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Double Penetration

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to enjoy Valentines Day in a way I never had before thanks to a young woman whose charms were unlike any woman’s I had ever known before. Her name was Emily and she was my new personal assistant.

Although only 24-years old, her angelic face made her look barely 18. She had long brown hair and blue eyes that could melt steel. An avid athlete, her body was perfect. Thin, toned, with a sexy tight little ass and full, succulent tits.

But her best feature – other than that face – were her legs. Long, toned and perfect. And wonderfully displayed by her choice of skirts and shoes. Not that she dressed inappropriately; she was also professionally dressed. But the sight of her nylon clad legs in heels every day was a sight that would have distracted any man.

As my assistant, I worked closely with Emily. Over the first year with our firm, she and I became very friendly despite our age difference of over 20 years. We shared many of the tastes in books, music, politics and humor. After a year, I was no longer just a “boss” – I was her confidant, mentor and friend.

I’d be lying if I said I was also very attracted to Emily. The girl was a goddess and very often the subject of my masturbation fantasies. I have even thought of her often while fucking my wife, much to Alissa’s advantage. I was truly in lust with the young woman but dared not say or do anything to jeopardize our jobs and friendship. I was content to jerk off while imagining Emily squirming under my thrusting cock.

Last year on Valentines Day I came to work and found a small package and a single rose on my desk. The package – artfully wrapped in a red paper with a red bow – had a card attached. All it said was: “We’ll need this later” and was signed “Your secret Valentine.” It was not my wife’s handwriting or her style of surprise. I closed my door and opened the package. Inside of the box was a woman’s black satin thong lightly scented with perfume. I knew the aroma but couldn’t quite place it. I put the panty to my nose and inhaled deeply. Hearing others in the hallway I put my “gift” in my desk drawer and sat down, calming both my nerves and my stiffened cock. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Who could this be from?

The eryaman bayan escort phone rang a few moments later. It was Emily calling to tell me she needed to meet with me this afternoon about a project. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I? I assume you going out with your wife or something?”

“No. After 21 years of marriage a dozen roses and a kiss seems to do it.”

It was pathetic but true. In our younger years, my wife and I fucked like rabbits. We still love each other but the routine sex is down to a couple times a month at best. Except, of course, those days when Emily has worn her shortest skirts and highest heels. On those days I’m so worked up I sometimes get my wife shortly after dinner – sometimes before.

Emily laughed. “is 5:30 PM OK?”

“Yes – I’ll see you then.”

As the day went on I tried hard to identify my mysterious gift giver. I was more conscious than ever of the women around me and their unique scents. But the identity remained a mystery.

By 5:00 PM the offices cleared out, leaving me to myself. All the young associates were off with their new spouses or lovers to celebrate Valentines Day. And, as usual, most of the secretaries were gone by 5:01 PM.

I heard a knock on my open door. I looked up and saw Emily with a file. She looked stunning as always. Short charcoal gray skirt suit, silky white top, 4″ black pumps showing off her black nylon clad legs. Damn she was hot!

“Can we talk now?”

“Of course – come on in and sit.”

Emily closed the door and came in. I stood as I always do when a woman enters a room. Emily always thought it was “cute” but it was how I was raised. She sat and crossed her magnificent legs and I sat back down.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I have a problem.”


She began to discuss the project in more detail than I could process at 5:30 PM. I politely listened as my eyes took her in. As she spoke, I noticed that her skirt had ridden up a bit too much and saw that she was wearing thigh highs as opposed to stockings. My gazed fixed her thighs as she spoke until I heard her say something.

“What?” I asked as I looked at her smirking face.

“Enjoying the view?” she smiled.

I didn’t know what to say. escort sincan I blushed. “I’m sorry…I…I…well…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” She smiled and continued discussing the case. I tried hard to listen to her but it was hard knowing this little vixen was wearing thigh high stockings instead of boring corporate pantyhose. As she spoke my eyes kept wandering back to her thighs until I realized my eyes were glued to the place where her lacey stocking tops ended and her thighs began. She had stopped talking so I looked up and saw her smiling.

“You perv you!” she laughed. As I tried to stammer some response she stood up and said, “I don’t mind – they make me feel sexy and if I didn’t want you to notice them I wouldn’t have worn such a short skirt.” She then started to walk towards me from around my desk. “Besides, they give me better access.”

The next thing I knew she was in my lap with these amazing legs crossed, her stocking tops plainly visible. Facing me she looked in my eyes and asked if I had gotten her package earlier. It was then that I recognized the perfume.

I didn’t know what to say so I nodded dumbly. She asked if I had it and I mumbled it was in my desk drawer. She kissed me on the nose and said “good daddy.”

I couldn’t tell if I was more scared or turned on. All I knew is that this girl was in control.

Emily turned slightly to open my drawer and retrieve the panty. “Would daddy help put this on me please?” With that she stood up and hiked up her skirt, showing me her legs and naked pussy.

I took the thong dangling from her finger and got on my knees to help put Emily’s panties on. I slid them up her magnificent legs enjoying every inch of her nylon clad flesh until they were in place. I then placed a soft kiss on her pussy through the fabric and looked up at her smiling angelic face. She reached downward and offered me her hand. I stood up and faced her as her upturned face pressed her lips to mine. Her kiss was electric.

Our kissing became more intense as I felt her hand on my engorged cock. Soft strokes led to sound of my zipper opening. Then I felt her delicate fingers reach inside, wrap around my member and free it from the confines of my pants. As her tongue explored elvankent escort bayan my mouth, her hand explored my cock. I was in heaven.

She broke the kiss and rested her head on my shoulder, still slowly fondling my cock. Her soft voice said, “your wife is so lucky to have you. I bet she loves playing with your cock like this. Is she going to play with your cock tonight?”

“Oh god…Em…please….”

“Mmm…its so hard and hot! Is she going to suck you too? I bet she really knows how to make you hot – having sucked that beautiful cock all those years! Tell me, is she a good cocksucker?”


“Tell me, daddy, is she?” She tightened her grip on my member, as if to remind me who was in charge.


“Does she eat your cum?”


“Mmm…I bet is sweet.”

“I’m so close….”

With that Emily slowed her ministrations and began to gently fondle my cock. She softly whispered: “Right now, you’re wife is waiting for you at the Ritz-Carlton in Room 208. She is wearing a sexy new outfit that you had delivered to her today with instructions to meet you for a night of romance and erotic sex. Tonight you are going to take that hard cock of yours and you are going to show your wife what an amazing lover you are. I’ve made all the plans for you and you will have a wonderful night.”

To say I was confused is an understatement.

“Now one last thing…” she said as she put my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. “Now you can go see your wife so turned on you’ll fuck her all night.” She then kissed my lips softly. “OK daddy?”

I was so confused and excited I didn’t now what to say.

“Look, I know I turn you on. I’m a cock tease and it’s a game we both like. I also suspect that when I’ve teased you the most you’ve gone home and given your wife a good fucking. So this is my may of giving you both a great Valentines Day. You’re turned and she will be too, laying in bed wearing a sexy new outfit that makes her feel desired and lusted for. Oh, and she’ll also thank you for the matching ruby and diamond necklace and earrings you bought her, as well as the new perfume. Did you like it?” She smiled as she fixed my tie.

Just as I began wondering how much this was going to cost me, Emily smiled and said “see what happens when you trust your assistant with your credit card?

I laughed. “Thank you Emily.”

Don’t thank me – its my job” she said as she smiled as she kissed my cheek. “Happy Valentines Day daddy…I mean sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32