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I posted an ad online in Connecticut a few years back when I was working there, hoping to meet a woman who wanted to meet at a public beach nearby and fool around outdoors. As with most things like that, I was immediately buried in two things: spam asking me to “click here to verify” and guys telling me that I wouldn’t know the difference if they were blowing me. Very discouraging.

The surprise, however, was a response from a nurse on Long Island. She told me that my post reminded her of the way things were with her husband when they were first married. We swapped some stories like that, but she was too far away to connect with easily. She was a bit shy about details, but with some encouragement, she told me everything-the way she felt when he came inside her on the beach, or how much she liked the sun on her breasts while he went down on her out on their back deck. All good stuff, and all pretty harmless storytelling. Our exchange, while stimulating, never had the chance to turn into reality-that made it feel better, somehow, and we opened up about fantasies and memories in a natural, unrushed way.

That changed, however, when she was hired to work for a month at a hospital along the Connecticut shore. I drive through that city every day on my commute. Even though I had fudged the details of where I lived and worked, that much was pretty obvious. Once she started working there, things got much more intense. She started saying how she imagined my stopping by…how would I feel about that? As much as I wanted to, the sudden change from fantasy to potential reality caught me off guard. Would I actually follow through? While I dithered, she tormented me with messages about how hot it was outside, and how much she wanted to feel my cock in her mouth, and how her husband was miles away, and how wet she was every day thinking about my cock inside her…it was driving me nuts!

Then one day, the stars aligned. My classes ended at 11:45 for the day. She wrote to tell me she had worked all weekend and had the next two days off. Because I was dithering, she told me exactly what to do: stop by the hospital staff parking lot, pick her up, and take her to the riverfront park nearby-she had already found us a spot. She promised to have my cock in her mouth before we made two turns…something about that language made me smile and made me agree to her plan!

The next morning passed at a glacier’s pace. At 11:45, I was in my car, heading to meet her. At 12:05, I pulled into the parking lot, and she was waiting at the curb.

“I wasn’t sure you’d do it…” she said as she climbed in.

“Neither was I,” I replied.

As her hands reached over and unzipped my fly, she smiled and lowered her head: “I’m glad you did” were the last words I heard before her lips wrapped around my hardening cock.

She went slowly, and I drove as carefully as I could across to the river. When I pulled into the gravel parking lot, I chose a space far back from the waterfront, in the shade of some trees. I tilted my seat back and ran my fingers through her hair. She had been going easy on me for the drive, but now she kicked into high gear, sucking hard on each upstroke, using her spit-slick hand to tug me closer and closer to the edge. There was no teasing now-she wanted my cum in her mouth, and she knew exactly what to do to get her reward. All too soon, my hips rose off the seat and she was sucking hard on the head of my cock while jet after jet of cum spurted out and into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, and when I was done, she kept sucking gently, milking me for more and using her tongue to clean me off.

“There,” she said. “Isn’t that better?”

The idiotic grin on my face was answer enough for the moment. She unbuckled my seatbelt (hers was never fastened) and said, “Let’s get going…I know you have to be home eventually!”

Like a zombie, I got out and locked the car as she grabbed her bag and walked toward the trees. Her ass swayed in front of me in her green scrubs, and her long, blonde hair bounced as she strode ahead of me onto the path. She looked back and smiled at my dazed expression. After a few more steps, istanbul escort I caught up with her and put my arm around her waist.

“I like the way you say hello,” was all I could think of to say.

She laughed, and we stopped at the edge of the woods to kiss. My hands roamed across her ass, feeling her curves through the soft cotton. Her breasts were full against my chest, and her tongue flicked across mine as she held me close. Everything slowed down to a long, timeless moment.

“C’mon,” she said softly. “There’s more to come!”

“You’re next,” I growled and swatted her ass as she turned away from me.

“I hope so!” drifted back over her shoulder to me.

Turns out she did have a plan. The path went north along the river, within sight of the grassy areas alongside. A few hundred yards in, however, she left the path and turned left up a small hill. We crunched through leaves and came out in a clearing just over the rise-a grassy area cut in half by the trunk of a fallen oak tree. We could hear the traffic nearby, but no one could see us from any direction. The sunlight filtered through the canopy in places, and the whole place was cool, quiet, and green.

She stopped at the fallen tree and said, “Here’s the spot…here’s where I wanted to be with you.” I looked around and nodded approvingly.

She took out a water bottle and we shared a sip. Then we kissed again, and again my hands went to work on her ass. She thrust herself against my leg this time, letting me know how urgently her pussy wanted some attention. I could feel the heat there, and I knew it was time to get to work on paying her back. I stripped my shirt off and she smiled, trailing her fingers through my chest hair and kissing my nipples. I pulled her scrub top over her head and threw it across the tree, then kissed her again while I unfastened her bra and set it aside as well. Our lips met once again and our bodies came together in the sunlight, just like we’d both imagined.

To keep things moving, I bent down to kiss and suck each nipple the way she had done for me…I have found that women often do what they want done, and I was right. She wrapped her arms around my head and moaned. Meanwhile, my hands were busy untying the drawstring at her waist, then my thumbs hooked each side and drew both her pants and panties down with one long stroke, kissing her belly, her thighs, and her knees as I got lower and lower. She reached down and tugged her sneakers off, then stepped out of her clothes entirely. With a quick movement, she grabbed a blanket from her bag and flicked it open. I tugged her hand downward, and she got the hint immediately. She knelt down on the blanket, leaned forward to kiss me again, and then lay back, throwing her arm across her eyes to shield them from the sun.

Her body lay before me like a feast-silky smooth skin, soft blonde curls on her mound, full breasts, tight little nipples, and longer blonde hair like a halo around her head. I ran my hands up her calves, up her thighs, and up to her breasts. With my shoulder, I nudged her legs open further, then settled in between them. Soft kisses on her mound brought a purr of pleasure, and my first long, slow lick from the bottom to the top of her pussy brought a gasp of “Oh, yeah…” as my tongue moved across her clit.

As the breeze traveled across our bodies and the sun warmed my back, I probed her sweet pussy with my tongue. I lapped at her slowly, feeling her open up and start to get wetter, which urged me to dip deeply inside her and gather up her sweet juices. I nibbled her labia for a change of pace, then caressed her thighs and brought my hands into play. My thumbs caressed her outer lips while my tongue started to move up, homing in on her most sensitive spot. Her stomach tightened, curling her clit up toward my mouth. I started licking around it gently, and then slid my middle finger deep inside her, curling it up to stroke her G-spot while I traced patterns with my tongue. Her hands moved down to grab my hair, and I knew I had her close. I licked harder, and her hips started to avcılar escort rock in time with my strokes. I added another finger, twisting them inside her for maximum stimulation, and sent my tongue into high gear, lashing her clit mercilessly.

A gentle moan of “Oh, yes…” started and kept going, each sigh punctuated by a thrust of her hips toward me. When they started getting faster and faster, I started sucking on her clit gently, wrapping my lips around it the way I did with her nipples. I pulled my slippery fingers out of her and ran then along the crack of her ass, stimulating her rosebud while my thumb sank deep inside her pussy. My hand moved in time with my tongue, and her hips rose up and stayed there, jamming me hard against her while her body tumbled over the edge into a full orgasm. Her muscles were rigid, and I grabbed her ass, moving the stimulation away from her clit and burying my tongue inside her once again, sucking hard to get every drop of her nectar, feeling the pulsing ring of muscle inside her grabbing at me as she rode the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Slowly, slowly her hips sank to the ground, and with a final kiss to her mound, I moved up to lay beside her, my arm across her waist, letting her relax.

Eventually, her eyes opened, and she turned toward me. “That,” she said, “was fucking incredible! I’ve been waiting for that for months, and I never imagined it would all feel so good-your tongue on my clit, the sun on my body, and everything…” She trailed off.

“Just making it worth your while,” I told her, smiling.

She smiled back and kissed me, seeming to enjoy the flavor of her pussy on my lips and tongue. The kissing made my cock twitch, and her hand found its way down, stroking me for a moment, then cupping the tip to gather my precum and use it as lubrication to swirl her hand over my sensitive head.

As I rose to full hardness again, she almost purred again and said, “and now for something that will even better…”

I was all for that, and the sight of her body lying in the sun, legs open, pussy slick with excitement, breasts rosy with her orgasm, and her eyes full of lust were all that a man could ever want. I rolled myself between her legs and my cock found its way easily into her, both of us wet and ready for the first thrust that took me all the way inside her.

“Oh, God…” we said at the same time.

She wrapped her legs around my hips, and her arms around my head. I buried my face in her neck, savoring the scent of her hair and her damp skin. Even more, though, I was savoring the rippling tightness of her pussy along my shaft-I could feel every millimeter of contact between us, and the soft obstruction of her cervix at the very bottom.

We didn’t fuck, exactly…we just rocked for a little while, just enough to stimulate us both. Our lips came together for a long, slow kiss, and her hands roamed my back, caressing me, setting the pace of our movements.

“So good…just like I hoped,” she said.

“Mmm…” I responded, “but I imagined you on top of me for some reason…”

She smiled. Without a word, we rolled over on the blanket. At that moment, still buried inside her, it crossed my mind to listen to the outside world for a second, but there was no sound but the distant traffic and the sound of squirrels nearby. She ground her hips down on me, swirling herself in a hypnotic way, using her body and her internal muscles to work my cock in a way no one had done before. I was achingly hard, a tower of nerve-endings inside her.

“So fucking good,” I moaned.

She smiled down at me, her hair framing her face, and lifted her hips up high. She still circled them, teasing my cockhead with just her pussy lips, the sank down hard on me. Up, swirl, and down again…each descent marked by a look of concentration on her face and her white teeth biting her lip, eyes closed in pleasure.

At the bottom of a stroke, her paused after a few endless minutes and ground her clit against me again. Her eyes opened halfway, and she smiled again, knowing how good this was for me.

“I imagined you şirinevler escort fucking me from behind…” she said.

“Me too!” I told her, and with a quick adjustment, I was kneeling behind her, rubbing my cock along the crack of her ass.

“Watch where you put that thing,” she said. “I don’t want any surprises!”

With a laugh, I directed my cock into her pussy and sank deep inside her. “Don’t worry…I wouldn’t do that unless you asked me,” I told her.

Her head sank to the blanket, resting on her crossed hands. “Maybe next time…”

Is there anything more beautiful than a woman’s body in that position? The heart-shaped curves of her ass, the narrowness of her waist, the long, sexy lines of her back, the full swing of her breasts, and the deep, tight penetration of my cock inside her…I love it. Seeing all that in the middle of a glade in a park, minutes from her office and only a few miles from my own home, made it all the better. I held her hips and took a moment to enjoy the surroundings, relishing each stroke, but aware and even more excited by all the other details. This wasn’t my wife-this was a nurse I met online. We were fucking outside in a park where anyone might come by and see us. My cock was bare inside a stranger’s pussy, getting ready to fill her full of cum. Her back was warm with the sunlight, and her eyes were closed against the light. I held her hips and slammed all the way into her with each stroke, over and over again.

Suddenly, I felt a tickle on my balls. Her hand had crept between her legs, and she was rubbing her clit, adding even more pleasure to the moment. I reached down with my hands, leaning more on her hips to grab her breasts and cup them hard with each thrust. I stayed deep inside her and rammed myself against her hips over and over, wanting her to feel all of me inside her when she orgasmed. I could hear her start up the chant of “Oh, yes…” again, and I knew she was close. I pinched her nipples then, adding a flash of pain to her body-her head came up and she froze, jammed hard against my cock, fingers flying across her clit.

“Oh, yes oh yes oh yes ohhhhhhh fuck…” she exclaimed as the pleasure swept through her. I held still then, feeling the pulsating clasp of her pussy grip me and relax with the rhythm of her orgasming body.

I started thrusting again, amazing that a pussy so slippery wet could be so tight still. When she noticed me speeding up a little, she looked back at me.

“Don’t cum yet,” she said. “I want to be looking at you, seeing your face, when you do.”

“I’m getting close,” I told her.

She pulled away and flipped onto her back again, pulling me in with her heels and her hands. I lay full length on top of her once again, resting on my elbow and knees.

“Don’t go slow this time,” she said. “Fuck me and cum inside me…I want to feel that like I told you I used to…I want to make you cum and feel you cum…I want to feel that with you…”

Who could say no? I nudged my cock back into place. She lifted her knees and locked her heels around me once again, but this time I wasn’t going slowly. I drove my cock deep inside her, feeling her clamp down to make herself tight for me, the angle of her hips letting me fuck down into her with all of my cock, over and over until I felt my balls tightening up. She felt my urgency and grabbed my face, pulling me down for a savage kiss.

“Fuck me, Steve. Fuck my pussy and cum inside me. I want you to cum for me…cum inside me..cum inside me…”

When my orgasm hit, my back arched involuntarily, breaking our kiss. I tried to keep my eyes open so I could see her face in its response, but it was hard not to let them roll back in my head. I bottomed out in her pussy, forcing every spurt of cum against her cervix, and her legs tightened in time with my throbbing cock, pulling me into her even more. Cum leaked from her with every push, saturating the blanket, making a slippery mess between us. Slowly, I collapsed on her chest, and she held me close, whispering in my ear, telling me how good that felt, how much she loved my cock inside her, how much she loved feeling me cum so hard, so good…so fucking good…

When I softened and slipped out of her, I rolled my weight off her. We lay entwined, side by side, with the sunlight warm on our skin, but the breeze suddenly cooling the sweat that coated our bodies. The squirrels rustled in the leaves nearby, and the distant traffic droned on the highway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32