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Kate and I had met time and time again in various college courses or at the odd party. We had talked about insignificant issues and might have had a drink together. We have had pleasant conversations, but I cannot say that I found her stunningly attractive. She was a good drinking pal, a kind of tomboy with her really short, light blond hair and her slightly edgy jaw. Her green eyes, however, had a certain something. Together with her strangely curved brows, those eyes were able to capture you and suggest a fleeting eroticism; something just not tangible. Her smile, then, was just a bit cheeky, and her dimples were endearing. Still, she was not the kind of girl who could just put on a skimpy little dress and let males dance to her tune. In addition to her interesting facial features, she hid her somewhat promising breasts in large jumpers that also covered her rather wide hips and buttocks.

It was the first time ever that we met privately, although strictly speaking we were learning together for an upcoming exam. She and her flatmate Zoe lived in a veritable apartment which provided ample room for the two students. They did not only have a large kitchen that was perfect for student parties, but also a comfortable living room. There was even a spare chamber, in which guests could spend the night on an old sofa.

We worked dedicatedly at the kitchen table for about an hour with frequent interruptions by Zoe. Eventually, Kate suggested that we had done enough and that there were still a few beers in the fridge we should feel entitled to now. Zoe needed to watch her daily soap in the living room, so we stayed where we were and just began to chat. Kate was indeed a good pal. We soon discovered that we had a similar taste in movies and the same dislike for certain professors. When she labelled a certain mature lady “bitchy, but sexy” it occurred to me for the first time that Kate might be a lesbian. She was certainly a tomboy, judging from her fashion sense, short hair and rather robust social ways.

“Why, do you like girls?” I asked before the conversation could shift to a different topic. Without the beer I would probably have kept this question to myself.

She looked at me in a strange, amused way. That smile, in connection with her green eyes and brows curved for irony – it was quite appealing all of a sudden.

“Sometimes.” she replied provocatively. And as an afterthought: “But I am quite open for anything.”

This was it! If I wanted to have sex, bahis şirketleri this was the moment of decision!

“Erm, would …you… like to.. .cuddle?”

Oh, my God! Did I really say that! How pathetic am I? I wanted to bite my fist, but then she replied playfully: “Yes, let’s go!”

On the doorstep she suddenly turned around. Without further ado I kissed her, to which she responded passionately. I caressed her neck, feeling her blond, short hair. This somehow turned her on. She shut the door and together we more or less fell on her king-size bed, where we immediately started to take each other’s clothes off. Her impressive boobs were nicely tucked away in a sexy shiny bra in pink. This tomboy really held some surprises for me in store. As expected, Kate was a bit chubby, and her arse was big and round. I relieved her of her panties, exposing a neatly shaven cunt. I moved on top of her, kissing her again. She sighed in horny anticipation when the tip of my dick lightly touched her snatch.

We were interrupted by some commotion outside. Quickly, Kate covered me with her blanket. There I lay, crouched, between her sturdy legs, her steaming slit right in front of my face. Zoe opened the door.

– “Hey, Kate, where’s the milk?”

– “Haven’t you bought any?”

– “No.”

– “Sorry, we’ve run out then.”

There was a pause. I began to stroke the upper parts of her legs very close to her pussy. Kate wriggled a bit.

– “Where’s your visitor?” Zoe asked.

– “Oh, we’ve finished work.”

– “I see. Good night then.”

The moment I heard the door close, I plunged my tongue into her steaming clit, causing Kate to moan. She was already very wet, and I almost immediately found a very sensitive spot which I poked hard with my tongue. Kate’s pitch became higher, and she tried to wriggle away, but I firmly clutched her thighs and pressed on even more ferociously. Then I started to suck her clit, labia, whatever I could lay my lips on. Breathing heavily, she grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled my face deeper into her wet snatch.

Suddenly she pushed me away again. I emerged from under the blanket, which had half skidded off the bed anyway.

She could only croak hoarsely, but her eyes were blazing with passion: “Fuck me now!”

With one hand she opened a drawer next to her bed and quickly found a condom.

Regaining control, she playfully pushed me into an upright position. My hard, stiff dick pointed at her. bahis firmaları She ripped the packaging apart and after one last sinful glance of her green eyes, she took the condom in her mouth. Slowly her head descended on my cock. After a final adjustment with her hand, my tool was ready for safer sex. She looked at me and said teasingly: “I know. It’s what slutty whores do, don’t they?”

I was lost for words and only nodded. My dick wanted action; Kate reclined, exposing her wet hole once more. I entered it and quickly gave that juicy snatch a good pounding. Kate pressed her hands against the railing, giving me more resistance to work against. She was a robust plaything; she could take rough fucking, I knew. I hammered away, harder and harder. She moaned, she squealed, and in between gasps, she shouted: “Fuck me, oh, yes, fuck me!”

– “I fuck you, you horny slut!” I responded.

– “Harder, harder. Give it to meeeee…”

Her prolonged squealing turned into a hard orgasm. She threw her head from side to side, her legs squeezed me. I was so fucking horny, I wanted to come, come inside that chubby sexy thing!

But I couldn’t. Her vagina was too wet, too big. I had this condom on. After a few more hearty strokes, I freed my dick from her pussy pond.

Recovering from her orgasm, she looked at me and stated: “You didn’t come, did you?”

“No…” I admitted, and felt a bit ashamed, as if it was anyone’s fault.

“That’s good.” she said with an evil, lustful smile.

Then, she got up and got rid of her bra. Her tits had large, pink nipples. They were pierced by small bolts rather than rings. Then she produced a tube of lube from her dresser. I watched her with increasing fascination as she did not only used the lube to make her boobs nice and shiny, but also used a generous portion on her backside.

She came back to me, stimulating her nipples by tucking the piercings.

“Fuck me again. Use the backdoor.” she said smilingly.

My dick immediately became a notch harder. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Kate with her short hair and flabby clothes was a raucous vixen, and she wanted me to plunge my dick into her big round bum. I embraced it, kneaded it strongly. I felt her arse’s crack, finding her hole with my fingers. It was well relaxed, and my finger slid in easily. She moaned again.

“Can you do it?” she asked “Can you plough my backyard?”

Plough…her backyard…?

Whatever! Yes, of course!

She kaçak bahis siteleri went on all fours on her mattress, her massive bum expanding in front of me. There were her labia, still wet, and her light brown anus glistening with lube. Provocatively, she pushed her arse higher up, leaving me with the splendid sight of her buttocks, back and her neck’s shortly cropped hair. I even trembled a bit in anticipation. While my mind was celebrating the unforeseen turn of events this evening, my dick was ready to go. I pressed it against her brown hole. With one swift movement, she took it, and with a combination of push and pull got it inside. Kate made a satisfied, guttural sound, as my dick carefully entered its full length. I fucked her arse slowly, enjoying her broad buttocks. Kate rested her weight on the side of her face, while she was using both hands to tug at her piercings. This obviously made her incredibly horny. This and my thick dick shafting her arsehole real good.

I increased the speed. It was mostly her rim massaging my dick. Inside, there was much room that would do nothing for my upcoming orgasm. But the pure idea of fucking that tomboy’s large arse was such a kinky notion, that it spurred me onwards to give that dirty slut the arse-pounding she deserved.

“Yes,” she exclaimed, “Plough me! Plough my backyard! Plough it good with your big tool!”

Her own dirty talk turned her on, and now also had a similar effect on me:

“Yes. I plough your dirty backyard, you slutty whore!”

“Plough me, plough me, Oh, plough me!” she continued, her voice becoming more and more high-pitched.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed at last, and orgasmed again. This time much harder. Her legs trembled, she wanted to collapse on the bed.

But I wasn’t ready yet. I wouldn’t let her magnificent arse get away. I continued ploughing. In and out, pushing that rod inside her gaping hole. The slut! That dirty, dirty short-haired slut! That big, broad arse! Pounding it, seeing Kate moaning and gasping. Her strong, firm legs, the juicy cunt…

I came at last, pumping her good. We both collapsed on the bed, me on top of her, my dick still in her glorious arse-hole. We kissed hazily and as well as we could in this position. Mostly, we just went on breathing.

Eventually, when I felt my dick giving way, I pulled it out, which caused Kate to utter a further squeak.

Smilingly, she looked at me.

“You know, “she said, “I won’t be able to sit for a few days without remembering this.”

“We should do it again.” I said.

“Oh, yes.” she replied immediately, “And now that Zoe has definitely heard us fucking, you surely can join in when we go girl on girl.”

What an outlook!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32