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My lips moving ever so close to yours, to find that yours reach mine first! Your soft lips pressing gently to mine, so warm, so sensually. The sensation coursing through my body was that of ecstasy.

I finally achieved the kiss I had been craving forever! It was so gentle and sensual, yet so passionate and so desired. I could tell you were in the same state of mind as I was! I lift you up off the ground and you wrapped your legs around me. I walk us to the bed and place you down upon the bed on your back. We never even broke the kiss.

I begin to slowly and gently kiss down to your neck. I take a small bite to satiate my animalistic nature. And begin to kiss further down your body. What was once a gentle and sensual pace, became a lustful and more passionate one.

Slowly you begin to sit up straight while I followed your movements. Still kissing up your body and back to your soft and wonderful lips! Our lips met again and you began to remove my shirt. We kept kissing and I began to remove your shirt! I removed your bra, and you decided to go after my pants button.

Once your bra was removed and my button was undone, we laid back down with me atop you, still kissing. I began to move back down your body with my kisses, stopping for your neck to bite it. When I reached the brim of your pants, I continued to kiss your abdomen while undoing your pants.

Both of our pants were undone. I began to pull your pants off of you, all while I continued to kiss further down your body. I made sure my lips were placed upon your pelvis, your thighs, your calves, and finally your pants were off.

Slowly I made my way back up to the brim of the black thong you wore. Once there, I bit the waist band and pulled them off of your body, your legs moving sensually along with the motion. You never once took your eyes off me.

Finally, I had before my eyes the sight I had longed for. You were laid down on your back, hair down, black as the feathers of the raven. Your glasses remained on so you could enjoy the view as much as I got to. Your breasts, two perfect mounds of flesh, poking out. Your nipples, a mixture of pink and light brown, poking out, hard from the pleasure. Your stomach so soft and white. Your legs, slightly bent up, so as to block the full view of your womanhood. And your pelvic area, shaven, soft, inviting.

All that was left was for me to take off my pants and then the two of us would be completely exposed, vulnerable to the others desire. I did so. My hair, brown, down and to my right side. My eyes, glancing up and down your body, constantly resting upon your eyes and your lips! My upper body, covered with some hair. My stomach, slight pudge but nothing so fat. My legs, muscular. My manhood, engorged and ready for the woman it desired.

I slowly began to move back to being atop your perfect form! escort We kissed, more passionately then ever. You broke our kiss to begin pushing my head lower. I obliged. I make my way back down your soft and beautiful body with kisses till I reach the mark you want and I crave.

I began to kiss around it. Softly, sensually I kissed above it and your inner thighs. I pull my head back to finally see the glorious sight before my eyes. So soft, so wet, so inviting, and so delicious before me. I take my fingers and begin to massage around your lips. Not once touching your womanhood. As you begin to squirm ever so slightly, I place my thumb upon you clit and begin to rub it softly, still massage the edges of her.

Only after a minute, I lean down and place a kiss upon your womanhood. I begin to makeout with her. Slowly my tongue parts your lips and my tongue is finally where it has longed to be.

My tongue moved everywhere it could find. Inside your womanhood it went, outside around your lips, and constantly lapping at your clit. I nip at your clit ever so softly with my teeth. As my tongue continues its enjoyment of you, I place my my middlefinger inside of you.

Massaging the inside walls was ecstatic! It was warm, wet, and tight. While I continued my gentle and passionate assault of your womanhood, you place your hands upon my head and push down slightly to indicate that your pleasure was rising! Soon you come undone with my mouth upon you, and I could taste your sweet juices flowing into my mouth, and smell the sweet and passionate aroma of your womanhood.

I pull back and lick my lips to savour the taste even more! You pull me towards you and kiss me hard and passionately while shoving your tongue in my mouth so as to taste me and you! You push slightly on me and I move off. You tell me to lay back. I oblige. Now was your turn to tease and play with me!

You stand up above me, looking ever so beautiful and tempting! You get down in between my legs looking up at me as you do. And with your eyes locked to mine, you take a hold of my manhood and kiss it. You start to lick the base of my shaft and lick your way up to my head.

When you get to my tip, you grin seductively up at my and release me. I begin to struggle because you’re a tease. But soon after you move your head down and take only my tip into your mouth. It feels so warm, so gentle, so pleasurable. You pull off with a kiss, then make your way back down, taking more of me into your mouth. When you get halfway down my shaft, you start to suck real hard, like you are trying to suck a drink through a straw.

Then you pull back leaving just the tip in your mouth. Now you are getting into it and you decide you want to try to take all of it. So you take a deep breath and plunge down on my me, struggling when you get near the base. But your determination drives you to keep izmit escort bayan going and finally, you succeed in taking all of me in your mouth!

You pull off all the way to catch your breath, a thin line of drool connecting you to my manhood. Now the fun picks up, and your determination switches from slow and teasing to hot and passionate and desperation to make me come undone as I did you! You keep moving up and down my shaft with such vigor and determination. Your pace quickens. Soon I am informing you that I’m ready and instead of pulling off, you give me the most seductive look ever with me in your mouth and push all the way down my shaft and accept and swallow every last drop.

When you finally pull off, we look deep into each other’s eyes with so much passion and lust. You move back to me and we both kiss, not holding back any lust. We are able to taste our combined flavors together for the first time and it makes us long all the more for the act we truly crave.

With me still on my back, you hover yourself over my manhood. You lean down and kiss my lips again ever so gently. While we kiss, you lower yourself to where my manhood is touching her and we both gasp very loudly together. We gaze deeply in touch each other’s eyes and with a smile, you lower yourself slowly onto my member till he is all the way in! You shout out with a gasp “Puddin” and at long last we are one.

The sheer ecstacy of being in you is so much to handle. Your pleasure is plastered to your face. We have finally achieved our ultimate goal so far. You don’t move, because you wish to soak in the moment and I stay there to do the same! After our moment of pure ecstasy, you begin to rise slowly off my member without taking him fully out. Pleasure constantly dancing around your face. You plunge him back in kinda quickly. A loud smack can be heard. As if the smack was a spark to ignite the fire, it does, and you begin your ride.

Up and down you move, constantly in a state of pure ecstacy. I hold tightly to your waist enjoying the beautiful sight before me and the pleasure within moments! Your breast dance before me. A few times you glance down at me, giving me the purest smile you can ever give! Both of us purely happy!after a good 5 minutes, you sit all the way down and breathe. You enjoyed your ride, but you want to feel it differently.

You climb off, and get on your hands and knees facing away from me. Before me is a glorious sight to behold. Your womanhood dripping giving off so much heat. Your posterior, white and smooth. Your other hole winking back at me. You begin to beg for me to pound away.

I get behind you, but don’t put him in. I squat down and begin to devour you again! I devour like an animal, an animal starving for food. I take my tongue, and move it from your clit, up your lips, all the way to izmit sınırsız escort your tiny, tight backdoor and devour more. I hear you gasp in pure delight at the pleasure bestowed upon you and you drop your head to the bed. Moans can be heard from you, and growls can be heard from me.

I stop my meal, full from the bounty before me and get myself ready to penetrate. I hear you whimper because I stopped your pleasure. I move him close to your entrance and push him in slowly! Your whimpering stops and you begin moaning all over again.

You catch me off guard as my member fully is in. I feel your walls clamp down on him. It’s as if you are trying to pull him in further, or hold him in forever. Pure ecstacy runs across my face. I pull back, and begin pounding away. I look down and I see your glorious cheeks bouncing against me, your backdoor winking harder than before, and your hair strewn across your smooth white back, glistening with sweat.

I remove my left hand from your side and grab on to your hair, and with the other hand, I smack the soft smooth side of your cheek! I hear you shout in pure delight and pleasure. I raise my hand again and smack again, this time a bit harder. You scream out “PUDDIN, YES, I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS! POUND ME HARDER!” I oblige.

Your legs begin to shake vigorously from another orgasm, and you fall forward with me behind you. So you lay on your back, pull me to you and take my member in your hand. You line him up and pull me into you. We both gaze deeply into each other’s eyes and we embrace closely with a ferocious kiss.

You wrap your legs around my middle, your posterior lifted off the bed. I begin pounding away again. Neither of us breaking the kiss. Both of us glistening with sweat, looking disheveled, but in pure lust.

I lift back away from the kiss, after a few more minutes. As I stare into your eyes i inform you I’m there. Without a moments hesitation, you pull me back down, and before kissing me, you say “me too.” You wrap your legs tighter around me to hold me to you and as our lips meet again, both of us explode with the biggest orgasm we have ever had. My member covered in your delicious juices and your entrance now overflowing with mine.

Neither of us move, only our lips kissing. After a minute, I pull him out of you and look at our creation. What was once a beautiful piece of art, was now masterful and messy expression of our passion and love of one another.

I get up slowly, exhausted, to grab you something to wipe up any mess. You lie still, unable to move and legs shaking so uncontrollably. I wipe off the excess juices; lean into kiss you! No longer a desperate and lustful kiss, but a soft and loving kiss. You turn to your side and I lay behind you, both of us still unclothed. As I cuddle you and cover us with blankets, I kiss your cheek and say “I love you babygirl!” We both pass out.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32