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A friend of mine recently built a little townhome neighborhood near my house, and as a favor I agreed to sit in the model home once a week as an on site agent of sorts. It was a five hour open house gig once a week, and if anyone bought one of the places during my shift I would get a piece of the sale. The model home where I spent my time was really nice, well furnished with a couch, a television and a refrigerator, so it wasn’t much different than being at home.

Each building had two units, and the units shared a back deck, separated by a rail. The model home was adjacent to the only occupied unit in the whole complex, which would eventually have 40 units but currently only had three built. The idea was to sell a few and then build more.

What I quickly discovered was that my friend had missed the turn on the housing boom, and the only thing I did during my shift was try and stay awake.

Early on, I did discover a side benefit – the girl who lived in the unit next to the model home was very hot. Young and athletic with a nice tan contrasting her short blond hair, she had a great body and a super smile. One of the first days I came to the site she was pulling up in the adjacent driveway with her roommate, who was also a hottie, so I went over and introduced myself. Their names were Nina and Lacie, and they were nice and friendly, and, as I mentioned, they were both hot.

Over time I noticed that Lacie was often not around, and I surmised that maybe she worked out of town. Nina was frequently there, and it became my past time to watch for her coming and going. I could sit on the couch and look out the front window, and it got to the point where every time she would walk out and get in the car I would find myself holding my breath watching her get in the car. I was pretty bored, so I started to develop some fantasies about my neighbor.

One day I was standing at the window looking through the blinds, and I heard the door on her place shut and saw her walk out. She had on some shorts and a top that revealed a lot of skin, nothing tawdry but very nice to watch. I figured she was going to get in the car and leave, but instead she pulled out a car vac and started cleaning out the car. I was caught between standing there and acting like I wasn’t staring at her or moving away from the window and maybe catching her attention, so I stood there for a while just watching, not knowing for sure whether she could see me watching her or not. A few times she would look up toward the window, but never for long. She left for awhile and I went upstairs, where I could look down through the blinds and do some serious looking, at an angle she wouldn’t be able to see me.

As I watched her move around the car, I started to get the impression that she was putting on a show. She kept adjusting her top, leaning in to show off her body, and looking toward the windows on my side of the townhome. At one point I walked downstairs and acted like I bursa escort had just happened to get up to walk by the window, and I was sure she looked into the window and smiled.

Or maybe it was just bored imagination. I’d been reading too much Literotica.

The next time I was there, it was a sunny day but not too hot, and I was tired of watching television. I had figured out early on that I could sit out back on the deck and see any traffic that came into the place. I would even have time to throw on my shirt in the unlikely event a customer pulled up. So I got a cool drink and a magazine and settled into a comfortable chair on the deck facing the entry to the complex.

I was out there about 15 minutes when I heard the sliding glass door on the adjoining unit open up, and my very attractive blond neighbor walked out in a pair of shorts and a bikini top. The whole deck was only about 20 feet across, so it would be hard to pretend not to notice her. We waved and chatted a bit about the weather, and how bad sales were, and a few other things I don’t recall because I was too distracted looking at her great legs. Once again, I was getting the sense that Nina was flirting a bit, but maybe I was reading into it.

Then she asked me to put some lotion on her back, and I suddenly felt like the field had changed. I tried to keep my hands steady as I rubbed some lotion into her back and shoulders, and she gave me a smile of appreciation that made my knees weak. I didn’t even realize it but I had developed a hard on, and by the time I did I was in an awkward way to try and hide it, but I leaned back against my side of the railing to ease the tent back.

I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something about how it seemed like it was getting a little warmer out, and her response was something like “yes,” with a long pause, and then “it is”.

Out of the corner of my eye, to my total surprise and disdain, I saw a car pull up to the entrance to the development. They hesitated for a moment, trying to decide whether to come in and check out the model home, and apparently they didn’t hear my screaming brain waves, because they pulled in and started the drive up to the model home.

“I’ve got a customer,” I said, pulling my shirt on.

She smiled, gave a little finger wave, and wished me luck.

For the next hour I had to deal with a couple of transplanted Yankees who spent most of the time providing me information on what a shitty townhouse it was. I came close to just asking them to leave a few times, but you don’t want to lose a buyer in a market like this, so I patiently played the sales game with them until they finally left, with the suggestion that they would think about it, which means no. After they left I went out and looked on the back deck but my leggy neighbor was gone, and my shift ended about thirty minutes later.

For the next week I sat around at home building a fantasy around what bursa escort bayan may have happened. By the time my next shift came around I had convinced myself that it was all in my head.

Ten minutes into my shift, there was a soft knock on the door to the model home and in walks Nina my blonde haired neighbor, holding a plate of food covered by aluminum foil.

“Hey, I thought you could use some cookies for your open house,” she said with a smile.

I was once again too stunned by how hot she was to think of anything clever to say. Her figure was perfect and her tanned, toned legs were beyond perfect.

“Thanks, those will be great for all the buyers who don’t come,” I said. “I’ll put them in the kitchen.”

She followed me in to the kitchen area and I set the cookies down on the counter.

“I love the way you’ve decorated the model,” she said looking around. “Very nice.”

“Let me give you the full tour,” I said, my mouth going a bit dry.

I showed her around the place, jokingly acting like the sales agent I was supposed to be, espousing the benefits of home ownership and low money down options. We walked around the downstairs and then went upstairs, touring the bedrooms and ending in the master, where she looked out the window that overlooked her side of the carport and remarked at the view.

I laughed, wondering if she knew just how good.

“I could never buy this place,” she said coyly.

“Really, what is it, would you rather have a two bedroom, or a bigger kitchen?”

She smiled as she walked by me out of the room. “The bed’s too small.”

I felt my stomach drop a bit as I tried to find the gumption to walk back downstairs. By the time I had caught up with her, she was in the kitchen and had taken the wrap off the cookies.

“Have one,” she said. “They’re my favorite.”

She handed one to me, and my doubts about her flirting diminished. She had made the cookies in the shape of a penis, and as I stood there gaping in the kitchen she raised the “head” of one of the cookies up to her mouth and gracefully brought her lips and tongue together to pleasure that cookie in ways you can’t imagine.

What happened next is pretty predictable. She had opened the door and I was only to obliged to fill it. I cancelled the open house for the day and we had sex in nearly every room of the model. Some of the closets were too small. But this is not the interesting part of the story.

The interesting thing is that it was all a fantasy that I had being bored at the model home, so I wrote up the elaborate version and submitted it as a story to Literotica. The interesting part comes later.

So two weeks after the story came online I was sitting on the back deck, trying to kill time, when the girl next door shows up on the deck, looking great in shorts and a bikini top. I was chuckling to myself as we chatted, thinking of the irony of it, and then, she hands bursa bayan escort me her lotion and asks me to put some on her back.

Whoa, I thought, this is like some twilight zone episode. I was more than happy to oblige, and I had to admit that actually doing it was better than the fantasy. The one downside was that it was hotter in reality, and I was starting to work up a sweat, so when I finished I absent mindedly remarked that I was going to go in for a while, because it was getting kind of hot.

“Yes,” she says, with a pause. “It is.”

The words were ringing in my ears as I walked through the sliding glass door, and the cold air inside hit me as a cold chill went down my spine. What the hell was going on? Was I dreaming? Is she reading my mind or something? I was in the kitchen splashing cold water on my face when she walked in. She was holding a plate. With foil over the top.

“I made cookies for your open house,” she said.

Now my mind was in full seizure. I had written the story while sitting in the model, had she hacked into my computer? Not likely. Was I going insane? Much more likely.

She set the cookies on the counter and I stared at her. I must’ve looked demented, but she just smiled.

“Aren’t you going to have one? They’re my favorite.”

My eyes got bigger as I watched her slowly pull bag the aluminum foil covering the cookies. I had completely stopped breathing by now, and I could hardly think. Her hands reached under the foil and pulled out a cookie.

Round. Looked like chocolate chip.

I exhaled in some weird combination of relief and regret, smiled and took the cookie. She took one out for herself and took a bite. She noted my reaction.

“You seemed like you were expecting something else,” she said.

“No, chocolate chip is great,” I said. “They’re delicious.”

“Well, I have to be honest with you,” she said with a smile. “I really don’t know how to make a penis shaped cookie.”

Bang. Heart stop.

She took a half step toward me and her lips met mine. I felt her push me back into the counter.

“The door is open, people will come in…” I started to say.

“I locked it,” she said, as she pulled my shirt off and her lips moved down my chest.

“The sign for the open house, people will…”

“I took it down,” she said, as her hands unbuckled my belt.

“I don’t…” I started to say, and then she took me into her mouth. “Oh my God.”

Instead of holding an open house, we had sex in nearly every room in the house, pretty much following the script to the letter, so it was like having your greatest fantasy played out for you in real time. Nina was insatiable, and her hot body and sexiness kept me going hard all afternoon. By the time we collapsed on the too-small bed in the master bedroom, I was in a semi conscious state. As we lay there together enjoying the moment, I started to formulate the obvious explanation.

“So, I guess you read my story on Literotica,” I said with a smile.

“No, I didn’t,” she said. “My roommate did, she told me about it.”

That news had almost sunken in when Nina continued.

“She thought it was a great story,” she said. “But she wants to be included in the sequel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32