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My husband and I really are not the most adventurous couple when it comes to sex. We’ve been married for over twenty years and I suspect that a lot of people would think that we’re pretty tame (boring) sexually. I will say that we both really enjoy our sex life but when things would get a little stale we’d have an honest discussions about sex and things would work out. For a long time neither of us had any serious, unfulfilled fantasies to speak of until maybe about six months ago. My husband began telling me about a fantasy he had involved having sex outdoors. I always got aroused when we’d talk about it and I admit that it was a definite turn-on for both of us. But it was a fantasy that I never really thought might happen.

Well, about a month ago my husband surprised me with planned three day trip to Las Vegas. Since we live several hours away we decided to drive. Before leaving home neither of us actually mentioned anything about the fantasy but unbeknownst to me it was on both of our minds. I remember wondering if maybe we might find some place in the desert where we could fulfill his fantasy which in part had become my fantasy. For the drive to Las Vegas I purposely dressed a little sexier than I usually would. I wore sandals, a pair of very short shorts that made the material ride slightly up between my pussy lips, thong panties, my sexiest bra, and a loose fitting cotton blouse. My husband immediately noticed my outfit but didn’t say anything. I felt so…well, I don’t know how else to describe it…so slutty and it really made me aroused.

I didn’t really know what to expect so I was kind of nervous but I didn’t let it show. Anyway, the day we left to drive to Las Vegas was a beautiful spring day in the desert. We’d been driving for over an hour and I saw several dirt roads that left the highway and stretched out into the distance. Finally my husband slowed the car and we took a dirt road that ran off the highway in the direction of some low hills maybe a mile away or so away. I admit that the further we drove on the road the more nervous and excited I got, I guess because of the simple fact that I knew that when we found the right spot my husband was going to fuck me. I’d never had sex anywhere out in the open and this was really out in the open! I could see for miles in every direction.

After driving on the road we came to what looked to me like an old mine. There wasn’t a house or a building and it looked like no one had been there in years. The road had gotten rougher and kind of ended there anyway so my husband stopped the car and we got out to look around. There was a soft breeze blowing and the sun felt good as I got out of the car. My husband didn’t say anything about sex so I wasn’t completely sure if we were going to fuck or not. I decided to leave it up to him. I would do what he wanted. As I walked around the car he was taking off his shorts bursa escort and in a few moments the only thing he was wearing was his tennis shoes. I took off my clothes too (except for my tennis shoes) and put them carefully on the back seat of the car. I admit that it was a little hard for me to do, (getting undressed in such a different place) and I was very nervous because I’d never done anything like that before. I was doing it for him and that really was reason enough. I felt silly looking around a lot to make sure we were alone. It was on my mind that maybe someone with binoculars could see us but I kept telling myself that we were in the open desert and I doubted anyone else was around for miles.

My husband took my hand and we walked toward a pile of large rocks about thirty-yards away from the car. We chatted as if everything was normal—ignoring the fact that we were both completely nude and my husband had a nice hard on. For the first time in my life I felt the sun on my whole body and it was a very erotic feeling. When we got to the rocks we sat down on a low, smooth rock that was warm from the sun and we began kissing. Soon he was caressing and playing with my breasts. My nipples got immediately erect at his touch and I could feel myself getting turned on, almost like a like a wave washing over me. We kissed passionately like we’d done when we were younger and I hate to admit it but, I’d actually forgotten how good that felt.

I reached for my husband’s hard cock and I gently stroked it as we embraced. We seemed to be in no hurry and it was nice. His hands were all over my body caressing me and when he found my wet pussy he pushed two fingers into my vagina as his thumb played with my clit. As he was softly finger-fucking me I tried to remember (and couldn’t) the last time he’d done that to me. I suddenly began to realize that we’d become pretty tame about sex and probably should do something about it. Maybe this was a place to start.

I’m not sure why but it seems that we usually don’t engage in a lot of oral sex (we prefer fucking), but I had the strongest urge to suck on his cock as we sat there on the rock. I told him to stand up because I had a surprise for him and when he did I made him face me so that his cock was only a few inches from my face and I quickly took it into my mouth and began to tease the head of his prick with my tongue before I ran my lips down the loose skin of his shaft. He let out a low groan of pleasure that almost made me cum but I held it back. I was very horny at that point and I was really trying to make him feel good by sucking his cock. I slipped into a smooth and steady rhythm sucking him in and out of my mouth while I fondled his ball sack. His groans made me feel special and good. Some time had passed and I knew he was getting close to an orgasm and I didn’t care if he came in my mouth or not. Suddenly bursa escort bayan he pulled his cock out of my mouth and groaned, “I had to stop, I almost came in your mouth.” He took a few steps away from me and calmed a little. Then, turning towards the car he said to me, “I’ll be right back.”

I sat on the rock watching him as my own sexual desires were coursing through every part of my body. I don’t know when I’d ever felt as aroused as I did at that moment. I wanted to be consumed by my own desires… Clearly, I wanted to get fucked, I wanted to feel my husband’s cock going in and out of my vagina, and I wanted to feel his masculine body on top of mine as he thrust himself into me. I leaned back on the warm rock and I was surprised when I felt my own pre-fuck lubricating juices dripping out of my pussy.

When he came back he was carrying an old quilt that I he’d taken out of the trunk of the car. As he walked toward me I could see that his cock was just as hard as before he left and a wave of excitement ran through my body. He made me stand up and he draped the quilt over the rock and had me lie back on it. I thought he was going to fuck me but instead he spread my thighs and knelt down and began to eat my pussy. His tongue focused on my clit and I knew that my first orgasm wasn’t too far away but I knew I could have more. I looked down and could see his head and beautiful hair between my thighs as his tongue focused on me like some sort of a hungry, sexual beast. I was helpless to keep from softly crying-out and I was aware of my own voice trailing off into the silent desert.

The pre-orgasmic tension I was experiencing was building powerfully within me and had nowhere else to go. I suddenly felt as if I couldn’t hold any more of the intense pleasure that was pent-up inside of my body. I actually felt as if I might pass out from the sheer power of what I was experiencing. My clitoris was the center of everything and she couldn’t take any more.

I cried out loudly as my body went rigid and my orgasm slammed into me. My husband continued to eat my pussy as he held on to my hips. A cry from deep within me was created by my hard, orgasm. As my body experienced debilitating pleasure my husband didn’t stop eating me. I felt an incredible feelings that I’d never felt before. I was helpless to do anything but give in to the pleasure. I was aware that I was coming down from my first orgasm but at the same time I felt as if I was already building toward another. It is difficult to describe but I’d never felt that before. I was lost in my own intense pleasure as my body shuddered into another orgasm that took me by surprise. This one even stronger than the first…and my husband still kept eating my pussy.

I came two or three time more as I lay on the rock receiving oral sex with the man I love. My orgasms were so powerful that bursa bayan escort I needed a rest and I asked him if I could suck his cock before he fucked me and he readily agreed. We changed places and I knelt between his legs and took his hard shaft into my mouth. I remembered my girlfriend Phyllis talking about how to suck a cock and combined with what little I knew after secretly seeing a few DVDs, I wanted to make my husband feel good. I massaged his balls as my lips and tongue worked on his swollen head. His pre-cum was flowing heavily and I was so horny I just kept sucking and licking his cock as I fondled his balls. He was thrusting his hips and groaning as I worked on him. Suddenly he pulled away from me and again I knew it was because he was almost about to cum. Without saying anything we both wanted the same thing; for him to cum inside me.

We changed places and I spread my legs and pulled my thighs up to my chest giving him complete access to my sex-hole. He hovered above me and as soon as his hard cock was at the entrance of my vagina he pushed it into me and began to fuck me with long strokes that felt as if they went from the tip of his cock all the way to his balls. We were both panting and moaning like we’ve never done before at home or anywhere else. We fucked each other for as long as we could, just to make our enjoyment last. Our fucking got stronger and faster until my husband was pounding my cunt with very powerful, deep strokes and I was on the verge of another huge orgasm.

Those orgasms we had that day on the rocks were ones that I’ll never forget. I remember every detail. My husband and I were face to face and suddenly his cock felt hot inside me as he began to ejaculate his sperm into my vagina in a series of hard squirts that flooded the walls of my sex hole. With the first and most powerful squirt I began to shudder again as his ejaculation triggered my own orgasm. We both moaned and panted from the intense pleasure we shared.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” I heard myself begging as my orgasm continued. I almost couldn’t believe it was me saying that but I was so turned on I just didn’t care anymore. My husband stayed hard for a while after he came in me and we kept fucking, only slower than before. I felt as if I was full of more cum than I ever had pumped into me and when he pulled his softening cock out of my cunt I felt a rush of cum flow out of my vagina and onto the blanket. The cum was in my pussy hair and for the first time that I could remember I just didn’t care. In fact, I just let it stay there in my hair until I could get a shower at our hotel. We both sat on the blanket enjoying the afterglow from the best sex we’ve ever had. We talked, in hush tones about our naughtiness and felt freer than we’ve felt in years.

The warm desert sun and soft clear breeze put us back in touch with something we were about to lose.

We went on to Las Vegas for our trip and even then had some great sex in our hotel room. Every time we talked about what happened in the desert we both would get very horny and would make love.

We plan to go back to the desert more now and to our special place among the rocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32