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I knew it would be happening any day now. Sometimes it may take you awhile to come see me, but lucky for me, you never stay away for too long. I had heard from you earlier in the day, which was odd for a weekend, to ask what I was doing that night. As soon as I told you I would be leaving at 8 to meet up with friends for a few drinks you suddenly had to go. I shrugged it off. I know sometimes you just have to go in a hurry.

I start getting ready about 7 to go out. Feeling somewhat naughty I picked out a red lacy bra and matching panties to put on after my shower. I know that when I’m drinking I usually want to meet someone afterwards. Glancing at the clock, and leaving right on time, I grabbed my keys and purse and headed out the door.

I notice right away headlights down the street but it didn’t alarm me; I live in a somewhat busy subdivision. I back out and started heading for the bar. Five minutes into the drive I noticed a car following pretty close behind me. I switch lanes, maybe he’s trying to get around. The car pulled right behind me and then I see the lights. Red, blue and flashing and shit I really don’t need this now.

As I pull over, I sat quietly eryaman genç escort bayanlar waiting for what seems like an eternity. Hundreds of reasons run through my mind. Did I not stop all the way? Was I speeding? Expired tags? Hoping for just a short stop I rolled down my window when I hear the officer’s door open. The headlights shining on the mirrors from the patrol car are so bright I can barely make out a frame. I think to myself that the lack of traffic of any kind on this road doesn’t help either. I’ll probably be getting a ticket just to keep this officer awake tonight.

I hear the voice first. “Do you know why I pulled you over ma’am?” I knew right away it was you. Feeling playful and knowing a huge grin is covering my face I play it coy. You are sooooooo going to pay for scaring me like this.

“No Officer I don’t,” I respond.

“Well it seems like you are in quite a hurry to get somewhere this evening. Mind telling me where?”

“No where special. It’s just that I got this new bra and panties and after I meet some co-workers for drinks I’m hoping to show it off to someone. I didn’t mean to be in a hurry. I’ll slow down I promise.”

I ankara escort bayan hear the crack in your voice as you try to say, “Sorry ma’am I’m going to have to search your car.” You open the door for me and as I step out. Your strong hand on my elbow begins to lead me to the hood of the car. You push me down against it, I can feel your heat and firmness behind me as you lean forward to whisper in my ear, “I’ll be right back Miss.”

You come back minutes later and tell me while you found nothing in the car you’d like to search me further. I reach for the front of your pants and say, as I drop to my knees, “looks like I’m not the one trying to conceal something Officer.”

I undo your pants and reach inside them, pulling out your hard, throbbing member. You moan loudly as I bring the tip of my tongue to the head of your cock. You let me suck and lick you for a few minutes before you try to pull me


“Wait, we can’t do this here.”

“Yes we will be” I mumble as I take you deep in my mouth.

“Shit, Aimee. A car could come any minutes. Let’s just get in the back of your truck.”

“Nope, better stop arguing etimesgut escort with me and let me finish, I’m already late.” I start sucking and licking as I think to myself, OH YESSSS, THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FANTISY OF MINE!!!! I look up to a sexy image of your shadowed face tilted down, eyes tightly shut, hands against the truck holding you up as you start to pump your hips faster towards my warm wet mouth.

From the left I can start to see a dim light. Not wanting to alarm you by pointing it out, I start to suck faster. One hand is grabbing your ass forward causing you rock hard cock to ram deeper in my throat and my other hand is massaging your balls. I can see the light in the corner of my eye starting to become two lights. Two lights that are just the right height to be from a car. I start to moan and deep throat you knowing that is your weakness. You grunt as you freeze in place and I can feel your hot sticky cum fill my mouth. You lean against the car as I stand just as the headlights illuminate us, slow down, noticing the squad car, and then continue to drive by.

You’re speechless as you redo your pants. As the thought crosses my mind that you may not have been happy with my persistence as to blowing you on the side of the road you say, “Oh my God, that was fucking hot!”

A smile crosses my face as I turn, get in the car, and leave. I know that while I will still enjoy the evening, I will not be needing late night company.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32