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Friday night we had our annual company masquerade. Lara Croft it was. Shorts folded up to the top of my thighs; short, tight top; back-pack; heavy boots; sunglasses; holsters and guns. Lots of attention to put it mildly.

Ended up talking to P for quite some time during the evening. Others noticed, remarked that we looked as if we fit together (they’re right…). P’s inquisitive, has been the times we’ve met before, wanted to get to know me. The spark has been there, but neither one has acted upon it before. Friday night was different. It was hot. I was up for dancing, he didn’t want to, so I moved around beside him – accidentally (or not so…) pushing myself up against him. He responded, his body responded – like most guys do if I put myself into it. I wanted him.

Spoke about the way me and C live and relate to others – he was intrigued. Spoke about how a woman chooses – he got interested, and slightly uncomfortable. Spoke about lots of other things – I could see that look in his eyes – mind fearful while body turned on, sexual need mixed with apprehension, barely restrained lust battling against ‘should I really?’. 100% Scorpio that night – Aquarian tendencies far removed from surface and action. She works that way, always does when she’s out to play.

He came with the suggestion to leave for his hotel – yes, of course I went with him. Text message to C to say I won’t be home tonight – like he wants me to, to not worry. Going with him was what I wanted. Taxi ride back. Kisses, hands, words – him slightly fearful, saying I had the upper hand as sarıyer escort I knew this while he didn’t. Trying to calm him down saying that whatever turns out is OK – talking all night, or ending up having great sex (knowing full well that we’ll end up having sex – which is what I want and need – I know a guy and his psyche once I’m in this situation).

His hotel room. More kisses, clothes removed one by one. Shirt off – he didn’t lie – he’s working out, nice looking body. Belt buckle open, unbutton fly – striped designer brand underwear, nice. Jeans off – outline visible through tight cotton shorts – looks promising. Underwear off – really nice surprise – he’s hung. Not a word from his side indicating it earlier in the evening – it’s a real turn-on to find out – just by chance (as I’m sure it wasn’t – of course he knows he’s hung, all guys do if they are – if nothing else by the responses they’ve gotten before). Hands against and around, mouth around. A little longer than my palm and filling out hand nicely – closest I’ve ever seen in size to J that was the very first guy I ever had.

Mind going off on a tangent. This guy I want and this guy I want good – what I would have wanted that first night with J, but couldn’t because of pain and soreness. First tentative approach – he’s slightly uncomfortable. Him on back, ride him – that feels good, nicely filled out – he comes once, fast. Just praying and hoping he’s not a guy to stop there (he’s already hinted he’s not). Short pause, little less esenyurt escort intimidated – more riding, up on all fours, inviting him from behind. He likes that, likes the view of me from behind (mostly everyone does, including myself).

Brings him up in front of the mirror – my hands resting on desk, his hands on hips, entering from behind. He’s turned on, now he’s relaxing and letting go – going with the rhythm and flow. He feels good inside – large enough to be felt everywhere, small enough to not cause problems like A can do if he’s not careful. I tell him so, no real response in words – but I can feel the slight increase in size. It’s not flattery, it’s the truth – I like him, I like his cock, I like how he moves inside me.

I’m close, but can’t come just by having him in me. Shower is always my friend in cases like this. Brings him with me, let him watch and hold me as I use the shower spray to come. He’s rock hard, turns me around against the bathroom wall and enters from behind. Now he’s getting back to the cocky guy I saw at the party, the one that’s been missing for a while. He comes again – I’m still wet, horny, not really satisfied. Both tired, bed, sleep for a while.

Wake up to his hands over my body, voice close to ear “I want you again”, him hot and hard against my back. Guides him in, gasps a bit as it feels good to have him fill me out again. Lying behind me, thrusting in, holding my waist from behind – his third orgasm for the night. Dozing off again.

Wake up again to light kisses all over avrupa yakası escort neck. Roll over on stomach, motioning him over to lie on top of me and take me from behind. Use my hands to help guide him right. Shivers as he slides all the way in – I love this position, being partially held down by his weight, feeling him bounce against me as he thrusts, the sensation created by him inside. Fourth orgasm for the night – as I turn head to the side I see him with head thrown back and face knit together in equal parts pleasure and strain. Dozing off for a third time.

Half-awake in the early morning hours. Hands move over him, find him already half-way hard and also half-awake. Use hands to bring him to full erection and slide down on top of him. He thrusts back, still half asleep. Lie down on top of him, upper body pushed up on arms, legs between his, taking him like a guy usually takes a woman. Fifth and final orgasm for the night. Eyes closed, breathing stopped, head thrown far back, groaning, grimacing, visibly exhausted but smiling.

Finally time for some sleep – an hour or so. Alarm goes off, he rises, short kiss and “lie down five more minutes while I take a shower”. I’m up when he comes out, stretches, yawns – his words “hey, that’s not fair, you can’t do that to me after a night like this”. I see the twitch between his legs but that’s all the energy left. Shower and then breakfast in the hotel lobby. I see people’s quizzical looks to my masquerade gear from last night – even with P’s borrowed shirt on top to cover up a bit more.

Walk to the central station – he’s catching a train to the airport. I’m catching the subway back home. Kiss, long hug for goodbye. I ask him to get in touch once he’s mentally landed after this night and watch him walk away to the train. Hops on subway, tired, 15 minutes to home. C is warm and asleep in bed – it feels good to crawl up beside him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32