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Day 3 Continued

Sara and I sat down at a table in the shade of an umbrella, a pair of frosty fruit smoothies before us. My whole body was relaxed and satisfied from the morning’s activities and the frozen strawberry drink tasted and felt great going down. Sara recounted the full details of her activities with Grace and Renee, and then with an olive skinned young Italian stud who came in just after I had left. She had fucked him on his back until she came, then sucked his cock and swallowed his load. I recounted the expert massage I had received from the three gorgeous masseuses.

For the next half hour we talked and enjoyed the sight of all the naked flesh on display all around us. I had become more or less accustomed to all of the nudity but every now and again I was struck by how unbelievably sexy the whole thing was. As my eyes swept over all the nude bodies they suddenly locked onto one in particular.

A woman stepped out from behind the juice bar and strolled into view. My eye wasn’t drawn to her because of her extraordinary beauty, like it had been with Suzy, but because of how unique she looked. She was just a hair over five feet tall and slim, very slim. She had very slender hips and her chest was all but flat. Her pussy was small and didn’t have a hint of hair. If I didn’t know better I would have thought her to be very much underage, but having gone through the process I knew that Paradiso was meticulous about making sure no guest was under eighteen.

On the other hand the woman sported a curving snake tattoo wrapped around her right leg from ankle to knee, an angel with outstretched wings decorated her left upper arm, some Asian characters could be seen on her left hip and right forearm and a hummingbird on the left side of her neck just below the ear. Each ear had at least five piercings and there was one in each nipple, her left nostril, her right eyebrow, her navel and her clit. Her thick hair was jet black except for a streak of blue at her left temple and the two inches of her scalp above her right ear were shaved bald.

She was a walking contradiction. Her tiny body said one thing and her tattoos, piercings, hair and bearing said quite another. Her expression was aloof, almost bored. She looked around for a moment but then her eyes met mine. They were a piercing pale grey. Suddenly her demeanor went from indifferent to intense.

Her eyes locked on mine. Was it my looks that drew her eye, I wondered, or was she drawn to the fact that I was drawn to her? She was not beautiful in the conventional sense, but was she had a mysterious, exotic quality. I couldn’t deny my attraction. I looked at her and thought “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. I had read that book just last year and this young woman reminded me of the titular heroine.

Without warning she stopped in her tracks, spread her legs apart slightly and began to masturbate in the midst of fifty people. She stroked her clit with her left hand while gently tugging on the thin metal ring through her right nipple. For all the sex I’d had over the past few days, for each encounter, I passed by at least three others when I could have joined in. She was putting on a show for me and I knew then and there I wasn’t going to let this one pass by.

After about two minutes the volume of the conversations taking place all around us had grown quieter and quite a few of the people in the juice bar had stopped to take in the show. Then just as abruptly as she began, she stopped and walked back into the main building, never taking her eyes off mine until she had to in order to see where she was going. As she left I saw one more tattoo; a great red and orange phoenix bursa escort on her back.

I was broken out of my trance by Sara sliding her foot between my legs to tease my stiffening cock and balls. I looked to her face to see her grinning wickedly.

“What are you waiting for? Go get her.”

The two of us got up together and walked into the main spa building. The pools were now nearly full and there were plenty of others going here and there, so I had to look around a moment before spotting the tattooed young woman in the crowd. She was a few dozen paces ahead and gave one last look over her shoulder in my direction before slipping through the doors marked “Play Room”.

Sara and I followed behind her and when we passed through the double doors it was like passing into a scene from Caligula. The room was dimly lit and multi-tiered, like a stadium with the lowest point in the center. All around were padded benches and sofas and all of it; the furniture and floors and walls were covered in vinyl.

Before us was a full-fledged orgy. There were at least a dozen couples, straight, gay and lesbian, fucking and sucking one another, and several larger groups as well. My eye was caught for a moment by a curly haired young blonde writhing on her back in tormented ecstasy as several older women preyed on her, sucking her toes and nipples and mouth and pussy all at the same time. But then I saw her.

She was leaning up against the back of a sofa and once more she had spread her legs, presenting herself to the world, and was slowly fingering her clit. When our eyes met I felt myself walking toward her without willing it. When we were close enough to touch I began to speak.

“What’s your name? I’m…”

She quickly put her fingertips, the ones that weren’t already busy, to my mouth.

“No names.” She said in heavily accented English. From that moment she just became ‘Punk Girl’ to me.

When she saw that I understood she pulled her hand from my lips and replaced them with her own. I soon learned that her tongue was pierced as well and that she liked to use it. When she finally broke the kiss she grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to an empty bench. It was large for a bench, almost as big as a twin bed, enough room for just us.

She laid down on her back and pulled me by the wrist on top of her. She felt so small under me but she was very aggressive. As we made out I felt her nails raking up and down my back and buttocks and I knew that I’d have red marks by the time we were done. Meanwhile I let my hands roam over her smooth skin, her girlish hips, her flat chest topped with two tiny candy pink nipples that stiffened at my touch.

After a few minutes of foreplay she pushed my face away from hers with her right hand, reached down with her left and took hold of my cock, guiding it to her waiting pussy. I pressed the head to her lips and began pushing. She was tight. Really tight. She was wet enough that the entry didn’t seem to cause her pain, but by the time I was a few inches in I realized that this was the tightest pussy I’d ever fucked except for the second girl I ever had sex with, who was a virgin.

I was not quite all the way in when the tip of my cock hit a barrier. It took me a moment but I realized that I was hitting her cervix. I knew that happened sometimes but it never happened to me before. I made a mental note to be careful not to thrust too deep, lest I hurt her. I began withdrawing from her tight flesh and began a slow, sensual fuck, giving her time to grow accustomed to my width and making sure not to try and penetrate her all the way.

Her youthful features and figure were at bursa escort bayan odds with her aggressive, wanton manner. She wrapped her legs around my hips and gave a short cry of passion with every thrust. Her exotic looks and remarkably tight pussy were making the tension in my groin rise. She pulled my head down toward her chest. I knew what she meant for me to do so I took her pierced nipple in my mouth and began running my tongue over the warm, soft flesh transfixed with cool, hard metal.

When I suddenly felt her hands pull my ass cheeks apart and a finger reach in and begin teasing my asshole that was all it took to take me beyond the point of no return. My balls tightened and my cock jerked and swelled and spurt after spurt of cum surged out of me and into her, this Punk Girl. I collapsed on top of her, sweating and panting. I prided myself on not being a selfish prick and always giving as good as I got in bed, so I told her to give me a couple minutes to catch my breath and I’d be ready to keep going.

I looked around the room in the hope that the fucking going on just feet away would help me rise to the occasion once again. I was not disappointed. Straight sex, lesbian sex, gay sex, group sex, oral sex, anal sex and every other kind of sex was happening in every direction. You only had to turn your head to see something new.

I watched a lesbian threesome for a time, then a bisexual threesome with a black man lying on his back, a woman straddling his face while a white guy held his ankles and fucked him up the ass. Then I saw Sara on her hands and knees with a girl underneath her, licking her clit while two men, one Latino and one white fucked her mouth and pussy respectively. That was all the encouragement I needed. I was back at full mast and ready.

When Punk Girl saw that I was ready for round two she stood up and pushed me down on my back, took hold of the base of my prick with one hand and lowered her mouth until it enveloped the head. She didn’t bob her head up and down, but just held the head and the first inch of shaft in her mouth and sucked on it while she alternated running her tongue in circles one way, then the other, then back and forth over the swollen head and the sensitive ridge just underneath.

I laid back for a while and just enjoyed the sensations. I turned my head from side to side and watched the other groups and couples fucking. One woman was up on her shoulders in a pile driver position having her asshole eaten by her female lover. A gorgeous Latina sat spread-eagle in the middle of a circle of men stroking their cocks as one by one they shot their hot cum all over her face and stomach and chest. As each load hit her she rubbed it into her skin and licked it off of her fingers. A slim young man straddled a much larger man’s hips with a third man behind him and appeared to be taking both of their cocks in his ass at the same time. And there was one group of people so tangled up in one another that I couldn’t even count how many there were.

All the horny debauchery going on around me heightened the sensations that Punk Girl was giving me with her mouth wrapped around my hard penis. The blowjob was wet and slippery and all the while she stroked the lower half of my shaft with her left hand. She then let my cock slip from her mouth and put her tongue right to where the base met the balls and slowly, sensuously licked up each and every stiff inch to the head.

With that she stood next to me, swung one petite leg over my hips, and began lowering herself onto my red hot prick. At the last moment she thrust her hips forward and leaned her shoulders back. To my pleasant bursa bayan escort surprise I saw that she meant to take my cock in her ass. I appreciated a woman who liked anal. I found that with enough encouragement most women could be persuaded to at least try it. But it was a more rare sort of woman who actually learned to like it. Punk Girl was one of those, it seemed.

When my blunt cockhead, slick with her spit made contact with her anus, it met with a few moments’ resistance. But then the rubbery muscle yielded and split open and my thick member began to slide up into her.

If I were to see a woman like this walking on the street I probably wouldn’t have looked twice. It’s not that she was ugly, but she and I were clearly from two different worlds. But here and now I was beyond turned on. As her ass came to rest on my hips she reached down and took hold of my hands. She pulled one to her bare pussy and made me start rubbing her clit. She put the other on her tiny breast and made me start pulling on her nipple ring. Once I was playing with her how she wanted she began bouncing up and down, my cock sliding into her hot, tight asshole.

I looked up at the girl bouncing on my prick. Her eyes were shut and her head rolled gently from side to side. Then I realized that at that moment I was nothing more to this girl than a sex toy. I was hit with an odd mix of feelings. On the one hand I was kind of put off by being treated like a nameless piece of meat, but then at the same time it was kind of a turn-on to be thought of as an object of pure lust. In the end I just decided to roll with it and get off.

Once again I let my hands roam over her petite, girlish body while her asshole slid up and down my prick like a piston. She reached down and began fingering her own clit and tugging on the ring through it. Her tightness was bringing me closer to the point of no return and she was beginning to breathe faster. Her smooth rectal muscles rippled and tightened with every thrust and I soon felt the tightness in my groin begin to build.

Punk Girl let go of her clit ring and thrust two fingers into her pussy while stroking her clit with her thumb. The motion was furious and her hand was a blur. Suddenly she arched her back and let out a long, low moan as she pulled the fingers from her pussy and stroked her clit with her fingertips. My eyes went wide as a spray of warm liquid jetted out of her cunt and onto my abdomen, coating it in just a couple seconds.

At first I thought that she was peeing on me but the smell was wrong. This wasn’t the sour, acrid odor of urine, but the rich, musky scent of pussy juice. She was a squirter! I had seen it in pornos but never in real life. The dirty eroticism of it hit me like a thunderbolt. My eyes rolled back as the euphoria spread out over my body. Cum rose up out of my balls and through my electrified shaft to fill Punk Girl’s warm ass.

When my orgasm subsided she fell down on top of me in one big sweaty, sticky, panting mess. For a minute we just lay there, covered in each other’s sweat and cum, as our breaths slowed and the warm glow of pleasure receded. Finally, Punk Girl disentangled herself from me, took me by the hand, and pulled me to my feet.

Together we walked back through the arch marked “Baths”. She led me to a large shower room where two men were standing with their hands on the shower wall and their legs spread while their asses were being fucked, one by a man and the other by a woman with a strap-on. Punk Girl just gave me a wicked smile before turning on a hot spray and drawing me under it.

For the next few minutes we washed each other clean with the grunts and moans of the nearby fucking ringing in our ears. When we were pink and clean she turned off the water and we patted each other down with two towels. Then she reached up, pulled me gently by the back of the neck into a soft, sweet kiss, then turned and walked out without another word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32