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Big Dicks

Just before Christmas I had the most wonderful experience of my life. I managed to spend a few private hours together with the young lady I have fallen in love with. The story of that day is ours alone, this is my fantasy of what our next time might be like.

I can’t wait to unwrap my sexy little Christmas present again. This time, instead of her work clothes I want her to be wearing a long dress so I can stand behind her and unzip it slowly, first breathing on the back of her neck and then kissing down the middle of her back as it is gradually exposed to me.

Under her dress she might be wearing some nice sexy underwear, or just her everyday ones. It doesn’t really matter what she has on, because once I see her out of her dress I will simply lose all self-control and rip them off her.

I stay standing behind her and gently push her up against the wall, letting her know who is in control. I run my hand up and down her side, tracing her profile with my fingers, teasing her sensitive areas. I move in closer and slide my arms around her waist, then upwards to cup her amazing tits. I find her nipples which bakırköy escort are already hard, and gently roll them between my fingers, pull them and pinch them.

My right hand starts to wander downwards, seeking out my goal. It runs down her flat stomach, through her closely trimmed bush then finds her hard clit between the soft folds of her wet pussy.

I reach around her and explore her pussy with my fingers. She likes having her clit rubbed hard and fast and that is exactly what I give her. When I have made her cum for the first time I release her for a moment before pushing her to her knees in front of me. I think she likes it when I take control and tell her what to do.

I tell her to take off my trousers, and she pulls eagerly at them, releasing my semi-hard cock. She sucks it greedily, swallowing my whole length and making it grow harder. She increases her speed and squeezes my balls with her hand. I can feel my orgasm building and pull out of her mouth just in time to shoot cum all over her lips, her chin and her neck. There is a lot of it and it starts running beşiktaş escort down her front to cover her amazing breasts.

When I see this I suddenly want to do something I have never done before and I push her onto her back and start to lick and suck her huge tits even though they are covered in my cum. As I clean my cum off her tits I reach down to find that her pussy is dripping wet. I slip my finger into her and start to steadily rub her g-spot in and out. I leave her tits and kiss my way down her stomach towards her pussy.

When I reach her clit I start by licking it up and down slowly with the tip of my tongue. I know she loves this because her whole body twitches every time I do it. I slow down my rubbing of her g-spot but increase the pressure. Then I suck her clit into my mouth and roll it around with my tongue. This sends her over the edge and she has a massive orgasm which leaves her shaking with pleasure.

I hold her for a minute to let her recover.

She reaches down and starts to stroke my cock, making it stiffen once more for her. When I am ready I pull beylikdüzü escort her up onto her knees and force it into her still sensitive pussy from behind. I pump into her, pulling her hair so she doesn’t forget who is in charge of her body. While I am fucking her I look down at her beautiful bottom. I know she is a bit shy about this part of her body, but I can’t resist ‘accidentally’ brushing my thumb against her arse. She moans quietly, which I take as an invitation to be a bit bolder. I wet my thumb in the juices coming from her pussy and slowly start to rub it around the rim of her arse. She goes quiet at this, and I wonder if I have gone too far but I continue anyway as she hasn’t asked me to stop.

I carry on fucking her from behind and rubbing her arse with my thumb. I order her to play with her clit and she complies instantly, rubbing herself into a frenzy. I decide to explore her desires further and start to gently push the tip of my thumb into her arse. I won’t ever know if it was caused by this or by her rubbing her clit, but she starts to cum hard and I can feel her pussy contracting on my cock and her arse tighten around my thumb. This amazing feeling sends me over the edge too and before I can pull out of her I cum deep inside her pussy. I pull back and shoot more of my cum all over her arse and her pussy lips. We collapse together in a sweaty, sticky heap and drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32