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1 month later

It was still early, only 7 am. Meno stretched out and rolled over in bed and wrapped his arms around his lover. Delia woke and smiled as she felt Meno’s arms. She sighed, then suddenly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

Meno slowly got up and asked, “Everything okay?”


As Delia threw up in the restroom, Meno got up and grabbed a glass of water and some crackers from the tiny kitchen. They had been living together for about a month now. The garage had been converted into a single bedroom/living room/kitchen…with a tiny bathroom. But it was fun living with Delia. Meno didn’t look at it as getting used to her ways. He felt each new thing he learned was a discovery. Of course right at the moment he felt that maybe Delia was getting a stomach flu, but he was slightly concerned because his chicken pot pies were fully cooked.

“Babe, are you sure you’re not feeling like it was the chicken from last night? Or maybe the bbq pork I made two days ago? It might be a stomach flu….” Meno said.


Delia flushed the toilet as she finished throwing up. She took the glass of water and crackers from Meno, nibbling and drinking as she sat at the tiny two chair table they had in the “dining room.”

“No it’s not that…” Delia said. She turned slightly and looked at Meno in the eyes. She closed her eyes and rocking her head a bit.

“Meno. I think I might be pregnant,” Delia said.

Meno looked at her with eyes the size of coffee saucers. He didn’t blink for a few moments. Then he slowly smiled, kneeling in front of the woman who was his everything now.

“Mi amor/My love….really? Do you think so,” Meno said.

Delia simply smiled and put her forehead against Menos. She shook her head up and down slightly. Meno brought her head up so that their eyes met. He saw something that looked like tears well up in Delia’s eyes.

“Ahhh babe, don’t cry this is amazing news,” Meno said with a jump up. He pulled Delia up and slowly waltzed with her back and forth. He started talking about all things baby.

Meno already knew what toys to buy, how to start baby proofing and most importantly that he wanted a girl.

“She’ll be the most kick ass kid ever! She’s gonna be like a combination of funny and beauty……I guess as long as she has your smile and eyes of course,” he said.

Delia laughed for a second before getting a look of distress on her face. She suddenly ran into the restroom again. Meno could hear the sounds of her throwing up in background as he kept talking about how they would need a pinbahis yeni giriş crib, but with an anime or sci-fi style to it.

The pair decided to wait to tell people about the fact that they were going to have a baby. It was important to them to be sure things would work out well in their new living area. Their parents had been supportive for the most part. But it had been living in such a cramped place, especially during this pandemic.

They were cleaning up after breakfast that late morning when it seemed, at least to Meno, that Delia had decided something.

“I think we should try to find a better place. Also we need to find better jobs,” Delia said.

“I agree with you my goddess,” Meno said as he shifted from the chair at the tiny table to the love seat that took up the entire wall of their “bedroom.” Delia padded over to him and sat on his lap. She closed the distance between their faces and gave him a loving kiss.

“This is why I live with you my tiny cousin,” Delia said. “Also because….” she said as her hand moved to Meno’s belt line. She went under his sleeping shorts and grasped his balls and gave a slight squeeze. “….of these two,” she finished.

Meno brought his hand up and traced the outline of her jaw as he brought her in for a deep kiss. They started to slowly move their bodies across the love seat. Meno grabbed his shirt and tossed it aside. He grabbed at the hem of Delia’s thin top and lifted it up and over her head. He laughed as her hair went all over the place, then he focused on her tits. He sucked each of them and caressed her back. Delia wrapped her arms around his head and held him close.

Meno shifted slightly so that he could move his hands and cup her delicious ass. He gave it a hard squeeze that made Delia yelp. Then he moved his slowly upward and pulled at her bottoms. Delia lifted her body enough so that her bottoms came off in two tugs, then she went straight for Meno’s shorts. She pulled them down and over his legs as Meno laughed at her intensity.

“Damn woman you are all fire and sex this morning,” Meno laughed.

“You don’t like it….we can stop,” Delia said as she put her small hand around Meno’s growing penis. She looked right into his eyes as she slowly and deliberately licked the tip of his moistening penis. Meno sighed and laid back as Delia ran her tongue down his shaft and licked each of his balls.

Delia slowly pumped his shaft as her mouth took the tip of Meno’s dick into her mouth. Her tongue rolled over the head and she started an up and down motion. Her head bobbed on Meno’s dick and all that could be heard in the room was the sound of slurping and of Meno’s moaning. Delia swung her leg over Meno’s head and pushed her wet pinbahis giriş pussy in his face. Meno started licking Delia’s love tunnel, his tongue lapping up the nectar coming from between Delia’s legs.

“Fuck!” Delia gulped as Meno’s expert mouth sucked on her clit. Delia lined up Meno’s dick with her mouth and deepthroated his rod. Her warm mouth and sucking motion felt amazing to Meno. He ran his hands all over her perfectly round ass as she continued suction on his member.

“Damn baby that’s fucking…..amazing….” Meno panted. “Fuck I need to be inside you baby,” Meno finally said.

Delia slowed her motions and then let his dick plop out and gave it a quick kiss. “Okay…” Delia said as scooted her drenched pussy down from his face, over his chest and tummy and finally positioned her crotch on top of his. She slid her juices across Meno’s dick coating him with their excitement.

Meno smiled at the woman he had chosen to be with. She was really something else. Was she perfect? No, but neither was he. He loved her no matter what.

Delia wiggled her ass a bit before grabbing Meno’s dick and lining it up with her opening. She slowly slipped in the head, drawing a groan from Meno and a sigh from her.

“FUCK baby… are so wet. So warm. So fucking tight….” Meno said. Delia smiled and turned her head to see Meno licking his lips and grabbing her hips, kneading the firmly. She turned back and closed her eyes as her hips and legs slowly began their movement.

Delia gyrated her body on top of Meno. You and down on his shaft. She tightened her grip ever so slightly on his dick. Meno meanwhile made sure he worshiped his goddess, running his hands up the sides of her body. He ran them up then down her back and softly ran his nails across her outer thighs then ended with him gripping her hips tightly.

Delia was loving every moment of having Meno inside her. She slowed her movements and allowed him to start pumping her. His cock moved in and out making a squishy sound. Meno was working her with his meat and making sure to alternate the movements. Delia could feel her first orgasm building.

Meno slowly pulled her body straighter. He wanted to feel his cousins breasts in his hands. He loved how cute they looked and how they felt in his hands, not to small not too big. Almost as they had been made for him specifically. Delia’s body was on fire she wanted to orgasm so bad. Suddenly she felt Meno’s hands caress her sides, then they gripped her sensitive breasts. He squeezed then tugged on her nipples. That was it.

“AHI DIOS/Oh God…..fuck!!!!” she yelled as she orgasmed. She felt pleasure everywhere all at once and her pussy spasmed like it had a mind of its own. Meno held on pinbahis güvenilirmi for dear life as her body shook and bucked. Finally she slowed, and Delia slowly turned her body around. She made sure not to let Meno’s prick leave her.

“Fuck baby….so good…” she panted as she leaned in close and kissed him deeply. Meno ran his hands down her back and cupped her ass. He kissed her back fiercely. He was in love. He wanted all of her. This was amazing.

Delia stopped for a moment and gazed into the eyes of her lover. He was so loving to her. She never wanted to not be with him. This was something else. They put their foreheads together as Delia slipped off of Meno’s dick and walked over to the bed, no more than five feet away. She bent at the waist and crawled onto the bed. Meno followed her but as she was going to lay down, he held her on all fours.

He grabbed her hips and lined his cock back at her entrance. Delia giggled and shook her ass a bit before Meno slowly pushed back inside her. He pushed slowly and deliberately, as if to tease her. Meno smirked when her pussy fastened onto him. He put his hands just above her hips and squeezed slightly, almost as a sign that he was ready. Delia loosened her grip on him and Meno started to pump inside her.

“Fuck baby….damn I love you so much…” he said almost hypnotically. Delia stammered out a “I love….you…Meno….so…..ahhh….so….ahhh….much….” in rhythmic unison to Meno’s pumps. He bent forward so that he could penetrate her deeper and hold her beautiful tits in his hands.

Meno ran his hands from her breasts and stopped slowly over her belly. He was so horny that he had for a moment forgotten why they were making love. She was pregnant. He was going to be a father. He slowed his movements to motion for her to lay on her back. He wanted to cum, but he was going to watch her as he did it. He wanted that connection.

Delia lay flat on the bed as Meno fucked her faster and faster. Her head spun, but she knew what he wanted he wanted to be eye to eye with his woman. She realized she was his woman, and they were going to be a family. She wrapped her legs around his body pulling him into her more and more. She started to moan uncontrollably.

“Si……asi……mas mi amor…..don’t stop fucking me….” she moaned. Meno knew she was close. He was as well. He sped up and leaned forward kiss her. He kept pumping. In and out of her soaping went pussy. He kissed her more then twisted to suck on her tits. She started shake and her pussy gripped him like a vice. Meno couldn’t take it and he came. Hard.

He pumped her with each spurt, almost like exclamation points to his release. Then he slowed. He kissed her chest and then her mouth. He rolled her on top of him as he laid on the bed.

As the pair slowly came down from their high, Meno kissed Delias temple and she ran her hands across his chest.

“Meno. I love you.” Delia said. Meno smiled and kissed her forehead. He passed out as Delia closed her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32