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Rylee and Dante’s story continues here but I am not done yet. I have a few ideas of where I want this story to go but feedback and ideas are always appreciated!

Rylee spent the next several days considering Dante’s proposal. She had her dad’s blessing for her to live with Dante and “rent” a room from him while she completed her internship but she wasn’t sure she had convinced herself. The more time she spent around Dante, the more her feelings for him grew beyond what she should feel for her father’s best friend and a man who had helped raise her. A week had gone by since the last time they had spoken. Dante had gone back home after spending the night in her father’s house and she hadn’t seen him since. He had arranged for her to come spend a day in the city though to check his place out and hopefully get more comfortable with the idea.

Her GPS alerted her that she had reached her destination. In all the years Rylee had known Dante, she had surprisingly never been to his place. He had bought it a few years back when his business had started to grow but it was right around the time she was starting college and she hadn’t been able to find the time to come see it.

Now that she was here, she found herself surprised at his home. Rylee had always pictured something modern and sleek. Dante was a business man after all and wasn’t that the type of house all her romance novel characters lived in? Instead, she found his place fit much more into the category of white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog. The house was a 2 story colonial home, white with a big red door. Granted, there was no actual white picket fence but there easily could have been. There was an adorable porch on the front of the house with a hanging swing and a few potted plants. The yard was nicely manicured with simple landscaping wrapping around. Rylee felt immediately at home and she hadn’t even stepped inside the house.

At the sound of Rylee’s car door closing, Dante headed outside to meet her. He was nervous for her to see his home even though he had no idea why. She walked towards him wearing a pair of denim shorts that hugged her body and showed off her tan, toned legs and a simple baseball shirt. Her hair swung in a high pony tail and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. She looked fucking perfect. Casual Rylee was his favorite version. Sure she looked sexy all dolled up in a nice dress and her hair curled but he preferred this more natural look. It suited her better.

“Hey sweetheart. How was the drive? Did you find the place okay?”

Rylee smiled brightly back at him. “Yep, it was easy enough. Your home is beautiful. Not what I was expecting at all, but I love it!”

“What exactly were you expecting?” His question, despite being extremely innocent, made her blush which peeked his interest much more.

“Oh um, I hadn’t thought about it a lot or anything. I guess I just pictured something more modern and like…Christian Gray like.” Her answer was so quiet, Dante had to struggle to hear. Clearly she was embarrassed which stirred something deep inside him. He couldn’t help but chuckle at her.

“Christian Gray huh? Is that how you think of me?” His question clearly shocked her. Her eyes went wide and her mouth hung open gapping back at him.

“No! I mean, I didn’t mean it like that. Well, not really.” She stumbled over her words wishing she had just kept her damn mouth shut all the while Dante grinned back at her fighting a laugh. Dante couldn’t help but wonder if that’s what she was into? If it was a good spanking she needed, he would be happy to oblige. He had to take a deep breathe to compose himself thinking it was time to change the topic. Any more of this conversation and his dick would be leading this tour.

“Come on, let me show you around the place a little. It’s nothing crazy but it’s home and I am pretty fond of it.” Rylee followed his lead and stepped into the foyer behind him. The main floor was all open with the exception of a beautiful staircase in the center of the room. The floors were a deep cherry hardwood. The same wood was found throughout the home in the cabinets and all the woodworking on the doors. To her right was a simple living room. He had a big, extremely comfortable looking sectional couch and a tv mounted above an old brick fireplace. She pictured herself curled up with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee during the winter while the fireplace warmed the room.

To her left was a formal dinning room with a huge wood table and tan fabric covered chairs. She followed Dante through the dining room and into the kitchen. Dante watched her face light up at the sight. Rylee loved to cook and was extremely good at it too. He imagined waking up to find her down here, an apron tied around her waist cooking pancakes and dancing along to the radio. He quickly pushed the thought away. He couldn’t allow himself to think like that or he would go crazy if or when she moved in here. He had to remind himself that she was Hank’s daughter. His best fucking friend, who would kill him if he knew istanbul escort all of the things he wanted to do to his little girl.

They continued their tour through the main floor. He showed her the small bathroom off of the living room and another small bedroom that was currently being used as his office. Upstairs, he debated showing her his own bedroom. Would that be weird? Are you supposed to show somebody your own bedroom on a tour like this? Dante wasn’t sure but on a whim, he opened the door and stepped just inside.

Rylee’s breath hitched slightly when she entered Dante’s room. It was beautiful like the rest of the home of course, but she was more transfixed on the idea of actually being here than anything else. She pictured him naked, sleeping softly in the huge king sized bed. For a moment she allowed herself to wonder what it would be like to be wrapped up next to him, equally naked, their limbs entwined after a night of hot sweaty sex. She felt herself blush again and hoped Dante wouldn’t notice.

The look on Rylee’s face followed by the intense redness of her cheeks confused Dante. What the hell could she be thinking. Had he embarrassed her by showing her this room? Was she thinking he was a pervert? Maybe, just maybe, she was thinking the same things he was about having her naked in that damn bed. When he couldn’t stand seeing her in here any longer, he ushered her down the hall showing her a few of the other bedrooms as well as the upstairs bathroom.

“You can leave all your shower stuff in here. I have a bathroom attached to my room so this one really doesn’t get used a whole lot. Feel free to consider it your own. Fill the drawers with your girl crap and all that. As far as bedrooms, there are 3 up here not including mine. You can pick whichever one you like. Personally I like the one at the end of the hall next to mine. It has that cute little window seat overlooking the backyard, but that’s just me. You take whichever you like.”

Rylee had been hoping that he would say she could use the bedroom he spoke of as soon as she had seen it. The little nook he referred to was adorable and she could easily see herself sitting there working on her designs for hours at a time.

“That is, if you decide to stay here. Your dad has mentioned that you seem hesitant about it. Do you mind me asking why? Is there something I could do to make it more comfortable for you? I won’t expect you to hang out with me all the time or anything. I know that you’re young and have your own life and don’t wanna spend all your free time with an old fart like me. And if it’s the cleaning and cooking stuff you’re worried about, well, that was just a suggestion to make you feel more comfortable about not paying me. You really don’t have to. I can still hire somebody.”

“Dante, that’s not it, seriously. Of course I would help out and do that stuff if I move in. I told you I want to earn my keep. I just don’t want to invade your house and your privacy. I don’t want you feeling obligated just because of my dad.”

Dante reached out and grasped Rylee’s shoulders, turning her body so she was facing him, forcing her to look him in the eye. “Rylee, baby, I want you here. I don’t feel obligated one bit. If I didn’t want to do this for you, I would not have offered. You know I am not to type of person to do something I don’t want to or haven’t thought through. You are literally one of the most important people in my life. It would be my pleasure to have you move in with me.”

Rylee had to stop herself from swooning at his words. He stared at her intensely, begging her with his eyes to believe him. He was right about not doing things he didn’t want to. Dante was never the type to get forced or cornered into something. He’d always had a polite way of turning people down without seeming like an ass. His proximity to her was making her head cloudy. She suddenly couldn’t remember why she hadn’t said yes right off the bat. What was holding her back? When she swore she saw Dante’s eyes flick down to her lips, her memory cleared up quickly. She couldn’t stay here because of him. This man made her feel things that she didn’t think she could control if she saw him day in and day out.

Despite those reservations and her mind screaming no, one more look in his eyes and she found herself saying yes, she would move in. Dante’s eye lit up and she knew she had made the right choice. He pulled her into a huge hug. She let her body melt into his embrace, wrapping around his solid frame and breathing in that scent she loved so much. Dante rested his chin on her head holding her close. The smell of her vanilla shampoo filled his nose and overwhelmed him. He found he couldn’t let her go. In turn, Rylee made no move to pull away. Their hugs had always been brief in the past. A quick squeeze to say hello or goodbye but never more than a few seconds. When Dante finally went to pull away, he sensed a reluctance to let go that mirrored his own. He wanted to kiss her so avcılar escort bad in that moment. Instead, he pulled away quickly and walked away without a word, heading downstairs.

Rylee stood watching him walk away, a little hurt and a little confused. She had felt like they had shared a moment. Surely that hug was different than anything than they had had before. It was innocent enough. It was not as if they had been making out or feeling each other up but still, she thought it had meant more than just a hug between friends. She had even allowed herself to think that maybe his feelings for her were not as daughterly as she had always thought. As he walked away from her though, she found herself confused all over again. She took a moment at the top of the stairs to compose herself. A few deep breaths later, she followed Dante down the stairs to find him staring out his front window. “Hey” she said simply, moving to stand next to him.


They stood there side by side, both lost in their own thoughts for a few minutes. Dante was struggling with the idea of recanting his offer for her to move in. Maybe she had been right and this was a bad idea after all. She hadn’t even been here an hour and he already was having trouble keeping his hands off her. His mind wrestled back and fourth over the idea. She still had a few weeks before her internship started and before she would need to move in. He decided to drop the topic for now and they could decide what was best when the time came closer.

“Would you like to get some dinner with me while you are in town?”

Rylee thought for a moment. It would probably be better if she just called it a day and went home but the idea of leaving on uncertain terms didn’t sit well. Even if nothing ever happened between them, he was still family to her and she didn’t want to let something as silly as a hug come between them.

“Sure, that would be nice. Thank you.”

“Any requests? There are a lot of great restaurants in town to choose from or we can just order in and eat here?”

“Ordering in sounds kind of nice. I’m not picky and you know the options here better than I would.”

“Is pizza okay? There is this great place that delivers here that has amazing brick oven pizza. You will love it.”

“Sure, sounds great.”

Rylee sat down on the couch while Dante ordered their pizza. She liked that he didn’t even have to ask what she wanted. He knew her well enough that it was necessary. Rylee was a creature of habit and always got the same kind; pepperoni and green olives. He hung up the phone after confirming their food would be here in about 45 minutes.

“Why don’t I show you the backyard while we wait? I know you saw it from your window upstairs but it’s not quite the same.”

“Yes please!” Rylee was eager to check out the space. She knew it was a big yard from what she saw earlier. Trees lined the back of the property creating some privacy from neighbors which was nice. When they walked through the back french doors, she saw a beautiful patio that she hadn’t noticed earlier. There was a grill sitting off to the side, a nice glass outdoor table as well as a brick fire ring surrounded by chairs. Rylee felt giddy with excitement about the prospect of hanging out back here on a cool fall night surrounded by the fire. This house was everything she could have ever dreamed of. She didn’t know how she would ever be able to leave or find a place that compared after her internship ended. That would be a problem for another day though.

Rylee and Dante sat out back chatting at the table until their food arrived. The door bell was loud enough that they could hear it from the back. Dante went to answer the door while Rylee headed to the fridge for drinks. She grabbed him a beer, knowing it was the only thing he would drink with pizza and got herself a glass of wine. She opened up a few cabinets until she located plates and silverware.

“Want to eat in here or out back?”

“Out back please!” Dante should have known. Rylee spent as much time as she possibly could outdoors and today would be no exception. She followed him back, through the house and set their plates and drinks down. Dante smiled when she handed him his beer. He loved how well she knew him. She hadn’t even had to ask what he wanted.

The wine in her glass unsettled him a bit though. It wasn’t that she was underage, her dad let her have a drink with them every once in awhile as long as they were home and he was around. What made him nervous was that he knew what a glass of wine did to her. She was a small girl so it didn’t take much. Her cheeks would always flush in a way Dante found incredibly sexy and she got giggly. Also something that made his dick harden. The worst part though, was that she got a bit clingy. Not in a way that was annoying at all but more so that she just wanted to be close to somebody. The alcohol made her crave contact and she had been known to climb into his lap a time or two. Dante wasn’t sure he could handle her şirinevler escort ass wiggling around on him right now.

She sipped her drink slowly, much to Dante’s relief. They chatted while they ate, savoring the amazing pizza. She told him more about her classes and what she hoped to accomplish once she graduated next year. She admitted to being over the moon about the opportunity this internship was providing her. Dante told her about his company and how things were going. He spoke about a few projects they had going on and even told her about a few of their struggles that were keeping him up at night. Rylee paused him here and there to explain something she didn’t understand. She asked questions about the work he did and seemed genuinely interested in what he had to say. Dante found it refreshing to talk to somebody who actually gave a shit about his life. Up until now the only other person who had bothered to care was Hank.

The two talked and laughed long after their pizza was gone not realizing how much time had gone by. It was well past dark when the time hit him.

“Shit Rylee. I didn’t know it had gotten so late.” A glance at his watch told him it was pushing 11:00. “Why don’t you stay here tonight? The bed in “your room” is already all made up and I would feel better knowing you weren’t driving home at this hour on roads you aren’t familiar with.” She would be living here soon enough as it was so he figured staying here tonight couldn’t hurt. He didn’t say it to her but he also wasn’t comfortable with her driving after the wine she had drank. He knew she was far from drunk and most likely not even buzzed but it still didn’t sit right with him to have her drive like that.

Rylee considered his proposal for a minute before agreeing. She hated driving at night so was happy to not have to worry about it. She stood and started clearing the table, stacking plates up and heading inside to wash them. Dante had a dishwasher but it seemed silly to load it with 2 plates and a glass. She hummed softly as she made quick work of the dishes. When she finished, she turned to find Dante staring at her.


“Nothing, sorry I was just spacing off.” Dante shook his head and turned away from Rylee’s curious look. That was a load of crap and they both knew it. In truth, he was thinking how at home she looked in his kitchen, how he could get used to having here there, how natural they felt together.

“Do you maybe wanna watch some TV or a movie or something? I’m not really tired enough to go to sleep yet.”

“Yeah that sounds good. Do you…” Dante started to ask if she wanted something more comfortable to change into but realized that he didn’t have anything other than a tee shirt. He slept naked so he didn’t own any pajamas or sweatpants for her to wear. When he was home, he elected to lounge around in his boxers or jeans. Come to think of it, he better think about getting some shorts or sweatpants before she moved in. He would offer her a shirt before they went to bed when she was safe in another room.

“Do I…?” Rylee probed him to finish his thought.

“Oh, um, do you want to pick a movie? I have Netflix or a collection of DVD’s in that cabinet.”

“You can choose. I am not picky!” The little wine she had made her feel bold so she waited for Dante to take a seat and get settled in on the couch before taking her own place right next to him. She curled into his side and rested her head on his shoulder as he queued up a movie.

Dante should have known to wait until Rylee sat so that he could place himself on the other end of the couch far, far away from her. Instead she was practically on his lap, her head on his shoulder where all he could smell was that damn vanilla shampoo. His cock stirred for the hundredth time that day.

Rylee must have been more tired than she thought; 10 minutes into the movie she was out like a light. During her sleep she had fought to get comfortable and ended up settling her head on Dante’s thigh with her hand resting under her cheek which happened to be only inches away from his cock.

Dante fought to think about anything other than her hand or the fact that her mouth was so close to him as well. How easy it would be to picture her tilting her head and engulfing him in her mouth. The harder he tried not to think about it, the harder it was not to. He wasn’t sure if he should get up and risk waking her and her seeing his growing situation or stay still and hope he got it under control before she woke up. Fuck! He was almost fully hard at this point.

Rylee stirred from her sleep. Her eyes remained closed but slowly she slowly started to gain consciousness. She heard the sound of Dante’s movie, though the volume was turned down low. She opened her eyes slowly and was greeted with the sight of Dante’s manhood only inches from her face. She almost bolted up in shock, the apology already forming on her lips until she realized how hard he was. She noticed the way he jeans bulged in front of her while one of his hands rested on it ever so slightly rubbing up and down his own length. His other hand, she realized, was resting on her bare hip. Her shirt had worked its way up her stomach and was bunched just under her boobs leaving her bare stomach on display for him. Dante had seen her in a swimsuit many times but this felt different, more intimate.

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