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This is my first ever story. Please leave me feedback – your responses will determine if I continue to write.

You’re working in the shop again 🙂 That’s the only reason I walk the ten minutes for a pint of milk rather than get it from the supermarket near home.

You’re wearing one of those short dresses today – the ones that remind everyone that your long sexy legs reach all the way to your shoulders. And right now, while you re-stock the bottom shelf it gives me a tantalising view of your red lace boy-shorts and the bottom of your firm arse.

The bell didn’t ring when I walked in so you probably don’t realise you have an audience – sorry customer – but I’m quite content to just stand here and watch the hypnotising bounce of your buttocks as you move things around on the shelf.

I decide to move closer and get a better look. From two feet away your tight, almost transparent, underwear highlights the crease of your sex and confirms that you are completely shaved down below. There is a small damp patch and if I’m not mistaken a slight aroma in the air. eryaman genç escort bayanlar Who are you thinking of? Are you thinking of me, the way I’ve been thinking about you ever since I first laid eyes on you all those months ago?

Your buttocks are like magnets. My arms seem to move of their own volition and before my brain can even contemplate saying no they’ve flipped the back of your dress up and I’m softly stroking the firmest globes I could ever have imagined – oh the joys of being a teenager.

You let out a soft moan, but don’t turn around. Were you expecting someone? Did you see me walking down the street and put yourself in this position on purpose? Slowly you raise yourself off your knees and spread your legs apart. There is definitely a wet patch forming now even if there wasn’t one before.

Feeling emboldened I start to stroke my fingers all over your sexy underwear. You whisper “oh yes” as you move your arms into a more comfortable position on the shelf. I stick out my tongue and slowly lick the length of your sex. You taste as sweet ankara escort bayan as I always imagined, as more and more of your juices soak through the lace of your underwear.

I must have hit a good spot as you let out a load moan and your whole body jumps. I use the opportunity to slowly slide your underwear down your legs, taking my time to stroke and massage your slender thighs and perfectly formed calves. I put them in my pocket – a small memento of today, and a reminder that it really is happening and not just a dream.

Slowly, I undo the zipper on my jeans and release my cock. Although not the biggest in the world, I’ve never had any complaints before and I hope you won’t be disappointed. Using one hand I slowly rub the head of my cock up and down your slit, using your juices to lubricate me ready for the amazing moment about to occur.

The silence is deafening as we both stop breathing while I ever so slowly push myself into your tight passage. You let out a small gasp as I bottom out inside you and we just stay in this position etimesgut escort for a few minutes. You begin to work your vaginal muscles, a sensation I’ve never felt before, almost as if you had a third hand inside you solely for the purpose of squeezing and stroking my cock. If you keep this up I’m not going to last very long.

I start to slowly piston in and out of you, gathering pace as your breathing becomes laboured and your moans get louder. But there is an urgency to your movements, and I soon realise it’s because the front door isn’t locked and another customer could walk in at any moment. I’m like a man possessed, hammering in and out of you, my balls slapping into your clit as my index finger rubs across it trying to bring you to a climax. Cans and packets are falling to the floor as they share our vigour and help raise the noise level to a crescendo as we both reach climax at once. I hold myself tight against you as I release my seed deep into your depths – squirt after hot squirt leaving my body and entering yours as I feel my psyche doing the same.

I slowly raise you to your feet and turn you around. You smile at me and say “about time” as I slowly lean in and lick a bead of sweat off your top lip. We finally kiss – the perfect way to finish the special moment we just shared.

“What can I get for you sir?”, “A pint of milk” I reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32