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I was sitting in a pub with some mates telling bawdy jokes when I noticed a nice looking women having a good old laugh at the jokes we were telling. I was sitting closer to her than the others and when I dropped my hand into my lap she looked directly at me and ran her tongue around her lips suggestively.

It was my turn to tell a joke so I had to turn from her, but I kept my hand down on my cock. I heard her giggle quite loudly when I gave out my punch-line. I had almost decided to make a move on her when an older grey haired guy moved into her and kissed her on her lips and sat close into her. She was still looking at me while he was fondling her. She spoke to the guy and he looked at me and smiled then he called the waiter to him and he ordered drinks and pointed to me.

The waiter came over, ‘Excuse me, the Gentleman over there would like to buy you a drink if you tell me what you would like. They also asked me to ask you if you would be so kind to join them at their table. I will bring your drink over to their table with their order, Sir.’

‘Thank you, Waiter. I will have a dry white wine.’

I excused myself from the lads and went over to their table. They both stood up to greet me. I shook hands with them.

‘Hello, my name is Bob Harding and this is my daughter, Beth. We are very close and Beth wants you to join our triangle as the second man.’ That gave me food for thought.

We sat down, Beth facing me and her Father on my left. Her eyes were hypnotizing me.

I was still thinking what the guy Harding had said until Beth squeezed my hand on the table and looked directly into my eyes and said hypnotically, ‘Please, say yes. I have chosen you.’

‘This is a bit weird, but I am intigued. My name is Eddie. Yes, I will go with it, for what it is worth.’

‘You want us to pay you for your services, Eddie?’

‘No! Sorry, I didn’t mean that! Hell! I don’t know what I mean! This is the first time I have been propositioned.’ They both laughed at my dilemma. Until Beth caressed my hand some more and murmured, ‘Your joke was really funny, Eddie. It made my knickers wet. Did you get a hard-on because of the jokes what were being told or because I was passing my message into you that I wanted you?’

‘Is this for real? You are not sending me up, right? You and your Father are an item and you want me to join you? To do what?’

Bob leaned forward and put his hand on my other hand., ‘We want you Eddie, to share our bodies with us. To love us both equally and all together. We are yours completely to do with what you want. There will be no taboos. We have another girl who makes up our triangle now and again if you wish later on, in your own time, we can invite her back to the fold to make a foursome. We have a lovely warm cosy house and once inside we live as nudists. There are no internal doors, not even on the toilets or bathrooms. We hide nothing from each other.’

‘Everything Daddy says is true, Eddie. I saw you looking at me, I know you want me as I truly want you. I want you to look at Daddy the same way. He has looked upon you and he wants you. I want you both to want me, use me at the same time. I want to feel kaçak iddaa your love organs inside me, with just a thin membrane between you when you are both thrusting in to me. I want you to feel each other inside me. I want you to make love to Daddy and Daddy to make love to you. I want a real open love between us. To give ourselves to each other, one hundred percent.’

They lived in a large bungalow which was approached by a long drive lined with beech trees, there were no houses in the near vicinity, my thoughts were that one could scream and not be heard. A cold chill ran up my spine as I was ushered into the house, the bolts thrown to keep people out, or me in? We were hardly in the hall when both Beth and Bob started to disrobe.

‘Take off you clothes, Eddie. Don’t hide your beauty from us. Bob and I are waiting to see you.’

There was a triangular shelving arrangement on the wall of the hall and they were folding up their clothes as they took them off and they used the bottom two sections. My eyes were on Beth, she was stunningly beautiful. She was already down to her bra and panties. Bob was stepping out of his boxers. His cock sprang free and my anus spasmed involuntarily, it was almost as if he was putting it into me. When I managed to drag my eyes back to Beth she was naked and smiling warmly at me, her hands up removing the clips to let down her long dark brown shiny hair down. It almost covered her strikingly sexual pert breasts. I think I pictured her pussy to be shaved and it was, plump venus mound with protruding pink, moist lips. My rock hard cock jerked up and hit my stomach at the sight of her stark sensuality. She was amazingly gorgeous.

As soon as I placed my boxers in with the rest of my clothing they moved in on me. Bob behind me kneading my buttocks and Beth to my fore, tongue kissing me and her hands stroking my cock and balls. I don’t know if Bob did it deliberately or not, but he pushed my head forward steering my nose into Beths clothes and her knickers were on top. The crotch was wet and my nose was buried into them. My cock was already rock hard, but the aroma was really turning me on. Bob was also doing other things to me. His cock was in the crevice of my ass where no man had ever been before. His cock was bigger than my 7 inches.

One particular girlfriend who was very fond of anal used to love dildoing my ass. That was the total extent of my anal experiences. I have a gay video hidden in my wardrobe which the same girlfriend had given me for some obscure reason known only to her. She was always telling me about her previous boyfriend who was bi-sexual, she said her boyfriend and I would get on well together. I never found out because she went back to him. Her leaving me depressed me, because she had just about talked me round to getting it on with her ex. I missed her and ‘Big Tom’ the name she called her strap-on.

‘Eddie is working his ass on me here, Beth. I think he wants it.’

‘Do you want my Daddy to fuck you, Eddie. He is very good at fucking ass.’

‘I’m a virgin, Beth. Bob is the first guy to come onto me like this.’

‘Answer my question, Sweetest! Do you want him to put his prick up kaçak bahis you? I want this beautiful cock of yours up my ass. You said you would join the Triangle! You can’t really say no to anything we want from you. We have a fuck-bed we can strap you down to it. if you force us to use it. Natalie, the girl who forms our other Triangle had to be strapped down to take Bob’s cock up her ass the first time he did it to her.’

‘I rather fancy the being forced idea.’

‘Take him into the bathroom, Daddy and get his ass ready. I wiil prepare the Fuck-bed. I need to put the new restaining cuffs onto it. You can have a choice of gags, Eddie. A ball-gag or my knickers? You have already sniffed them, if I gag you with them you will also taste them.

Inside the bathroom was spacious, the fittings included a bidet which was side by side with the loo with a small hand basin in between. Then there was a bath, a shower unit. It was the first time in my life that I had willingly gone naked into a bathroom with another naked man! I obeyed him when he told me to sit on the loo and open my legs wide. He fitted some pipes to the taps on the basin and put one in between my legs brushing my now flaccid cock on the way through.

‘What you do Eddie is you adjust the taps until the water heat is right for you, personally I like quite warm. Then you feed the nozzle into your arsehole and fill your bum up until it gets a bit uncomfortable, then you pull out the nozzle and train it down into the pan and then you expel the water out of your ass. You keep doing it until you are quite sure that you are spotless inside. Nothing prepares you for anal sex like anal douching.’

I did what he said and was pleasantly surprised how nice it felt filling my bum up with warm water. I could feel my faeces passing through my fingers. I continued to use the douche on my own, thoroughly enjoying myself. Bob’s hard cock was just inches from my nose. When I opened my mouth he offered it to me and I sighed as I suctioned it into my mouth. I took it out for a minute to say, ‘It feels nice, Bob. I am starting to look forward to you fucking me now.’

‘I can’t tell you how much I have looked forward to this, Eddie. I have not done it with a guy since I was in college. I was faithful to my wife although she loved anal. When she left and Beth took her place in my bed I hardly gave it a thought until the Triangle thing started. Natalie has been a part of the Triangle for almost a year, but she seems to be getting interests of her own and it was then that Beth said she would like a man in the triangle. She wants the double and she wants to see me with another guy as she knows about my college capers.’

He paused to rock on his heels, moving is rampancy in and out of my mouth just one or two inches. No urgent throat gagging, just very gentle loving actions.

‘Oh! Yes, suck it for me, Eddie. I can’t wait to get it up you. It’s nine inches long, you are going to love it inside you. Fucking you. It will hurt a bit at the beginning, but if you relax and let it happen you will love it as all men who get fucked, love it. The first time it happened to me I said, ‘No, this is not for me.’ I was kidding illegal bahis myself, the next time my partner bent me over and kissed my rosebud, I shouted at him to fuck me!’

By this time I was enjoying treating Bob’s prick like a lollipop. I was savouring its taste, the bead of jism which oozed from it from time to time. I even licked his naked balls and popped them into my my mouth. Like Beth, he was completely void of pubic hair. Made me wish that I was too. I kept seeing the triangle shape in my mind and I was safely ensconsed within it. I felt so relaxed with Bob. I felt like the Prodical Son coming home. It was now, truly, an incestrous triangle. I felt his balls close up to his shaft and I knew he was about to cum in my mouth when he suddenly pulled his dick out of my mouth.

‘Stand up, Eddie, let me get your asshole ready for my rampant hard cock.’

He used a hand towel to wipe my bum dry and then he opened a fresh tube of KY Jelly and fitted the nozzle and I bent forward and was surprised when he kissed my ass first and was delighted when his tongue rasped my anal bud. It was novel to me, but I gave myself willingly. Even aiding him when I used my fingers to open up my ass-cheeks for greater access. I was rewarded generously with him delving his tongue inside my rectum as far inside me as he could reach.

‘Oh! Bob! That does feel nice! Oh yes! Oooooooooh!’

His fingers stretched my bum-cheeks wide apart until I felt cool air enter my rectum. I realised he was able to look inside my asshole and I trembled in awe of it all. He inserted the nozzle into my hole and I felt the cold jelly ooze inside me which caused me to tremble afresh. I started to feel feminine as if I had a pussy until I spluttered out, ‘Oh, Yes, Bob. Fuck me! I want your hard prick in me! Do it! Do it now! Pretend I have a cunt and fuck me!’ The words seemed to issue from my stomach, the amount of emotion I was feeling.

‘Go on Bob. You have teased him enough. Fuck him!’

I didn’t know Beth was standing in the doorway, watching us. Her fingers were probing her pussy and one of her nipples which were like bullets.

‘It is alright, I have closed the Triangle. I am here, Daddy, you can fuck him.’

She came forward and placed her juicy fingers to my lips and nose. I opened my mouth to suck her fingers as Bob pressured his hard dick against my anal ring-piece. He formed a bar with his right arm across the back of my neck forcing me to bend over and his left arm came across the front of my thighs and he was pulling me back onto his phallic missile. I moaned around her mouth-filling fingers as he pierced my resistance painfully.

‘Oh! Eddie I can see Daddy’s big prick going inside your asshole! I have always wanted to see Daddy doing that to a guy! Can you feel it? Feel it filling you up? Go on, Daddy! Fuck him! Put it all up him! Fuck him good.’ She paused for a minute to rake her pussy again with her fingers and then panted out, ‘If I come underneath you can you put your prick up my ass? My hole is greased and ready for you. Oh!…Gosh! You two are making me feel so horny!’

With a bit of shuffling I managed to accommodate her — nicely.

My Granpappy always used to tell me to leave things unsaid and hanging, leaving mouths agog. If people are adult and interested, like Oliver Twist they will say, ‘Please, Sir! Can I have some more?’


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32