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Being a freelance outdoor photographer means that I almost always have a camera with me, usually several. My daughter’s graduation ceremony was no exception. I walked in to the sweltering gymnasium with my normal load, including two cannon digital 35mm cameras and a bag full of lenses. Having been here more than once, I knew it would be sweltering, especially where I was headed, the top row of bleachers. The students and some guests got the floor, and the rest of the guests got to fight over the nearly fifty rows of bleachers that constituted two levels. I learned long ago to ignore fighting for a low seat where I could see, and use my assets to leverage my vantage point. Getting the top row and using an 800 lens with monopod, it was as good as standing on the stage.

As usual there were lots of speakers wishing the graduates good luck and giving their best advice for the future. I spent my time snapping shots of interesting crowd members; I scanned the sea of faces and found a baby sleeping in an unusual position and a variety of scantily clad family members trying to stay cool. I scanned to the top row and was shocked to see a tall slim woman in the top row on the opposite side of the gym, wearing a short white halter dress and looking straight across at me through an equally long camera lens.

I could see her smile behind the camera as she realized I had zeroed in on her. She moved her face from behind the camera and smiled at me, allowing me a good look at her smooth features, bright smile and shoulder length blond hair. I zoomed in for a better look, her sparkling green eyes practically laughing in as I lost myself momentarily in them. I had no idea how long she had been looking at me before I noticed her, but now that I saw her I couldn’t seem to pull my lens from her.

She stood fairly tall, I guessed about six foot with a slim build that looked like she weighed only slightly more than my entire load of camera gear. Even then I guessed that she was most significantly top heavy, with a chest that appeared fairly large, but was hard to size behind the white halter style top of her dress. The white material dipped deep between her breasts, exposing a wedge of bronzed skin extending well below her chest, as she absentmindedly played with the edge of the material with the hand that wasn’t balancing the camera on its mono-pod.

Her dress was short, only extending down to her mid thigh, with flowing pleats that accentuated her slim well tanned legs. The only disruption to her smooth legs were the spiraling white ties that extended nearly to her knees, holding her high heeled sandals to her small feet. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had anything else on besides the very hot looking white dress and sandals, and scanned up to her pleated dress and zoomed in, hoping for a glimpse of confirmation one way or the other.

By the time I zoomed my lens back out and panned back to her face, it was again covered by the camera, but this time, I could tell she was focused and waiting to see my face. I moved my camera aside for a moment and smiled, allowing her to see what I looked like without the black box in front of me and also to confirm that I understood she wanted fair play. I looked across, disappointed at how little I could see from this distance without the long lens, but not disappointed in how she looked. Even at this distance she was striking; her tanned skin a sharp contrast to her white dress.

Part of me hoped that she wouldn’t be turned off, I’m no spring chicken any longer, but I do work hard to stay in shape to climb those long hills and hike deep into the wilderness for those memorable shots that actually pay my rent. I gave her a nice smile and nod before moving back behind the viewfinder. I was pleased to see she was still looking at me, and it was also easy to see that there was a bright smile mostly hidden by the camera.

I listened to the speaker drone on for some time while we each used the maximum zoom to examine each other. Part of me hoped she saw the bulge in my pants that I was getting by visually undressing her and part of me hoped she didn’t, afraid that if she did it might frighten her off. I was broken from my thoughts when she suddenly disappeared from my view. I zoomed back to find she had sat down and was quickly readjusting her monopod so her camera was again at the right height.

It only took her a moment and she was again zooming in on me, a huge smile again mostly hidden behind the camera. I saw her move the monopod so it was now standing between her legs, forcing her to spread her knees slightly. Not a very ladylike position, but definitely one that would give me more of a chance to see if she was indeed wearing something besides the white dress.

I decided to sit down myself, allowing me to have a more stable platform for the extreme zoom I was preparing for. She seemed to know what I was looking for and teasingly spread her legs slightly before closing them around the monopod. She pushed bursa escort the camera aside and smiled at me, gently stroking the exposed skin between her breasts seductively. Her white manicured nails traced a slow line down the edge of the material of her top, working inch by inch down between her tanned breasts. Her smile grew as her finger reached the junction of the material and started the return trip upwards, pulling the material slightly to the right, and exposing slightly more coppery skin as it went. The bulge in my pants got even larger as her finger traced up the side of the material, pulling ever so slightly to expose just a hint of the rounding of the side of her breast.

She seemed to be taking delight in teasing me as her finger traced back down, allowing the material to pull even more, this time leaving no doubt about the roundness of her tanned breast. She continued the trip down her front as the speaker completed his monolog and the audience clapped in appreciation. With a definitely wicked grin, she again slid her finger up, pulling the material way even more. Anyone could have seen but she seemed determined to tease me beyond endurance. Her finger traced up, pulling the material until I could see most of the side of her breast, a tiny sliver of brown areola exposing as I snapped shot after shot of her exquisite body being exposed to me. I wondered if she dared to pull the material any farther, and decided not when she removed her hand from the view.

I zoomed out to see what she was doing and saw her lean over to dig in her bag. She came back up a moment later with a pink cloth in her hand, and began wiping the sweat from her neck. She smiled and looked directly at me, clearly inviting me to once again watch her movements. I zoomed in closer, framing only her face and neck as she wiped the sweat from her neck, then followed the bare skin down and around to mop a trickle of sweat running down between her breasts. When her hand reached the junction of material it slid inside her top, her hand clearly running up and over her breast with the cloth. She pulled the cloth out and wiped down between her breasts again until she was again at the limit of the material. She leaned her camera against her body and slipped her fingers into the halter top and pulled it away to slide her hand up and over her breast, momentarily leaving it exposed to anyone who might happen to be watching.

I was so mesmerized that I nearly forgot to continue to snap pictures, remembering that later I could go back and take a good look. She smiled at me once more as they started to finally call names and walk across the stage. Our brief interlude appeared to be over as she refocused her attention on the graduates.

It seemed to take forever as the kids filed across the stage to collect their diplomas. My daughter was early in the group, having a C last name, allowing me to shift my attention back to the lady in white.

I watched as she concentrated on the graduates, periodically taking shots of various people going across. I watched as she sat on the bleacher, the monopod pressing against her skirt as she worked the angles with the camera. I was focused on her skirt, willing it to inch slightly higher, a significant portion of her tanned thigh now exposed. I hoped to see what, if anything else she had on under, now that I knew she didn’t have a bra on at all.

I continued to watch her skirt inch up and then slide back down. The display was tantalizing to anyone looking directly at her, but for the most part anyone looking that way would be too far to see details and anyone close would have their back to her. She scooted forward slightly to get a better angle on a graduate, her skirt pushed up her legs even higher as the monopod pulled it. Her legs were nearly together, preventing anyone from seeing up her skirt, darn it! I continued to watch, hoping for a look, a glimpse, anything that will confirm my hope that she was naked beneath the dress.

Finally it happened. The monopod slipped on the wood and she moved quickly to reset it. As she did her legs came apart and her skirt was pushed even higher. I quickly snapped a few frames, waiting for her legs to close again. She held them for a moment, I could clearly see a white thong panty dark along the middle with moisture. My mind barely registered the view before her legs closed once more.

I pulled my zoom back and saw her looking at me with a grin, well aware of what she had apparently intentionally shown me. She blew me a small kiss as she went back to concentrating on the graduates filing across the stage.

Finally the last student walked across. My voyeuristic interlude was quickly coming to a close. I zoomed out for a few more pictures as she packed her camera gear. She straightened up, pulling something from the bag. I zoomed in on her hands as she sketched something on a white pad and then rolled it over for me to see. I zoomed in and snapped a few frames before she turned it bursa escort bayan and pushed it down into the bag once again. I hoped when I loaded it to my laptop that I would be able to read what she had written.

The fanfare over, she stood and blew me a kiss before walking down the steps of the bleacher and out of sight.

I collected my daughter and congratulated her, as well as her many friends she wanted pictures with, but once that was done I could hardly wait to get home and load the pictures. My daughter was quickly gone to the overnight project grad celebration, so I was going to have the house to myself for the night.

I popped the memory card into my computer and quickly flipped down the directories to the last one and searched the photos for the one I was looking for, the final one I took of her holding up the paper. I digitally zoomed in and quickly saw that it was a drawing of some kind, realizing it was a map, I printed the portion of the picture and then went to google earth and matched up the roads. The road map portion of what she had drawn led to a small wilderness area south of town. I had been there a few times, and knew that it was lightly used, mostly for hunting during Turkey season, which was past, and as an archery range in the fall right before archery deer season started. The satellite view more or less matched up to the sketch she had made showing me where the trail crossed a stream at a bridge. This was apparently where she wanted me to meet her. The rest of the note was self explanatory; “10:00 am- long lens”. I didn’t have to worry about working tomorrow, being a weekend, so I made my plans to show up with my gear the following morning .


Ten o’clock the next morning found me approaching the bridge of the wildlife area, my customary pack of camera equipment and other field gear on my back. The temp was quite warm and I was already starting to perspire from the climb up the winding path on the hill. As I approached the bridge I didn’t see the lady in white, which was not a surprise. Instead I found a short note.

“Set up 30 yards left… look north.”

That seemed pretty direct, I though as I walked thirty yards to the left of the bridge, edging well into the woods and underbrush, and then looked north. Unfortunately there was little to see but trees where I was standing. I moved a farther and sure enough, a few feet farther to the left and I was looking down a narrow gap between the trees. The small corridor extended at least fifty yards, looking across the creek and a small dip and then to the top of the next little rise. I had walked by this place a number of times and didn’t know this little ten yard wide corridor existed. I was pretty sure it was a shooting lane someone had cut for deer season.

I quickly dug out my tripod and my eleven hundred millimeter lens, really giving me some reach out and touch someone power. I had a hunch that was what I was expected to do. I got out my little tripod seat and sat down, focusing my camera down the tree gap.

I was barely seated and settled when she came walking out of the trees on the far hilltop. She acted as if she had no idea I was there at all, but I was quite sure from the timing that she was well aware of my presence. I accepted my role as a voyeur for the moment and settled behind my camera to watch and photograph.

She stood sideways to me, giving me a profile view as she bent over and set a camp chair down, returning to the woods after it was set. I zoomed in on her as she returned, her camera bag and tripod in her hands. She was wearing a denim sleeveless shirt with small white lace around the arm holes, and a very very short denim micro skirt. As she bent over to set the tripod, I was able to zoom in enough to clearly see the roundness of her firm ass peeking out below the tiny skirt. She stood back up and turned to face me while she set her camera and lens on the tripod. I could clearly see her top now, a denim shirt with white lace down the button fly, which had the top couple buttons undone, and tied in a knot below her breasts, leaving a wide expanse of bronzed skin showing above the micro skirt, which rode so low I swore I was almost looking at the top of her mound.

She stood up and looked around at the trees, the sky, pretty much everything except me, allowing me to examine her in detail. I had yet to see a single tan line on her from her hiking boots to the bottom of the micro skirt or above. She linked her hands and stretched them high in the air, stretching the material of her top tight to her now obviously large tits, and also pulling the micro skirt up even higher. I zoomed in and could clearly see a white lace thong panty mostly covering her pussy lips. Little wisps of blond hair snuck out of the lace material, making the view even more tantalizing. I zoomed back as soon as she eased her stretch and watched as she slowly began unbuttoning the tiny blue buttons one at a time. She worked her bursa bayan escort way down her front, slipping each button gently out of the denim before she reached the knot above her smooth tanned belly.

Her fingers slowly untied the knot of her top, allowing the now loose material to hang on its own. Looking at the trees and ground and bushes around her, she grasped the hanging hem of the shirt and slowly pulled the material apart slightly, leaving an exposed expanse of skin from her neck to the top of her tiny skirt.

She began swaying to some tune only she could hear, pulling on the shirt tail, first one way and then the other, each time showing a different amount of one or the other of her breasts, but not all of either. I watched through my lens, mesmerized as she swayed to and fro, each time showing me more and more of her breasts. I was more than ready to see all of her bare breasts as she shrugged the shirt off her shoulders, but to my disappointment, she pulled the tails tight across her body, pulling the material tight to her tits, her hard nipples poking prominently through the light blue denim.

She made several twirls, each time ending up facing me, and each time the material pulled across her tits was lower, each time approaching her erect nipples. Her last twirl stopped with her back to me. She looked over her shoulder at me and then dropped her arms, allowing the material to slip off her shoulders and land on the ground. She stepped back and bent slowly over to pick it up, her ass bare except for the tiny string of the thong. I snapped away as I zoomed in on her lace clad pussy, her lips just barely showing through the material and her breasts hanging, framed by the V of her legs. The view lasted several moments as she held her position to give me plenty of time to both look and shoot before she stood back up, tossing the shirt over the chair back and then turning to face me.

She looked directly at me, standing with her arms across her chest, each hand covering the nipple of one of her large tits. She smiled sensuously and then slid her hands down her front, exposing her tits fully to me for the first time. I snapped away as she slowly turned from side to side, modeling her body for me, her hands on her hips and her D sized tits standing firm with a slight teardrop shape in profile so that her hard nipple was pointed slightly upward in the center of a two inch diameter dark brown areola. Her tits were tanned with no hint of any lines, meaning she probably tanned nude either in a bed, or, I hoped, outside.

Having decided that it was time to move on, she moved her hands from her hips to her stomach and began to stroke back and forth across her smooth belly. One hand worked lower, toward the top of her tiny skirt, while the other worked higher, eventually stroking and teasing her large tits. I followed her actions with my lens, having trouble deciding which hand to follow. Eventually I panned back enough to watch both hands at once as she worked her fingers under the edge of the material of her skirt. I watched in anticipation as she stroked back and forth a few times while her other hand gently traced circles around her hard nipples.

She finally flipped the snap of her skirt with the fingers of her one hand while her fingers continued to trace around her large tits. Her fingers now worked the zipper down slowly, confident I was following the progress of her fingers. The zipper made its way down, exposing a growing triangle of bare skin as she pulled the small tab down. Her fingers finished pulling the tab all the way down the front, pausing with just a slight amount of material still held by the brass teeth. I was almost caught off guard as the material fell completely away, the zipper having disengaged completely.

She tossed the material aside as I zoomed in tighter on her mound and pussy, covered now with only a tiny lace thong. She had a neatly trimmed bush, that arrowed down to the top of her lips inside the lace, which was held in place by ties on her hips. I pulled back slightly, not wanting to lose the view, but also to see what her hands were now doing.

Both of her hands had moved to the tiny strings on her hips and were slowly pulling them, undoing the tiny bows that held the small patch of lacy to her body. I watched in lust as she pulled the small bows out, and then kept pulling. The material slowly disappeared between her legs as her hands pulled the small strings out behind her. Suddenly there was nothing left between us. I zoomed in on her pussy as she spread her legs, allowing me to see her in full view.

She stood still allowing me plenty of time to snap all the pictures of her that I wanted, before she turned away from me and bent over once again. She stepped her legs apart and bent until her tits were clearly visible between her legs. I had a hard time deciding where to focus, both her tits and pussy were so attractive and inviting.

She held her position for several long seconds before standing slowly up again and turning to face me. She sat in the chair and reached into her bag, pulling out her white pad. She drew on the pad as she sat with her legs spread wide for me to see and then held up the sign where she was sure I would see it, in front of her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32