she had been sitting on my lap earlier that day.

This night, ankara escort bayan as Ally lay on her stomach, I started to cuddle closer to her and felt my erection make contact with her thigh. After earlier, I was feeling very bold and more curious. I placed my hand on her ass. My God was it muscular. I had to explore it. I skipped trying to go slow and moved my fingers under the waistband of her shorts. I quickly found out that Ally had not worn any panties. That turned me on even more. I slid my hand into her shorts and it came to rest on her crack. I came. I wanted, needed more.

My finger started to go inside of her as my cock remained hard. My finger found its way to what I realized was her butthole. I pushed and enjoyed the sensation of it on my finger. I had to know what her pussy felt like. I moved my hand lower and felt her pussy. It was hot. My middle finger rubbed her slit and with very little effort it slipped inside of her. As my finger entered into her up to my second knuckle Ally gasped. I froze with my finger inside her pussy. There was no way I was going to explain this if she asked me to. As my finger remained it seemed like it was getting wetter. Thinking I had pushed the limit that night I removed my hand from her body. Her juices were on my fingers, I placed them in my mouth and came to the taste of my sister in my mouth as my other hand jerked me off. I laid on my back and after I came Ally rolled over, put her arm on me and we slept.

This went on for weeks. I would enjoy Ally’s body. Several nights after I was finished, she would get out of bed, go to the bathroom. She had to be awake, but she let me explore.

Ally ups the game:

I was laying on the couch playing a video game when Ally came out of the shower in a towel. She stood before me and asked, “What do we want to do for lunch?” The way she stood was different, her arms at her side but she cocked her legs open. Just enough for me to see her hairy pussy. The image was burned into my mind forever. I have no idea what we ordered for lunch that day, but after we ordered, Ally laid on the couch across from me. We played video games. At some point during our playing Ally moved her feet to my crotch. She left them there but of course I got an erection. Ally slowly and deliberately put pressure on it with her heel. Now I’m not a foot kind of guy, but feeling a sexy woman’s foot on your erection will drive any man crazy. I opened my legs up and her foot followed. I began to buck my hips against her foot and she continued to play our game as if nothing happened. Then without warning, Ally got off the couch and went into the bathroom. In hindsight she was probably fingering herself, I just wish she would have done it in front of me or let me join her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32